Here's the recording of our January 2022 coaching call. The transcript of the chat is below. The questions and timings were:

1. (19.06) I absolutely love the journeys and the insights they bring and was able to visualise the 'other' worlds from day one on most occasions. However I feel I'm being held back from following this path completely because of the ceremony part. I have no religious beliefs of any kind and even though I've always felt myself drawn towards a Pagan path, I have no interest in 'Gods' as such. I feel a strong connection with nature and the natural power of it. The way nature is unsentimental and all powerful is a comfort to me. I feel uncomfortable saying words at a ceremony as I believe I'm talking to myself, the natural order of the world has no need of ceremony, the animals just get on with life and its mystery without question. They naturally fit. I don't judge anyone for using ceremony at all but my inability to embrace it concerns me.

On a slightly different point, the Upper World, each time I visit it is completely barren, dusty and lifeless. Even my companion Raven once confessed that he found it disappointing! Whereas the Lower World and Middle World are teeming with life, colour and beauty. Do other people find this at all? Rod.


  • Cave to Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality – Michael Harner 
  • The Sacred and the Profane – Mircea Eliade FREE PDF. Click here to access. 
  • Mystery School ceremony course. Click here to access.
  • Podcast The Meaning of  Ritual – Madeline Bunting BBC Sounds (5 episodes). Click here to access.
  • The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by David Graeber 

2. (19.22) Last year I started the Tree Spirit Medicine course and working with Birch was fine as I have one on my land.  But I wasn't able to locate a Rowan and I know there will be others I may struggle to find. So how can I complete each section if I can't have any physical contact with the tree? Any suggestions gratefully received. Gaynor

3. (19.29) I wanted to thank you for sending out that last email with the section in about finding time for your spiritual development. I've started doing the mini-course and it's just like Nicola has looked inside my head! Our stories about the "work, work, work till you drop work ethic" are so similar, and I know that I suffer from lack of self-worth and need praise from others to confirm that I can do something. Like Nicola, I escaped from the corporate rat-race, but I'm still struggling to get a firm foothold on my new path and it seems like I still work my socks off but to little or no avail which just continues to feed my lack of self-worth! Angela


4. (19.41) I had Covid in November and still have some minor problems after it. I am asking this question as the same thing happened to me when I was ill, and as I was unwell this last week it has happened again. Thing is, I've been on a couple of lower world journeys over the past week again after waking up in the middle of the night. It's the same every time - I awake from sleep, but that 'journeying' part of my head seems to be able to hear the drumbeat, and my Power Animal  is gently coaxing me to follow. I am walking to my Axis Mundi but seem to be there more quickly, and Bear is standing there waiting for me.  We go down to the Lower world and through the door, and then (various journeys) but always so full of gentleness and love, and one time when I felt really poorly last week Bear even wanted to carry me to the Lower World so I let her.

5. (19.44) When I return from the lower world, I enter the room before I make my way up the stairs back up to my Axis Mundi. In that room there is a rocking chair next to a fire, it has always been a still rocking chair but the last two times it has been rocking as if someone has just got off it. This isn't in a creepy way but I do get the sense that someone was there before I returned. This has only happened twice and this has only happened when I have been going into the lower world to connect with my Power Animal (buzzard). 

6. (19.48) Please could you discuss the middle world, what to expect there and why I should go there. Diane


  • Journey Circle replay: A Middleworld Journey to the Elements. Click here to access.
  • The Spiritual Protection Course: Lesson 2 - The Power Stack. Click here to access.
  • Foundation in Shamanic Journeying. Module 4, Lesson 1. Click here to access.

7. (19.52) I want to ask about letting go of the past and moving forwards. It is great to be part of your school. I  find that it is helping me balance my life and my Spiritual Practice. I have been finding it hard to prioritize leaving behind past addictions which I left behind 13 years ago because of a dysfunctional  relationship with a man who continually leaves me once I have helped him get back on his own two feet, only for him to come back into my life once his addictions have left him unable to do his creative work again. I feel sure that I will be able to move forward but I would appreciate any advice about any Spirit Animals or Journeys that might help me move forward alone.  Just when I think I am independent and moving forward on my path; he seems to fall back into my orbit; and despite being prepared... I fall down the same hole. I don't know if I need to just help him next time; without being drawn back into the relationship; or whether maybe I need to harden my heart and accept I am incapable of helping him. Miranda


  • The Spiritual Protection Course: Lesson 2 - The Soul Exchange. Click here to access.

