Here's the recording of our February 2022 Coaching Call. The transcript of the chat is below the questions.

1. 19.10 Anny: After the session where the book Stolen Focus was discussed, I read it and was amazed. I'd wondered if I had adult ADHD but this book explained such a lot and I have amended the way I do a lot of things, which really ties in with spending more time with nature and The 'Way of the Buzzard' way of life 

My question is about diet: some years ago I noticed how diet plays such a large part how I feel, and I know Nicola and Jason follow a certain way of eating, and I'd really like to know more about it. I'm severely affected by sugars and artificial sweeteners and can't even eat fruit...

I wonder if all the people who find themseves treading the Way Of The Buzzard path are very much rooted in very old ways of being, such as even the way we eat and are affected by certain foods. It seems that way to me. Could Nicola and Jason share more of this with the group? I have read their blogs.


Blog: Cracking the Cane. In this blog, Nicola shares her story about giving up sugar.

Blog: Beyond Sugar. Here Nicola shares her sugar-free story one year on.

Blog: Going Against the Grain. In this blog., Jason shares his experiences giving up grains.

Book: Mark Sisson: The Primal Blueprint

Books: Gary Taubs: The Case Against Sugar/ Why We Get Fat

APP: Diet Doctor: Making Low Carb and Keto Simple


2. 19.24 Angela: I read the pdf of activity suggestions for Imbolc and was drawn to the one about Sigil magic at Imbolc. I had not heard of it before, let alone done one, but it appealed to the artist in me so I gave it a try. 

I played around with various patterns and then all of a sudden one fell into place and I knew that it was the right one. It has kind of shocked me as to how powerful this image feels. It also has a masculine energy. I meditated about it (I can't call it a journey, really) and I got the reply crystal clear that it is about my needing to be stronger because it is about the business aspect of my life and that I needed to be tougher, aka more masculine, therefore the image is appropriate.

First of all I want to thank you for adding that suggestion to the list of activities, and to Nicola for pointing me to the list in her newsletter. Could you explain Sigil magic a bit more or give me a few ideas for where I can find out more about this intriguing subject?


Book: Jan Fries - Visual Magick

Austin Osman Spare - There's much to be found online about his work on sigils.


3. 19.30 Kate: Can you explain more about a “drum bath” as opposed to a “drum journey”, what is the difference and when might you choose one or the other?  

I’m not sure if this is correct, but I sometimes like to just relax and focus on the drum beat for a while with a clear mind and without a companion or a specific purpose. I don’t worry about going anywhere (upper, middle or lower) it’s just like a meditation really. It is interesting that if I do them to relax before bed, I tend to have very significant dreams that night. I feel as though dreams are a more open forum for your guides / soul to communicate what they feel you need at that time, whereas asking specific questions on a shamanic journey narrows down the communication. I know this can be useful at times but sometimes you may not know what question to ask.


The Silva method - a way of moving the brain to the Alpha or Theta state to empower our creativity and connection. (we don't know enough about this to endorse the method but it has been widely adopted for brain entrainment and manifestation.)

4a.19.39 Rachael: What’s a medicine bag? How does it differ from pouches I’ve seen people wearing? How are medicine bags and, for that matter, neck pouches used? Is there anything Nicola and Jason could share in relation to whether one has to make one or if they have recommendations about where they can be purchased please?

4b.19.43 Rachael: I’m interested to learn about medicine circles, what they are, what they’re for, what training is trustworthy, how to create them etc. Anything Jason and Nicola feel is pertinent to share really.

4c.19.46 Rachael: do you have experience of creating an outdoor walking labyrinth and or spiral, if not experience advice about how they can be created or who to ask about creating them please?


5. 19.51 Sam: I've been thinking about linking with trees to try and make my own Ogham set.  This really appeals to me, but I have run into something interesting.

Whenever I'm looking for something to bring home from nature, or to use as a means to connect from home with nature, I always look for something that has already fallen onto the ground.  I can't bear the thought of cutting a piece from a tree or plant, it just feels wrong to me to do that, even if I ask permission first and permission is granted...

The only time I'm happy to cut anything from a plant or tree is during essential pruning and maintenance, I find that easy to do as it's supporting the plant or tree to be healthy.  But taking something any other time just doesn't feel right to me, even with permission.  When I seek guidance around this through a journey or dream, my guides always smile and say 'gentle soul.'

I wondered if anyone else has encountered this or has any thoughts at all?  I do have an easy solution though, I can purchase an Ogham set from Nicola and Jason! 🙂  


Book: Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass

Link to our Ogham sets in our online shop Anglezarke Hallows


6a. 20.01 Rod: 1. In a book I read  a while ago the author mentioned to be aware of modern things ‘bleeding’ into a journey, particularly a Lower World journey. By modern he meant things not belonging to our hunter gatherers world, so farming, fences, metal work etc. He said it may simply be that we’ve not quite connected or it could be some mischief making by an unhelpful spirit.

