Here's the recording of our April journey circle during which we journeyed to the Underworld to connect with Dragon. Dragons have a real 'get things done' energy about them. Tough and uncompromising, they are a great ally to work with.

Jason gives an overview of Dragon energy and shares a local Lancashire dragon fairy tale. He then leads a guided journey to meet with a dragon in the underworld.

Below is the transcript of the chat where many of the circle shared their encounter with Dragon.

The timings of the Circle are:

  • 03:36 - Introduction to the evening
  • 06:12 - Guided visualisation
  • 12:27 - Opening the directions
  • 17:42 - Beginning of the talk
  • 1:10:35 -  Introducing the journey
  • 1:17:30 - Scene setting drumming begins, leading to guided shamanic journey 
  • 1:43:07 - Journey sharing
  • 2:00:10 - Closing directions

Transcript of the chat

19:03:58 From Jill Robinson To All Panelists : Good evening from Jill in sunny Lancaster!
19:03:59 From Karen : Hi all, beautiful day in Wirral, not that warm but lovely
19:04:02 From Vicky : Sunny in Stalybridge
19:04:02 From Zoom user To All Panelists : Hello everyone from fife
19:04:06 From Karen Barton : Hi from breezy Devon xx
19:04:06 From Xenia Meinert : Hi Jason, Nicola and Blue from Northern Germany! It was a sunny day here!
19:04:12 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Good evening all fom southwales freezing today ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’–
19:04:12 From Sue Stone : Anne & Sue in a very sunny Morecambe
19:04:17 From Helen Towers : Hi from sunny blustery Kendal - look forward to seeing you at STE x
19:04:18 From Matt Booth : Evening from a gorgeously sunny (and windy) Galloway
19:04:22 From Sheila Collins : from sunny weymouth
19:04:23 From Katrin Grisby : Hi from sunny but windy Lincoln
19:04:24 From Kayleigh : sunny on Dartmoor
19:04:26 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Sunny here in Norwich, Trowse. Watching birds in the garden whilst also watching and listening in to you.
19:04:26 From Gill Minto : hi from Gill in Newcastle upon Tyne
19:04:27 From Zoom user : Hello everyone from fife
19:04:28 From Laura Dobson : Sunny in Stockport xx
19:04:29 From Alison Gaffney : Bit cool and cloudy here in London ๐Ÿ™great to be here
19:04:30 From Kay Ullrich : Hello from sunny and dry Oldham
19:04:31 From angelabirchall : Hi. Itโ€™s Angela from sunny Southport. So looking forward to the circle.
19:04:31 From Mark : Waves for Cornwall hugs all ๐Ÿ™‚
19:04:31 From Wendy : Hi everyone! Itโ€™s been beautifully sunny in Nottingham xx
19:04:33 From jackie kersley : Hi everyone from Cullen north east Scotland
19:04:34 From alysonpowell : Very windy here in South Wales.
19:04:34 From Ursidia : Hello from West Cornwall !
19:04:35 From Sheila Craig : sunny and windy in Altrincham xx
19:04:36 From Maryline Leese To All Panelists : Hi from Mid Wales
19:04:37 From Xenia Meinert : Breezy but sunny in Northern Germany. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hi Zoomies. ๐Ÿ™‚
19:04:40 From Ann To All Panelists : Ann from Glasgow, lovely weather, sun shining but colder than Lancashire.
19:04:42 From Bee/Em : hello from Bee and Em in sunny Thurgoland
19:04:44 From Rod & Diane : Hi from a wild and windy Cumbria
19:04:46 From Mikalia SaaRa : Hello Everyone Happy Earth Day
Blessings from a sunny Durham
19:04:47 From Linda Lipinski : Hi from cloudy North London
19:04:48 From Jennifer : Hello from a windy Barnet Common!
19:04:49 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hi from Melanie in Standish ๐Ÿ’• Laundry on the line was dry in 10 minutes in this wind!
19:04:50 From Ilse : hello from Gloucestershire! Sunny but not very warm
19:04:50 From Kathy : Hi, Kathy from Petersfield, lovely weather this week breezy today
19:04:50 From lyle : Warm and sunny in Peebles. Hope it keeps up for next weekend!
19:04:51 From Carol Dent : hi from sunny north Lancashire
19:04:58 From Susie Fox : Hi there Susie from Bridlington. Sitting in sunshine but it is brisk and fresh outside. I am inside though now.