8. (20.05) (I have a little wondering rather than a question. Sometimes I feel hugely plugged in to the earth, the sky, nature in general and other times much less so. Although I am always aware of, and grateful for, her beauty and colours and general amazingness, I don't always feel the deep, spiritual intuitive connection. That comes and goes. It seems to be more intense for me in the Spring and Autumn and generally less so in the winter and summer. I wonder if you could discuss this tonight and do you have any idea as to why this might be? Janet.

  • Journey circle replay: The Empty Bowl. Click here to access.

9. (20.12) My aunt died last week and I wondered if you know any ceremonies/practices our ancestors used. (I will be late to the call so could you put it towards the end.) Lesley

  • Willow lesson in our Working with Tree Spirit Medicine Foundation course. Click here to access.
  • Creating Ceremonies mini-course. Click here to access.
  • Creating Ceremony by Glennie Kindred and Lu Garner.

10. (20.20) Thank you for mentioning offering a libation it reminds me of something I’m curious about. I’m reading Braiding Sweetgrass and Robin often mentions offering “a little tobacco” - what would be a more Celtic offering? Rachel

11. (20.26) Will you be doing in person drumming circles again? Paula

12. (20.27) why is the black wolf considered bad and the white wolf considered good? Lynn

13. (20.28) I love these sessions and spending time with nature, noticing synchronicity, journeying - but I tend to spend time on this when we have scheduled  sessions. How can I build this into every day practice so that I can achieve a good work/life/spiritual balance every day. Sandra

  • Finding Time for a Spiritual Practice mini-course. Click here to access.
  • War of Art by Stephen Prescott
  • Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention by Johann Hari
  • Mind Management not Time Management: Productivity When Creativity Matters by David Kadavy

14. (20.39) Regarding Miranda’s question- why then does my late divorced husband keep cropping up in my dreams? Anon

