Here's the recording of our January 2023 coaching call. The transcript of the chat is below the questions and resources. 

1. 06:35 Caroline: Re journeying, is it normal to have good & bad days with taming the mind. Some days my head is at peace others its just a battle with thoughts just popping up.


  • Mystery School: Module 1 of Spiritual Protection Course. Click here to access.


2. 09.16 Gemma: I am considering going on a shamanic drum birthing workshop as I have found one in my locality run by Heron drums which sounds ethical and reasonably priced. I wondered if anyone had heard or done some work with this group but also what to expect from a drum birthing workshop or any pointers as I haven't done one before?

3. 14:02 Jill:

a) I have my fingers crossed that the retreat in the Yorkshire Dales will be happening again this year?

b)  What is your take on using a pendulum to have a question answered?


4. 21.13 Anny: I have mentioned this before and I know it's not perhaps 'usual'  but when I am on a journey I have a pen and piece of paper beside me  and have to write things down as they are happening...I don't look at the paper whilst I'm on the journey so it takes a bit of deciphering afterwards. I can't change words that have been given to me.

My question is about how people hear or experience communication / messages from other realms.

I don't hear spoken words, I just know what has been said, somewhere in my head. And then I have to write the words down as soon as they are spoken.

Also, I've found myself ever more comfortable with and drawn to the Fae since last July's Journey there. There are three beings, a man, a woman and a deer who accompany me.

I can see them vividly but for ease of writing their 'names' in my journeys,  I have to call them Tall Man and Red Dress Lady. In a half awake state the other night, I was thinking about these beings, who I do see about me in certain places, and I was wondering what their names are as I don't know. I did receive guidance from them on this at that time but I knew all day that I would have to journey to them in the Underworld to get the full details.

I had a lovely journey later that day and in part of it, my friends in the Fae realm were glad to tell me their names but they are not names that could be spoken in the language I use here in this realm. It's difficult to describe but I wonder if anyone else has this... The Tall Man's name is the sound of strong breeze though summer leaves,a full, uplifting sound. It's more a feeling and a sound together. The Red Dress Lady has a name that is to do with summer birdsong and an atmosphere of warmer weather, and her name is also a feeling as well as sound and I can't say those names in this language. Has anyone else experienced this?

In my journey, when these beings spoke their names to me I suddenly felt the sound come out of my mouth as they had spoken them, and the sound and feeling of the air coming out of my mouth with the sounds of their names I know I can never replicate in this realm,  and are completely different to any sound I have ever made in this realm we live in. 

I can feel how I said the names but I know I will only be able to say them when I am in the Underworld. I open my mouth sometimes and feel as if that sound and movement of air will come out and make the sounds but I know it won't 

Just out of interest Deer's name sounded like the rustling of bushes of a certain thickness and felt like the earth oh I can't really describe it and when they said my name it  was like the tinkling of water of the tiniest stream and the feeling of being lit with small lights. Strangely I've had small lights in my mind, and around me for days.

Does any of this make any sense, and does anyone ese feel they communicate in a different way when they are speaking with their other-realm beings?


  • Entering the Mind of the Tracker: Native Practices for Developing Intuitive Consciousness and Discovering Hidden Nature by Tamarak Song 
  • Becoming Nature: Learning the Language of Wild Animals and Plants by Tamarak Song


33:42 Mick: I would like to cover creating a ceremony to help me achieve acceptance and closure after the end of my marriage , which was not of my choosing. I want to be released  from the deep sadness, regret and bewilderment this has caused me so that I can move on. I won't be able to attend the call live but will definitely watch the playback.


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  • Indie Shaman Shamanic Practitioner Register. Click here to access. 
  • Mystery School Creating Ceremony mini-course. Click here to access. 
  • Mystery School Tree Spirit Medicine foundation course – Bramble lesson. Click here to access. 


