Here's the recording of our August coaching call. Below is the transcript of the chat.

The questions and timings are:

1. 00.44: My beautiful, clever and amazing 7yr old grandson has recently been assessed as being on the autistic spectrum, which has explained a lot of things. This may sound like a silly question but I wondered if there is anything I could do on a spiritual level to make life any easier for him? To ease his anxiety and bring him joy and comfort? Karen 


  • Book - Stolen Focus, Johan Harri
  • Earthlight Films. Click here for the Mystery School member link. Click here for Earthlight website link.
  • Journey Circle replay: The Crucible of Solutions. Click here to watch. 
  • Chris Packham BBC episode
  • Book/DVD - Horse Boy, Rupert Isaacson
  • Book - Rewilding Childhood, Mike Fairclough
  • Gamma Wave
  • Facebook group: Autism Inclusivity
  • Useful resources posted by member Mary Hooper, including Dr Temple Grandin's work and the book The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov. Click here to access.

2. 12.13: We are often encouraged to take note of any interactions with wildlife,  buzzards, hares, foxes etc but what about the less ‘welcome’ visitors? Midges for example or the dreaded ticks. Although I try not to kill anything, midges biting or ticks digging in, as happening recently after a trip to Woodland doesn’t end well for the visitors which leaves me uneasy afterwards. Rod.


3. 15:57: Journeying in a live circle appeared to me to hold more energy than the sum of the individuals taking part - it really is something special. I feel that journeying creates (or rediscovers?) an interconnectedness between those who do so, but that felt amplified through journeying together. Do you think that could be right? If so, do you think there is a possibility of journeying together in the future as a group with the specific aim of sending love and healing back to the earth soul? Rachel.


4a. 18.23 When people Journey, are they themselves when they are in the other realms? Recently I have discovered that a figure I have seen for a long time in my Journeys and not known who she was, is actually me. I went through a transformation which was completed over a couple of Journeys and wonder if this is a usual thing? I am now her, when I Journey. Anny

4b. 20:50 The Journey to connect with the Fae seems to have changed so much for me, I feel so at home in the Underworld because I have seen so many things and experienced so much. In my every day life now I can see things like holes in undergrowth I feel a bit drawn to, that I could go down, and meet with the Fae, holes in tree trunks I feel drawn to. I feel a bit overwhelmed too, as it is so wonderful and strong. Is this normal and is this a dangerous thing? Anny


  • Book - An Carow Gwyn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith, Robin Artisson

4c. 31:20 Also, can you hear the Fae in this realm? Are they like natural sounds but a bit distorted, the sound of breeze with whispered words in it, the sound of rain with words in it, that kind of thing,  and sometimes like birdsong or tinkling watery or rain noises with whispery voices mingled in? And I don't know what the words are in this realm but in the Underworld it seems I can understand them without them being spoken? I feel like I sound like a fairy story and I’m a bit embarrassed. Anny


5. 34:34: I know you have all been busy with the real life retreats, but is there any chance at all of another virtual retreat ? I'm sure there are loads of people - like me - who couldn't make the retreats in person but really enjoyed the virtual one last year! Elizabeth


6. 39:54: I`ve been a member and journeying with our circles for well over 2 years now. My journeys were visual with full colour environments, encounters, messages and deep meanings from the beginning. I was able to visit my ancestral village on several occasions and familiarise myself with the geography, regular characters, etc.

In October 2021, on my last journey to the village, my usual ancestral guide (paternal great grandmother on my mother`s side) wasn`t in so I sat outside her house waiting to see what happened. Another ancestor (paternal grandmother whom I never met in this reality) approached and, without words, took me to a place and showed me all the ancestors who had experienced a very painful ancestral issue with which my family is still dealing. As you can imagine, this was an extremely revelatory, painful and shocking experience that still brings tears even now when I think about it. Since then, I find my capacity for journeying has all but disappeared. I find myself distracted by thoughts and unable to get into the `journey state` at all.

After the revelation, I did attempt to follow up on healing this deep and vital ancestral issue but didn`t get very far. I bought the Mark Wolyn book recommended by Nicola but didn`t get past the first few chapters. These chapters describe the scientific research on epigenetics and I became frustrated as I feel I don`t need to be convinced of the reality of ancestral trauma. So, I`m in a state of frustration; feeling a strong calling to heal this significant ancestral trauma but unable to move forward. I`m also feeling a profound sense of loss, being unable to journey as I did before and missing my experiences in the imaginal realms, particularly my visits to my tribal village and my ancestral guides.