6b. 20.03 Rod: I used to play Djembe in a semi professional group and occasionally I was aware that myself and other people were on the verge of slipping out of the ‘present’ and hearing voices etc.
We were not playing the standard 4-6 beats per minute Theta State pattern in isolation which leads me to ask do some cultures add other rhythms, singing, chanting etc on top of the standard Shamanic beat?

7. 20.05 Bridget: I bought an Ogham set from you last year and I have read the booklet that came with it but I would like to know more how you guys use it and how you take it forward. I use oracle cards daily but I feel the Ogham is more of a long term system and I feel I am not honouring it to be honest.

I wondered if Nicola and Jason would say more, explain possibilities or even create a session for the school. I know they mention it as part of the energy of the trees course and I have looked at the tress I have pulled but there's something missing for me and well I just thought I would ask since the opportunity arose.


Book: The Tree Ogham, Glennie Kindred

The Mystery School Working with Tree Spirit Medicine course.

Journey Circle: Working with Blackthorn for Guidance.


8. 20.15 Annie: Firstly, I'm so pleased you are feeling better, hopefully recovered but at least better than you were. My question for tonight, if you can fit it in, is about deceased close relatives. On one recent circle celebration and journey, I knew my late Mum was with me as I could feel her gently stroking my hair, I've felt this before. From memory, she was in the celebration circle rather than the journey itself. This made me think. Are we able to journey to a departed parent for advice and if so which world would they be in? 


Journey Circle: Working with the Ancestors.

9. 20.19 Rob: I'd like a little more info if possible on the upcoming retreats. 

What do they involve accommodation, food, activity wise. Where are they located and what is near to them? I'm pondering the late June one or the late July one. 


The Way of the Buzzard website retreat page


10. 20.29 Sandy: I try to live by taking guidance from the seasons in all aspects of my life (work, emotional, spiritual)  ie/ when to plan, nurture ideas and help them grow, take action and build, harvest take stock and assess the outcome of the year. Since joining the group I’ve realised that this way aligns with the wheel of the year - although I’m new to some of the sabats.

But I’m struggling with this particular time of year and the mad energies out there at the moment. I have looked at achievements and events/emotions from last year. I know what I want to bring forward into this year and what I want to add to my life to hopefully serve the greater good/universe… but I feel to put it in moon terms - void of course. I’m gradually coming out of winter stillness and behind the scenes work but feel thrown into turbulence.

Everything seems as if I have been spun away from the wheel - are floating around in the ether randomly and have not control of where we are going to land. I’ve done the Imbolc ceremony and tried to journey with the beautiful willow, but even my journeys are coming up blank and no matter what time of day, I keep falling asleep. Spring Equinox seems so far away at the moment.

I felt the snow full moon was very powerful - but again this only heightened this feeling of chaos. I usually draw on the energies of the trees but the trees seem out of sorts at the moment with the stormy weather we are experiencing.

Have you or is anyone feeling the same way, and if so is there anything we can do collectively or singularly to help strengthen the bond with nature and bring us back down to earth? I do practice grounding visualisation and use crystals…but thus far without much impact. It would be interesting to hear yours and anyone else views.

11. 20.39 Gina: I was wondering what the group thought about reincarnation?

After my husband died, I went for a reading. It was a wonderful experience. My husband was there in spirit. My dad. Most of my family who are in the spirit world. And I knew without a doubt it was them. They talked to me about things no one else would know. 

One thing the lady who was doing my reading did say. Was that I have been here many times before. I am curious to know others opinions.


Book: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss 


12. 20.46 Mary: I have a question or perhaps request - could you explain what we mean by spirit guides? Are they specifically those we meet during journeying or are they with us at other times, or is that something else? 

I ask because I work with horses and last week sadly had to have one put down that I had a strong bond with. The day before I'd tried reiki and working with runes to try to help him but my 'spirit guide' came to mind, telling me it was time for the horse to pass over and he (my 'guide') would walk with him. The next day as the horse was led to the vet it seemed my guide was there walking beside him, so is this my guide supporting or something else? 

Just for info, he's a youngish native American man that seems very familiar to me, like I knew and lived with him long ago. Sorry for the long question! 