50:06 Amanda: If you are unsure of an animal that comes to you and its message, is it okay to journey again, to seek out the message? Plus, I did the power animal journey and got sent to many animals before I think I met my power animal. I felt a sense of lightness and a feeling I can't describe, but which was positive. I wasn't sure exactly if this was my power animal, because I think I'd briefly fallen asleep. Can I go back, just to ask again, seeing as s/he didn't give a verbal answer? Or do I really know that this is my power animal, because of the positive feelings it gave me?


52:25 Lesley: Is it okay to use the drumming tracks to alter brain waves alone rather than for journeying or will that interfere with the learning to journey experience?  I'm currently suffering from work related stress and signed off.  I tried this recently when feeling particularly wound up and agitated.  It did help to temporarily slow down my mind when I couldn't get out into nature. Also, should I leave attempts to journey alone and just concentrate on calming and meditation for now? 


  • Mystery School Healing Drum Course. Click here to access.
  • Mystery School resource - Earthlight Films. Click here to access. 

58:55 Rebekah: Drum journeys bring some amazing images, but they are rarely anything to do with the question I have or a country or landscape I have any association with. Why might that be?


  • Mystery School Shamanic Journey Course – interpretation module. Click here to access. 


1:03:51 Diane: Following on from reading Nicola’s book I recently had a conversation with my great aunt Dorothy’s son about my interest in looking into my ancestry. I have it earmarked for a project to start in earnest in 2024, but he told me that when my great aunt Dorothy ( who I was very close to as a child and teenager) was 70 he had had some ancestral work done  which he sent me, which traces my maternal grandmothers line back to my great great great grandfather. He also sent me this photo of Elizabeth Alice Holmes, nee Heywood who was my great grandmother ( Dorothy’s mother and my Mum’s grandma). He knew her as a little boy and my Mum would have known her too. As soon as I saw the photo I felt a powerful connection to Elizabeth, as if I drowned in her eyes! I feel that I need to get to know her and that there is something that she wants to share about herself with me. I know where she and my great grandad are buried and my great aunt Dorothy and her sister, my grandma are also buried with them. I would appreciate some advice as how best to contact her  (Elizabeth) shamanically. I haven’t really got an ancestor ally yet and wonder if just approaching her directly in this situation would be appropriate in your opinion and anything else that you feel it may be useful to do or know around this situation. Interestingly while I was thinking about our connection I pulled the ancestor card from my earth Oracle cards pack!  I have also been having quite a few synchronicities and what I call ‘ attention grabbers’ around things that have drawn my attention to my great Aunt Dorothy lately. Hope this all makes sense. 


  • Mystery School Journey circle meeting an ancestor ally. Click here to access. 


1:10:42 Pam: My question concerns the difference between the book Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss which considers that we have reincarnated into various lives here on earth throughout our soul journey, and Nicola’s book which looks at our ancestors. How do we know if the issues we are trying to unpick and heal are as a result of an experience brought through from a previous incarnation or whether the issues have come down to us through our ancestral DNA, as epigenetics? And does it matter?


  • Mystery School Journey circle meeting an ancestor ally. Click here to access. 

1:20:58 Iain: Going on from my clearing ceremony as of my Facebook posts I held my  Clearing Ceremony on the Evening of the Winter Solstice and wow wow wow I felt that this a good start for me on my Journey I followed my Ceremony document that I shared at end of the last Turing of the wheel.

I did burn one document that I no longer needed during my Ceremony as my FB post but as you both said Jason and Nicola I need to just hold ceremony and make the process simple and so I did due time as I returned from a good weekend staying local with my brother. Also I was tired from a busy term at school and the trip as well so I was unable to put as much energy in to my ceremony as I wanted to do or wear full ceremonial clothing as my time was limited and also I am not good with lighting fires so this led to my anxiety peaking, so it took time to get into Sacred space and my main ceremony and this meant I felt comfortable only burn a small negative piece paper as above and I would like hold ceremony again and wonder if Imbolc be a good time hold the ceremony again but also my brother has brought a Ceremonial Knife for Yule and show an interest which I loved and so I would like use my knife also I wonder Jason Nicola I have but as much thought this but wonder if is any way could go deep next time please help?


