Here's the recording of our April 2022 Coaching Call.

1. 00.00 - Recently my journeying has taken on a will of its own. I set off with the intention of visiting a creature spirit to ask a question and as I step out into the lower world, I shape shift into the creature without having had an intention to shape shift. Sometimes, when I have not intended to journey, so no drum track and no preparation or questions, I journey anyway - usually when I am either relaxing in the evening gazing into the fire or out in nature relaxing and letting things wash over me. I presume others have these experiences, and the journeys are all valid journeys? Pam

 2. 05:28-  I have only just joined the Buzzard tribe this weekend and I would like to begin by doing my first journey. Where do you recommend I should start please? Little Owl (John)


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 3.  11.17 - What is Nicola and Jason's take on the shamanic meanings of experience of illness, in particular, the ideas that are around in traditional shamanism that this can be an intrusion of spiritual forces? Beverley


Book: The Horse Boy - Rupert Isaacson

Book: It Didn’t Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle - Mark Wolynn

Shamanic Journey Circle November 2019: Working with our Ancestors. Click here to access.

4. 33.13 - Noticing that Jason has a wolf on his necklace and that he guides us to the underworld and leaves a white wolf on our left. The connection there? Rob

5. 38.49 - Speaking to ancestry work, I’ve had ETs showing themselves to me,  it would be interesting to know your opinion. Mark


Book: Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind – Graham Hancock

Book - An Carow Gwynn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith by Robin Artisson 


6. 43.41 - I will have a look in the school, but just briefly, what is the meaning of hare (if we have time?). I helped at a funeral this week for the first time and was so scared. before the service, my eye caught movement and it was a wild hare!  About 4-5 feet away, watching me with dark brown tipped ears - I felt so blessed and knew I would have support. Karen


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Below is the transcript of the chat.