19:04:59 From Red : Good evening from sunny Portsmouth
19:05:00 From jayne powell : Hello from a sunny and windy Stoke-on-Trent
19:05:02 From Karen : hi everyone Karen in Leigh, Lancs checking in !
19:05:07 From Gemma Bevan : Hello from Gemma. Beautiful in Norfolk today.
19:05:07 From Fiona Keane : hi folks from a beautiful breezy spring evening in Worcester ๐Ÿ˜Š
19:05:10 From Claire To All Panelists : Evening all! Slightly windy Berkshire ๐Ÿ™‚
19:05:11 From Marj : Hi all from chilly London
19:05:15 From Daisy Douwes : Hello from Sunny East Yorkshire....
19:05:15 From Richard Fedorko : Hello from a sunny Glasgow - with a cool breeze chaser!
19:05:17 From Mark : wonderfulthis morning 1st thing but coller now
19:05:19 From Annie : Hi to you both. Good evening to you all .Annie here from a sunny but windy Norfolk
19:05:20 From Ann : Ann from sunny Glasgow, warmer but cold at times.
19:05:21 From Justyna To All Panelists : Justyna York holidaying in Algarve
19:05:22 From Mandy Payne : Hello from Mandy in cloudy Twickenham!
19:05:23 From Miranda : Hello from Margate it is cold again here after gorgeous hot weather!
19:05:25 From Sandy Beamson : hello everyone from Somerset Levels
19:05:25 From Mandy : Hi from Mandy in Weymouth
19:05:27 From Charlotte Knaggs : Hi from sunny Wakefield
19:05:30 From Sadie To All Panelists : Hi from pontypool, South Wales. Light bright clouds ๐Ÿ˜Š
19:05:31 From juneboycetillman : June from South London. Cloudy here.
19:05:32 From Eileen : Cool East Coast Haaaaar in Edinburgh
19:05:33 From Ann Turner : Hiya from breezy Scarborough
19:05:49 From Ann Turner : Ooooh Eileen, - Fab! Haaaaaar!
19:05:55 From maria cropley : Evening from Leicester. Sunny and windy here
19:05:57 From Linda Holt : Beautiful and blustery in Lancashire. Hello from Linda in Littleborough. x
19:06:04 From angelabirchall : My two dogs have joined you for the circle as well and are curled up either side of me.
19:06:06 From jackie kersley : Coastal haar in Cullen, Moray.
19:06:26 From amanda To All Panelists : Hello to everyone
19:06:30 From Mark : looking forward to connect to the Dragon energy
19:06:31 From susan : Good evening x
19:06:53 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone, really looking forward to this x
19:06:56 From Helen Towers : Wooooo hoooo dragon ๐Ÿ‰โœจโœจ
19:07:00 From Mikalia SaaRa : yes flares interfere with technology
19:07:11 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Hungarian ridgeback?
19:07:17 From Eileen : Fabulous-Superb
19:07:20 From Linda Lipinski : I am a Chinese water dragon. Love dragon energy
19:07:48 From Mikalia SaaRa : my dragon Azure is here ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿฒ
19:07:58 From Sam Ben : sorry I'm late โ˜น excited to be here with you all โค x
19:08:07 From Kayleigh : My dragon is called Erimar
19:08:40 From Sam Ben : awww, Blue! ๐Ÿ˜
19:09:09 From Mark : mine is called Ecatal
19:09:10 From Ann Turner : I know nothing about Dragons energy so looking forward to this :o)
19:09:17 From Marj : ๐Ÿ‰ first time working with dragon energy
19:09:32 From Mikalia SaaRa : Diana Cooper's Dragon cards are Awesome
19:09:40 From alexandra wild : Hello from Sheffield
19:13:11 From Helen Towers : Bramble Cat is sat on me also purring very loudly
19:13:27 From Xenia Meinert : We need a comforting, calming mp3 track with Blue's purring. ๐Ÿ™‚
19:14:18 From Kayleigh : Cat's purr is meant to be a healing frequency
19:14:19 From Xenia Meinert : Yes please! It can be great for comfort.
19:14:27 From Sam Ben : please do!
19:14:27 From Fiona Keane : yeah go for it!
19:14:32 From Carol Dent : I can't hear Blue purring just right now- move him nearer to the mike!
19:14:40 From Kay Ullrich : yes please
19:14:50 From Xenia Meinert : Exactly, Kayleigh. ๐Ÿ™‚ For the ones who don't have a cat.
19:14:51 From Karen To All Panelists : I am holding my dragon stone crystal for this evening
19:14:53 From Karen : The dragon in 'How to Train your Dragon' - toothless - was based on the author's cat - hence the c-attitude!