Transcript of the chat

19:01:54 From norma : hi from Scotland
19:02:05 From Steve W : Good evening from windswept and waterlogged Topcliffe.
Glad to have you guys back and hopefully feeling better.
Sounds like you have had a difficult few weeks, especially Jason. You’ve been in our thoughts mate! 🙏
19:02:06 From Jill Robinson To All Panelists : Good evening from Lancaster. Hope you are both fully recovered.
19:02:08 From karen : Good evening from Cornwall! Karen and Cassie
19:02:13 From Kathy McVittie : Kathy McVittie here from Brora, Scotland where I have been on a seashore nature walk this afternoon, with Oystercatchers (= Toolkit!)
19:02:15 From Ann : Ann, from Glasgow, blustery showers.
19:02:23 From Red : Hello from Portsmouth
19:02:24 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from a much calmer Wesham tonight
19:02:27 From Susie Fox : Hi from Bridlington on the windy East Coast of Yorkshire.
19:02:27 From Victoria : Hello from Preston! Stormy start but ended up sunny 🙂
19:02:28 From Charlie Murray : Hi, hope you are both better. Im covidy..but ok
19:02:29 From sheridan : Hi 👋 from nw London
19:02:31 From Monica Ross : Good evening from Kinsale, Co. Cork. South of Ireland.
19:02:33 From Ali Broughton : Hello good to see you both back, hello everyone this evening!
19:02:33 From Susan Davies : hello Susan and houdini the cat from newcastle 🙂
19:02:34 From Wendy : Hi from Nottingham. Lovely to see you both! xx
19:02:35 From paulacaffrey : Hi everyone, from Liverpool 😁
19:02:36 From Gina Lewis To All Panelists : Hi. Gina from Lincolnshire. Hope you are both feeling a lot better.
19:02:36 From Rachael Halliday : Bless you both. I am glad to see and hear you looking a heck of a lot better than you obviously have been. Love Rachael (London) x
19:02:40 From Alison Gaffneyy : Lovely to see you - Alison in South Norwood ( South London ) winds abated now
19:02:40 From Colette To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Manchester )0(
19:02:42 From Cornwall UK : Good eve waves from Cornwall
19:02:43 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Hurrraaaaahhhhhh SO good to see you!!! and Love to All!!Anny in Scarbro
19:02:43 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi it’s Jenny from windy Reading
19:02:43 From Shelly : Hi from Winchester. Great to see you and hope you're feeling better
19:02:43 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Hi! From Norwich. Stormy and wet here. Hope you are both feeling better. Lovely to see you and everyone🙂
19:02:45 From Katrin Grisby : Evening from Katrin in Lincoln xx
19:02:50 From Pauline Firestar Elsworth : Good evening from Dorset lovely to see you both
19:02:53 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : Hello everyone
19:02:55 From Annkat : Hello
19:02:56 From Alice Rugheimer : Hello from w London 😊
19:02:59 From Colette : Hi from Manchester )0(
19:03:05 From alysonpowell : Lovely to see you both. It’s great to be here with you. Looking forward to the evening.💚
19:03:09 From jayne powell : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent. Lovely to see you both xx
19:03:11 From Tracey : greetings lovely people hope your feeling better love trace
19:03:12 From Annie : Hi to you all from Annie in Norfolk
19:03:12 From Sandy Holt : Hello everyone from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK . Wow it’s good to be back. Hope you guys are fully mended? xxxxx
19:03:13 From michael wheeler : Hi from St Albans
19:03:13 From Monica Ross : Have our electricity back after storm Eunice on Friday. Franklin has been kinder to us
19:03:16 From Kay : Hello from Oldham xx
19:03:18 From Rob Lines : Greetings all. Hail and welcome. Rob, Trowse, Norwich.
19:03:29 From Beverley Thornton : Good evening from Bradford. Been some significant flood damage to friends allotment and a sink hole at some I know's house unfortunately. But it's been sunny here all day x
19:03:31 From Kelly Kennedy To All Panelists : hello everyone from Cornwall xx
19:03:40 From Eileen : Glad you are feeling better💜
19:03:51 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : Lovely to see you both healthy! Love to you both from Melanie in Standish, Wigan😘
19:04:03 From lyle To All Panelists : Good evening from Peebles!
19:04:14 From sheila powell : Hello from sunny California, sending you all some heat and sunshine! Pleased to hear you are feeling much better Jason. Sheila
19:04:18 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Cumbria 🙏
19:04:21 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi everyone from Hampshire - nice to see you both
19:04:26 From Cornwall UK : Bless you all lots of rest
19:04:27 From Rachael Halliday : I hope you didn’t forget Blue needs his Dreamies for a coaching call!!
19:04:29 From Gill Dunkerley To All Panelists : Hello both! Glad to see you! Hope you are getting better. Slowly but surely! Nice to be here.
19:04:31 From sue parlby : Hello both and all - SO good to see you! From windy Cambridge