Is there any advice that might assist me in getting unstuck and moving forward? Jude.


  • Journey Circle to find an ancestor mentor. Click here to watch the replay.
  • Creating Ceremony mini course. Click here to watch.
  • Book - The Path to Forgotten Freedom: Healing Unresolved Ancestral Trauma by Nicola Smalley (due out Samhain 2022) 
  • Mystery School Market Place facebook post with links to Shamanic Practitioners. Click here to view. 
  • Indie Shaman Shamanic Practitioner register. Click here to access. 


7. 53:43:  I have a set of Nichola's Ogham sticks and Glennie Kindred's book, which I love.Just curious as to whether the Ogham sticks are arranged in houses or suites like the tarot has swords, cups, wands etc. Annie.


  • Tree spirit medicine course. Module 2, Lesson 3 handout - The Ogham Alphabet. Click here to access.
  • Book - The White Goddess by Robert Graves


8. 58:40: I live close to the site of Arminghall Henge, an ancient wooden henge. None of the wood remains, but the circles are visible from the air and can be discerned at ground level when you know you are looking for it. I'm informed that it predates Stonehenge. On my walk early morning (6am) walk on that Sunday I opted for the henge and on my way I spotted a Kestral sitting on an overhead cable.  

When I got there, two horses were in the corner of the meadow. I sat in the centre of the henge to meditate and to connect with nature.  I was then joined in the circle by the white horse (ironic as the meadow is bordered by White Horse Lane), it seemed quite bold and friendly so I allowed it to come up to me. I spoke calmly to it and stroked its head. As soon as the second horse - mostly a chestnut with some white parts - approached the first horse turned to warn it off.  I stood up at that point and had both horses looking at me hoving the ground with their front right hooves.  I figured that they were wanting me to feed them.  I gathered my stuff and wandered away to another, quite distant part of the meadow.

In sharing the above with a psychotherapist neighbour she said horses can pick up on aspects of our psyche and that the two horses were role-playing for my benefit a display of what’s occuring internally within me. She was thinking that because this happened within the ancient henge that it is significant. I did get to have an hour sat in nature in my new spot and the horses didn’t come again.

Whilst watching the river, I felt a need to sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot.  Just as I was finishing my rendition a Kingfisher flew up and perched on the opposite bank about 20m or so down stream from me. With my 10x binoculars I was able to get a good view of him. As he'd flown in whilst I was singing I felt that I'd better sing it again.  Upon the completion of my second rendition, he flew off back down stream. Later, a Kingfisher flew back up the river and  I had a third sighting of kingfisher as I crossed a bridge on my way home. I also found a magpie feather on the riverside meadow path. 

It all seemed rather an exciting and eventful trip.  One to be remembered.  I have looked up Kestral = insight, Horse = Drive, Kingfisher = focus and Magpie = Boldness. I wondered if there was any further insight into the behaviour of the horses, particularly as it was in the henge or the kingfisher appearing and hanging about whilst I was singing. Rob.

9. 1:06:07:  Jason has spoken before about following Wicca before being drawn to Shamanism. I am wondering if he would be willing to expand on what aspects of Wicca he found meaningful and helpful, and which lead him to realise it wasn't his long term path?  Beverley.


  • Spiritual Protection mini course. Click here to access. 


10. 1:11:57 - A question for all ... bit of group participation ... what book are you reading "currently" or is the nearest book to where you are sat currently? Rob.


11. 1:16:06 - I was told that the needs to be some caution when journeying to  insects. I would like to have your perspective. Mark.


12. 1:17:49 - Since hearing the explanation of the Fae before the fae journey, and the mention of how sometimes they may even appear as 'human sized' I keep thinking about an encounter I had in 2018. Not so much whether this being was Fae specifically, but there was something otherworldly going on and the Fae discussion has reignited my curiosity.  I was visiting the Sanctuary circle near Avebury. At face value with bad timing, as a council worker was there loudly strimming the grass! As I parked up I saw someone else arriving ahead of me, walking away from their motorbike, sitting themselves down in the circle and started playing a wooden flute. I hovered around the edge of the circle for quite a short while. The strimmer stopped, and the individual stopped playing their flute then approached me, and the vibe was almost that they had been expecting me and we were meeting again, although I had never seen them before They were dressed in quite nondescript biker clothing but their looks were so striking - toweringly tall, totally androgynous, long straight pale almost white hair (but not old), with almost elfin features. We chatted and they imparted all manner of new knowledge to me about stone circles, healing sound energies, all sorts of esoteric things - it felt like a huge 'download' and I took time to write it all down afterwards. Closing the conversation, they said they were straight off back to London, having come straight to the circle from there - nearly a 200 mile round trip to spend just a few minutes inside the circle and many more talking with me. With that, they wandered back to their bike and took off. The whole encounter felt so destined and uncanny. 