19:14:53 From Linda Lipinski : My dog Luna is sitting with me ๐Ÿถ
19:15:07 From Miranda : Careful Blue could become a huge Media Star
19:15:08 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Love it Karen
19:15:19 From Mark : Dragon is Elemental energy Earth being all the Elements
19:20:59 From Mark : hail an Welcome our circle
19:23:02 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Symbol of Wales, where I love. Powerful mystical creature of great energy
19:23:15 From Carol Dent : Dragon... ancient, primordial, elemental beings from a different energy space than I'm familiar with
19:23:22 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Live*
19:23:22 From Robert Burr : Greetings two legged, four Legged & Dragons, hope you are all well, sorry I am late, usual desktop & Zoom problems. xx
19:23:28 From Susie Fox : I believe in huge elemental energies.
I have read about dragons from mythologies and stories, and the luck bringing Chinese dragon. I am Wood Dragon if I follow the Chinese Astrology system.
I have not got to a point where a โ€œDragon in Spiritโ€ has revealed itself to me.
19:23:43 From Mikalia SaaRa : to me Dragons encompass all energies Earth,Air, Fire and Water
19:23:54 From Marj : Protection, power, good luck
19:23:59 From Jill Robinson : Just located some dragonโ€™s blood incense to burn for the journey!
19:24:09 From Mark : I connected thro the Earth energy nodes of Earth at a local stone circle ,,,, yes true Jason
19:24:28 From Karen : Recently read a book the Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and (?). About ley lines and they speculated that 'dragons' are elements of earth energy at ley lines. St George subjugating the dragon, was the Chritianity gaining control of the dragon earth power. The reason why so many churches are around on the ley lines, dedicated to St Michael, Mary and often with windows to St George. Interesting read.
19:24:53 From Fiona Keane : loved that book Karenโ˜บ
19:24:56 From Robert Burr : In the Chinese calendar I was born in the year of the Dragon.
19:25:01 From alysonpowell : Iโ€™v just read Beast by Paul .
19:25:02 From Ann Turner : All I know of them is Grandmother-in-Law firmly believed in them, and was quite secret about speaking openly about them
19:25:09 From Gemma Bevan : My apologies. I will catch up on the replay. Enjoy dragon energy this evening x
19:25:31 From Mikalia SaaRa : the Leylines can also be called Dragon lines
19:25:48 From Ann Turner : Yes Mikalia wh is that...?
19:25:58 From Miranda : Dragons were included in MahJong...a game I learned to play with my Father's Mother...the game is centred on the four walls of China... Dragons symbolise amazing energy.
19:26:51 From Melanie To All Panelists : Dragons lead a lonely life guarding their treasure.
19:26:51 From Alison Gaffney : Power of the creative - Yang ( I Ching )
19:27:01 From Ann Turner : Yes Dragons (Grandmother in Law)
19:27:31 From Susie Fox : Amazing book - Sun and Serpent. I really want to travel that line. Probably in parts.
19:27:40 From Linda Lipinski To All Panelists : I was born in the year of the Chinese water dragon.
19:27:49 From Charlotte Knaggs : From druidry I understand that dragon energy is earth energy, flowing earth energy that we can raise through activism to protect the land.
19:28:16 From Kelly : I love dragons, I live in Cornwall and I believe they live around the craggy coasts,
19:28:55 From Alison Gaffney : I like that encompassing all the elements of earth air fire and water.
I the Chinese Monkey story there are water dragons
19:28:55 From Charlotte Knaggs : I have been burned several times by a fire dragon in transmutation journeys.
19:29:08 From angelabirchall : Dragons occur in so many different cultures - a bit like angels occur in every religion - but itโ€™s only really the western views (as much as I know) that give dragons a negative press. I think they are something more powerful and wise than the men who wanted to bring their power over the masses, so they had to make people scared of them so that they were things to fight and kill rather than to admire and listen to.
19:29:29 From Karen : That makes sense, Angela.
19:29:40 From Rod & Diane : I did a journey on Sunday asking about health issues and I was told by a frog to eat a cherry he gave me. He said the answer is in the stone. Then a baby dragon hatched from the stone and breathed fire on me which was soothingโ€ฆ iI was gobsmacked when I then found out tonight was about dragons. Looking forward to continuing my association tonight!
