Here's the recording of our coaching call from June 2022. The transcript of the chat is below.

The questions and timings are:

0:23: Drumming in the rain? I guess its a non-starter; just checking. I drum up the Solstice sun on my local beach and the weather has always been great. It seems a bit unpredictable this year, so I thought I'd just ask the question. Vivien.


02:43:  I just wonder if you have or are planning to have a method of people living close to one another connecting with one another.  I for one who love to meet some like-minded Way of the Buzzard folk in my area. Daisy.


04:25: I'm looking for some thoughts about how to make contact with this copse of trees. They've come to me unexpectedly, at a challenging transition in my life. I came to this house nearby the copse after being made homeless and have been offered it for the summer, but I feel as if I've come home on a deeper level and I'm looking for ways to follow the guidance of the place to know what to do next.

Their presence on my doorstep has reassured me that things are unfolding just as they should be and I sense they hold the key to a project that I've been wanting to bring into the world for a while but haven't known how. It feels right to ask them directly for guidance. I'm curious about how I might go about this and your ideas would be really welcome. Rachel.


  • Mystery School Working with Tree Spirit Medicine course. Click here to access.
  • Mystery School Creating Ceremony mini-course. Click here to access.
  • Shamanic Journey Circle connecting with nature spirits. Click here to access.
  • Book: Wolferland/Bardskull – Martin Shaw


11:00: Do you have any idea when the Animal Spirit Oracle Cards may be ready for sale? I'm looking forward to them. Anny.


13:04: Sometimes I've heard some of you mention psychopomping, but I had never heard of it until I came to the Way Of The Buzzard. I am sometimes aware of spirit, and quite often at funerals held at the building I look after. People sometimes attend their own funerals and often are surprised that  their beliefs of what 'it will be like' when they have died are not their experience, afterwards.  I usually see people around for a while, and then I'm not aware of them any more.So today I was wondering about psychopomping. I'm guessing, if someone were trapped and not properly passed over, would I be really aware of that? Would it be obvious? Are you who do this work asked to help, by the trapped spirit, or 'someone else'? Or would you just step in and help that spirit find its way safely? Anny.


27:12: I have a question on the topic Anny raised on the Facebook group regarding helping souls move on and psychopomping. A friend of mine sees the spirits of the deceased, she constantly puts protection up, ie she puts herself in a bubble of light and asks her guides for protection. She was brought up catholic so she also has a crucifix by her bed and a statue of Archangel Michael. Once she called the church when she was bothered by spirits and a priest was sent round and he cleared the house.  He said there was a portal that was open in her house and he closed it.
One time she called me in distress saying her guides had told her to ask for my help, I did what came to me instinctively at the time which was to call on Archangel Michael to assist and protect her and I imagined a ring of protective light around her which calmed things.  

A few weeks ago she was psychically attacked by a spirit that she couldn’t see but could smell a rotten smell, she felt a strong pulling and she says this entity put a black dagger in her side. Afterwards she took out the dagger and sent it up to the light. She feels she is especially vulnerable and weak at the moment as she has been ill so it’s harder to deal with such an attack. 
My question is what does this mean for her to be attacked/stabbed by an entity that was obviously evil and what else can she do to stop this happening again. She is a very loving and beautiful kind person. Maureen.


  • Mystery School Spiritual Protection mini-course. Click here to access.
  • Indie Shaman accredited Shamanic Practitioner register. Click here to access.


44:49: Is it usual to experience a journey physically, like when my lower legs vibrate and a wave of nausea comes?  This seems to happen after 10 minutes or so of drumming, only then does anything begin to happen in the journey.  And, on this occasion when I sucked something into my physical body? Lesley.

49.54: I work night shifts so am not usually in the best place to journey to a drum. SO OFTEN I listen to the whole replay of a journey circle recording - all the info. BUT the minute the drum drums I go fast asleep and totally miss the journey. So annoying! It’s like a switch is switched. I had 4 goes at the Dragon Journey. Three times I crashed out asleep and I nearly succeeded the fourth time, but I was a passenger in the car listening on headphones, and at the first beat of the drum the internet connection was severed. Still have not journeyed to Dragon! But did engage with dragon at the Gong Workshop at Space to Emerge. I possibly find journeying easier without the drum and do it through imagination. Susie.