Have you had strange meetings like this? Are there any beings that might pop in from another realm to show up in this way? Belinda.


13. 1:20:43 - Can you give me any advice working with a Robin - I met one in real life last week.  I was sat on bench and he just hung around and came back so many times.  This week I did my first journey and when I got down into the tree I met a Snake called Majesty, a white butterfly and a robin (which I later read was friendship). Beverley.


14. 1:23:55 - As I am new to journeying on the drum I find myself struggling to let my mind go as I tend to focus on the beat of the drum and then when I feel like I am beginning to drift off the drumming comes to an end. Should I maybe try a longer track to help with this? Allison 

15. 1:25:10 - When journeying I sometimes struggle to know if my mind is truly wandering or if I am thinking about things i want to happen.........for example, when I did the Lammas Journey track and became the Eagle looking over the horizon......I saw countryside and mountains and living in nature, which is what and where I really want to be in my future so I wasn't convinced it was truly what is in store for me or just wishful thinking. Any advice would be great. Allison.  


  • Mystery School Shamanic Journeying Trouble-shooting Guide. Click here to access.


16. 1:27:57 - Following the last Coaching Call where we talked about the Underworld – later I did Jason's Underworld journey  – it was a beautiful experience. One thing I "received" was "Lost Children". 

When I was nine I lost my father, and I have missed him my whole lifetime, I'm 62 as you know.  I did get confirmation from the "other side" many years ago during a meditation that my dad "had never left me" , two tears of joy rolled down my cheeks – I was so happy to hear that.  I feel him and have had confirmation more than once being around me, my mum too. During the journey, I saw my inner child, playing on the beach and saw that she was happy there.  I know that I escape "to fantasy", whenever things are tough and I can't face this "mundane reality" .  I can honestly say that I have never been truly happy or felt safe – until our retreat up at the Summer Swallows.  I have never felt like I fitted in or belonged anywhere – bit of a traveller really.

Many years ago in "fantasy reality" – again during tough times – the elves made me a chain mail vest, very light, but very strong and protective; I know I have a real connection.  My dream is to be a fantasy artist, I've tried to draw and paint them for years ... I thanked the Elf King and Queen whilst in the journey for keeping my inner child safe and happy all these years  – as I left I knew where my inner child was and that she was happy.  My question is should I have done that or brought her back with me – I was unsure – what do you think?   I thought I knew she was happy there and I could journey any time I wanted – and I know given a choice I would spend hours? days?  there too – I really took Jason's message not to eat anything seriously. Paulina.