Transcript of the chat

18:59:40 From Rod & Diane : Hello everyone from a wild and soggy Cumbria 😊
18:59:54 From Xenia Meinert : Hi Nicola, Jason and Blue! Hello from rainy and Cold Northern Germany.
18:59:55 From Ali Broughton : Evening everyone, from Norfolk x
18:59:57 From fae To All Panelists : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham x
18:59:59 From Ann : Hi, Ann from Glasgow, lovely to be here. Glasgow is wet.
19:00:03 From Steve W : Good evening folks, Topcliffe checking in.
19:00:04 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : Hello, good to be here
19:00:06 From Rob : Evening all. Rob here, Norwich.
19:00:07 From Karen Barton : Hi from Ivybridge, South Devon xx
19:00:12 From david : Hello from Birmingham!
19:00:13 From Cornwall UK : sound good ,,Hi from Cornwall
19:00:14 From kathycar : Hi Kathy from Petersfield, Hampshire, nice evening here
19:00:19 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone, good to be here
19:00:23 From Red : Hi from Portsmouth. My book arrived and I'm loving it. On chapter 4 already.
19:00:24 From Maryline Leese To All Panelists : Hi from mid Wales. It is wild up here!
19:00:25 From alysonpowell : Hello from South Wales.
19:00:31 From Rachel To All Panelists : hi from wet and windy Blackpool
19:00:35 From Tina Burchill : Dry here and sunny on Dartmoor
19:00:35 From Rob : Norfolk is dry
19:00:37 From Sheila Craig : hi from Altrincham x
19:00:37 From Cornwall UK : dry here
19:00:37 From Beverley Thornton : Evening all from Bradford. Dry here and not too bad!
19:00:42 From Ali Broughton : Dry in Norfolk for now
19:00:49 From Pam To All Panelists : Hi from Larne! Wet here too
19:00:50 From Susie Fox : Dry but windy in Bridlington, East Yorkshire - hello everyone x
19:00:50 From Jillian Daniell : Hi from Jill in Cheshire.
19:00:53 From Sam Ben : hello from sunny Nottinghamshire!
19:00:54 From CarolineW : Hi everyone from Selston Nottinghamshire.👋🏻 Not sunny but I’d dry.
19:00:57 From Cornwall UK : mark lol
19:00:59 From Mandy : Hello
Mandy from Weymouth
19:01:01 From sue : Hi from Anne and Sue in a very moist Morecambe !!!
19:01:02 From Annie : Hi to you all from Annie in Norfolk
19:01:09 From jayne powell : Hi from Stoke-on-Trent
19:01:22 From Red : The stealing attention book
19:01:27 From lyle To All Panelists : Hi, from rainy Peebles!
19:01:35 From Vicki : hello everyone from Vicki & Jeff in Warwickshire xx
19:01:38 From Shelly : Hi from Winchester
19:01:39 From Wendy : Hi from Nottingham 😊
19:01:59 From sheridan To All Panelists : Hi from NW London
19:02:04 From Rob : We're answering your question. 😉
19:02:07 From Fiona Keane : hello from worcester☺
19:02:15 From Cornwall UK : sound could be slightly louder
19:02:33 From Di Davies : Hi from Di in Welshpool.
19:02:54 From norma : hello from fife
19:02:56 From Gaynor : Hi all from Kent
19:03:07 From Lesley-Anne : Hello from Herefordshire
19:03:10 From sheila powell : Hi from over the pond - California! Sheila
19:03:11 From sheridan : Hi from NW London
19:03:25 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Hellooooo everyone! Anny in Scarborough
19:03:40 From maureen : Evening everyone from Manchester
19:03:49 From Rob : 11am in California?
19:03:58 From Miranda : hello from Margate x
19:04:08 From Linda : Hi from Linda in Littleborough, Lancashire.
19:06:01 From Annkat : hello
19:06:19 From Cornwall UK : why I was asking about dreaming and journey cud be the same consciousness
19:06:33 From sheila powell : Yes Rob, just starting our day, we are 8 hours
19:06:58 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Thank You for this question and answer! I've been enjoying something similar.Lovely 🥰
19:09:16 From Cornwall UK : ill ask tonight to ask my ally to guild me be intresting
19:12:47 From Karen : Evening all - apologies for being late
19:13:06 From Cornwall UK : Wc Karen
19:13:22 From Karen : ☺️
19:14:49 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi all Jenny from Reading
19:17:45 From Fiona Keane : all coming out now😅
19:17:48 From Rob : I surcame to a pork pie last night. 😉
19:18:08 From Karen : Sausage roll...
19:18:17 From Kayleigh : pasties down here
19:18:20 From Miranda : Pies are so comforting!
19:18:22 From Tina Burchill : We have the pasties
19:18:31 From Xenia Meinert : What's the shamanic meaning of pie, lol! 😅
19:18:53 From Fiona Keane : 😁😆Xenia!
19:19:20 From Cornwall UK : Yes Personal hygiene is important and souls chosen path
19:19:42 From Xenia Meinert : Good Question about illnesses, and good that you cover the medical and shamanic layers alike. Also the stress and selfcare aspect.
19:21:10 From Susie Fox : When we work with our spirit guides and spiritual beings that help us, we tend to get directed along a path that assists us to tackle stress, eat intuitively what our body needs, do the things that benefit us rather than harm us, and this leads to better health. Sometimes they literally lift us up and plop us down in another place (total upheaval, but benefits in the long run). Of course, we can still go ahead and do our own thing, but if we follow the flow of intuition and what our guides present to us, life works a lot better, and benefits our health.
