Here's the recording of our July coaching call. Below is the transcript of the chat.

The questions and timings are:

1. 01:54: My axis mundi has been an old beech tree in ancient woodland where I used to live.  I have lived on the Isle of Skye for 16 months now. Is it ok to find a new axis mundi?  Sort of feels at odds going back to where I was but not entirely feeling like I can let go of this place as I built up a relationship with it and feel really connected to it. I haven't found my new axis mundi but on journeys a couple of times I went to a cave in the cliffs on the peninusula where I live. I then returned to my beech tree but sort of feel that I need to move on. So feel a little conflicted.  Karen.

Any advice suggestions. Are there guidelines an etiquette so to speak in Shamanic practice for changing an axis mundi or staying with just one?


Module 4, Shamanic Journey foundation course: Module 4, lesson 3 - choosing your axis mundi. Click here to access.


2. 08:23: I had an odd experience during the journey circle last week and wanted to get Nicola and Jason's thoughts. We did a guided meditation before the circle was opened.  My right shoulder and the right side of my head got very heavy and drooped.  There was a sense of weight and a presence there,  not threatening but not quite right. It lifted as we opened the circle. During the journey I was unusually restless and pulled some heavy energy away from my shoulder and into a flame. I felt fine after doing that. It was odd. Any thoughts? Lesley


3. 14:52: I have completed the shamanic journey course but am still unsure about when it would be beneficial to journey to the Middleworld.  I understand the concept - that it is this everyday world only different  and that it's a place where we can see that which is normally unseen - a place where the elementals live. Which sort of circumstances or questions would prompt one to choose the middle world to journey to? Lesley


  • Spiritual protection mini-course. Click here to access.
  • Journey Circle - a Middleworld journey to the elements. Click here to access.
  • Summer Solstice Celebration (with a Middleworld shamanic journey). Click here to access. 
  • Rowan Tree Spirit Medicine lesson, final video (with a Middleworld shamanic journey). Click here to access.


4. 19.54: Can you explain a bit more about astral projection please! Sue


5. 24:23: Do you think that nature speaks to you with messages through the medium of poetic inspiration? Hannah


  • Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Poet Mary Oliver
  • Storytelling teacher Dr Martin Shaw at the West Country School of Myth. Click here to visit his website.


6. 39:57: Can you help me find what I need (animal) to help me get through emotionally please. I’m going through some sort of nightmare, my mum got cancer, my brother, and now my youngest daughter is having loads of tests for breast cancer. I just need a little help. Ann.


  • Journey Circle: The Crucible of Solutions. Use this guided journey to find an animal spirit guide that can help. Click here to access.
  • Animal Spirit Guide library. Click here to access. Ideas include Woodpecker, Fly, Shrew, Seal and Bear.
  • Willow lesson in our Working with Tree Spirit Medicine foundation course. Click here to access. 


7. 45:44: When you do your healing work on the land - do you go physically or spiritually?  Also, if you lived in the suburbs would you still drum outside? Paulina. 


8. 50:45: Can I just refer back to the Middleworld journeying please, I have been on two journeys two days running to the Middleworld to meet with the Fae. I went with a question into journey and was directed to the middle world, and returned the next day for some clarity. Is this ok to do so. I was placed in a healing dome on the first journey and met with a Fae. I had in the second journey some clarification on what I had asked. Ali


  • Journey Circle to the Underworld. Click here to access.


9. 53:00: I’m new to this wonderful group and I’m spending a long time working through the first course animal spirit medicine. I’m stuck on the what is your power animal journey, I feel like my subconscious is telling me what my power animal should be rather than what it might be. I’ve tried a number of times but can’t find an answer. Would a longer drum journey be more enlightening? Apologies if this is a very basic question that you get asked a lot. Carolyn


  • Becoming Animal, a film by Emma Davie and Peter Mettler 

10. 57:57: Drumming at sacred sites sounds interesting. As I’ve never done this are there any considerations to bear in mind so we don’t offend the spirits there? Steve.


11. 1:00:16: Can I just ask if a moth infestation means anything? Eileen



12. 1:04:32 Sue: I am increasingly getting closer to having an animal skin drum (until now I haven’t felt comfortable about it - and have a Reimo fibreskin one). Any tips?