52:47: A friend of mine, who is also a Shaman, posted something on Facebook today saying: “Last night I felt an immense energy shift, as Saturn turns retrograde on the same day as the Christian feast of Pentecost. Did anyone else feel it?”  My question is: Do you know anything about this? Angela.


54:38: Do you have any info on astral parasites and how to get rid of them? Jules.

  • Indie Shaman accredited Shamanic Practitioner register. Click here to access.

57:48: I’ve been struggling with high stress situations since January, work particularly and also issues with my aged mums health. I’m really struggling with journeying and any form of nature connection, are you able to give me any ideas on how to start to feel my connection again? Fae.


  • Book - Nature Cure, Richard Maby
  • Rip & Stick Collage blog. Click here to read (shared by Kathy).
  • Stress reduction resources: Liz Copper's Somnus X, Coherent Breathing Timer, Mantra for Healing and Yoga Nidra. Click here to access (shared by Richard).


1:12:51: I love Space to Emerge but it's sometimes hard to go lots of overnight stays. Perhaps a full day of drumming?  A talk about healing drumming and a drum journey, a drum group session (which is always powerful too). A day long drum workshop would be fab, even if next year. Karen.

Transcript of the chat

19:00:55 From Steve W : Hello folks, Steve checking in from Topcliffe up here in North Yorkshire
19:01:03 From david : Hi from a chilly Birmingham!
19:01:03 From Linda Monteith : Hi everyone! Linda from Edinburgh x
19:01:07 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham xx
19:01:07 From Rod & Diane : Hi from a sunny Cumbria
19:01:10 From AnnyTurner : Hurrah! Anny in Scarborough🥰
19:01:14 From Shelly : Hi from Winchester
19:01:24 From angelabirchall : Hi from a fairly sunny Southport. Also, can I ask a question if you get time?
19:01:24 From Ali Broughton : Hello, Ali from dull Norfolk!
19:01:25 From Xenia Meinert : Hi all, hi Jason, Nicola and Blue! 🙂
19:01:26 From Di : Hi from Mid Wales 👍
19:01:28 From Michele Bentley : Hello all from Michele in Somerset
19:01:28 From Mark : Waves from Cornwall
19:01:29 From Heidi Cooper : Evening all! Heidi here from Royston, Hertfordshire 💚
19:01:29 From Helen Towers : Hi from Kendal
19:01:30 From alysonpowell : Hello from South Wales. A lovely sunny evening here.
19:01:31 From Catherine Uren To All Panelists : Good evening from sunny Yorkshire, so l;ovely to be here live. x
19:01:31 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Jenny in Reading
19:01:31 From Beverley Thornton : Good evening from sunny but chilly Bradford 🙂
19:01:32 From Sadie Simmonds : Hello everyone from a sunny South Wales
19:01:36 From Tina Burchill : sunny here in Dartmoor
19:01:36 From Kay Ullrich : Hello from Oldham 🙂
19:01:38 From Rachel Gwilym To All Panelists : Hello! From sunny Tiree ☀️
19:01:42 From Karen : Hello all from Wirral
19:01:44 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Love from Kathy in Brora (Bror-ley)
19:01:51 From Richard Fedorko : Hello from a very warm Glasgow!
19:01:51 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Hello from Cheshire
19:01:55 From Rod & Diane : Not long now 😊
19:01:58 From Annkat : Hello from Sheffield
19:02:00 From Annie : Hi from a dull chilly Norfolk.
19:02:02 From Heather : Hi from Suffolk 🙂
19:02:03 From Sarah Fillingham : Finally made it in! Hello from an overcast York!
19:02:04 From Lesley : Hiya from Devon x
19:02:09 From lesley gerrard : Hello from Edinburgh
19:02:10 From Gill Dunkerley : Hi from Manchester, lovely to be amongst you all. Been a bit rainy here.
19:02:10 From Mark : Misty Cornwall
19:02:12 From kathycar : Hi, Kathy from sunny petersfield, Hampshire
19:02:14 From Xenia Meinert : We had an absolutely nice and sunny Weekend in Northern Germany.
19:02:19 From Sandy Beamson : Hello everyone from Sandy on the Somerset Levels 🐝😊
19:02:19 From Zoom user : Hello from Sunny Crieff
19:02:20 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Evening everyone, from County Durham 😊
19:02:29 From jackie kersley : Hi from very sunny Cullen, north Scotland.
19:02:32 From Margaret Laycock : Hi Marg from Malvern
19:02:32 From Jules : Hi from cold mid wales
19:02:35 From Ann : Hi Ann from warm Glasgow.