19:04:38 From Beverley Thornton : Good to see you are both much better! My very pregnant daughter is on her 3rd week of bed rest with Covid 🙁
19:04:42 From Ann : Be kind to yourselves. ❤️
19:04:51 From Jill Robinson To All Panelists : What about your family, Jason, as I know you have been shielding them.
19:05:01 From Heidi : Lovely to see you both and glad you’re on the mend xx
19:05:17 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : I’m recovering from Covid too! It’s been difficult!
19:05:23 From Ali Broughton : best wishes to your daughter Beverley x
19:05:28 From Cornwall UK : good need your rest
19:05:45 From Monica Ross : Sounds wise
19:06:01 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you Ali x
19:06:30 From Ali Broughton : welcome Bev x
19:06:52 From Rachael Halliday : Speaking for myself I’d be very happy for you to continue de-prioritising the Mystery School for a few weeks. There’s rich learning there, all worth revisiting xxx
19:07:22 From Beverley Thornton : So sorry to hear about your Dad, Jason. Such a big adjustment for your Mum too xx
19:07:32 From Cornwall UK : yes agree it can linger
19:07:33 From Tracey : oh bless this must be challenging for you .
19:07:43 From fae : Oh blimey, hoping your all getting better and your dad will be home soon xx
19:07:46 From Fausta DiMascio : Wow a lot on your plate
19:07:48 From Gill Dunkerley : Gosh what a perfect storm! I hope things are calming
19:07:54 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : So sorry to hear!😘
19:08:00 From Annkat : Healing hugs for your Dad.
19:08:05 From Heidi : Sending love and thoughts to you all 🙏
19:08:22 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Oh dear sorry to hear that. Many blessings to you both and your Dad Jason
19:08:32 From Steve W : Wow!!!
That’s tough.
Thinking of you guys (and your loved ones))
19:08:33 From Fausta DiMascio : blessings to both of you xx
19:08:35 From paulacaffrey : So sorry to hear about your dad. Wishing you lots of love and support xx
19:08:49 From Shelly : Bless you both, for still being here with all going on. Agree with Rachael, there is so much on line, things can always wait, prioritising you is the number one 🙏
19:08:56 From Katrin Grisby : That’s tough all round sending lots positive thoughts to ALL of you ❣️
19:09:06 From sue parlby : Goodness - huge amounts to deal with … please just take it slowly and gently and delighted to hear you are prioritising … so much learning …
19:09:08 From deb To All Panelists : Hi both- i work with long covid so if you need any advice if you dont improve let me know! But rest rest helps now, vit c,zinc and D. Xdeb
19:09:25 From Rachael Halliday : 22.02.22 tomorrow!!!
19:09:51 From Cornwall UK : grt
19:10:12 From kathycar : Hi, sorry im late, sorry to hear about your dad, you, mum and all involved. Take care, take it slow and gently
19:12:22 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : I'm not vegetarian, by the way (anny)
19:12:43 From Chris : Love to you both and your family pleased you are on the road to recovery. The energies of rest and relaxation are calling you
19:13:17 From Annkat : ì'm not a vegetarian.
19:13:48 From Annie : I'm not a vegetarian either
19:14:13 From Alison Wells : so pleased to see you both up and about, take it easy and rest when you need to X
19:14:49 From paulacaffrey : I’m vegan but it doesn’t offend me if people eat meat or diary products. I’m vegan because that is what my body wants as well as not wanting to eat animal products. I think that as we are all unique we all have different dietary needs, so I think it’s about listening to your body.
19:15:14 From Fausta DiMascio : I am a veggie but my family still eat meat - you need to find what works for you. I just feel better cutting fish and meat out of my diet.
19:15:19 From Heidi : Vegan for me as that fits with my ethics but always open to others opinions and ideas, thank you for sharing 🙏💚
19:15:21 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Yes Paula, I can feel what my body needs or I feel grim!
19:15:53 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : 👍
19:16:10 From Alison Gaffneyy : How about fungi? And foraging?
19:16:10 From Rob Lines : Heard the term Pegan recently. A planet friendly diet that doesn't exclude organic meat.
19:16:20 From Annie : It's being open to and accepting of other peoples choices that is important.
19:17:11 From deb : Pegan -i like that similar to what I do .I find Giving thanks to the animal helps -like the native indians do
19:17:37 From Sandy Holt : This is very interesting. I personally don’t eat meat, but do eat fish. But there is scientific evidence that if we completely removed from the human diet our brain development would deteriorate massively over the centuries.
19:17:45 From Alison Wells : sugar is very bad for your body, its an inflammatory product
19:18:37 From Alison Wells : i eat low carb, low sugar, but have meat and a shed load of veg, nuts, fruit etc