Healing Drum mini-course: Choosing your drum bonus video. Click here to access. 


13. 1:14:35: Do you have any views on decorating the surface of a drum, maybe with painting or dyeing. Jackie.




Transcript of the chat

19:01:35 From Pauline ORMEROD : Hi From Clayton Le Woods
19:01:37 From Paulina : Hello - Paulina from a grey Rotherham 🙂
19:01:40 From Ali Broughton : hello Ali from Norfolk
19:01:46 From Ann : Hi, Ann from Glasgow.
19:01:47 From Kay : Hello from Oldham
19:01:48 From Annie : Hi from Annie in Norfolk
19:01:49 From Tiffani Lewsley : Good evening, Tiffani from Manchester here x
19:01:49 From Gina To All Panelists : Gina from Lincolnshire
19:01:51 From Hannah : Hi all
19:01:52 From Annkat : HELLO from Sheffield
19:01:54 From Di : Hi from Di in Mid Wales
19:01:54 From Tracey : Hello there form Tracey in Wrexham, North Wales! xxx
19:01:56 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Hello, Carolyn from Cheshire
19:01:57 From Bridget : HI From a sunny Crieff
19:01:58 From Ursidia : Hello from ~Ursidia, now living in ~Glastonbury!
19:01:59 From Lee Martin To All Panelists : Hi Lee newbie from Lowestoft
19:02:02 From lesley gerrard : Hello. Lesley in Edinburgh
19:02:07 From Lesley : Hi from sunny Devon. Nice dress - love the fabric
19:02:12 From Rob Pearson : hi from Bromley Kent
19:02:16 From Bridget : Scotland Perthshire
19:02:16 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Jenny in Reading x
19:02:19 From alysonpowell : Hello from Sunny South Wales. xx
19:02:20 From East Midlands Region : hi All Karen From Skye. so happy to be here for the live meeting. 1st time in ages xx
19:02:20 From Rachael H (London) : I’m glad you’re here! This is the first time I’ve logged on 10 mins early! Hello from Islington N London
19:02:26 From Steve W : Good evening folks from a dull and breezy Topcliffe.
19:02:27 From sheila powell To All Panelists : Hi everyone from hot sticky California, Sheila
19:02:34 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Hello Alison Gaffney from a mellow evening in a South London😀I can hear you but not see you!
19:02:40 From Tracey : Love your top Nicola! xx
19:02:41 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent
19:02:41 From Carol Atkins : Carol from Redditch
19:02:47 From sue : Hi from Morecambe, Sue and Anne
19:02:48 From Gill Dunkerley : hello lovely tribe. Delighted to be here. Dull and grey Manchester
19:03:08 From sue parlby To All Panelists : Hello from Cambridge - sorry a bit late!
19:03:41 From Tina Burchill : It's been a lovely sunny day here on Dartmoor
19:03:41 From Sandy Beamson : hi everyone Sandy here from Somerset 🐝
19:03:42 From Tracey : ha ha !!
19:03:44 From Sarah Fillingham : Hello from a dull York - why is zoom so difficult to get on for me?! I’m here now! 😀
19:03:45 From Alison Gaffney : Hello everyone from South London 😃
19:04:07 From Rachael H (London) : Hi Alison 1 L!
19:04:22 From Amanda Swinglehurst To All Panelists : Good evening 😊
19:04:39 From Alison Gaffney : The picture issue happened last time but not on other Zoom sessions so will check with Zoom!
19:05:00 From Tiffani Lewsley : They look fab!
19:05:09 From sue parlby To All Panelists : Very elegant!
19:05:10 From Tracey : aww you look great! they suit you!!
19:05:18 From Gill Dunkerley : glasses always make people look brainy!
19:05:22 From Sandy Beamson : they suit you!
19:05:26 From East Midlands Region : I thought you had had your hair cut, didn't realise it was new glasses
19:05:27 From Paulina : Embrace it Nicola -they look great.
19:05:32 From Gaynor : hi all from Kent
19:06:55 From Annkat : yes I too thought it was your hair Nicola. you both look well. x
19:07:27 From Linda Monteith : Hello from me in Edinburgh ! Welcome all xx
19:09:53 From maureen : Hi everyone from Manchester
19:10:46 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Good evening all- just coming in from South London xxx- what a great question to come in on, great to know you can have several Axis Mundi all with different connections- Karen B
19:10:53 From East Midlands Region : Thanks a ;ot. That helps a lot. Don't have to leave behind my Beech but can freely explore the new one
19:11:41 From Deborah Wale : is it best to keep with the same axis mundi?
19:13:04 From Deborah Wale : thank you, yes, I have found myself somewhere not my usual spot!
19:13:29 From Sandy Beamson : I was talking to a willow earlier this week when I received the message of 'sacred space' so I will use this now ☺️
19:13:50 From East Midlands Region : I find when I start to find the space to journey it is quite literal in a real place and then there is a transition it does Nicola. I did say goodbye which has what has prompted this.
19:14:57 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Evening all, joining you all a little late tonight from County Durham 😊🌳