19:02:36 From Kate Scothorne : Hello all. Dull here in Chesterfield too x
19:02:43 From Victoria : Hello from Preston 🙂
19:02:50 From Sam Ben : Hello from chilly Nottinghamshire x
19:03:00 From Rachel Gwilym To All Panelists : Tiree is the outermost of the inner Hebrides 💛
19:03:06 From karen S : Hi all, just joining from north east scotland
19:03:19 From angelabirchall : Question for you if you have time: A friend of mine, who is also a Shaman, posted something on Facebook today saying: Last night I felt an immense energy shift, as Saturn turns retrograde on the same day as the Christian feast of Pentecost. Did anyone else feel it? My question: Do you know anything about this?
19:03:34 From Gaynor : evening all from Kent
19:04:09 From angelabirchall : I've copied it across to Q&A
19:04:48 From jayne powell : Hello from Stoke
19:05:08 From AnnyTurner : Re: Blue... Calling card?
19:05:17 From Susie Fox : Hi Everyone
19:05:20 From Ali Broughton : I think they can do that if they feel threatened outside in their environment
19:05:25 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Poo Blue
19:05:30 From Rod & Diane : It’s a present 😱
19:05:57 From Eileen : Perhaps it's The Moon impacting !
19:06:05 From Susie Fox : It’s a bloke thing!
19:06:08 From Jules : New cat around outside??
19:06:18 From fae : My Ecco is in the dog house for digging holes in the grass in the back garden and pushing her way through he fence onto my fruit and veg bed each time we go out…driving us crackers 🤦‍♀️😂x
19:06:39 From Xenia Meinert : Cats never think that anything is their fault. 🙂 (for example pooing onto the Floor in the house)
19:06:51 From Jules : 😂😂
19:07:12 From sandra banks To All Panelists : Could he be angry with you about something?
19:07:18 From Sandy Holt : Oberon will never use his litter tray more than once!
19:07:43 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Was going to say it sounds like a territory thing... Highly recommend Jackson Galaxy on YouTube for cat behaviour issues, he's brill 🐾
19:09:25 From Susie Fox : I have a Remo drum and it works really well. It does not have the “spiritual” feel to it, as a drum self-made or chosen carefully, made of skin. But as a tool it is a very good firm. Can still decorate with meaningful items that enhance the energies.
19:16:53 From Tina Burchill : it's wolferland
19:17:27 From Tina Burchill : but not available at the moment, a new trilogy coming out called Bardskull, it's part of that
19:17:38 From Tina Burchill : you're welcome!
19:18:05 From Sarah Fillingham : Me too!
19:18:41 From AnnyTurner : Ok I understand! Thank You
19:18:48 From Miranda : First things First
19:19:08 From Xenia Meinert : Looking Forward to your animal spirit Oracle deck!
19:19:39 From Xenia Meinert : Would make a great Christmas/Yule present.
19:19:40 From Gill Dunkerley : Really looking forward to seeing the oracle deck.
19:19:49 From AnnyTurner : yes that's what prompted me to ask.
19:19:59 From Eileen : Take All The TIME you Need Xx
19:20:11 From Rachel Gwilym To All Panelists : Thank you 🌳 Nicola and Jason 💚
19:20:40 From Karen : Just thinking...I love Space to Emerge but it's sometimes hard to go lots of overnight stays. Perhaps a full day of drumming? A talk about healing drumming and a drum journey, a drum group session (which is always powerful too). A day long drum workshop would be fab, even if next year.
19:21:13 From Ali Broughton : Sounds good Karen 😊
19:26:01 From Jules : What a beautiful thing to do Jason
19:26:23 From Karen : such sacred work, Jason.
19:27:47 From lesley gerrard : Anny. Please take care of yourself. My mother did this work of helping people to pass over as ;part of a group. It wasn't called psychopomp back then (50 odd years ago). It was just 'rescue work; but it was incredible harrowing. She often went through their death with them.
19:28:37 From AnnyTurner : Thank You So much. I realy trust all you say. I was just curious about it.The person whose funeral was today was there. the person had taken their own life and I could hear her saying how sorry she was, and that she didn't deserve the beautiful ceremony that she was given, I just kept telling her she deserved the very best but I don't feel her hanging about. I didn't tell her daughter. I was just interested to know about psychopomping.