19:19:03 From Shelly : Dr Sarah Myhill is good, she has done a lot of work on the PK diet and ME/CFS
19:19:46 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Well put both of you. I am vegan, and it suits me on many levels, but as with exercise routines we are all different and not one thing works for everyone. That said sugar is just bad I think most would agree.
19:20:01 From Sue : totally with you on this diet. So important to get meat from local butchers, NOT supermarkets for all the reasons you mentioned. We have also given up sugar and have always eaten proper fat in moderation which is essential for our brain and joint function.
19:20:23 From Susie Fox : Refined sugar is troublesome stuff. I almost don’t have it. But I do love my whole grain stone ground home made bread, and then I go for a long walk or rock climb. But if I am sedentary I go for non-carb foods. LOVE my veg!
19:20:48 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Thank You 🙏
19:22:44 From sue parlby : Licensing to your body and energy is what guide me - so cut our sugar years ago, and generally follow Ayurvedic and Food Combining, as well as deciding to only eat meat that I know I either have or could kill myself (e.g. fish). It’s what I call “connectionism”.!
19:22:58 From sue parlby : … that should have been listening!
19:23:41 From Sandy Holt : Have you any thoughts on Noom app - think that’s meant to be Paleo?
19:23:48 From Susie Fox : You look very well on the diet (even after covid).
19:26:01 From Ann : How do I spell Sid… magic please?
19:26:16 From Mary : re: keto, wi
19:26:32 From Ann : Thankyou!
19:26:34 From Heidi : I often use similar magick, it can be very powerful 👍🏼
19:26:57 From PremChevi Todd : I create sigils, yes very powerful
19:26:58 From Sam Ben : I love sigil magic, it's something that works so well x
19:26:59 From Heidi : ** sigil!!
19:27:08 From Geraldine Gillain To All Panelists : Love sigils. Leave them on my alter.
19:27:25 From Cornwall UK : nature symbols are very powerful
19:28:24 From norma : whats the book called
19:28:40 From norma : thank you
19:28:44 From Cornwall UK : I had a big teaching around the a tree symbol I was given and now understand it after some time tho
19:29:42 From Ilse Ferwerda : I didn't realise that forgetting what the symbol means was a good thing - have been worried about it because I couldn't remember!! Probably means I am getting ready to offer it up / let go of it?
19:31:06 From Cornwall UK : >l< was mine
19:33:33 From fae : It’s a fantastic feeling, hoping that eventually the physical drums circles will return again
19:33:58 From Rob Lines : I use your grounding drum from a recent circle to chill me out. Used it yesterday at a crystal reiki session.
19:34:13 From Kate Scothorne : That’s great thanks
19:35:02 From Susie Fox : I would love to do that (drum bath). I went to a workshop where a didgeridoo player played digieridoos over us as we meditated lying on the floor. He intuited which pitch of didgeridoo a person needed. The vibrations went through us. It was a group activity and personal at the same time. Vibrations, air, intention and acceptance. Brilliant. Drum will do similar I guess.
19:36:03 From Rob Lines : Liking the sound of that Susie. 🙂
19:37:12 From Lynn : silva method?
19:37:15 From Kate Scothorne : Thanks... I think it opens a portal like you say into a different consciousness
19:37:44 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Interesting - just joining in now sorry for late entrance
19:38:08 From Gill Dunkerley : Your cylinders are firing just fine
19:39:08 From Sam Ben : You're both doing great! we can all be forgetful together 😊
19:40:31 From Alison Gaffneyy : Love those ideas of being of service - and how we can support ourselves - it’s just so good to see you both and everyone’s questions and responses 💚🙏
19:41:49 From Rachael Halliday : Medicine for my own soul. Thank you!!
19:42:35 From Rachael Halliday : Brilliant thank you
19:43:18 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : I didn't know what that was, a medicine bag, but I met a Norweigan lady when I was at school and she wore one, thinking of all that it contained...! I didn't realise! (and that was 50 years ago!)
19:44:13 From Rachael Halliday : I think it does
19:44:22 From Alison Wells : is that like a reiki share?
19:44:23 From Ann : Medicine wheel
19:44:24 From fae : Medicine wheel is native american
19:44:27 From Heidi : I think it’s like a healing circle
19:44:30 From Kathy McVittie : yes, native american
19:44:42 From Annkat : healing
19:44:56 From Tracey : medicine circle could be with plant medicines
19:45:00 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Alisona reiki share is where Reiki people share their reiki?
19:45:10 From Kathy McVittie : the directions are different poisitions
19:45:25 From Cornwall UK : yes Medicine is ,Native wisdom teaching or personal power as I see it
19:45:28 From Ann : They have elements and directions and connect to guides and ancestors
