Here's the recording of our March 2022 Coaching Call. Below is the transcript of the chat.

Here the questions and timings of our response.

1. 01.23 - The question is around interpreting the significance of guides versus power animals in a journey.

My question came up as a result of Nicola's interpretation of my journey at Feb's circle. I'd shared that Bear had joined me and Jason's Wolf. Nichola was good enough to share the message of Bear as a guide. Bear has confirmed itself as my power animal and is very rarely not with me on a journey. 

Message of Bear would still be the same. How does that change the reading of a particular journey? 

As Bear is my PA I donate to the WWF under their adopt a polar bear scheme. As such I regularly get updates and images of polar bears sent to me. I might also have a duvet cover bedecked with polar bear images. It builds my connection with Bear, though does make me question if I'm recalling images or experiencing the spirit world. Rob.

2. 07.01 - Could you please explain the theory/story behind the worlds (lower, upper and middle)? Why are the layers structured as they are and why are the beings linked to the worlds as they are? What are the main ideas behind this, for example why would spirit animals reside in the Lower world and not in the Upper world?

The worlds don't seem to be a divided into good and bad, although there seem to be conceptual similarities between Upper world and for example Heaven in Christianity, but none between Lower world and Hell? Are there any good books about all the different beings and the worlds please? Kay.

Book - An Carow Gwynn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith by Robin Artisson
Book - Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality by Michael Harner 

3. 16:26 - In the Mystery School there is helpful information on Tree Spirit Medicine and Animal Spirit Medicine - but might there be relevance to Places and their possible Spirits (cave, ruin, tower, standing stone, castle etc) I seem to find places on journeys rather than animals or trees, sometimes with shadowy beings in the places. Marg.

Book - Working with Nature Spirits, Dr William Bloom

Book - Power of Place: Sacred Ground in Natural & Human Environments by James A. Swan

Journey Circle about focus: Reclaim Your Attention. Click here to access. You can also read our related blog here: Attention!

4. 27:32 - My question is about bad omens and if there is any way of averting or lessening their effect. My mother heard glass shatter behind her and it seemed to mark her decent into dementia. We tried to persuade her it was just imagination but I could tell she wasn't convinced. Can their effects be averted or are they inevitable? Carol.

5a. 33:31 -  On a recent (Animal Course) journey I did, I noticed that Jason suggested my companion animal was on my left hand side. Is there a particular reason for being on the left? Annie.

5.b 36:03 - Following the Wheel of the Year course, the energies for the various celebrations are often very recognisable, potent and palpable, but for work between the sabbat points, should you look ahead to the next or stick to working with the sabbat just gone? At what point should you change your emphasis? How would you recognize it and move on? Annie

6. 42:57 -  I've recently started studying again after a break of many years, decades, with the Open University. I've tried journeying but rarely get any results. Any advice please, thank you. I hope you are all feeling much better. Kay.

Shamanic Journey Trouble Shooting Guide. Click here to access.
Shamanic Journey foundation course. Click here to access.

7a) 49:08 - I did a Lowerworld journey during which I noticed a sinister laughing presence, and afterwards this left me with a lingering unsettled/anxious feeling. My guides in the journey suggested that I have a darkness hanging over me that I may want to journey again to face one day.  In this journey and also in an Upperworld journey I did later, I also encountered beings that (after some internet searching) led me to the figure of Baba Yaga, which again felt like quite a sinister, dangerous presence – though my spirit teacher told me that they were not malevolent but rather simply mischievous. I want to work more with this, and have some ideas for how to do this safely (e.g. I want to do a Powerstack and other spiritual protection-related practices), and I may journey to blackthorn for this work because I received a blackthorn Ogham stick during a ritual and I think blackthorn energy may be apt (i.e. releasing negative energy), and because I have recently (today in fact!) managed to find some blackthorn trees near where I live.

So my question is: do you have any other guidance or advice on working with this kind of energy/encounter from a journey – i.e. a dark, sinister laughing presence, and beings that were smiling in a sinister way (but who are perhaps more mischievous than malevolent)? I feel a bit nervous about journeying for this, so I appreciate any other guidance you can offer. Josie.

7b) 57:19 - I was watching the January coaching call video and I noted that Nicola mentioned something about doing a Soul Exchange with an old job (as opposed to with a previous relationship with a person). I left my old career last year but I feel like it is still with me, still dictating how I behave and think even though I left some time ago now, so I think this would be a good practice to do. Do you have any guidance for doing a Soul Exchange with the entity that is a former career/job specifically, as opposed to doing this with a previous human relationship? How could I visualise or conceptualise the entity when I do this practice? Josie.