19:30:46 From AnnyTurner : Thank You so much for this
19:32:04 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : I am hearing this with interest. I believe that I have felt part of this experience with my mum who died 35 years ago.
19:32:42 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Yes yes to boundaries! My learning at the moment!
19:32:51 From AnnyTurner : Thank You
19:33:15 From sandra banks To All Panelists : I follow Tao teaching too. It contradicts shamanic practice of helping souls pass. I found a compromise. My guides do it. My bear disguises me and I have no contact with souls seeking help. It still works well. I’ve seen the light of lost souls bombard people who are too open x
19:34:52 From fae To All Panelists : I have had a few people i have known come to me in dreams, usually about 3 months after they have passed, i feel it is like they are telling me that they’re still about and that they’ve healed and they’re happy…it is a very startling but equally happy experience for me
19:38:14 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you Jason for drawing the Attention to questioning everything (was there actually a Portal, how do People know if the dagger was Evil...). This is really helpful to understand what is going on.
19:38:25 From AnnyTurner : I'm doing the Spiritual Protection Course next.
19:39:10 From Lisa To All Panelists : I had an experience whilst exploring quantum healing i didn't imagine the experience could have happened to me . I was a man in a past life who felt such sadness who didnt want to leave his daughter even though i felt as if he was a bad spirit it was just incredible sadness and bot to be afraid
19:39:28 From Lisa To All Panelists : Sorry not!
19:40:23 From Xenia Meinert : Also thank you for pointing out the importance of having a safe Foundation first before doing psychopomp, and the issues that can happen. Too many People want to be open to everything, and then they get overwhelmed by Incoming energies and Spirits.
19:43:41 From Susie Fox : When I first was attuned to Reiki I became very sensitive to spiritual beings - not all wanted! But as I grew stronger in the energy and learnt to let it flow outwards from my core, these beings did not bother me any more. We can protect our edges (e.g. a protective circle or bubble around us) and we can protect from the inside out by nurturing, learning, developing, increasing our energy by clearing and filling with good energies, and letting it flow strongly outwards.
19:43:48 From Gill Dunkerley : An overwhelm of energies either living or passed over would be hard to deal with so I agree boundaries are essential. And good support from a supervisor or trusted friend or colleague. I think empathic people attract others to them and we just need to be aware of this for our own good as well as those we help.
19:43:49 From Karen : It sounds as though anyone interested in working with spirit would benefit from the Spiritual Protection course - I'll be taking a look, thank you
19:43:49 From Sandy Holt : We had a spirit in our home who used to push on the stairs and once turned the shower on, trying to flood the bathroom. There were lots of other incidents, hitting a guest as well as shoving and I found out he had pushed a previous tenant down the stairs. In the end we just acknowledged the presence and talked to him explaining that we weren't there as a threat but as we'd paid rent whether he was happy for us to stay there. Things calmed after that and the energy of the old cottage suddenly lifted. xx
19:44:43 From Gill Dunkerley : Love that Susie... Protecting our edges and protecting from the inside out. Fab!
19:45:14 From Karen : We had a spirit/energy years ago that the children could see. They were scared, and I wasn't sure the energy meant to be scary. I had a strong word and asked them to leave and explained what was happening. That calmed things down too
19:46:12 From Mark : Tim Walter clears homes
19:46:54 From Mark : has a you tub channel and face book group
19:47:19 From Sandy Holt : Yes thank you the Spiritual Protection course sounds really useful. xx