19:45:32 From Alison Wells : Ann, yes i know, but we also send distant healing
19:45:42 From Rachael Halliday : Reiki share is when you all either self treat together or if level 2 can give distant healing
19:45:49 From sue parlby : Is a medicine circle maybe anything that is healing when you are in a group?
19:45:56 From Annkat : True Alison
19:46:25 From fae : Earth Medicine by Kenneth Meadows is about the Native American Medicine Wheel
19:47:08 From deb : Sacred earth celebrations by Glennie kindred is a lovelybook
19:47:22 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Oh Yes Deb
19:47:33 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Im learning about Native American and mayan traditions, they are very focused on the medicine wheel.
19:47:46 From Alison Wells : there is a labrynth cut into the grass i walk in Suffolk, wonderful
19:47:47 From Rob Lines : A lot of the London tube stations have labyrinths on their walls.
19:48:20 From Rob Lines : There's a water maze (labyrinth) at Hever Castle
19:48:21 From Eileen : Yes, Earth Medicine -Kenneth Meadows -agree
19:48:27 From Cornwall UK : yes
19:48:52 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : oooo sounds lovely
19:48:59 From Rob Lines : Remembering making a maze at junior school out of grass cuttings.
19:49:06 From Shelly : There'ss a labyrinth on St Catherine's hill in Winchester
19:49:16 From Cornwall UK : they create Earth energy pathways to
19:49:45 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : We used to do T'ai Chi slow walking in labyrinths and that was so peaceful
19:50:19 From Alison Gaffneyy : That sounds lovely, Ann
19:50:41 From Rod & Diane : Where is the labyrinth at clitheroe please?
19:50:56 From Susie Fox : Walked a fire labyrinth at the Mercian Gathering many years ago. Was great.
19:51:15 From Eileen : All night Ceremony and walk Labyrinth as the sun rises-Bliss
19:51:24 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : ooooh Eileen!
19:51:44 From Susie Fox : Amazing I am holidaying in Clitheroe week of 8th March!!
19:51:46 From Chris : There is a lovley one made out of plants at the physic garden near Hexham for anyone who lives in the north east
19:51:56 From Charlie Murray : Same here, snap
19:52:14 From Charlie Murray : Yes
19:52:50 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Yes! The Ogham Set - well worth it, and so accurate!
19:53:26 From Ann : Just bought Braiding Sweetgrass.
19:53:56 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : It’s a beautiful book.
19:54:09 From Sue : just started that book yesterday. heard it is brilliant.
19:54:13 From Kathy McVittie : what about an ogham map?
19:54:20 From Rob Lines : Wheat is a plant that thrives thanks to humans. The plant that domesticated our species?
19:56:19 From Lisa Morgan : How do you ask permission? Thanks x
19:56:31 From Rachael Halliday : I spent a lot of time with Holly at Imbolc. I spent some time working with a particular holly tree that week and asked whether I could have one of her small branches. I asaid I would return the next day to give Holly time to consider my request and the next morning I asked for a sign. I wasn’t sure what it was, that morning the holly waved and waved a twig at me. I was very honoured for the whole week. I gifted it rose petals and incense as well as blessings. It felt very special x
19:57:07 From sue parlby : Love that Rachael!
19:57:35 From Rob Lines : That's lovely Rachael
19:57:48 From Annkat : That is beautiful, Rachael
19:58:29 From Ali Broughton : What a lovely meeting with Holly, Rachael, and gifting after
19:58:35 From Sam Ben : Thank you all so much! ❤
19:58:39 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Listen with your heart
19:58:42 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you Nicola x
20:00:09 From Alison Gaffneyy : So many trees came down in the event storm - can you say anything about these trees
20:00:11 From Cornwall UK : that's good medicine Jason
20:00:30 From Alison Gaffneyy : Recent storm
20:00:47 From Alison Gaffneyy : Can we honour these trees
20:02:13 From Jill Robinson To All Panelists : Thank you. I need to leave. So pleased that you are both on the mend and hope your Dad will be OK too.
20:02:56 From Geraldine Gillain To All Panelists : Thank you will catch up with rest tomorrow.
20:03:49 From Kathy McVittie : i have a railway tunnel in one of my journeys!
20:04:54 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Yes I like the repetition of the beat
20:07:06 From sue parlby : I sometimes have very powerful journeys with fairy bells, chimes etc - and also listened to that guy Jason just mentioned - there is more than the rhythm there is the subtle pitches that also come from each and every drum as well as the drummer who is also “drummed”
20:07:15 From Kathy McVittie : i do this with fallen leaves
20:07:22 From caroline To All Panelists : I would be interest in a mini course of the Ogham
20:09:26 From Rijusiddha Drewett : The Ogham Year Wheel - Yuri Leitch is quite good