Dark goddess question in December 2021 Coaching Call. Click here to access (Question 7).

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8. 1:03:34 - I have never been able to journey on the drum – the insistent beat seems to put me in a state of mild panic. I was drawn to shamanic practice five years ago and went to introductory days but always found my attention riveted on the drumbeat like a rabbit in headlights. It's much better since I discovered The Way of the Buzzard online and so can turn the volume of the drumbeat right down. Have you ever come across this before? Helen

9. 1:08:05 - Following on from the earlier question on the three worlds, specifically the Lowerworld, is it normal for the vision of the lower world that we develop for journeying to appear at other times? For example when I am having some quiet time or meditating I often find myself “in” my Lowerworld just sitting in the woodland cleaning there seeing all the usual characteristics I see in journeys. At times I even notice images of my guides from my journeys. Steve

Transcript of the chat

18:58:51 From Steve W : Good evening one and all. Topcliffe checking in. 🙏
18:59:03 From Ali Broughton : Hi Ali from Norfolk here, hello everyone! x
18:59:08 From Rachel : hello from near Sherwood Forest!
18:59:09 From fae : Evening,all, fae from Wesham 🙂
18:59:10 From Alison Gaffney : Hi from South London - great to see you 🥰
18:59:13 From alysonpowell : Good evening. Form South Wales . Lovely to be here.
18:59:23 From Flora : Good evening from Stockport
18:59:25 From Rachel Hawkes : Evening all
18:59:25 From Geraldine Gillain To All Panelists : Hi Geraldine from Denham Bucks
18:59:27 From Sam Ben : Hello from Nottinghamshire ❤
18:59:30 From Annie : Good evening to your all, from Annie in Norfolk
18:59:34 From heather thomas : Hi Everyone its heather from Hanbury in Worcestershire🙂
18:59:37 From Mandy Payne : Hello from Mandy in Twickenham!
18:59:44 From Di To All Panelists : Hi from Welshpool, Mid Wales 🍷
18:59:45 From jayne powell : Hello from Stoke
18:59:50 From Katrin Grisby : Evening from Katrin in Lincoln
18:59:57 From Mandy : Mandy from Weymouth
19:00:08 From Shelly : HI all, lovely to be here. Shelly
19:00:20 From Fiona Keane : hellooo from Worcester! my first live in a coupla months!
19:00:32 From Red : Hi from Portsmouth
19:00:55 From Di : Hi from Di in Welshpool, Mid Wales 🍷
19:01:41 From Alison Gaffney : You are making me laugh !
19:01:52 From Kay : Hello from Oldham x
19:01:53 From Jude Shaw To All Panelists : Jude Southampton, live this time. hooray.
19:01:55 From Heidi Cooper : Hi everyone 👋🏼 xx
19:01:57 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Hi from South London to one and all- good to be back in the community- great to see you looking well Nicola and Jason hope you're getting back to normal 💙 x
19:02:20 From Fiona Keane : taking requests😅😂
19:02:43 From david To All Panelists : Hi from Birmingham! 🙂
19:03:17 From Linda Holt : Good evening everyone from Littleborough, Lancashire. xx
19:03:21 From Alison Gaffney : You are coming from the heart and that’s all that matters❤️
19:03:22 From Rachel Hawkes : Fantastic! Cant wait
19:03:29 From Belinda Fullelove : Evening everyone! Greetings from County Durham. Hope everyone is doing okay in these still turbulent times. My heart was lifted today by a beautiful short clip of a Ukrainian soldier having a tiny bird (blue tit or a finch I think?) land near his face and giving him 'beak kisses'..! So utterly joyful. Maybe in his military camouflage the bird thought he was a tree, or maybe nature knew he needed a joyful visitation! 💛🐦
19:03:31 From Annie : Yeah! looking forward to the new drum course
19:03:35 From Fiona Keane : 💗
19:03:35 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : hope the light of the spring keeps healing you xx
19:04:08 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone!
19:04:14 From Fiona Keane : hi Tina!
19:04:15 From Gaynor : evening all from Kent
19:04:38 From Jules : Hi all
19:04:48 From maureen : Hi everyone from Maureen in Manchester
19:07:23 From Jules : Paw
19:07:39 From Jules : 😀😀
19:07:49 From Patsy Watten : Pawing the ground 🙂
19:08:59 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Hi I am holidaying in Clitheroe at present. Enjoyed a meditation around the Labyrinth at The Castle, as mentioned on the last Coaching Call in February. Was lovely.
19:09:09 From Sam Ben : memory and concentration are a challenge for a while after covid, be gentle with yourself though, you are both doing amazingly well! ❤