1:26:51 Jackie: Sometimes when working with a circle of likeminded friends a question will be discussed or opinions shared. Often when this happens I seem to get information just into my mind.  When this happens it’s like I’m in a vacuum and everything is still and quiet around me.  I then have a strong feeling of having to say out loud or write down the information I’ve been given.  I’m not sure where the information comes from and it always surprises me how much I receive. Any ideas about this?

Transcript of the chat

18:56:31 From Rod & Diane : Hi to everyone from a wild, windy Cumbria 😃
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Hope you guys are settling in well in Silverdale.
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18:59:56 From Pam Butterfield : pam ,I wales
19:00:00 From AnnyTurner : Happy New Home! Fab! Its good to be here Anny from Balmy Scarborough
19:00:09 From iain bell : QA: Jason really hope you don't mind asking do still your Ancestral Home in Anglzarke Jason???
19:00:11 From Pam Butterfield : pam, mid wales
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19:01:47 From iain bell : are nice one shame your selling your home though Jasson
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19:02:02 From Tina Burchill To Mandy Storey and All Panelists : Hi Mandy, If you want everyone to see your message, you need to click on everyone in the ‘to’ box. If you don’t, only myself, Jason and Nicola will see it.
19:02:10 From Rachael Halliday : Hello Tina!
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19:02:14 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone
19:02:14 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Hello and loving seeing you At Home1 Well done
19:02:19 From Kathy Cosgrove (she/her) : hello from north wales
19:05:55 From Rachel h : I drum with them. They are excellent
19:09:36 From Gemma Bevan : Great, thank you 🙂
19:10:39 From Tina Burchill : Amazing views
19:12:34 From Julie : do children ever go to the retreats?
19:13:40 From jill willis : thank you - Derbyshire is even closer for me and Iove it!
19:13:44 From Julie : thank you. sounds perfect x
19:15:39 From Deb : I have been to a fantastic shamanic retreat here . Held in a house separated from monastery. Very affordable!
19:17:04 From jill willis : thank you!
19:17:12 From AnnyTurner : Sorry I waffle!
19:20:15 From Catherine uren : sounds fabulous 💖
19:20:49 From Sam Ben : Beautiful! ❤
19:21:36 From AnnyTurner : It's so difficult to describe.... You see, I've not had chance to read anything about the Fae, (busy job) which is why I ask you because I feel safe to ask here
19:22:12 From Rod & Diane : Hi Annie, I wonder if ‘ light language’ is relevant here. I don’t know much about it having only just been introduced to it and I haven’t done much research on it yet. Might be worth looking up?
19:22:47 From Phil : sorry for tuning in late Phil Smith in Ipswich
19:23:46 From Catherine uren : I have read my grandaughter books from the film frozen and it is a beautiful way to introduce her to the elements, we make the sounds of the wind etc xx
19:25:12 From AnnyTurner : I feel safe there...
19:26:44 From Jude : How wonderful!!
19:28:04 From AnnyTurner : I've got a lot to say I think...I've not read about the Fae, I tihink it's why I just receive that I do and see and feel what I feel without being swayed , and I feel safe with this Tribe and obviously your experiences, so trust your advice and what you say
19:28:30 From AnnyTurner : THANK YOU
19:42:27 From AnnyTurner : What wonderful advice for Mick. This is so helpful and supportive , even for other similar situations...
19:43:10 From Deb : Agree Anny😊
19:51:50 From Rod & Diane : I use shamanic drum beat tracks when using EFT Tapping as it’s the perfect rhythm.
19:52:46 From lesley gerrard : Thank you. I'll take my drum outside too.