19:25:37 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Hello Susie that happened to me! 30 years in Cumbria and so much illness- I am so affected by geological fault lines (loads there) and now I'm in Scarborough my health is so much better! I wonder how many people are affected by earth energies and they don't know about it! Say if water runs under your house and you are ill etc
19:25:39 From Jules : Wonderful book
19:25:52 From Jules : Mongolia wasn't it
19:25:53 From Eileen : Mongolia
19:26:05 From Shelly : On my first ever journey (2020) guides came to me, Id never journeyed before and I had no idea what they were.... but the message was so powerful and clear, to reconnect with my roots, with nature based spirituality. Its always been part of me but I wasn't actively practising. Having this practice has really helped my healing path, especially around acceptance, self compassion and self care
19:26:20 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, indigenious people were helpless against new viruses brought in by colonialists, because they bodies had no immunity. So they weren't able to do anything against these illnesses.
19:26:31 From Xenia Meinert : *their
19:28:32 From Rob : Paul Francis volumes on Therapeutic Shamanism links and combines psychotherapy with shamanic healing.
19:29:00 From Miranda : After I went to a sacred grove recently to do some work...I was greeted by a herd of Polish Horses. They cantered over to greet me. Their Leader came right up to me and stood with me. It was a very healing experience.
19:29:08 From Eileen : My friend does Emotion Code Work and it is Fantastic. She has removed a lot of things I have carried.
19:29:10 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you both - and particularly Nicola for that info/books on epigenetics. Looking forwad to reading your book!
19:29:26 From Gill Dunkerley : wow! sounds fabulous! thanks for book recommendations and please let us know when your book is published.
19:30:22 From Xenia Meinert : Very interesting, ancestral illnesses and epigenetics. Which allys would we ask what to do to remove that illness from the line - the ancestral ally, or someone else?
19:31:03 From Susie Fox : I had a “mental” problem a few years back, concerning rejection. I used a pendulum over a basic family tree. The first two generations had names, but after that the structure of the family tree had only Male or Female as I did not know their names. The pendulum turned 6 generations ago on a male. So journeyed and used tarot cards and received a clear message about that man’s rejection, and why. This affected all the generations following it was so acute. I sent healing via reiki/seichem. Next thing, apart from me feeling healed, my daughter expressed she had healed quite independently and without knowing. She has lost her low self esteem. Powerful.
19:31:09 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you!
19:31:19 From Gill Dunkerley : Yay! nearly here
19:31:35 From Miranda : How exciting about your book.
19:32:07 From Rob : @Susie - incredible. Thank you for sharing
19:32:12 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much Nicola!
19:32:30 From Fiona Keane : All fascinating x I need to redo that circle again!
19:32:58 From Karen : @Susie - that is amazing. thank you for telling us
19:34:09 From Susie Fox : Looking forward to your book and will buy it. Fascinating.
19:35:29 From Fiona Keane : that would corelate with my ancestors certainly...all basically south lancashire working class & town based
19:37:26 From Xenia Meinert : Susie, marvellous and Wonderful healing Story!
19:37:44 From Xenia Meinert : Love the wolf pendant, Jason!
19:38:14 From Sam Ben : thank you Susie, this is wonderful and enlighten
19:39:15 From Alison Gaffney : Joining a bit late - so good to be with you ❤️
19:39:57 From Xenia Meinert : Wolf lending Service 😁👍
19:40:30 From Cornwall UK : feed the white wolf :))
19:40:54 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Do you feel them with you at times in the day? Sometimes, say if you are walking, do you feel them with you?
19:40:56 From Alison Gaffney : I connected with a grey wolf at the beginning of journeying with you and through her feel a connection with all wolves
19:42:02 From Karen : I will have a look in the school, but just briefly, what is the meaning of hare (if we have time?). I helped at a funeral this week for the first time and was so scared. before the service, my eye caught movement and it was a wild hare! About 4-5 feet away, watching me with dark brown tipped ears - I felt so blessed and knew I would have support.
19:42:53 From Susie Fox : Boudicca released a hare just before she went into fight the Romans defensively.
19:42:55 From Cornwall UK : yes
19:45:50 From Ali Broughton : Sorry, what was the book called, please, Graham Hancock..
19:46:50 From Cornwall UK : no it was deffo a gery
19:47:11 From Cornwall UK : Ty both noted bbok
19:47:20 From Cornwall UK : book*
19:47:21 From Rob : Previous life trauma being brought into this life - could be from the fae realm or another celestrial realm as well as or instead of a previous human earth experience?