19:47:45 From karen S : one of the things I do on a regular basis is to smudge our living space, just to clear any energy that is no longer useful or required and encourage energy that would be beneficial.
19:48:06 From Steve W : Tim Walter is a great source of spiritual info.
19:48:11 From Jules : I've been told my. Bedroom has a portal and I have two attachments but I and my kids love my bedroom and one daughter will only revise in there as she says the energies are lovely. In there. Not sure I want to change anything in there
19:48:30 From Sandy Beamson : house clearing is a very common request of major Christian churches, about 80% of the work I have been told (by a Minister)
19:49:08 From AnnyTurner : (I keep texting stuff and deleting it!)
19:49:54 From Xenia Meinert : That's very intrusive (your …-Chakra is blocked, there is an xs-entity with you) - can make receptive People paranoid and scared.
19:49:55 From Jules : Yes I was told I have an astral parasite, it's scared me but if everything comes from a place 9f love and that's how I live
19:50:16 From AnnyTurner : I've heard people saying things at one fayre I went to and I was shocked too so I don't go to them now.
19:50:51 From Jules : Thank you so much that has made me feel so much better
19:52:48 From AnnyTurner : THe Healing Drum Course! Excellent!!!
19:53:43 From lesley gerrard : Sorry. During a journey to the lower world, I suddenly sucked in a lot or air physically and this brought be back.
19:53:59 From Rod & Diane : I hear counter sounds/rhythms when drumming sometimes. Voices
19:54:02 From rachael london : Heat and cold is my experience too, sometimes it feels like there’s a breeze drifting over me when there’s no window open. It feels like the lines of communication are opening up when I get the feelings
19:55:40 From Rod & Diane : 👍😊
19:55:51 From Susie Fox : I work night shifts so am not usually in the best place to journey to a drum. SO OFTEN I listen to the whole replay of a journey circle recording - all the info. BUT the minute the drum drums I go fast asleep and totally miss the journey. So annoying! It’s like a switch is switched. I had 4 goes at the Dragon Journey. Three times I crashed out asleep and I nearly succeeded the fourth time, but I was a passenger in the car listening on headphones, and at the first beat of the drum the internet connection was severed. Still have not journeyed to Dragon! But did engage with dragon at the Gong Workshop at Space to Emerge. I possibly find journeying easier without the drum and do it through imagination.
19:58:48 From Mark : I connected with Dragon in a stone circle and asked to connect
19:59:38 From Susie Fox : That is a really good idea. Thank you. I have listened to the Drum Course (brilliant) and I love drumming - have drums. I have sometimes journeyed while dancing and drumming myself - very active. (Very private - dancing is to be seen to be believed!)
20:00:03 From angelabirchall : The 2nd bit is the right one
20:01:14 From angelabirchall : No problem. Mercury retrograde is always murder for me is getting any communication done in time.
20:01:56 From Jules : Not at all!!
20:02:51 From Jules : Thank you I think you answered the question before though
20:03:11 From sandra banks To All Panelists : Could do a self diagnostic journey?
20:04:20 From Jules : Thanks both. X
20:06:28 From Mark : Trees love energy of any type
20:06:36 From Linda Monteith : I bought a macro lens and walk the local reserve closely looking at butterflies bugs and flowers x
20:07:06 From fae : Yes I’m managing to get out to walk but just struggling to concentrate and feel or see any messages…even my dreams are not bringing messages as normal and just put it down to the high stress
20:07:14 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Or even looking at art images of nature
20:07:50 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : I have been helped by rip and stick collages.
20:08:29 From Kay : Watching Jason’s nature films?
20:08:34 From Rachel H : i would also recommend breathwork, just bringing your awareness to your breath, I would also put on nature music as a background. it helps me when stress gets in the way
20:08:40 From Gill Dunkerley : I have just done a vision board with nature images on it. I stick that on my wall and look at it when I’m working. I find that helps.