19:29:46 From Chris : I think dragons are coming back into human consciousness now lots of spiritual teachers I follow are being given messages from dragons
19:29:51 From jackie kersley : I have seen a white dragon, very small. It appeared in the trees opposite my cottage. It was there for over an hour, just allowing me to see it. Magical and very moving.
19:29:55 From Mark : and Dragons are very healing to
19:29:58 From Sam Ben : These Dragons are new to me, but they have been everywhere around me recently, on social media, in dreams and visions, felt nearby. I feel great protection from them and an urgency from them to teach and for me to listen, and to start dowsing again. The timing of this journey circle is just so special and will help me connect more, thank you so much x
19:29:59 From Susie Fox : When you were introducing Dragons tonight I got an immediate reminder of Archangel Michael.
19:30:16 From Eileen : The Stoor Worm derived from the Norse belief in Jormungandr, the Serpent at the bottom of the sea who encircles the World, his tail in his mouth.
19:30:29 From Helen Towers To All Panelists : Elemental energy - power and movement- see them in rivers, woods, clouds and fire when the energy needs to shift.
19:30:58 From Karen : Reading about the celts recently and looking at the torcs they wore, reminded me of a serpent or dragon
19:31:36 From Miranda : Smaug of course is a dragon I became interested in from The Lord of the Rings
19:31:44 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : The dragonโ€™s breath in the legends of King Arthur and Merlin
19:32:09 From Marj : Puff the Magic Dragon lived by the seaโ€ฆ
19:32:16 From Robert Burr : I believe they are protectors and guardians of the earth and bringers of good luck , fortitude, strength and courage.
19:32:32 From Xenia Meinert : I also remember stories of Western wise dragons, like for exemple in the TV series "Merlin" where young Merlin talks to a wise old Dragon.
19:34:29 From angelabirchall : +
19:35:25 From Mark : And recently more Dagon lines on the globe are manifesting with this new ascension
19:38:39 From Ann Turner : (I like that the laurel leaves look like dragon scales)
19:39:20 From Robert Burr : In Soho in London in China town on New years Eve the Dragon visits each shop and house to collect its annual offering and if the offering isn't forthcoming there is a perceived threat to your house.
19:39:42 From Mikalia SaaRa : as a Gridkeeper I work a lot with Mythological beings
19:41:35 From Kayleigh : Draco constellation was the dragon Ladon put in the sky as they guarded the golden apples in gardens of the Hesperides in Greek mythology. Apples are magic and wisdom and this fits in with my feeling that they are keepers of knowledge
19:43:54 From Mark : Yes Kayleigh apple is the Human as cut a apple In half and its five = the human
19:44:07 From Mikalia SaaRa : dragons can be called feathered serpent's
19:44:08 From Sam Ben : I hope I don't cause any offence, but the
19:44:09 From Sam Ben : l
19:44:31 From Sam Ben : apologies, hit the wrong keys...
19:44:54 From Xenia Meinert : Interesting approach, the dragon path! (ha, yes interesting, the serpent in Garden Eden was a dragon before, because it had legs, and later it was "only" a Serpent)
19:44:56 From Ann Turner : oooh fancy that I saw my first adder yesterday and a couple of small lizards too
19:45:06 From Susie Fox : Quetelcoatl - South America - feathered serpent
19:45:55 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hmmm so perhaps St George was a bad guy.
19:46:18 From Mark : yes Quetelcoatl ๐Ÿ™‚
19:47:32 From Fiona Keane : i read recently that the name George us symbolicly significant as it means earth-tiller...
19:47:34 From Sam Ben : I hope I don't cause any offence, but the left hand path has taught me so many valuable and beautiful lessons, giving me hope and strength, and eventually guiding me here to learn to reconnect with our beautiful Earth, find my true self and peace amongst the everyday chaos x
19:48:31 From Xenia Meinert : In Feminist spirituality, the dragon is also being seen as the female power, being controlled by the patriarchy (Saint George, Michael for example). so many dragon stories! ๐Ÿ™‚
19:49:00 From Melanie To All Panelists : I buy that Zenia!
19:49:41 From Kayleigh : interesting Earth energy with Dragon on Earth Day
19:49:55 From Mikalia SaaRa : we each have our own personal paths which are Perfect for us
19:49:59 From Karen To All Panelists : just thought the same thing Kayleigh
19:49:59 From Fiona Keane : in geology, geography etc
19:50:10 From Xenia Meinert : Yes Kayleigh, fits Earth day.