19:47:24 From Lynn : Re. epigenetics and ancestoral healing, I would recommend caution in looking at autism as a disease needing healing. It is a predominantly an inherited condition ie a parent is often autistic (undiagnosed quite often). Autism is a neurodivergence in the population, a gift that can allows a different outlook on life. Difficulties often arise from aspects of the environment that may be incompatible or overwhelming to the autistic individual for example from a sensory perspective. Autistic individuals often have an affinity for nature and animals and that can certainly be soothing.
19:47:24 From Ali Broughton : thank you
19:48:00 From Susie Fox : We have a certain density and molecular vibration. Extraterrestrials may have a different density and vibrate a lot faster (or slower). We cannot see infra red or ultra violet light. Maybe in the same way we cannot “see” extraterrestrials.
19:48:27 From Fiona Keane : Agree Lynn x
19:48:48 From Cornwall UK : True Susie agree Im looking into it
19:49:14 From Beverley Thornton : Thanks for that Lynn. That struck me too, during the discussion framing autism as an illnss
19:49:36 From Susie Fox : Thank you - autism
19:50:18 From Karen : That is amazing insight, thanks Nicola. Yes, boundaries, as in I am not ready to do full service, but did an ashes interment.
19:50:23 From Ali Broughton : perhaps that is why so many Witches/cunning women used the Hare to shape shift into
19:51:02 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : I love that about hare - feels like the freedom to love and be authentic selves
19:51:05 From Karen : It was a big nature hug xx
19:51:07 From Miranda : So useful. A Hare was hidden in the Mirabelle Plum Grove where my beloved Parrots both rest.
19:54:39 From Cornwall UK : youll find it intesting I feel
19:54:42 From Cornwall UK : ty
19:55:23 From Susie Fox : Really wonderful evening. So interesting. Thank you to everyone and those who made comments because I am learning all the time. xxx
19:55:26 From Miranda : Thank you so much
19:55:32 From Beverley Thornton : Thanks for such a fascinating and far reaching set of questions and answers xx
19:55:40 From Cornwall UK : ooo dance around the may pole
19:55:44 From Rob : Going to the Malvern Well Dressing festival for Beltane.
19:55:49 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : My favourite
19:55:51 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, very interesting questions and insightful answers! xxx
19:56:10 From Eileen : You are both Giving Soooo Much of Yourselves. Gratitude and Blessings.
19:57:01 From maureen : Need to listen to the replay as got called away with my grandchild, looking at the comments here it’s been a very interesting evening so can’t wait to have a listen tomorrow.
19:57:21 From Karen : Thank you for a wonderful evening again xx😘 Can't wait for Space to Emerge!
19:57:27 From Annie : Looking forward to Beltane, one of my favorite celebrations.
19:57:28 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Will you be birthing any drums at Beltane?
19:57:52 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Lovely to feel we can connect with you in Cumbria wherever we are🙏❤️
19:57:59 From Beverley Thornton : Looking foraard to Space to Emerge!
19:58:04 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Oh yes soory!
19:58:12 From Sam Ben : Thank you so much, this has been fascinating! Very interested in hearing about other worldly Guides 😊
19:58:18 From Gill Dunkerley : such an interesting conversation tonight. Thank you. And for the reminder about Beltane! I want to celebrate it this year.
19:58:26 From Cornwall UK : I honour all the circle Ty guys ,, wish I cud go 🙁
19:58:35 From Fiona Keane : 🤗💚🤗💛🤗💕
19:58:40 From Annie : Thank you for an informative evening, fascinating as usual. Blessings
19:58:41 From david : Thank you. xxx
19:58:42 From fae : Very interesting evening, be well everyone. Thank you Jason, Nicola, Tina and Blue xx
19:58:43 From Ali Broughton : Thankyou!
19:58:47 From Gill Dunkerley : thanks to all in this wonderful circle
19:58:47 From Kayleigh : Thank you for this this evening. Been enlightening
19:58:48 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you so much! All have a great evening! xxx
19:58:53 From Mandy : Thankyou xx
19:58:53 From Maryline Leese : Thank you so much
19:58:54 From maureen : Thank you x
19:58:55 From sheridan : Thank you 😊
19:58:58 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : 🙏🥰 THANK YOU
19:59:00 From sheila powell : Thank you both, very interesting! Sheila
19:59:00 From Ann : Thank you so much
19:59:03 From Wendy : Thank you both- always lovely to spend some time with you xx
19:59:04 From Kay Ullrich : Thank you all so much!
19:59:04 From alysonpowell : Its been an interesting evening. Thank you everyone and thank you Jason and Nicola .
19:59:05 From Tina Burchill : Bye
19:59:07 From Susie Fox : See you at Space to Emerge
19:59:09 From Steve W : Thanks folks.. look forward to meeting you in Cumbria🙏
19:59:13 From Lynn : Thanks for very interesting questions and discussions x