Transcript of the chat

19:00:33 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : I'm here 🙂
19:01:26 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : It says start webinar at top!
19:01:39 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : yes
19:02:18 From Tina Burchill : Yeah, the power!
19:02:28 From Katie Joanne : Good evening xx
19:02:34 From Steve W : Good evening everyone greetings and Happy New Year from North Yorkshire.
19:02:39 From Annkat : hi from Sheffield
19:02:45 From Lesley : Hello from Devon
19:02:50 From Katie Joanne : Happy New Year from Irwell Valley Lancs xx
19:02:51 From Rachel Hawkes : Evening from kent
19:02:51 From Rob : Hail and welcome. 😉 Rob from Trowse, Norwich.
19:02:52 From paulacaffrey : Hi guys, hello from sunny Liverpool x
19:02:55 From Annie : Hi from Annie in Norfolk
19:02:56 From Pauline O : Hi from Clayton Le Woods
19:02:57 From Sam Ben : Hello everyone, greetings from Nottinghamshire x
19:02:57 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi it’s Jenny from Reading
19:02:58 From Ursidia : Hello there, Ursidia here in Western Cornwall now
19:02:58 From kathycar : Hi everyone, Kathy from Hampshire
19:02:59 From Beverley Thornton : Hullo from Bradford West Yorksire
19:02:59 From Wendy To All Panelists : Hello from Nottingham x
19:03:00 From Rachel : Hi from Bournemouth x
19:03:00 From Katrin Grisby : Hello from Katrin in Lincoln x
19:03:02 From bethdarrall To All Panelists : Hi from Beth in Glos
19:03:02 From Diane's Galaxy Tab A7 : Diane from Chesterfield
19:03:02 From Ann : Hi Ann from Glasgow
19:03:02 From Brighid Black : Hello from Brighid from County Durham.
19:03:02 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham drinking Ovaltine 🙂
19:03:04 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Cumbria
19:03:04 From Alison Gaffney : Hello from Alison in South London
19:03:10 From alysonpowell To All Panelists : Good evening everyone from South Wales.
19:03:13 From Sheridan Intention House To All Panelists : Hi, Sheridan from NW London
19:03:14 From Sarah Illsley To All Panelists : Hi from Bournemouth
19:03:17 From lizannne : Hi from Co Antrim
19:03:18 From jayne powell : Hi from Jayne in Stoke
19:03:19 From Rachael Halliday : Hello from Rachael in Islington, north London
19:03:21 From Mandy : Hi Mandy from Weymouth
19:03:21 From Susan : Good evening x
19:03:24 From heather thomas : Hi Everyone its Heather from Hanbury - happy new year
19:03:24 From Margaret Laycock : Hi from Malvern
19:03:27 From Sandy : hi everyone from Sandy on the Somerset Levels x
19:03:30 From Pam McCrory To All Panelists : Hi! From Northern Ireland
19:03:32 From Sandra To All Panelists : Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne
19:03:32 From Dorothy Robbie : Hi from Dorothy in Tayside
19:03:40 From Chris : Hi Chris from Washington uk
19:03:41 From Gaynor Rogers : Gaynor from Kent
19:03:49 From Jessie Curnow To All Panelists : Hello from Duloe in Cornwall. 😁
19:03:52 From alysonpowell : Hello everyone from South Wales.
19:03:58 From Monica Ross : Good evening from Sandycove, Kinsale, in Southern Ireland.
19:04:01 From Miranda : hello
19:04:02 From Di Davies : Hi from Di in Mid Wales
19:04:34 From Sarah Fillingham : Made it! Hello from York!
19:04:34 From Katie Joanne : We are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde xx
19:04:34 From Tina Burchill : It will go to my head!
19:04:46 From Gill Dunkerley : Hi everyone. Bit late to the party! Glad to be here.
19:04:52 From Mark Hudson : hi guys 🙂
19:04:55 From Sheila P Craig : hi from Altrincham x
19:05:03 From Rob : Good idea. 🙂
19:05:17 From jackie : hi from Cullen north east scotland
19:05:54 From Lynn : Late but glad to be here.
19:06:01 From Linda Holt : Good evening everyone from Littleborough in the murky mist. xx
19:06:21 From Sue Stone : Hi from Sue & Anne in Morecambe
19:06:24 From Rob : Blue will know when the time to appear is right
19:06:28 From Mark Hudson : wonderful day and stars are out
19:08:35 From Mark Hudson : Jason and Nicola hehehe
19:10:55 From Sue Stone : ceremony for me is not just sacred space but alos sacred time
19:11:10 From Rob : Seen the word "ritual" be used as a replacement for the word "routine". It makes it more special and helps to bring focus. Is "ceremony" here being used instead of "ritual" ?
19:11:10 From paulacaffrey : For me I don’t feel that spirit needs us to perform ceremony, but I feel it helps us to shift gear from different consciousness and have an beginning and an end.