Transcript of the chat

19:00:22 From Gaynor : Evening all from Kent
19:00:22 From Beverley Thornton : Works!
19:00:23 From Gemma Bevan : yes
19:00:24 From Paulina : All good
19:00:25 From KarenC : Hello!
19:00:27 From Mark : waves for Cornwall
19:00:28 From Tina Burchill : That makes sense
19:00:29 From fae : Evening Everyone xx
19:00:29 From Jude : Hurrah! Greetings All xXx
19:00:30 From Brie : Evening all ❤️
19:00:30 From Beverley Luke : Hello!
19:00:31 From Ursidia : Good evening from Glastonbury in the sun!
19:00:34 From lin brain : yep...hi from cotswolds
19:00:36 From Red : Hello from Portsmouth
19:00:38 From Allison Evans : hello from Widnes 👋
19:00:43 From Anne Jepson : Hi Anne here in Surrey xxx
19:00:48 From Gemma Bevan : Good evening from Norfolk
19:00:48 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone it’s Jenny from Reading x
19:00:49 From kathycar : Done it, hi from Kathy in Petersfield
19:00:56 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Hello from sunny cheshire
19:00:57 From Kayleigh : Sunny in Plymouth too
19:01:01 From alysonpowell : Yhey Hello Lovely to be here.
19:01:05 From kate : Hello from Chesterfield. Sunny here too x
19:01:06 From Heidi Cooper : Evening friends from Royston, Herts 💚
19:01:08 From Angela Birchall : Hello from Angela in Southport . Great to actually be here at the start. 😁
19:01:09 From Mandy : Hi Mandy from Weymouth
19:01:12 From Jayne : Hello from sunny Stoke-on-Trent
19:01:17 From O&W : sorry, I don't have my picture so i'll go out and try again. im o and w but actually floe
19:01:18 From Karen Carter : Hi all Karen Carter from Torquay
19:01:19 From Alison Gaffney : Hello from a muggy London 🥰
19:01:21 From Annie : Hi from Annie from a somewhat overcast Norfolk
19:01:22 From Deborah Wale : I'm doing my ironing and listening to you.
19:01:38 From Tina Burchill : Sunny here on Dartmoor but a little windy!
19:01:42 From Annkat : hello from sunny Sheffield 🌞
19:01:55 From sue : Hi from Sue and Anne in Morecambe
19:01:58 From AnnyTurner : Hello everyone ! Going to have to get my tea and eat it on my lap!
19:02:07 From Jennifer Pittam : Jennifer - from sultry Barnet
19:02:09 From Eileen : Beautiful Borders.
19:02:10 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Greetings all, bright and breezy here in County Durham 🙂
19:02:33 From Mark : Lots here
19:02:38 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Evening all. K cat is pestering me for my Yoghurt. 🙂
19:02:43 From Gina To All Panelists : Hi. Gina from Lincolnshire.
19:02:55 From lesley gerrard : Hello. Lesley from Scotland
19:02:58 From AnnyTurner : Sorry can't do the tea on y lap back in 5!
19:03:08 From Karen : Evening all
19:03:17 From Miranda : Greetings
19:03:19 From O&W : should I be able to see people? currently can only see Jason and Nicola?
19:03:43 From O&W : glad its not my tech!
19:03:52 From Rachel : H everyone from lovely evening in Bristol from me and the two dogs x
19:04:00 From Eileen : Blessings and Gratitude. Two Wonderful Humans can be seen ☯
19:04:13 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Thinking that this is about my 12th Month. You did a series of 4 about a year ago?
19:04:19 From Mark : aww cant show of my new hair cut ,,, lol
19:04:44 From Mark : woooo
19:04:52 From Geoffrey Hulme : Hello from Geoff in Rhos on Sea.
19:05:15 From Gaynor : Looking very smart Jason
19:06:58 From Mark : listen to 40hz as this is a gamma wave which would help
19:07:46 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Johan Harri?
19:08:06 From Kayleigh : I am ADHD and Autistic. It depends on the child, but just listening to them. Understanding that the way they are wired may mean quieter environment. So communication is the key
19:08:19 From O&W : chris Packham has done a nice tele programme about his own experiences, particularly how he used nature and animal to help himself
19:08:21 From Kayleigh : remind them you are a safe place
19:08:53 From Kayleigh : I found meditation is also really great tool to make me feel centred.
19:09:18 From Mark : << Gamma wave
19:09:44 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : I'm pretty sure that I'm mildly asberger. My brother dyslexic.Both deemed on the spectrum. Magnesium, good micro-nutriants, sleep, exercise - good nurturing nourishment.
19:11:15 From Miranda : That is very interesting because schizoprenia is also less of a problem in families; which dont judge and who do not put pressure on manners and conforming or criticise family members.
19:12:59 From Gemma Bevan : Spending time with animals can really help.
19:13:13 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : nice point Miranda. Thank you. My father was bi-polar and had a very strict upbringing. He and my mum were teachers and also pretty strict
19:13:44 From Lynn : Sensory toys are often helpful
19:13:50 From Alison Gaffney : I wonder also from a spiritual perspective that this is a challenge that he needs to learn from and as a grandparent the same - some of the suggestions this evening are wonderful to explore. Many children have this experience