19:16:49 From Cornwall UK : Grt book
19:19:54 From Fiona Keane : psychologicly, subconscious, conscious and superconscious, perhaps
19:20:06 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : If I intend to go to the lower world but I am supposed to go to the upper world, then a bird such as golden eagle will come and grab me with its talons and fly of with me to the upper world instead. No messing!
19:20:07 From Kay To All Panelists : Thank you so much for all this information.
19:21:47 From Miranda : Yes. great book
19:22:01 From Fiona Keane : been meaning to read that for years!
19:22:21 From maureen : Yes me too
19:22:42 From Fiona Keane : yes same here😅
19:23:51 From Patsy Watten : I daren't buy any more books, I have so many waiting to be read 🙂
19:24:17 From Fiona Keane : funnily that An Carow Gwynn by Robon Artisson you mention3d, read a kindle sample t'other day... a d his Hollow Hill one...deep stuff
19:24:31 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : There seems to be a light intermittently flashing, can see it on the wall behind you. Not a biggie. Might be a reflection.
19:25:19 From Alison Gaffney : I think if you’re out in the landscape painting or taking photos you somehow connect and the spirit of place comes through your creative work
19:25:24 From Cornwall UK : Power Place is powerful
19:26:37 From Gill Dunkerley : I thought you were in a disco!
19:27:27 From Flora : it's probably the electric light mine does the same when I am on a camera on zoom
19:28:20 From Gill Dunkerley : There’s so much peace in reading a book
19:29:30 From Patsy Watten : Thank you Nicola, great idea. Bookshelves are full, heaps on the floor now too 🙂
19:29:51 From Fiona Keane : Cool
19:30:40 From Cornwall UK : put up both wants list would be nice 4 b/dats 🙂
19:30:43 From Cornwall UK : days
19:33:19 From Fiona Keane : really good to be remind3d of that
19:33:40 From Miranda : So important. Change is possible.
19:34:03 From Cornwall UK : Choice in every moment
19:38:04 From Carol Atkins : Thank you Jason. Yes your answere was very helpful.
19:39:15 From Annie : Ahh! I understand. That makes sense. Thank you
19:39:15 From Gaynor : my wolf companion is always on my right ☺️ so I stick with that
19:41:08 From Lisa Morgan : I like to do the Wheel of the Year Sabbat lessons and make my plans two or three weeks before
19:41:35 From Jules : That's exactly what they would have done in ancient times isn't it?
19:41:59 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Definitely moving to the equinox
19:42:39 From Jules : And dependant on what part of the UK you are too?
19:43:05 From Annie : Yes, that also makes lots of sense also. I would agree, it feels more Equinox now. Thank you. A great help
19:43:18 From deb : My energies completely changed this weekend-it was like a switch!
19:44:20 From Lisa Morgan : Haha! Thank you for my gold star x
19:57:32 From Alison Gaffney : I have to leave early, but really wanted to come for the live coaching call🙏thank you so much to everyone for the wonderful questions and to Nicola and Jason for all you do - and take good care🥰🌳
19:59:33 From Fiona Keane : Blue! ×
20:02:46 From Cornwall UK : Yes its needed to anchor you
20:06:31 From Geraldine Gillain To All Panelists : come back tomorrow and listen to replay
20:06:50 From j : Thank you Nicola and Jason!
20:09:04 From Sheila Craig : I have just changed from headphones to noise suppressing earpiece which has helped me x
20:09:19 From Rachel : I have a teeth rattling experience to rattles!
20:09:52 From Rod & Diane : I sometimes focus more on the counter beats or echos, the voices.
20:10:19 From Rachel : i have one made with y stick and sea shells. very gentle.
20:11:09 From Helen : Thank you Jason and Nicola and everyone who has made suggestions
20:11:11 From heather thomas : I' m sorry, but I have to go now. Very good coaching call. Thank you both & hope to see you soon. Bye for now to you all. xx
20:12:36 From Miranda : Blue looking so relaxed. He must be in alpha!
20:13:03 From Steve W : Thanks guys. I find it very reassuring when it happens outside journeying
20:14:13 From Fiona Keane : If Josie is here or watching the recording, the dark goddess theme came up in last December's coaching call when I asked about a disconcerting dark queen (think Snow White's evil step-mum or Malficent in understated purple) I encountered in a journey, who says to me that she is my mother..! Very helpful😎 An ongoing work am only really starting to consciously work with💜