20:09:33 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : I have 'the Celtic Tree Oracle' by Liz and Colin Murray...It's cards and there is a way of laying them out, but I don't do that. I much prefer Nicola's Ogham set as it feels more real and connected and I get instant answers with only one stave!
20:10:12 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Absolutely!
20:11:02 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : I've never counted mine nor checked them!
20:12:11 From norma : wonderful
20:12:22 From Tracey : wow Nicola
20:13:00 From deb To All Panelists : 💜
20:13:16 From Kathy McVittie : like my magic drum!
20:13:30 From fae : Funny i love Blackthorn, i sing a song as i go past on a regular basis down the lane when walking the dog 🐶😂
20:13:43 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Oh that course sounds FAB!
20:14:02 From Rob Lines : The blackthorn near me are now in bloom.
20:14:14 From sue parlby : Blackthorn is already flowering at the moment!
20:14:18 From Kathy McVittie : yes for blackthorn stave!
20:14:29 From Cornwall UK : TREE ,Essence, sprit and Teacher by Simon & Sue Lilly is Great book
20:14:58 From Kathy McVittie : I had a pair of magpies a fortnight ago - they don't live here!
20:15:47 From kathycar : Blackthorn is out here in the south
20:16:04 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Seen a few blossoms on the east
20:16:07 From fae : Not out her in Wesham yet
20:16:08 From Rob Lines : And in Norfolk
20:18:50 From Red : Wolf always takes me to my wife
20:19:05 From Annie : Thank you so much that's very helpful. That's so true
20:20:34 From Charlie Murray : Wish it could be in Scotland
20:21:02 From Cornwall UK : Aww
20:21:15 From Kathy McVittie : it is the most wondrous place
20:21:27 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : It's a lovely spot
20:21:48 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : I cant wait - im booked for northwalees
20:24:57 From Kathy McVittie : So excited to have booked!
20:26:17 From Kathy McVittie : Hares!
20:26:17 From Charlie Murray : This is why i stopped being in craft groups, creativee experiences are my spiritual vehicle
20:26:47 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Oh it sounds so lovely
20:27:43 From Colette : I’ll be at Fell Foot yay! I’m away in Cornwall for the June one but I’m so looking forward to it
20:27:53 From Katrin Grisby : Sounds amazing
20:28:59 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Hurrahhh online works better for me
20:29:04 From norma : yay online retreats magic
20:29:26 From Susie Fox : Apologies I am going to have to go. It has been so interesting and I will catch up with the last three questions when the recording is available. Thank you and hope you are fully better soon. Thanks for all that you do. x
20:29:49 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : (great difficulty with geological fault lines in some areas)
20:30:51 From Rachael Halliday : I have definitely felt it 100%
20:32:22 From Sandy Holt : yes, had a nasty cold so haven’t been out, so that is a good idea. thank you.
20:32:24 From Kathy McVittie : taking a long perspective when you have the chance: moments out of time
20:33:38 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : I LOVE that idea to commit to being out in nature for one hour each day. Thank you!
20:33:43 From Kathy McVittie : I sat for half an hour this afternoon ... feel so much better
20:33:45 From Rachel Hawkes : Ive been doing lots of tree hugging, it has helped
20:34:28 From Rachael Halliday : I took my labradorite out on my walk earlier and did Tim Whilde’s Pilars of Golden Rainbow Fire Meditation (it’s on YouTube) and it felt very powerful as we approach 22.02.22 tomorrow and the world is with all the turbulence present.
20:36:39 From sue parlby : I was very struck by when you mentioned the effects of “quickening” between Imbolc and the Equinox
20:36:57 From Charlie Murray : My SG is tickling my head in agreement "dial doewn your expectatiins"
20:37:37 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : YES!
20:38:30 From Cheryl Anderson : yes know that feeling when the sweeps around you and you feel lifted and good to be alive.
20:38:56 From Cheryl Anderson : should say the wind sweeps around you
20:39:02 From Sandy Holt : Thank you yes, love home coming…
20:39:06 From Kathy McVittie : Homecoming! Yes!
20:41:23 From PremChevi Todd : i believe in reincarnation, a few family members have had experiences of a past life, me also . ive always believed this from 9 years old
20:41:52 From Fausta DiMascio : I agree with you Jason - definitely yes - we come back to learn or teach or both
20:41:54 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Buddhists do
20:42:23 From Angela Birchall : I know so much about so many of my last lives and how they influence this life that I can never doubt reincarnation.
20:42:36 From PremChevi Todd : yes i also believe we come back to learn or teach.