19:16:52 From lesley gerrard : Other 'Lesley' here. I experience my body vibrating. I welcome it. To me it means somethings happening.
19:17:27 From Lesley : Thank you. That's an interesting take on it.
19:17:41 From Lesley : Hello other Lesley !
19:17:46 From Gill Dunkerley : I’m glad you mentioned vibrating “other lesley” That happens to me often. I sort of rock or move without meaning to
19:17:48 From Bridget : I often have tears pouring from my eyes - not crying. As Lesley says - I like it as I know then that I am in the right place
19:18:12 From Lesley : Me too Bridget
19:18:15 From Carolyn To All Panelists : I’m still working through the first foundation course - animal spirit medicine and on the first journey I did my left ear got so hot, it hasn’t happened in subsequent ones but it felt very strange
19:18:16 From lesley gerrard : Happy to be Scottsh Leley if tht hels
19:18:49 From Paulina : Do you also think that it could be opening pathways?
19:19:12 From Lesley : 🙂
19:19:53 From Lesley : Lesley isn't very common either!
19:20:10 From lesley gerrard : I know right
19:20:20 From East Midlands Region : sorry some words were missed. probably didn't make sense! Thank you both for answering my question.
19:23:05 From Alison Gaffney : I remember going on a journey to the Elements with you about a year ago
19:24:13 From Ali Broughton : I have recently begun working with the Fae, and visited the middle world a few times
19:24:19 From sue parlby To All Panelists : can you explain a bit more about astral projection please!
19:25:05 From lesley gerrard : Thank you. I'll do journey to midde world. Astral projection! Explains my intrigue - have left my body several times - mostly by accident.
19:25:40 From jackie kersley : Sorry I’m late from Cullen North Scotland
19:26:04 From Amanda Swinglehurst To All Panelists : Hi Jackie x
19:26:43 From sue parlby To All Panelists : thankyou!
19:27:53 From East Midlands Region : Thank you all for the book recommendations from the last coaching call. was only able to do the replay. I am reading An Carow Gwyn at the moment as a result. My question was around past lives and ancestral trauma and Karma.
19:28:10 From Paulina : That's funny - following the journey to shrew - I thought about shape shifting to shrew and skuttling away 🙂
19:28:10 From Gill Dunkerley : Would love to use the invisibility cloak!
19:29:19 From East Midlands Region : fascinating book though
19:29:43 From East Midlands Region : have not done much around the fae
19:30:54 From Tiffani Lewsley : I love what Elizabeth Gilbert says about that in her book. SO true!
19:31:52 From Hannah : Thanks yes
19:32:13 From Tracey : Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - brilliant book! xxx
19:32:34 From Alison Gaffney : It felt amazing at the Swallows retreat - when we were asked at the end to speak to the land and ask for a message - it was powerful to feel ‘hear ‘ an answer
19:34:16 From Rachael H (London) : I feel that I was gifted a poem this solstice, it’s long though so I’ve got into my head about whether I was in my head back then because of thinking “I dont think this fits the definition of a poem and that it’s too long’. So that ground me to a halt.
19:35:18 From jackie kersley : Myself and a friend went to visit a friend in hospital who was in a very bad way. We entered the ward and were able to work around the bed giving healing for as long as was needed. It was during visiting time and realised that no one else could see us. No person in the ward looked out way. Not even the nurse seemed to realise we were there. At the time I didn’t realise what had happened and it took a while to work out that to complete the work interrupted we needed to be invisible. A very strange experience. Happily our friend made a good and speedy recovery which was not the expected prognosis from the medics.
19:35:41 From Hannah : I’ve been writing poetry in honour of the trees I’ve met during my life which is why I wondered if it was me or nature
19:35:43 From Rachael H (London) : Oh, ok, thank you for your knowledge of poetry 🙏🏼🥰
19:35:56 From Tracey : it really is xxx
19:36:24 From East Midlands Region : being out in the land, each time if I don't write or draw I ask for just a few words. Nature always gives me a word to record or enjoy.
19:36:38 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Mary Oliver is great to evoke Nature
19:37:13 From East Midlands Region : Love Mary Oliver poems. try to read one each morning
19:37:59 From Gill Dunkerley : Wow Jackie, that sounds amazing to be able to do the healing undisturbed.
19:39:56 From Tracey : love this universe! such wonders!
19:40:49 From Gill Dunkerley : did you set an intention to do the earth work so that you remain undisturbed.
19:41:08 From East Midlands Region : should consider this it might help be less self conscious when doing work out in the land