19:13:56 From O&W :
19:13:59 From Sadie Simmonds To All Panelists : There are some great videos for people on the spectrum on YouTube by a producer called RainRider. I go there a lot and you don’t have to be on the spectrum. Well worth a look and it’s completely free. Rain noises, magical, day or night cgi. I love it.
19:13:59 From Beverley Thornton : There's a great Fb group Autism Inclusivity which can be quite challenging but has been a great help in giving insight and reframing how I see the behaviours of a young family member who is Neuro Diverse
19:15:10 From Ursidia : I’ve worked a lt with autistic children - and they respond very well to rules and knowing exactly what they are to do and when - I worked with very extreme cases and it worked with them.
19:15:15 From Miranda : It may really be that mainstream education is not the right path for many children who will actually be able to lead the way in adapting to the new world which is emerging.
19:15:28 From lin brain : Horse Boy...also a dvd...brilliant!
19:15:58 From Deb : My son is on the spectrum and a soul reader once told me he had been a Buddhist in a past life which fits with his traits- also that it was part of my growth in supporting him 😊
19:16:07 From Eileen : They are Indigo Children
19:16:22 From lesley gerrard : I'm a medical secretary in mental health One of the nurses, very spiritual, talks about how people with autism are on a different/higher frequency which we need to match to communicate. Silence too - they love and need silence.
19:16:31 From Mark : yes indigo
19:17:29 From Karen Carter : Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and the raindrops video sounds lovely Jason , and thank you Nicola for your journey advice. I got him a sqishy ball covered in rubbery tenticles hoping he'd like it, he absolutely loves it and couldn't put it down. I'm amazed at how much help has come forward so thank you all so much xxx
19:17:34 From Alison Gaffney : PS it can be seen as a gift❤️
19:17:48 From Mark : and usually very gifted in other fields
19:18:09 From maureen : Lesley that makes so much sense what the nurse said
19:19:13 From AnnyTurner : 🦟Sorry I'm a swatter
19:19:17 From lesley gerrard : Thank you Maureen. She is very refreshing to listen to.
19:19:24 From Miranda : Fleas are a serious problem which can kill young animals like kittens. Action is necessary.
19:20:00 From maureen : I can imagine she would be Lesley
19:20:15 From Allison Evans : the yin and the yang of the countryside 🙃
19:20:58 From fae : You can buy tick removers from a pet shop or the vets. This doesn’t kill the ticks it just makes them remove their heads.
19:21:04 From Mark : And ofc Limes
19:21:51 From angelabirchall To All Panelists : I remember going to a Spiritualist seminar where there were so many wasps and one woman was terrified of them and she was seen beating one of them to death shouting “There is no death, there is no death!!” We were in hysterics
19:22:37 From lesley gerrard : Indeed. There's definitely a benefit to doing journeys as a group.
19:24:46 From AnnyTurner : OH that makes soooo much sense!
19:24:47 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : I've felt that I've been a different version of me to the body I'm in currently when I've journeyed.
19:25:15 From lesley gerrard : I love that Anna. You're an avatar!
19:25:35 From AnnyTurner : Sometimes I feel I am even dressed like that lady when I am out in nature
19:26:12 From lesley gerrard : Sorry Anny (not anna).
19:28:04 From AnnyTurner : It is! I am seeing a person I met there in this realm. It's lovely
19:28:23 From AnnyTurner : No I feel cared for and held
19:28:57 From Sandy Holt : It's interesting you say that about holes and trunks and portals, my last two walks in the woods I’ve notice them more too and really felt a connection and drawn to them. Even when walking alone I just don't feel alone. x
19:29:45 From AnnyTurner : Can you put this in the chat please? I didn't note it
19:30:00 From lesley gerrard : Yes, I got that too from journey to the fae. "Pay attention to the crevices in trees"
19:30:32 From AnnyTurner : Thank you!
19:30:44 From Chris : Book recommendation. Rewilding Childhood by Mike Fairclough about raising children who are adventurous, Imaginative and Free. Also very good for Adults too. Lots of interesting re-wilding exercises to do out in nature.
19:30:56 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Anny - I think it was in the chat from the Fae underworld circle.
19:31:07 From KarenC : It sounds like journeying to the fae might be a more advanced sort of journeying? Would you agree with that?
19:31:32 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Yes Karen
19:31:32 From AnnyTurner : Yes I remember it being mentioned on the underworld session, I can go back and look at that list