19:11:33 From Mark Hudson : Cerimony for me its about Intention and with others create collective power
19:11:57 From Katie Joanne : For I call it 'creating a sacred container' - by setting the scene with an opening and close, it creates a sacred container for work/participation to take place and gives participants a structure and signpost to the circle/gathering. xx
19:12:11 From Katie Joanne : *For ceremony
19:12:48 From Katie Joanne : A friend calls it setting a safe space - like in counselling. xx
19:13:00 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : The idea of creating sacred space with boundaries is maybe a helpful way of understanding it - fits in with Katie’s sacred container
19:13:25 From Tina Burchill : There is a podcast on ritual on BBC Sounds at the moment, by Madeline Bunting, it's about ritual in everyday life
19:13:54 From Rachael Halliday : Interesting Tina. Thank you for mentioning that
19:14:14 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : follow on q from Rachel in q & A
19:14:17 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Maybe your guides on your journeys might have advice specially for you
19:14:20 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks Tina that sounds great!
19:14:38 From Rachael Halliday : Degree ceremony too
19:15:39 From Rob : Yes Rachel. Award presentation "ceremony". 😉
19:16:26 From Mark Hudson : I think all our kids would benefit from doing rite of passage
19:16:35 From Tina Burchill : For the more academic there is a book by Mircea Eliade, a religious historian, called the sacred and the profane. You can it in PDF online for free.
19:17:24 From Mark Hudson : agree
19:20:45 From Tina Burchill : you're welcome.
19:20:55 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : Link to the pdf
19:21:26 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Do you think also the ceremony is about our own preparation and inner space and perception
19:22:50 From Rob : blooming heck. might not sign up to your events
19:23:07 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : #datingcourse!
19:23:28 From Katie Joanne : 😆 @Rob
19:23:39 From Annkat : #Rob ha ha
19:23:59 From Gaynor Rogers : I'm definitely going to get a set from you, as well as a drum
19:24:38 From Mark Hudson : laughing Rob
19:25:01 From Gaynor Rogers : Yes I have many of those close by
19:25:05 From Annkat : @Gaynor me too
19:25:51 From Gaynor Rogers : I have lots of elder on my land
19:26:08 From Ann : I have beautiful Roman trees around where I live, all different sizes. Three in my garden.
19:26:20 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : I’m amazed that we have so many different species in our London streets and parks and the river paths
19:26:29 From Kay : Maybe visit an arboretum to identify trees?
19:26:44 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Good idea
19:26:49 From Ann : That should read Rowan autocorrect.
19:27:01 From Gaynor Rogers : I had wanted to do them in order but I'll do as you say otherwise I'll never get anywhere haha
19:27:41 From Katrin Grisby To All Panelists : Agree Kay an arboretum is a good idea my local arboretum has labels next to them
19:27:58 From Gaynor Rogers : excellent thank you
19:28:02 From angelabirchall : Sorry I’m late but I’ve got here at last . . .😊
19:28:33 From Mark Hudson : welcome
19:28:35 From Gaynor Rogers : Yes I'll be at emerald boughs
19:29:07 From Gaynor Rogers : wonderful, thank you
19:29:29 From Sandy : I was called to stand and hold Hazel tree on my regular walk a couple of weeks ago and received a very clear message from it. it was incredible
19:33:38 From fae : So looking forward to your book Nicola
19:37:28 From Chris : Julia cameron
19:37:30 From Gill Dunkerley : Julia cameron
19:37:30 From Monica Ross : Julia Cameron
19:37:43 From paulacaffrey : I’m on week seven of that now!
19:38:59 From angelabirchall : Thanks so very, very much for all that, there’s loads of things to work through and I really look forward to Nicola’s book and love the idea of the proof folder!!
19:39:49 From angelabirchall : I’ve got a book that’s written but not published.
19:40:23 From angelabirchall : I’d love to.
19:40:30 From fae : Angela press the button and see where it takes you x
19:40:34 From Rachel Hawkes : I had to dig deep to hit the publish button!
19:41:08 From angelabirchall : Many thanks. I’ll be googling them when the call is over.
19:42:42 From heather thomas : would you repeat the names of the publishers please...Lulu and …….
19:43:07 From Gaynor Rogers :
19:43:37 From heather thomas : thank you Gaynor