20:08:48 From rachael london : Glennie Kindred too 🥰
20:09:13 From AnnyTurner : Yes Kay! Jasons Nature Films
20:09:34 From Rachel H : yes, jasons films are such a great way to connect to nature.
20:10:10 From Eileen : I was so privileged to see two Woodpeckers early this morn.
20:10:18 From fae : Holly is one of my favourite trees
20:10:36 From Sandy Beamson : some beautiful meditative or relaxation music set in various countries ( eg Scotland, Norway) on You Tube. Very effective
20:10:41 From Richard Fedorko : Sorry I’m a bit late on this (slow mind processing) - Just on the subject of astral parasites; it occurred to me that some parasites can be beneficial both in humans and in wider nature settings. It may be worth remembering that a parasite may be a cause for reassurance, rather than a concern.
20:10:44 From fae : Thank you everyone for all the recommendations
20:11:10 From Eileen : Jason's Nature Films are Stunning.
20:11:40 From Xenia Meinert : If you can't go outside, i would also recommend Youtube Natue Ambience Videos, for example with Forests and birdsong, or water sounds of a river. I find them very calming.
20:11:48 From Gill Dunkerley : journalling is great for insight and clarity.
20:12:05 From Jules : Yes def Jason's videos
20:12:14 From rachael london : Holly is very very protective. I was drawn to a particular Holly tree during a very stressful period and it actually allowed me to bring a small branch home. It stays in my home for now and when the time is right it might allow me to use it as a wand x
20:12:19 From Rachel Gwilym To All Panelists : The Grief Recovery Method is a very supportive 7 week programme. 🧡
20:12:26 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Fae I am holding you right now xxx
20:13:01 From fae : Thank you Kathy x
20:13:26 From Susie Fox : I love using an Oracle Card set of healing herbs, plants and flowers. I just pick one card only and read the accompanying book page. The other idea I have is to buy some grow your own easy grow herb/salad seeds for the windowsill. It would give you something to look after and nurture, and to watch grow, then give thanks and eat. Looking after plants takes you right away from the stress environment. It could lead to looking after other plants in different ways (gardening, looking after a part of woodland). The GP surgery may have info about a counselling service that is free. There’s a notice up on the notice board at my GP. It is completely confidential. Ultimately, the root of the stress needs sorting. I was in a very very stressful job a while back and decided to leave it. My next job has proved so much better for me, and life has become enjoyable again and I have energy now for the lovely things in life. Glad I took the jump and moved job.
20:13:29 From Mark : You can also do a give away to a stone
20:13:48 From Catherine Uren To All Panelists : Jasons videos are just perfect for de-stressingx
20:14:15 From Sandy Beamson : Rose quartz at your bedside and using lavender in your bath or mixed with a basic oil on your skin
20:14:30 From Rachel H : ive got some videos on breathwork if anyone needs them, yes activating the rest and digest state. It is an almost instant way to lower cortisol levels
20:14:33 From AnnyTurner : Yes I think the breathing in the top of your chest makes for the fight or flight thing, and deep breathing from your belly restores the calm
20:14:42 From Jules : What's a give away to a stone, sounds lovely?
20:15:43 From Jules : Thanks Richard, never thought of it like that. X
20:15:50 From Mark : Jules ill post in the FB group
20:16:10 From Eileen : Walking Barefoot on the Earth.
20:16:20 From Jules : Oh thank you Mark that would be great. Xx
20:16:58 From jackie kersley : I found it interesting about Holly tree being a sanctuary. I have a very large holly tree in my garden. one of my 8 year old twin granddaughters is deaf and she always goes to sit under the holly tree every time she is here. She has now turned it into a fairy garden and it’s beautiful. She even writes notes for the fairies and puts them in a little box under the tree. She brings gifts and carefully places them under the tree. When she comes out from under the tree she is smiling and very calm. It’s her special place.