19:41:40 From lesley gerrard : Love your story Jackie. I've never attempted invisibility. Didn't even know it was a thing!
19:41:50 From Tracey : I am sorry Jason. that is so hard
19:42:14 From Annkat : heartbreaking Jason.
19:42:16 From Gill Dunkerley : how special to be able to do that for him Jason.
19:42:41 From Rachael H (London) : Thanks be to the deities ✨✨✨
19:42:43 From lesley gerrard : He is very lucky to have you.
19:42:55 From Tracey : Amazing
19:42:57 From Tracey : ha ha
19:42:59 From Gill Dunkerley : magic pork pie!
19:43:06 From Tiffani Lewsley : I understand Jason, thank you for sharing how you helped along with the deities x
19:43:19 From maureen : How lovely you could help in that way Jason x
19:43:20 From Linda Monteith : Sending so much love and strength to your dad at this time, and to your family too ❤️
19:43:27 From Gill Dunkerley : all hail the pork pie
19:44:01 From Tracey : ha ha love it!!
19:44:18 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : That is such a blessing to help him that way, a bittersweet blessing but so very special ✨ and absolutely, hail the pork pie for bringing a lighter moment to you all 😊
19:44:44 From Pauline ORMEROD : Pork pie is my friends spirit guide
19:44:50 From Ann To All Panelists : Originally from Bolton, parties were the way to go🤣
19:44:52 From Gill Dunkerley : that's interesting. Thank you. I shall check that out
19:45:18 From Ann : Should be pasties not parties
19:46:22 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Sending strength to you and family Jason, and healing thoughts for you Dad 👐xx
19:47:38 From lesley gerrard : Yes. My dad was diagnosed with prostrate cancer at the same time 3 woodpeckers showed up in the garden.
19:47:44 From Annkat : thankyou very much nicola x
19:48:49 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Sending good wishes to Annkat and family too, what an incredibly tough time for you ✨🙏🏼
19:48:53 From Annkat : yes I will do that. thankyou again.
19:49:42 From Annkat : crying here thankyou so much x
19:50:01 From Tracey : Sending you love Ann
19:50:21 From Annkat : thankyou so much. x
19:50:34 From Tiffani Lewsley : Sounds nice
19:50:37 From Gill Dunkerley : Take care Annkat, sending love and best wishes
19:50:51 From Tracey : Aww ice cream mmmmmmmmmm
19:50:54 From Rachael H (London) : Annkat sending love to you and yours x
19:53:16 From Paula Daniels To All Panelists : I wouldn’t. I’d feel 🙃
19:53:30 From Paulina : OK thank you - that helps
19:53:53 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Deploy the invisibility cloak... and extend it to sound as well 😃
19:53:54 From Alison Gaffney : Some parks are spacious and feel good ( Beckenham Place Park is lovely
19:53:55 From jackie kersley : Jason, It is wonderful how these amazing things happen when our hearts ask for help and support. When we find ourselves in difficult times these can be the most poignant and also rewarding.
How fortunate are we to be able to call in help. What gifts we are given. Sending love and comfort to you and Nicola. 🌟🌟
19:54:02 From Rachael H (London) : I’ve drummed in my London garden - not full volume and I was considerate about not doing it when the majority would be sleeping. If people can use a circular saw or angle grinder I can certainly drum!
19:54:35 From Alison Gaffney : Rachel - Inagree
19:54:58 From Paulina : Love that Rachael - totally agree
19:55:25 From East Midlands Region : I always feel self conscious in public drumming, but it helps if I am with someone else. And the circumstances makes a difference
19:55:47 From Tiffani Lewsley : I once caught a neighbour sweeping the astroturf
19:55:51 From Annkat : ha ha too much time on their hands
19:56:01 From Rachael H (London) : Oh dear they sound in fear
19:56:47 From Miranda : I have a very noisey Parrot. He probably disturbs my neighbourhood as much as a drum.
19:56:54 From Ali Broughton : Ok , thank you!
19:57:42 From Ali Broughton : I have never really worked with the Fae and today I received the Faery oracle by Brian Froud, and picked a card and this connected with the journeys
19:59:43 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks for asking that question about the power animal. I have the same problem. I'm thinking of my power animal rather than allowing it to come to me so I'm second guessing.
20:01:55 From Rod & Diane : If you want to mute a drum you can cover the drum face with a small towel or tea towel.
We did this when practicing djembes 😊
20:02:16 From Steve W : Drumming at sacred sites sounds interesting. As I’ve never done this are there any considerations to bear in mind so we don’t offend the spirits there?
20:02:34 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thank you x
20:02:40 From Tracey : Congratulations!
20:02:41 From Tiffani Lewsley : Congratulations to you both Rob and Diane x
20:02:51 From Steve W : Congratulations guys!!!