20:14:19 From Cornwall UK : giving you both love
20:14:24 From Rachel : chicken envy!
20:14:27 From Cornwall UK : and healing
20:14:31 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Love alpha zone - so comfortable. Spent my childhood “daydreaming” but was trance state. Assisted me to escape from school lessons and situations I could not cope with.
20:14:33 From Belinda Fullelove : Blue is trying to heal you after covid 🐾
20:14:54 From Gaynor : Blue is lovely, always great to see him😍
20:14:55 From Lisa Morgan : I love to see Blue! How old is he?
20:15:15 From Fiona Keane : 💖💜
20:15:20 From j : Thank you Fiona 🙂
20:15:26 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Dark Goddess taps into the Shadow side of us
20:15:30 From Jules : Animals know if you're in need of healing and comfort
20:15:40 From Cornwall UK : Yes
20:15:44 From Lisa Morgan : Ooh great age...he is looking fab!
20:16:07 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : If you two are ill, he will feel vulnerable.
20:16:40 From Katie Robinson : My friends' cat chooses between them depending on who us most in need of cat warmth!
20:16:53 From iain bell : QA Hello Jasson/Nicola really glad you are both healing after Covid was wondering Jasson re Healing Drum video and when will be out plz
20:17:06 From Belinda Fullelove : There's been research showing the frequency of a cat's purr can speed up healing of broken bones, probably same applies to any other issue. Mine are always close if I'm ill or upset
20:17:11 From Katie Robinson : Thank you both.
20:17:12 From fae : Great questions tonight, thank you everyone, Jason, Nicola, Blue & Tina xx
20:17:16 From Rachel Hawkes : Thanks so much
20:17:17 From Rod & Diane : Thank you, take care of yourselves and each other
20:17:21 From Heidi Cooper : Lovely evening as always, thank you x
20:17:21 From Kay : Thank you so much.
20:17:26 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you x
20:17:28 From Ali Broughton : Thank you, lovely evening x
20:17:28 From david : Thank you. xx
20:17:28 From Belinda Fullelove : Thanks both, thanks everyone! 💛
20:17:28 From Tina Burchill : you're welcome
20:17:33 From alysonpowell : Thank you so much. Keep looking after yourselves. Big hugs 💚
20:17:33 From Mandy : Thankyou x
20:17:36 From Flora : Thank you some interesting questions there good night xx
20:17:36 From Miranda : thank you
20:17:37 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you sooo much
20:17:37 From maureen : Thank you for a good evening goodnight xx
20:17:38 From Gaynor : Thank you both x
20:17:41 From sheila powell : Thank you both for a very informative evening (morning for me). Look forward to the next meeting. Sheila - California
20:17:41 From Sue Stone : thanks for another interesting evening
20:17:41 From Jules : Thanks everyone and Blue. Xx
20:17:42 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you 😊
20:17:44 From Sam Ben : Thank you so much, it's been brilliant as always! Sending much love and healing to you all. Lovely to see Blue too! x
20:17:44 From Steve W : Thanks everyone, great and informative as ever. 🙏💚
20:17:44 From Sheila Craig : thank you xx
20:17:46 From Cornwall UK : thank you guys ..grt
20:17:47 From Tina Burchill : There were a few gremlins at my end tonight x
20:17:48 From Lynn : Thanks x
20:17:49 From Annie : Thank you. It was a great evening.
20:17:51 From Wendy : Thank you both so much 🙏 xx
20:17:53 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Thank you so much. Love these calls when I can get on live. And enjoy the replays when I cannot get on live. It works really well. Susie
20:17:56 From Patsy Watten : Thank you, hope you get well soon Nicola 🙂 xx
20:18:03 From jayne powell : Thank you for another interesting evening
20:18:11 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : It is wonderful. Pendle Hill today too
20:18:12 From kathycar : Thank you both take care all, see you soon xx
20:18:12 From Carol Atkins : Thank you x
20:18:16 From iain bell : QA Hello Jasson/Nicola really glad you are both healing after Covid was wondering Jasson re Healing Drum video and when will be out plz
20:18:36 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Windy and Jason is quite right
20:18:37 From Susan's S10 : goodnight x interesting evening
20:18:51 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : It's been really interesting listening to all the questions and answers this evening while I cook- many thanks to all - take care all💜 xxx
20:19:46 From Tina Burchill : Bye x
20:19:53 From Fiona Keane : 😸