19:52:51 From fae : Lesley i have been going through this and it also made me really poor for the most of last year. I have only recently managed to return to work on phased return and just taking each day at a time, i have stepped back from a lot of the responsibilities that had been being pushed my way. I found that going out in nature for long walks, journeying and just allowing yourself the healing time invaluable. Small steps and much love to you xx
19:55:18 From lesley gerrard : Thank you Fae.
19:58:15 From Rebekah Bailie : Thought it would be too long to put details in question. Do journal them and will take your advice, they are still v meani gful to me. Thanks
19:58:39 From iain bell : Hello Thier Mike my Friend I wounder Mike I recently held my first Clearing Cermony for the idea of burning old Journal and to help me back to my whole self after two years of COVID Anxiety also Collette has asked my to post and I will one our FB page!!!
19:59:05 From Rebekah Bailie : 😌
19:59:18 From iain bell : Jasson Nicola does follow my write up in my question??
20:05:46 From Rod & Diane : Thank you Nicola, I’ll try through an ancestor ally first. 😊
20:09:59 From Pam Butterfield : thank you
20:10:29 From Pam Butterfield : so maybe put on the back burner and see what comes up
20:10:34 From Deb : Would themes /synchronicities emerge from each area to know difference?
20:10:39 From iain bell : Sorry do we mean your previous life or an Ancestor's life that will affect your life???
20:12:52 From Sue : is past life your life in this lifetime or past life further back in ancestry?
20:13:03 From Pam Butterfield : I have an ancestor ally, I should ask her..
20:14:57 From Pam Butterfield : my mother once said to me just stop overthinking everything...
20:16:11 From Miranda Jane Dunn : the speed of the heart is so much faster than the head...
20:18:28 From Colette : That’s great Iain
20:20:38 From Rod & Diane : The intention is all important
20:21:00 From Miranda Jane Dunn : brilliant work Iain.
20:26:25 From iain bell : sorry Nicola I think you may have got lost in my writing as I always say my English is not strong and to point when rushing to make myself heard but when I settled into my Cermony Thier passion and felling Thier for sure!!!!
20:27:42 From jackie kersley : Thank you. I do love the moments of clarity and when the information comes its like I’ve always known it. It’s the absolute stillness and silence that takes over When it happens that astounds me.
20:27:49 From Colette : Bless Blue
20:27:51 From Miranda Jane Dunn : so pleased Blue has honoured us!
20:28:03 From jackie kersley : Beautiful blue.
20:28:35 From Sam Ben : Blue! Hello, gorgeous! ❤ x
20:28:36 From iain bell : Hello Jason Nicola Thank you both I love that could see the passion in my posts and I will re hold my Cermony at Imbolco!!!
20:29:24 From Xenia Meinert : thank you very much! Very interesting again. And hello Blue! xx Have a good night everyone. xx
20:29:30 From alysonpowell : Thank you everyone. Have a peaceful January .💚
20:29:57 From Mandy Storey : Thankyou🌟
20:29:57 From fae : Thank you for a great evening, full of interesting questions and replies. Go well everyone, thanks Nicola, Jason, Tina and beautiful blue xx
20:30:15 From Rachel h : Thank you everyone and happy new year.
20:30:19 From Carolyn : Thankyou everyone, enjoy the rest of the evening, great to see Blue as well x
20:30:20 From Lynn To All Panelists : Thank you 💜
20:30:20 From Jayne : Thank you everyone. Go well
20:30:23 From jackie kersley : Great evening everyone. Thank you. 🌟
20:30:26 From Colette : Thank you so much )O(
20:30:26 From maureen : Thank you for an interesting evening, missed the beginning so will catch up in the replay
20:30:28 From Gemma Bevan : Thank you. Great evening 🙂
20:30:29 From Tracey Woodley : Fab evening as always
20:30:29 From AnnyTurner : WOW what an amazing evening and Thank You Thank You 🙏🏼
20:30:30 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : thank you
20:30:34 From Tina Burchill : Bye everyone
20:30:38 From Julie : thank you x
20:30:39 From Eileen Balfour : Gratitude and Blessings 😊
20:30:40 From Sue : #thanks to you both. Your book is brilliant Nicola.