20:17:10 From Sandy Beamson : Yes please for the breathwork video....x
20:17:23 From Jules : That's beautiful Jackie. Xx
20:17:31 From AnnyTurner : O Jackie I love that! How wonderful
20:17:39 From Karen : What precious memories, Jackie xx
20:17:52 From Rachel H : happy to put them in the group - just downloads Nicola
20:18:30 From Catherine Uren To All Panelists : Beautiful Jackiex
20:18:37 From Rachel H : ahh jackie how magical!
20:19:09 From fae To All Panelists : Thank you all, it really helps xx
20:19:39 From AnnyTurner : There's such a lot of love and support in this group ☺️
20:20:20 From Rachel H : i loved the online day one though! another one of those would be amazing
20:20:37 From Mark : Looking forward to the Summer Solstice 🙂
20:20:37 From Xenia Meinert : Beautiful, Jackie!
20:20:46 From Karen : ahh....yes, I understand Nicola - no worries 🙂
20:20:50 From karen S : there's a lovely space here in Scotland when you do go on tour
20:20:51 From jackie kersley : I loved the online day retreat, that was amazing
20:20:54 From Miranda : No need to run yourselves ragged.
20:20:55 From Rachel H : oh yes please!!!
20:21:02 From Rachel H : yeah!!
20:21:15 From Karen : Yes, the online day retreat was so good.
20:21:21 From Rachel H : especially at winter
20:21:28 From Sam Ben : the online day was great, I loved that! x
20:21:55 From Gill Dunkerley : sounds like you are looking after your own boundaries and that's important. Take care
20:21:57 From Susie Fox : So glad you can say that and stick to it. Look after yourselves first.
20:21:58 From Karen : Look after yourselves, you are both so precious to us. xx
20:22:02 From Catherine Uren To All Panelists : Yes Rachel, but Nicola and Jason all you do already is just right now.x
20:22:04 From lesley gerrard : Jumping back to Blue here... maybe while you were away he felt it was down to him to protect your home. His messing is just his cat's way of doing that.. A way of saying my territory, my home, our home.
20:22:04 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : You need beartime too!
20:22:05 From Xenia Meinert : I absolutely loved the online retreat, too! It would be cool if there would be more, also for People who live far away, or can't travel for other reasons.
20:22:06 From Rachel H : boundaries - good for us all
20:22:08 From Mark : Look after yourself to
20:22:10 From Margaret Laycock : Agree the online day was excellent
20:22:23 From AnnyTurner : You must look after yourselves, we'll all still be here!!
20:22:45 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : We're all learning together
20:22:57 From Rachel H : take your time, we will wait!
20:22:59 From Eileen : You have to set Boundaries, Protection is Crucial. We need you both to be Healthy and Content. Blessings and Gratitude.
20:23:00 From angelabirchall : Thanks for all that you do for us. Whatever you do, don't overstretch yourselves or it will have a negative impact on you and then on us . . . so do it for us! 🙂
20:23:12 From Sandy Beamson : Dont forget you are recovering from Covid and you have to take care
20:23:23 From Xenia Meinert : Oh hello Blue! ❤️
20:23:29 From rachael london : I’ve also found neuropathic art has been incredibly helpful for bringing my brain out from busy state too Fae xxx
20:23:55 From alysonpowell : Thank you so much. Take care everyone.
20:24:04 From jackie kersley : You are both setting us a good example by taking care of yourselves and setting boundaries. You’re still teaching by sharing that. X
20:24:09 From Karen : Great evening, thanks everyone and Nicola and Jason xx
20:24:13 From Gill Dunkerley : thanks all, lovely circle as always
20:24:19 From rachael london : Thank you both and thank you all xxx
20:24:19 From Jules : Thank you so much everyone for a beautiful and informative eveni g. Xx
20:24:21 From Helen Towers : Thank you everyone ❤️❤️
20:24:22 From Mark : Thank you all big Hugs 🙂
20:24:25 From Miranda To All Panelists : Thank you xx
20:24:26 From karen S : thankyou.. lovely first introduction to a call
20:24:28 From Tina Burchill : Bye everyone.
20:24:29 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Thank you both and all for this sharing xxx
20:24:31 From Susie Fox : Thank you for the evening everyone. So enjoyable. xx