19:32:44 From KarenC : I ask because I am fairly new, so while I am interested, I do want to be aware of my limitations without much journeying experience
19:33:00 From KarenC : Thanks Jason, so noted about the threads!
19:33:47 From KarenC : Thank you both 🙂
19:33:56 From AnnyTurner : THat;s interesting about the cords because sometines I do feel I have to 'clear my aura' and send things back to be cleared and transformed into good
19:34:41 From Sandy Holt : Once I was walking in the woods and a wee something stepped on the back of my shoes and the sole came off. As i turned round I saw a small shadow run off. My friend didn't see anything but when I told her that I’d felt a foot on me she said she wasn't surprised as she felt we weren't alone while we we walking too. A wee trickster at large! We also got lost in those woods and ended up in a completely different place despite following the walk signs! definitely something was going on there. Haven't been back since but am going it will be interesting to see what happens then.
19:34:43 From AnnyTurner : that is sooo real, that underworld journey
19:34:59 From Mark : also Dragons I dropped into the Earth to
19:35:16 From AnnyTurner : OOOh sandy! Yes let us know!
19:35:29 From Sandy Holt : Anny will do!
19:36:13 From Miranda : yes... being pixie led.
19:36:21 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Good luck Sandy … Have fun. 😉
19:36:58 From Sandy Holt : Thanks Rob 🙂
19:40:01 From AnnyTurner : Yes!
19:40:04 From Beverley Thornton : Yes please!
19:40:08 From Allison Evans : yes for sure
19:40:10 From Kayleigh : yes please 😀
19:40:11 From KarenC : Yes!
19:40:14 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Saves on travel -
19:40:15 From Joss To All Panelists : Yes please 😊
19:40:15 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Yes please!
19:40:16 From Karen Carter : yes yes yes please
19:40:16 From fae : Definitely
19:40:19 From O&W : yes please
19:40:20 From Kathy : Yes pls to virtual retreats
19:40:20 From Miranda : Definitely up for a Virtual Workshop.
19:40:22 From Sarah Fillingham : Yes please!
19:40:23 From Paulina : Yes, they're good - I loved the Bear Cave
19:40:23 From Gemma Bevan : Yes please 🙂
19:40:27 From Annkat : yes please would appreciate that.
19:40:28 From Rachel : yes please x
19:40:33 From Anne Jepson : yes please x
19:40:39 From lilianrodrigues To All Panelists : Virtual retreats sound interesting.
19:40:44 From Annie : Yes please. Loved the one I did
19:40:49 From Alison Gaffney : Yes please - when the time is right🙏🥰
19:40:53 From Sandy Holt : Yes please would love a virtual retreat.. I can't get to real ones either at the moment…when you've got the energy back… xxx
19:41:00 From Geoffrey Hulme To All Panelists : Yes please.
19:41:03 From AnnyTurner : You must attend to yourselves first, of course 🥰
19:41:07 From Ursidia : That was my question - I forgot to write Ursidia on question!
19:41:13 From Mark : yes winter would be good
19:41:18 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : The physical ones are good. Virtual is more accessible.
19:41:31 From Annie : Sounds good, winter is good
19:41:48 From Gaynor : Ooh yes, when you can fit it in I'll be there!
19:41:48 From Annkat : busy busy but look after yourselves too.
19:41:49 From Lynn : That would be lovely 💜
19:41:54 From Heidi Cooper : That would be lovely 💚
19:41:57 From Gemma Bevan : Have a good rest 1st xx
19:42:56 From maureen : A winter one would be good when you can manage one
19:43:00 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Do look after yourselves …. so that you can look after us. 🙂
19:43:07 From Annkat : So glad you're getting help Jason. I keep asking but it's not happening xxx
19:43:37 From lesley gerrard : Great advise Rob
19:44:10 From Mark : yes im trying to get respite to but with the carers situ it seems to be hard
19:44:40 From Annkat : thankyou Jason. xxxx
19:47:28 From Paulina : It takes a long time, many emotions to experience, but healing is possible. Keep sending peace, love and healing down the "maternal" ancestral lines.
19:48:44 From Paulina : Give offerings to the Divine Feminine - flowers by water, the emotions.
19:48:55 From lin brain : totally agree with you Nicola...a shamanic practitioner is whats needed.x
19:50:29 From Gemma Bevan : It might be worth trying to do some yoga and chakra work to help release any blockages. I have to do a lot of work with anahata chakra as I know there's a lot of trauma there from my ancestors.
19:51:10 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Which chakra is anahata? Heart chakra?
19:51:19 From Gemma Bevan : yes
19:51:39 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : 🙂 what a guess. 🙂
19:51:54 From Gemma Bevan : 🙂
19:52:55 From Gemma Bevan : Completely agree. Trying to shift that energy is so key.
19:53:12 From lesley gerrard : Yes, I have recent a ancestral trauma (mother) and a shamanic practitioner helped me enormously.
19:53:47 From Jude : Thank you so much Nicola and everyone xXx