20:42:53 From Cornwall UK : Yes agree
20:43:01 From Rachael Halliday : I believe in it. I have been present with a number of people; family members and patients, as they have died. Their energy leaves their body as they pass and I believe that energy does not die, it ‘just’ transitions to whatever is next. Energy never dies in my opinion x
20:43:19 From norma : haha yes I wonder why too
20:44:30 From Chris : I like to think I am a spiritual being having a human experience
20:44:32 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : WOW!
20:44:43 From Rachael Halliday : How amazing!!!!
20:44:47 From Cornwall UK : true Chris
20:44:55 From Rachael Halliday : Wonder-full!!!
20:44:56 From Katrin Grisby : That’s amazing Jason
20:44:58 From Sue : I have more to do with horses than humans and there are so many equine communicators that have experienced reincarnation, or past lives affect current lives.
20:45:15 From Colette : My daughter when she was small used to often say that she had looked down and decided to come to us because she wanted us to be her parents
20:45:32 From Charlie Murray : Did you look different?
20:45:47 From norma : yes good book
20:45:57 From Annie : That was the book that confirmed it for me
20:45:57 From Rachel Hawkes : Yes had a really good one, cant remember it but I will put it on Facebook it is by a psychotherapist.
20:46:28 From Katrin Grisby : I have a past life regression and feel soo connected to my other life’s
20:46:30 From Rachael Halliday : I hope you remember your French!!!
20:47:09 From Sandy Holt : I’ve had experiences when I’ve just known I’ve lived other lives…totally believe in them. xx
20:48:15 From Rachael Halliday : Very precious Mary
20:48:30 From Rachel Hawkes : wowMary, incredible
20:48:35 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : I love my wolf spirit guide.
20:49:26 From norma : thank you ..stay safe
20:49:29 From Fausta DiMascio : Really interesting night - thank you - glad you are on the mend Jason and Nicola - blessed be everyone xxx
20:49:31 From Rachael Halliday : Rest well x
20:49:32 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : You guys have been great!
20:49:36 From Sandy Holt : thank you sooo much xx
20:49:37 From Rachel Hawkes : Thanks guys, another great evening
20:49:41 From Heidi : Thank you both xxx
20:49:43 From kathycar : Thank you take care all xx
20:49:43 From Chris : Thank you so much for this evening, amazing mix of questions.
20:49:43 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Thank you both. Many healing blessings
20:49:44 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you - very interesting tonight!
20:49:47 From Shelly : Thank you
20:49:48 From Grace McGeoch To All Panelists : Thank you!
20:49:51 From Cornwall UK : Ty you both 🙂 and rest up to
20:49:52 From Susan Davies : thank you both 🙂
20:49:53 From Sue : thanks to you both.xx
20:49:56 From Ali Broughton : Thank you both, been an interesting evening x
20:49:57 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : Night everyone...
20:49:59 From Kathy McVittie : Thank you wonderful beings xxx
20:50:00 From Colette : Thank you so much )0( blessings
20:50:01 From PremChevi Todd : thank you
20:50:02 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : You're welcome
20:50:04 From Kay : Thank you!
20:50:05 From Sam Ben : it's been brilliant, thank you so much, and well done! x
20:50:05 From Rob Lines : Thank you. Hail and fairwell.
20:50:07 From Annie : Really enjoyed tonight, uplifting. Take care, rest well and Thank you both so much
20:50:07 From deb To All Panelists : Thank you x
20:50:07 From sue parlby : It has been a very rich evening - thank you!
20:50:08 From Alison Wells : thank you, you must be tired, have a restful evening X
20:50:08 From Alison Gaffneyy : Been a wonderful evening - thank you🥰
20:50:11 From Jillian Daniell To All Panelists : Thank you So inspiring!
20:50:12 From Charlie Murray : Xxx healing luvvies to all
20:50:13 From fae : Thank you Nicola & Jason, hope your feeling better soon. Be well everyone thank you for a great night xx
20:50:17 From sheila powell : Thank you, very interesting! Keep safe and healthy! Sheila
20:50:18 From alysonpowell : It”s been so good to be with you all again. Take care. 💚
20:50:20 From jayne powell : Thank you both and keep nurturing yourselves.
20:50:25 From AnnTurner·Scarboro : Thank You for tonight and so pleased to see you both, and share the time with everyone xxx
20:50:25 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you, lovely evening, as always! x
20:50:36 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you 🙏 well done both of you
20:50:36 From Melanie Wells To All Panelists : Thank you for all you do for us!
20:50:36 From Tracey : thankyou so much ,much needed joy from u both &all blessings
20:50:37 From Wendy : So wonderful to see you both. Thank you for a fantastic, interesting evening! Take care 💜🙏💜 xx
20:50:38 From Fausta DiMascio : not a problem xx