19:50:29 From Bee/Em : it sounds like dragon energy reminds us of power to (not power over, Starhawk)
19:50:30 From juneboycetillman : The story of Martha and the dragon is that she tames the dragon and becomes her friend. June
19:50:32 From Sadie : Romance says the prince rescues the princess from the prison tower by slaying the dragon but maybe itโ€™s the dragon that rescues the prince and princess from the ivory tower with its lightening breath.
19:50:50 From Wendy : Amazing!
19:50:54 From Fiona Keane : ๐Ÿ˜…
19:50:59 From Xenia Meinert : *fungi is giggling in the Background*
19:51:00 From Mark : ๐Ÿ™‚
19:51:04 From Melanie To All Panelists : Very cool!
19:51:09 From Sam Ben : thank you so much Jason, beautifully said! thank you
19:51:10 From Sadie : I meant to add by bursting the tower open
19:51:29 From Mikalia SaaRa : mycelium network underpins everything
19:52:21 From Melanie To All Panelists : Itโ€™s the fungi! Love it!
19:52:39 From Susie Fox : I would rather have a raw thought than a highly prepared script that misses the mark, even if it is well prepared.
19:52:41 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yes, we ARE the dragon!!
19:52:44 From Mark : all good
19:52:52 From Sam Ben : love this!
19:53:07 From Katrin Grisby : Very interesting, learning loads
19:53:10 From Eileen : Excellent, Fly High
19:53:16 From Helen Towers : Way showers
19:53:25 From Fiona Keane : so inspiring thank you
19:53:39 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yep keep flying Jason!
19:53:43 From Ann : Helpful. Thank you.
19:53:50 From Alison Gaffney : I saw an amazing film about Iceland with powerful images that remind me of dragons and also very elemental in the landscape there
19:54:19 From Robert Burr : Listened to a pod cast on radio 4extra just 3 days ago about the Fungi and what you told us about the ants being controlled and being fed of by a special Fungi.
19:56:06 From Kelly : yes I have this too, defo a dragon energy with me, I have to speak the truth
19:56:10 From Melanie To All Panelists : Were those dragons that they โ€œtamedโ€ and rode/flew in the movie Avatar? Because I LOVED those scenes!
19:56:23 From Susie Fox : So glad you left and set up Way of the Buzzard.
19:56:47 From Ursidia : Fascinating! I have to go , but blessings on you allโ€ฆ Much Love XXX
19:57:33 From Sue Stone : wyvern
19:57:56 From Robert Burr : My wife definitely has Dragon energy, she always speaks her truth.
19:58:00 From Mark : Earth dragon has gifted me many symbols to use in healing to
19:58:52 From Alison Gaffney : Making me think of the sand worms in Dune
19:59:00 From Mikalia SaaRa : feathered serpent's
19:59:45 From Mark : lol
19:59:46 From Mikalia SaaRa : love the Dragon in Neverending story too
20:08:55 From Mark : Sounds like Dragon Earth energy is needed to be respected
20:09:46 From Ann Turner : ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
20:09:56 From Sam Ben : Wow! Fascinating story, thank you. The number 7 is very prominent in the story ๐Ÿค” is there a numerology link?
20:10:06 From Melanie To All Panelists : I love Bygone Times!!
20:10:10 From Kelly Luan Bowers : good evening everyone - so excited to join as I haven't for ages!!!! late to the chat - to hear this amazing story, many many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
20:10:40 From Mark : welcome Kelly
20:11:15 From Kelly Luan Bowers : thank you and so excited for S2E nxt wk
20:11:33 From Karen : Could it be a sybology of 'dementia' as that can make personality change so much - so his dad would be changed
20:12:52 From angelabirchall : Where I used to live in Normandy, there was a small sort of nature reserve with tall rock faces and a path cut through it and river racing alongside it, there was a cave high up where it was said to be the cave of a dragon that started demanding the sacrifice of a young maidens. At one point the lord of the areaโ€™s daughter became the chosen victim, but as she was being led to the place of sacrifice an old man appeared with the traditional long grey beard and he declared the dragon should depart - with loads of added details - and the dragon appeared, roared up and tried to fly off but the weight of his wings became too heavy and he fell and drowned in the gorge below. Probably just myth but it was another bit that you told the visiting holiday-makers and it was a nice place to take a walk.
20:12:52 From Melanie To All Panelists : I really like the kundalini connection!
20:13:32 From Melanie To All Panelists : I also love the idea of finding our treasure.
20:15:06 From Karen To All Panelists : There is Dragon's Eye Cave in Lancashire too
20:16:48 From Melanie To All Panelists : My wolf always shows up...