19:54:19 From Paulina : Absolutely Nicola, it is a lifetime's work.
19:54:41 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : They took generations to form … they'll take.... to heal?
19:55:02 From Miranda : oh how exciting about Nicola's Book!
19:55:04 From Jude : Brilliant thank you xXx
19:55:56 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Equinox is 23rd September this year..
19:56:50 From Eileen : My friend has worked with' The Emotion Code' She has cleared so much for me over the past 18 months. She douses, clears and heals. This does not take away from the Wonderful Work you do to Support us on Our Clearer Paths.
19:57:04 From Miranda : The baby Parakeets have come out of their nest for the first time this year! Celebrations squeals here.
20:00:23 From lesley gerrard : I have Nicola's Oghams too - love them. Especially as that one random purchase led to this tribe.
20:00:53 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : The symbols are in sets
20:01:35 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : To the left, to the right, straight through, through on an angle
20:02:10 From Annie : Thanks Nicola, I'll give it try. I couldn't see any pattern as such
20:02:30 From AnnyTurner : I'm sorry but I just have to say this, I can see a rainbow over Jason and Nicola...the arc over your heads and the ends of it into each of you
20:02:38 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Is it when they flower in the year?
20:02:53 From Annie : Wiil do
20:03:17 From Beverley Thornton : Each other's Pot Of Gold
20:06:54 From Annie : Sounds an amazing experience Rob, got to have a meaning
20:07:21 From Sandy Holt : Wow, what an experience! wonderful!x
20:08:52 From kate : When horses paw the ground in this world it’s a demand for information. They want to know something.
20:09:19 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : I have possibly been procrastinating over an application to a counselling course. I have now submitted the application
20:09:31 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Putting your best hoof forward!
20:09:40 From lesley gerrard : Yes, while out horse riding, the horse when stopped, will paw the ground when it wants to get going.
20:10:03 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Thank you. 🙂
20:10:51 From Sandy Holt : Also if you are doing a course as horses do that as a sign they want freedom maybe the course will give you a kind of freedom in itself?
20:17:24 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you, Jason. Very interesting and helpful X
20:18:02 From Miranda : Jo Malone My Story
20:18:05 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Be more human by Tony Riddle for me.
20:18:17 From Kayleigh : Dreamweaver by Elen Sentier
20:18:19 From kate : The Sun and the Serpent
20:18:29 From Sarah Fillingham To All Panelists : Crow Country by Mark Cocker
20:18:44 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Yoga through the Year by Jilly Shipway, and the Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware
20:18:46 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Happy Mind, Happy Life - Dr Rangan Chatterjee
20:18:49 From KarenC : The Accidental Shaman by Howard Charing
20:18:54 From Gemma Bevan : Just read Common Ground by Rob Cowen. Good book on nature connection. Currently reading 'Crystal Goddessess 888 by Alana Fairchild.
20:18:55 From Miranda : Claire Petulengro Health Signs
20:18:55 From AnnyTurner : Waterlog by Roger Deakin
20:18:56 From lin brain : Animal speak is sitting by the pc
20:18:59 From Beverley Thornton : My eyesight is dodgy atm so I am listening more to Podcasts and Audible. Real Life Ghost Stories and Different are current favourites.
20:19:00 From Anne Jepson : Im reading the Sun and the Serpent too!
20:19:11 From Rachel : Runemarks Joanna Harris
20:19:12 From O&W : sjaron blackie if women rose rooted
20:19:16 From Allison Evans : I submitted a couple of questions but I don't think they have been answered?
20:19:17 From Annkat : I have a map, folklore & superstitions
20:19:25 From Mark : Shamanic path work book by Leo Rutherford
20:19:47 From Gemma Bevan : Can these books go on the notes please?
20:20:01 From Deb : Jason , you are a man of many talents and experiences and much knowledge Thank you for sharing
20:20:07 From Tina Burchill To Allison Evans and All Panelists : Hi Allison, I didn't receive them. Would you send again for the next coaching call?
20:20:24 From Kathy : Midsomer Murder by Clifford Whitting - nothing to do with our group but a local book relating to a murder in my hometown of Petersfield but called Paulsfield
20:20:36 From Tina Burchill : didn't receive them sorry
20:20:41 From Pamela Breeze : mending the past and healing the future with soul retrieval..Alberto Villoldo. working withLaika tribe .
20:21:04 From Allison Evans : it's ok not to worry
20:21:20 From Alison Gaffney : Just finishing Power vs Force Dr David Hawkins and recent buy at a charity shop The Hidden Life of Trees