19:47:51 From Katie Joanne : Rocking chair is a symbol of comfort and safety. xx
19:48:38 From Katie Joanne : It's a symbol connected to offering reassurance that someone is taking care of us and that everything will be all right because of the love they have for us xx
19:52:12 From Sarah Fillingham : We went to the elements!
19:52:15 From Mary : to water I think
19:52:28 From Alison Gaffney : Didn’t we do one to the elements?
19:56:08 From Miranda : that really rings true. Soul exchange sounds
19:56:23 From Miranda : very positive.
19:57:08 From Miranda : Yes the dreams and mentions of dreams makes sense.
19:57:59 From Miranda : please do
19:58:16 From Miranda : Yes soul journey
19:58:20 From Lynn : Please share your views
19:58:28 From Miranda : Thank you
19:58:54 From angelabirchall : Do you have to both be in agreement to do the soul exchange?
19:58:57 From Miranda : its very difficult
19:59:01 From jackie : why should you not make eye contact in cord cutting
19:59:38 From angelabirchall : But they may not think they are trapped or want to be released because they want to keep their hold on you.
20:00:56 From angelabirchall : I wish I’d known about that many years ago.
20:01:00 From Miranda : Thank you both
20:01:41 From Tequeena : boundaries are a good thing 🙂
20:02:02 From Sandra : I’ve said so many times in meetings chaired by an difficult individual at work that each time I feel like my soul has been sucked from my body. This makes so much sense
20:02:10 From Miranda : very valuable
20:04:27 From Miranda : Such helpful wise input
20:04:57 From Miranda : I will look into this properly
20:05:37 From Miranda : Thank you Nicola and Jason
20:06:27 From Annkat : @Miranda always here for you
20:10:09 From Chris : There is a poem called An autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson which is a metaphor for taking stock , falling down, self realisation and moving on.
20:12:28 From Janet : yes that makes sense for me. I do love the sunset and sunrise and the moonlight. I will try the sitting. I like the way Jason says it does ebb and flow naturally. thank you both 💚
20:13:16 From Lesley : Thank you
20:13:58 From Lesley : Thank you I'll look at that
20:14:03 From Tequeena : sorry for your loss Lesley 🤗
20:16:40 From Tequeena : they're beautiful suggestions
20:17:18 From alysonpowell : Glennie Kindred and Lu Garner have a section in their Creating ceremony book. Sending love Lesley.
20:17:25 From Lesley : Thank you I like those ideas, I will put something together.
20:18:12 From Lesley : I asked because I am familiar with the Incan death rites and death despathios so wondered if there was a similar ceremonies/practices in our local tradition.
20:19:24 From Lesley : OK thank you. I really like the idea of doing my own thing.
20:19:38 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : Sacred Oils by Felicity Warner has chapters on “letting go” and “transitions of any kind”
20:20:18 From Lesley : Thanks all x
20:20:21 From Tina Burchill : Sorry not sure. Mircea Eliade (again) has written a series of books - A History of Religious Ideas, lots in there about the old ways in the first one
20:20:24 From alysonpowell : Yes, its a small book.Published by Glennie Kindred.😊
20:22:18 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : Thank you 🙏🏼 great suggestions
20:22:52 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : A song can be gifted when I “don’t have anything” with me
20:23:58 From Lesley : Whisky?
20:24:15 From Rhona Graham : Mugwort is often used instead of tobacco?
20:24:29 From Tina Burchill : Coins are good
20:25:11 From Tina Burchill : A £50 note as well
20:25:29 From Tina Burchill : That hurts
20:25:50 From Ann To All Panelists : I brought tobacco in the USA for offerings and to burn as an offering.
20:25:54 From heather thomas : you could also go to a spot your aunt loved and sit there and ask the earth to give you a prayer to say that would honour your aunt and the elementals and nature spirits etc that gave her so much pleasure in that spot and you could also take her favourite flower to leave as your thanks to the nature there
20:25:55 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : I hate whiskey so if I had it it wouldn’t hurt me to offer it!! Thank you for your suggestions
20:26:13 From Diane's Galaxy Tab A7 : is tea or coffee an offering
20:26:37 From Lesley : Thanks Heather, lovely idea
20:26:45 From Katie Joanne : Silver coins are good; in my ancestry we leave in a remembrance place as paying the passage for the spirit into the otherworld. That and a tot of their favourite tipple. x