20:24:32 From Rachel H : thanks all
20:24:32 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, that was a fabulous evening again! ❤️ take care all.
20:24:32 From Linda Monteith : Love to all xxx
20:24:33 From AnnyTurner : 🙏🏼🥰🙏🏼 LOve to you all
20:24:34 From sandra banks To All Panelists : Thank you 😊💜🙏🏻
20:24:36 From Catherine Uren To All Panelists : Thank you both and all you other lovely folks. Take care much love x
20:24:37 From jackie kersley : Fab evening, thank you everyone and Jason and Nicola. X
20:24:38 From Jules : ❤️❤️❤️
20:24:42 From Ali Broughton : thank you for an enjoyable evening x
20:24:42 From jayne powell : Thank you everyone xx
20:24:43 From Heather : Thankyou all! 🥰
20:24:45 From Richard Fedorko : Thank you!
20:24:47 From Kay : Thank you all ❤️
20:24:50 From Steve W : Thanks as ever 🙏
20:24:52 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you so much, I’ve really enjoyed tonight. Take care of yourselves 🙂.
20:25:01 From Rachel H : oh so sorry
20:25:01 From Sandy Beamson : take care everyone love to you all
20:25:16 From rachael london : Oh Jason, sending love to your tender hearts xxx
20:25:19 From Gill Dunkerley : oh that's so sad. So sorry about that Jason
20:25:21 From Victoria : Sorry to hear that. Sending love
20:25:21 From Jules : Will be thinking of you bless you all.
20:25:22 From Heidi Cooper : Thank you both and please take good care of yourselves, love and healing to you all xxx
20:25:25 From fae : Thank you everyone for all the useful information, thank you Nicola, Jason, Tina and blue. Oh bless you Jason & Nicola, my love to you at this time xx
20:25:26 From Karen : Sending you both and your family so much love. Wrapping a hug of love around you at this difficult time. Thank you for being here for us, despite all your are coping with xx
20:25:26 From Xenia Meinert : Big hugs, Jason! Take good care. So sad to hear.
20:25:30 From Linda Monteith : Sending love to your father and family Jason
20:25:31 From Helen Towers : Lots of love 💕
20:25:32 From Jude : f So sorry Jason {{HuGs}} xXx
20:25:35 From Rachel H : sending you both lots of healing vibes
20:25:42 From Ali Broughton : very sad, love to all
20:25:43 From Rachel Gwilym To All Panelists : 🧡
20:25:43 From Catherine Uren To All Panelists : You have all our arms holding you with much love. Please look after yourselves.xx
20:25:44 From jackie kersley : Sad news Jason, sending love. X
20:25:51 From Sandy Beamson : So sorry sendjng you love
20:25:52 From jayne powell : Sending love ❤️xx
20:25:52 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : blessings wrapped around you all
20:25:52 From Kay : Sending love and light Jason 🙏🌈😘
20:25:56 From Heather : Love, light and healing to you xx
20:26:09 From Miranda : Its very tough. You are both amazing.
20:26:10 From Steve W : Thinking of you mate.
20:26:12 From Gill Dunkerley : I guess we can send a shower of love and energy to you all
20:26:13 From david : Thank you for an interesting evening. Sorry to hear about your family-lots of love and light to you. xxx
20:26:19 From AnnyTurner : Oh dear... please just do what you have to do, we will still be here, and sending love xxx Thank You
20:26:20 From Rachel H : thank you for sharing
20:26:24 From angelabirchall : Take care of yourselves
20:26:24 From Eileen : Many Blessings, Wonderful Humans. They are so Lucky to have YOU.
20:26:25 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Oh gosh Jason, my heart goes out to you all 💛 such a difficult but also very sacred time. Shall be thinking of you all.
20:26:28 From Sam Ben : oh gosh, sending much love to you all, please enjoy your time together as a family and look after yourselves and each other too x
20:26:34 From rachael london : That’s such a lot to hold, especially when the retreat is coming up. Is there anything you need from us who are going l? X
20:26:54 From Lisa To All Panelists : Your both amazing !!💕💕
20:26:55 From kathycar : Hugs to you Jason, thinking of you, goodnight to you both & thanks
20:26:57 From Ann : Love, healing and light to you both. Thank you for today, take care. ❤️🙏🕊
20:27:01 From alysonpowell : so. much love coming your way.🤗
20:27:06 From Pamela Breeze : You are both beautiful souls thank you