20:03:16 From Annkat : Congratulations to Rob and Diane. xx
20:03:25 From maureen : Congratulations Rob and Diane x
20:03:29 From East Midlands Region : I had the same issue for a while and then after the journey and doubt I remembered a painting I had done that hung over my nans fire which was my power animal and then shortly after my brother mentioned a drawing I did that I wouldn't give to was my power animal. This confirmed it
20:03:30 From Rod & Diane : Thank you 🙏
Good point Jason
20:03:31 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Aaahw, happy news, many congratulations the you both 💕
20:03:46 From Eileen Balfour : Can I just ask if a moth infestation means anything ?
20:04:42 From Steve W : I would ask permission first out of respect so hopefully that would do. Thanks.
20:05:35 From Rachael H (London) : My cats don’t love me drumming!
20:06:36 From Eileen Balfour : I shall, Thank YOU.
20:07:04 From Tiffani Lewsley : If any of you are stuck for something to do I have started watching Becoming Animal, a film by Emma Davie and Peter Mettler and it is so far wonderful. Haven’t had time to finish it yet so can’t give a full review but it is very much along the shaman/pagan/animism lines and how human animals fit in with the natural world.
20:07:10 From Eileen Balfour : No Pressure-sorry
20:08:17 From Eileen Balfour : Thank YOU very much.
20:08:39 From Carolyn To All Panelists : The power animal that I think must be my power animal has appeared all my life, people give me gifts featuring this animal, this animal is coming to me again to live quite by chance, intuitively I think it must be but I’m doubting it because it features so heavily in my life that I want it to be. I’ll have a break as you suggest and just enjoy journeying
20:09:12 From Annkat : To Tiffani where would we find it? thankyou x
20:11:25 From Lesley : I mad my own in a drum birthing ceremony. Wonderful experience and it is now part of me.
20:11:33 From Lesley : *made
20:11:40 From Tiffani Lewsley : Annkat I am streaming it via Dog Woof - I did have to buy it but was worth it for 7.99 currently x
20:12:00 From Tiffani Lewsley : Sorry its Dogwoof one word x
20:12:40 From Annkat : Thankyou Tiffani x
20:13:44 From Miranda : It is so good to hear your care for trees. Near me in Sandwich there is a really evil place trees are driven to to burn pretending to be Green energy.
20:14:22 From Tiffani Lewsley : On the subject of drums - I eat plant based and live as and consider myself Vegan but I made an exception and had confidence in buying a drum from Nicola and Jason quite a while ago and trusted that it was sourced responsibly. It is my friend and I consider and connect with the animal every time I use it x
20:14:31 From sue parlby To All Panelists : The responsible sourcing is the main thing for me - thank you. I’m sitting here nodding my head in agreement with all the helpful things you are talking about.
20:15:10 From Rijusiddha : The one you made me Nicola is beautiful and I can really sense the spirit of the red deer coming through. I also made an exception as vegan
20:15:35 From Tiffani Lewsley : Exactly x
20:15:53 From jackie kersley : Do you have any views on decorating the surface of a drum, maybe with painting or dyeing.
20:16:04 From Paulina : Totally agree - the drum I bought from Nicola and Jason, is now a part of me - I love it 🙂
20:18:11 From Miranda : I look forward to getting one of your drums some time in the future.
20:18:31 From Tiffani Lewsley : Thank you for being so careful with finding the right hides x
20:19:29 From Ann : I bought a horse hide drum from you, it is beautiful and called to me when looking at the Hallows.
20:20:41 From Gaynor : I'd wanted a drum for few years & so glad I didn't get round to it as I was then able to get one from Jason & Nicola. I love it
20:20:50 From Lesley : Thank you both. Sending much love, healing and support to all.
20:21:06 From Ali Broughton : Thank you for your time and answers
20:21:09 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thank you I’ve learnt a lot tonight
20:21:13 From Gill Dunkerley : Lovely evening. Thanks to all.
20:21:15 From Annkat : Thankyou very much.
20:21:16 From Tiffani Lewsley : Thank you very much for your time tonight. Love to you all x
20:21:19 From Ann : Thank you everyonex
20:21:24 From Tina Burchill : Hello
20:21:27 From Eileen Balfour : Gratitude and Blessings for your kindness and generosity.
20:21:29 From Gill Dunkerley : Hi Tina and bye
20:21:34 From Rob Pearson : thank you!
20:21:35 From Miranda : Thank you to everyone!
20:21:36 From Tina Burchill : You're welcome
20:21:36 From Annkat : love and big hugs xxx
20:21:36 From Kay : Thank you!
20:21:37 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Would echo other sentiments above, I adore my drum bought from you and the sustainability behind it is a huge part of its wonderful energy.