20:17:44 From Mikalia SaaRa : good girls go to heaven bad girls go everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚
20:18:06 From Melanie To All Panelists : Iโ€™ll be happy to be in the Fae Realm!
20:18:15 From Robert Burr : Meatloaf.
20:18:23 From Alison Gaffney : Thinking of dragon returning in the cycles and magical number 7
20:19:47 From Sadie : Ego death ?
20:50:37 From Ann Turner : W O W
20:51:15 From Karen To All Panelists : wow
20:52:08 From Xenia Meinert : Wow, that was very powerful!
20:52:21 From Karen : Met a large brown dragon, but was a water dragon. Was blessed to be invited to ride on him, to a rocky beach. Was given oysters and wine - told to take more time to relax and worry less. Then flown back again. A couple of the fae met me to say hello before I came back.
20:52:32 From Mikalia SaaRa : Thank you I met a red, black and white dragon, I was taken apart, when I was put back together I was told I was reconfigured to my Divine Perfection
20:52:36 From Carol Dent : gosh.. I hadn't realised how HUGE dragons were! (or at least the one I met was). Symbols all were three- trident/ triangle. My messages were all about power and incisiveness, facing north, and Dragon called in a black cat to be a futire companion
20:52:44 From Miranda : The dragon helped me to throw away some of my teenage ideas that Old Age was not a valuable time. The Dragon helped me to remember my past learning Hung Gah and Tai Chi and to remember that I can send energy healing to my bones. The Hung Gah Breath work called Dragon Beats its Wings came back to me.
20:52:51 From Karen To All Panelists : certainly was dragooned !
20:53:45 From Charlotte Knaggs : Dragon ate me, pooped me out and then melted me into a diamond, which it pushed into my chest over my heart. Dragon did not speak at all. Dragon burned me a lot, also covered me with its wings and I was sucked down into the mud and disintegrated and was then dug up and found myself swimming in water.
20:53:52 From maureen : Was really looking forward to that but I lost concentration as we went down the tunnel due to noises in the house. Will try again with the replay. Thank you Jason.
20:54:12 From Bee/Em : I met a beautiful green dragon who burned me and then washed me, she told me to inhabit my age
20:54:35 From Xenia Meinert : Dragon told me that I first have to _Claim_ my power. I asked how and if he can Show me. Then he spat fire at me and I fell into ashes. Dragon took the ashes and filled them into an egg she was having, through a small hole. My ashes became one with the dragon Embryo in the egg, and then I actually became a new dragon and was hatching from the egg. Very powerful! I was also shown the relationship between dinosaurs and birds.
20:55:25 From Maryline Leese To All Panelists : My dragon was a green one. It took me in its jaw and shook me, battered me by bashing me on the ground for what seemed ages. It took me this was necessary to break my outer layer. I then became a small dragon.
20:55:32 From Xenia Meinert : so dragon became my mum and I became a new dragon.
20:55:41 From alysonpowell : What an amazing place.
20:55:49 From Sadie : Dragon gave me hot coals to walk on.
20:56:24 From Linda Lipinski : Met a dragon called Elsa. Asked if she would work with me. She said yes. Lesson learned was toTRUST not everyone or thing as it seems was told to use my intuition to trust
I sat on her tail over the chasm and it was terrifying but she said to trust I wouldnโ€™t fall. I relaxed and was not fearful
20:56:33 From Melanie To All Panelists : My dragon was MAGNIFICENT! Blue metallic scales that flashed silver or gold in the light, iridescent green belly and red eyes. I was transfixed in her presence and rooted to theground. I never moved! I felt like the drum was carrying her energy, her power, her beauty, her confidence thru the ground and up thru my legs to my spine. She breathed fire on me 3 times and it was like a baptism cleansing me of timidity and self-doubt. She showed me her magnificent treasure. I felt like her treasure was a reflection of my inner treasure. My wolf and I just looked at one another in awe afterwards.
20:57:15 From Maryline Leese To All Panelists : Maryline said like Marilyn
20:57:37 From Karen To All Panelists : I felt I changed into dragon form myself and actually felt the physical changes taking place growing my body and stretching, my words came from the dragon he made me 'feel' the changes
20:57:40 From Alison Gaffney : Powerful journey - my dragon felt familiar and was benevolent and told me to trust the unfolding process, let myself be taken by the flow. He took me for a ride - amazing. Felt such a connection and incredible overview from such height. There was a winding river far below - at one point we flew close to the sea and dived down into the depths. We soared into the heights and came to a castle courtyard with a bridge. In the Centre was a circular pool of water with a tree in the Centre with golden leaves. It felt wonderful
20:58:16 From Sam Ben : that's a lot to assimilate, but incredible! Very clear messages, names written in the door symbols, fire - lots of hot and cleansing fire, and a very clear message of what I need to do next and how โค When I first met the Dragon, I honestly thought I might faint for real... my skin was prickling with electricity and I felt way too hot. Amazing!