20:27:07 From heather thomas : you're welcome Lesley
20:27:17 From Katie Joanne : Symbols of dark and light xx
20:28:04 From Katie Joanne : Two halves of human psyche. Agree with what Jason says (dark and light in both) xx
20:28:19 From Tina Burchill : Something you have hand made yourself is good
20:31:45 From Sandra : Really good to include in a schedule. Thanks
20:32:11 From angelabirchall : It’s a very good course!
20:32:30 From Annie : That is so me! I can get to live sessions but fail dismally to get organised to to other stuff for my self
20:32:43 From Alison Gaffney : That idea makes sense Nicola 🙏🌟thank you
20:34:27 From Alison Gaffney : I have been taking on too much as I become so interested especially in lots of on-line stuff that are fascinating
20:34:50 From Lesley : Lol - so true. I'm sitting here marking tests.
20:34:56 From Sandra : It’s weird that we will work so many unpaid overtime hours! But not focus on us
20:37:10 From heather thomas : excellent information thank you
20:37:21 From GratitudeandGrace To All Panelists : hi all
20:37:22 From Annkat : so true Nicola
20:37:37 From Tequeena : a time inventory can help identify where our time goes and what is just a distraction
20:37:41 From Pauline O : Thank you for your ideas this evening . First time I have joined in these sessions today and I managed a walk today too. Feel like I've turned my priorities around.
20:37:56 From Annie : Thank you Nicola. Being more organised and regulary diarising must be one of my aims!
20:37:59 From Alison Gaffney : I think sometimes we get tired and could have a brain break and do something more physical
20:38:34 From Sandra : Thanks Nicola - you speak so well on the challenges we face x
20:40:05 From Tequeena : my morning coffee mug says "not until I've finished this" 😊
20:40:29 From Mark Hudson : 🙂
20:41:02 From heather thomas : he is tapping into her for her to listen to him. there is something he wants to say
20:42:39 From fae : I had my Nan & Grandpops both come into my dreams early this week, something that hasn’t happened for a long time. I wondered why my Dad wasn’t with them…I wasn’t close to my dad but I adored my grandparents. I realised that the night they came into my dream was my dads anniversary of his passing and i did think of him then
20:43:31 From heather thomas : im a qualified healer and spiritual medium and it s what I do
20:44:32 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : Sleep well everyone
20:44:54 From Sue Stone : thanks again for another interesting and thoughtful evening.
20:44:57 From heather thomas : thank you very much for the evening.
20:44:59 From Annkat : Thankyou and take care 🙂
20:44:59 From Tequeena : Thank you all, much love 💗 go well
20:45:04 From Sandra : Thanks All, it’s been a great evening x
20:45:04 From Tina Burchill : Night everyone x
20:45:06 From Gaynor Rogers : Thank you for another informative evening x
20:45:10 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you 🙂
20:45:11 From angelabirchall : Thanks for all your wonderful wisdom
20:45:13 From Ursidia : Good night everyone! Sleep soundly and awake refreshed!
20:45:13 From Rachel Hawkes : Thanks
20:45:15 From Lesley : Thank you. Sleep sweet everyone.
20:45:18 From Wendy : Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, with some really interesting questions and great discussions xx
20:45:19 From Gill Dunkerley : Thank you . Fab as ever. So grateful
20:45:21 From fae : Night everyone, Jason, Nicola, Blue and Tina xx
20:45:22 From Heidi : Thank you 💚
20:45:22 From Miranda : Goodnight Thank you x
20:45:23 From jayne powell : Thank you good night everyone x
20:45:24 From Katie Joanne : Thank you xx
20:45:27 From Brighid Black : Thank you - very helpful.
20:45:30 From Katie Joanne : Gratitude to you all xx
20:45:33 From Alison Gaffney : It’s been a wonderful evening - thank you Nicola and Jason and everyone for brilliant and relevant questions and ideas🙏🥰
20:45:34 From Tina Burchill : you're welcomex
20:45:46 From Mark Hudson : Thanks good night all grt eve
20:45:48 From Annie : Thank you to you both. Inspirational '
20:45:48 From Sheridan Intention House : 🙏
20:45:48 From jackie : amazing evening again x
20:45:49 From Lynn To All Panelists : Thank you.learnt o much and so much to look into further
20:45:49 From kathycar : Thankyou both & Tina, take care x
20:45:50 From Chris : Thank you for a great evening. Lots more books to read
20:45:51 From Ann : Thank you, very informative
20:45:54 From Alison Gaffney : And to Tina🙏❤️