The relationship reindeer herders in Scandinavia have with their animals is amazing. In some areas they are taught at high school how to care for them at all life stages, including humane end of life.
20:21:44 From Alison Gaffney : Such a lovely evening - thank you Jason and Nicola, Tina and everyone
20:21:45 From Paulina : Thank you for a lovely evening.
20:21:49 From Tracey : Thank you both and all for this lovely space xxxx
20:21:49 From maureen : Thank you both, healing thoughts to your family xx
20:21:52 From Rijusiddha : Thank you both and everyone else. 🙏
20:21:59 From jackie kersley : Thank you Jason and Nicola and everyone for another fascinating evening. X
20:22:05 From Sandy Beamson : Thankyou and blessings to you all🌲
20:22:08 From Sandy Holt To All Panelists : Thank you so much for the interesting discussions and questions…I've been silently listening. Wishing everyone wonderful wishes. xx
20:22:10 From Jayne : Thank you for another lovely evening. Take care both xx
20:22:18 From sue parlby To All Panelists : Thank you so much - really interesting evening. Wishing you both well Jason and Nicola.
20:22:21 From Ursidia : Lovely to be able to be able to join in again. Thank you!
20:22:22 From Pauline ORMEROD : Thank you All for your interesting evening, hope all goes well for your dads passing
20:22:26 From Annie : Thank you both so much.😀
20:22:28 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you 😊 take care. Sxx
20:22:29 From alysonpowell : Thank you both. Sending love and support to you. Take care . Blessings everyone.🍄
20:22:30 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Lovely evening, thank you both so much and shall be thinking of you all as the next few weeks unfold. Take good care both xx
20:22:30 From sheila powell To All Panelists : Thank you both, sending you and your family love. Looking forward to the next gathering! Sheila
20:22:31 From East Midlands Region : Thank you for sharing your knowledge. xx
20:22:40 From Tina Burchill : Bye