20:58:28 From Jill Robinson To All Panelists : It took me back to January 2000 when I drove down 40 miles into the crater of the volcano Kilauea on Big Island, Hawaii which has been erupting for many years. I walked out onto the new land it is creating which is still soft and cracked and you can see the glowing lava beneath. It is the realm of the Goddess Pele. Not sure what happened on my journey tonight but I discharged a huge amount of tension through massive yawns.
20:58:28 From Ann : I didnโ€™t meet a dragon, but lots of little people, seemed to be a message of continuing to protect women and children. My Native American guide joined me in spirit.
20:59:00 From alysonpowell : Dragon split me with her claw and I could feel myself gushing like a waterfall of energy out.
20:59:15 From Robert Burr : My door to the underworld was the door to the Chalis well at Glastonbury, when Dragon rose up to look at me he laughed, he then asked me what I had come to him for and I told him, he then reached out and put his great talloned paw on my head, I knew he could crush me like an ant and it was pointless to try and run, he said I needed to improve on my courage and speak my truth and that I had taken the first step by coming here, I then asked him to help me improve my visions as I needed to see the symbols above the door but he said YOU can not see these symbols with your eyes but you can see them with your heart.
20:59:37 From Kathy : I journeyed to a green dragon who lifted me up in a golden chariot to the heavens above to meet 22 men in a big wooden chamber they were dressed in white robes, long white hair and beards. They told me to look forward 21 days ahead, i was then blackened by the dragons fire and found myself back into the chasm
20:59:51 From Fiona Keane : taken to great water dragon, rocky coast, lots of great crashing waves, huge waterfalls, deep starry night sky eyes, huge moon rising out of sharp edged crater...find my power in the sea...dragon though looked fierce felt satiny warm scales, verdi gris and soft silver
20:59:58 From Kay Case : a small black dragon landed on my left shoulder and staying with me
21:00:19 From emma : Recently iโ€™ve had a series of dreams where iโ€™m in a landscape of rocks and boulders, now I realise that this was a build up to my journey tonight and itโ€™s all starting to make sense. My first journey to the underworld tonight but not scary because i felt iโ€™d already been there before in my dreams and it was familiar. I now know that I need to work more with dragon energy, this is just the beginning.
21:00:30 From alysonpowell : Thank you so much to unpack.
21:00:33 From Ann Turner : The dragon came out of the chasm and circled me, and sniffed me and wound round and round me, but not tightly, speaking all the time and as seems to be usual for me in journeys, I had to write the words down. I was not scared at all as of late I've been asking for help with my personal energies and boundaries Dragon said"Shed your skin- the skin within that binds you tight and restricts who you truly are. Move slowly and with purpose, burn away all that does not serve you. It is not destroyed, for that energy will be transformed and you will be filled with the energy you are freed to receive and work with. Air Water Earth Fire See how easy it is to fly, to rise above the dross, to be set free. YOu are your own inner dragon. Carry it safely with you. See with the clear eyes of justice. Speak with the honest breath. Ground with the earth which shelters, and cleanse with the purity of fire, fly with my wings. You are protected (by my skin?) Do not restrict yourself -you can reach the stars"
21:01:01 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Dragon morphed into power animal and I was encouraged to leave.
21:01:15 From sheila powell : Wow, amazing information, thank you both.
21:01:15 From Karen To All Panelists : writing mine down now noting the symbols
21:01:30 From Melanie To All Panelists : This has been amazing! Thank you so much Nicola & Jason!! Very very cool.
21:01:46 From Karen : Thank you so much for this evening. Eye opening as always. And thank you for everyone who shared the journey and circle xx
21:01:52 From Miranda : Thank you both so much; and all the Circle.
21:01:54 From Charlotte Knaggs : It was very powerful. I will do that journey again for sure. Is the underworld part of our middle world, or part of the lower world, or somewhere in between?
21:02:01 From Gill Minto : powerful meeting with dragon, I was burned with fire to be transformed and renewed with strength to go onwards on my path.
21:02:06 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you so much, that was so powerful!