20:21:25 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : We could do them first next time?
20:21:36 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom by Carl McColman, and as a lighter bit of fiction Beltane by Alys West
20:21:51 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : The Hidden Life of Trees is wonderful Alison. 🙂
20:22:00 From AnnyTurner : If anyone would like a copy of Belonging by Toko-Pa Turner? I just can't seem to get into it
20:22:39 From Mark : Thank you It was a previos teacher I had
20:22:43 From Kathy : I met Dragonfly - emergence today so will be journeying tmz
20:23:09 From lesley gerrard : Maybe not the fly you swatted.
20:25:05 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Oh wow!
20:26:28 From Annie : The Way of the Mystic Wizard - Matthew Baker. Waiting for it to be delivered. It was mentioned in a magazine after I'd asked to be how to get back on my spiritual path. It's an account of his experience of shamanism and Buddhism of which I've been curious
20:26:49 From Mark : The Stone Circle at the nodes are grt to do conscious work as its easier to reach the zero point
20:28:02 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : That's amazing to know, thank you. Makes me realise how stuck I had been in my own traditional expectations of how Fae would appear. To have that experience affirmed has readjusted my world view altogether. Thank you so much Jason✨
20:28:41 From Beverley Luke : thank you
20:29:00 From Allison Evans : thank you 😊
20:29:18 From Sandy Holt : I'm so sorry I need to leave the group now. Will catch up with what i missed on replay. Thanks you so much Nicola and Jason for an interesting evening and the group for lovely questions. xxx
20:29:43 From AnnyTurner : Take care Sandy and let us know about tomorrow!
20:29:55 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : There was a huge solar storm yesterday Nicola, computers and internet communications are likely to be glitchy for a few days
20:30:02 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Thanks for great questions this evening everyone- and thank you Nicola and Jason for sharing so much as ever- been cooking and listening, but heading to eat now- thanks and goodnight all xxxx
20:32:30 From Allison Evans : ok great thank you I'll look at that and will try longer tracks 🙂
20:34:40 From Ursidia : I have to go , but wonderful lessons tonight. Have a peaceful night, everyone!
20:37:12 From Rob with Kalmar the cat : Internal Family Systems (IFS)?
20:38:08 From Paulina : Thank you Jason, I felt that I should have left her there and it is OK to play with the fairies as an adult. Thank you Nicola - that's great advice. Thank you both - brilliant!
20:39:39 From Paulina : Thank you - that's great
20:42:24 From lesley gerrard : Paulina. A memory just popped into my head. My great aunt used to sing me a song when things were difficult at home It was `I'm nobody's child. Just like the flowers, I'm growing wild' Not sure why I'm writing this but seemed relevant
20:42:58 From Paulina : Thank you both very much.
20:43:21 From lesley gerrard : Crying now. Bless you paulina
20:44:24 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you so much for this evening’s session - Jason and Nicola, for all the questions and everyone for sending thoughts and energy 🥰🙏❤️
20:44:25 From Mark : Thank you all ,, Love and Light 👋
20:44:28 From AnnyTurner : It's amazing Thank You both, Thank You All. Sending Love 🥰
20:44:29 From alysonpowell : Thank you Jason, Nicola and everyone. A great evening.🌻
20:44:30 From Paulina : Lesley - thank you that is soooooo relevant
20:44:31 From Anne Jepson : thank you, lovely to see and hear you both again, go well xxx
20:44:31 From Eileen : You both Work soooooo. hard. Gratitude and Blessings Both
20:44:32 From Beverley Thornton : Smashing evening!
20:44:33 From fae : Thank you everyone, Jason, Nicola & Tina xx
20:44:34 From Beverley Thornton : TY X
20:44:34 From Tina Burchill : Night all
20:44:37 From Jude : Beautiful evening … so wonderful! Thank you Everyone xXx many blessings for All xXx
20:44:37 From Beverley Luke : thank you
20:44:39 From O&W : thank you
20:44:39 From Jayne : Thank you for another wonderful evening xx
20:44:40 From KarenC : Thank you!
20:44:42 From Gemma Bevan : Thank you Jason and Nicola
20:44:43 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Thank you all, see you next time💛🌳☺️
20:44:44 From Lynn : Thank you x
20:44:45 From Kathy : Thank you good evening
20:44:45 From Annie : Thank you so much
20:44:46 From Heidi Cooper : Thanks x
20:44:47 From Miranda : Nite nite. x
20:44:47 From Allison Evans : Good night
20:44:48 From maureen : Thank you xx
20:44:49 From Paulina : Thank you everyone - great evening.
20:44:49 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you 🙂
20:44:49 From Karen : Thanks all
20:44:50 From lilianrodrigues To All Panelists : Thank you Nicola and Jason have