21:02:16 From Ann Turner : Feel a bit light headed! Bit more grounding, I think!
21:02:34 From Sam Ben : Thank you so much everyone, this has been absolutely incredible โค x
21:02:36 From Charlotte Knaggs : Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
21:02:42 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™ I feel expanded and lighter๐Ÿฅฐ
21:02:45 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Other schools say that the underworld is part of the middle world
21:02:56 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, this place clearly felt different.
21:03:15 From Sandy Beamson : A beautiful peacock blue dragon swirled around me, mesmerising,
21:03:16 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Thankyou thankyou thankyou for all you give too us, ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™
21:03:18 From Xenia Meinert : This place felt not to mess around with.
21:03:27 From Emma Taylor : Thank you so much. That was an incredibly powerful journey and I just need to sit with it for a while and unpick it!
21:03:35 From Katrin Grisby : Soo amazing writing everything down ~ very powerful. Thank you
21:03:40 From Sandy Beamson : Thank you xx
21:03:42 From Ann : Thank you, peaceful for me!
21:03:43 From Mark : Thank you guys ๐Ÿ™‚
21:03:49 From Ann Turner : Jason and NIcola, -Feel safe in your hands!
21:03:51 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Thank you
21:04:47 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you Nicola and Jason for such a powerful evening. So much to take in and work with my new dragon
21:04:49 From Maryline Leese To All Panelists : Thank you very much. Till next time, everyone __/|\__
21:05:35 From Eileen : Gratitude and Blessings to YOU both๐Ÿ‰
21:05:50 From Karen Barton : Deep and healing, ๐Ÿ™
21:05:53 From Marj : Thank you both for a very special journey this evening
21:06:07 From Bee/Em : Thankyou so much
21:06:10 From Fiona Keane : feeling emotional as this is my last journey circle with you for the forseeable...thank you so much for this wonderful journey and the wherewithal to carry on with it all xXx
21:06:15 From Wendy : Thank you both xx
21:06:38 From Mikalia SaaRa : Thank you Nicola, Jason and Everyone
Awesome journey Thank you ๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ๐ŸŒน
21:06:58 From Jennifer : Thank you so much for this evening
21:07:03 From emma : Goodnight all xx
21:07:09 From Gill Minto : Thank you both for an amazing journey, blessings everyone ๐Ÿ’–
21:07:18 From Ann Turner : ๐Ÿค THANK YOU
21:07:19 From Jill Robinson To All Panelists : Thank you! ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’š
21:07:20 From Emma Taylor : Thank you all for a wonderful evening
21:07:21 From Richard Fedorko : Thank you! What a wonderful evening.
21:07:29 From Xenia Meinert : thank you very much! Very precious. Have a Wonderful evening, good night. xx
21:07:30 From Kelly Luan Bowers : thank you both for a wonderful journey xxx
21:07:32 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you ๐Ÿ™ to everyone for being in circle. Thank you Jason and Nicola xx
21:07:34 From Linda Lipinski : It was so healing for me ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ
21:07:37 From Karen To All Panelists : thank you Jason, Nicola and all in the circle tonight. Hail and farewell x
21:07:41 From maria cropley : Thank you. Love and light to you all
21:08:04 From Fiona Keane : thank you am crying๐Ÿ’™
21:08:12 From Kelly Luan Bowers : cant wait to see you guys !!!
21:08:26 From Charlotte Knaggs : Ooh exciting, look forward to meeting lots of you!
21:08:36 From Karen : It's going to be a HUGE circle for mystery school meet up ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
21:08:39 From Ann Turner : Blessings to you Fiona- go well!๐Ÿฅฐ
21:08:40 From Alison Gaffney : Be with you in heart and spirit๐Ÿฅฐ๐ŸŒŸโœจ
21:08:43 From alysonpowell : Thank you.
21:08:53 From Freda : thank you
21:09:11 From Fiona Keane : beautiful blessings for your soace to emerge๐Ÿ˜Š
21:09:28 From Kelly Luan Bowers : aww Fiona, bless you be nice to see you again too x
21:09:30 From Fiona Keane : space!๐Ÿ˜…
21:09:46 From Fiona Keane : thank you Kelly x
21:09:48 From Kathy : Thank you for a lovely evening, have a great weekend next, enjoy all of you goin to Space to emerge
21:09:49 From Annie To All Panelists : Thanks it was an amazingly powerful journey. Not had any experience of working with dragons before. Fascinating subject. Blessings
21:09:50 From Charlotte Knaggs : ๐Ÿ’•