Here's the recording of the November coaching call. The transcript of the chat is below.

The questions and resources are as follows:

1. 01:12 Valerie: Recently, I have felt a little trepidatious about journeying because my experiences are so intense. The most recent experience of journeying to meet my spirit guide was no less so. At the top-most point of the ladder, when I encountered Tawny Owl, he stepped onto my shoulder and off we went over the peach blushed clouds. Suddenly we were plunged into darkness, and I felt so afraid, so empty, but Tawny Owl reassured me and urged me on.

Just as quickly, the darkness disappeared and I was faced with the chalky landscape of the South Downs. I followed a familiar path but the difference was that I could see caves in the chalk. I felt drawn to a particular cave, but even so, I almost passed it by until Tawny Owl encouraged me. On entering the cave, I saw a bear, but in fact it was an old woman wearing a bear skin and she told me she was Healing Bear Mother. 
We had an intense exchange as she patiently answered my questions about how I no longer felt that I could be a healer after being so sick. Her answers were so reassuring and kind that by the time I returned from the journey my face was wet with tears and I was heaving with sobs. I immediately put her name into a search engine and discovered an incredible blog called Way of the Wild Heart that had a detailed article about Sacred Bear Mother...I was bowled over...

My question is this: the self that Mother Bear revealed to me seems so at odds with the self in this plane of reality, how do I go about narrowing the gap between them? Do you have any advice about how to pursue this? 

2. 05:16 Jill: I'm wondering whether the message from an animal encountered out in nature is the same whether it's alive or dead? In the Animal Spirit Medicine course, Jason says that a body part, such as a wing or a tail carries the same message as the living animal, which suggests that so does a corpse  But somewhere I've also heard him say that fallen or dead twigs don't carry the energy of a tree, so aren't suitable for use as Ogham staves. So I'm a bit confused! Could you clarify please.

3. 10:22 Sue: As a little girl I used to go to sleep trying to find the edges of the universe and the beginning and end of time, and would wake after a good night's sleep the next morning not having reached either! This idea wasn't suggested to me by anyone, and it never occurred to me it might be a rather strange way of getting to sleep,  and to date (now in my 60s) I have only found one other person who also did this (someone on a shamanic course before I joined WoB)! 

Since following the shamanic path I have understood that in the spirit world there is no linear time or demarcated space as we experience it as humans living on this planet. This seems to have come up now because of Samhain and ancestors who we think of as in the past. Not so much a question, but I am curious about the concepts of time and space in relation to shamanic practice and the spirit world - and would love to hear different perspectives on this.


4. 24:06 Karen: I have a question that keeps puzzling me - how do we know or decide if we need to journey to the upperworld or the lower world? Is it to connect with different guides and to answer different kinds of questions?


  • Module 4 Journey Foundation Course, lessons 1 & 2. Click here to access.

5. 30:06 Jacky: My question to Nicola and Jason is in regard to our own animal spirits. Do we have a lot of animal spirits that are our guardians and helpers and do they appear when they feel we need direction and reassurance?  


  • Animal Spirit Guide Course, Module 1, lesson 3. Click here to access.

6. 32.54 Iain: I have designed a cleansing ceremony. Please can you look at my transcript and let me know what you think?

7. 34.45 Gina: Are you able to marry someone in the spirit world?

8. 41:02Julie:  Newbie journeying question here. How do you know that your experience is meaningful and genuine or just something you've made up? I'm trying to go with it and just have the experience and treat it as valid but I do wonder if I am just making it up. if I try to stand back and be passive I usually fall asleep but then I worry I'm searching and constructing too much rather than letting it happen. 


  • Shamanic Journeying Trouble Shooting Guide. Click here to access.

9. 45:45 Nicky: I am a total beginner.I lost my Mum 5 weeks ago. when i walk close to her photo in my kitchen i hear bells. I really want to believe it is her. Do you think it could be? 

10. 48:05 Fiona: I am feeling a little reticent about journeying. Am I light enough to make the leap safely?  I am wondering if there were any journey circles in the library or other resources to help me feel confident in myself.


  • Journey Foundation course, Module 1 (click here) and Module 2 (click here). 
  • Journey Circle replay: Working with Self Worth. Click here to access.
  • Journey Circle replay: The Crucible of Solutions. Click here to access.
  • Journey Circle replay: Working with our Ancestors. Click here to access.
  • Shamanic Journeying Trouble Shooting Guide. Click here to access.

11. 56:04 Ann: How often should we/I journey?

Transcript of the chat

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19:09:51 From Sandy : It happened for a reason Nicola x
19:19:27 From jill willis : yes, I'm here! Thank for the answer
19:21:19 From Tina Burchill : Dave says the book The Sacred and the Profane by Mircea can be found online as a free PDF
19:22:38 From Sandy Holt : That's interesting. I don't feel time as i should and when I’m walking in the woods I often feel I switch time zones. Time is man made. If you think of the universe things are happening in parallel time zones. sometimes I don't feel in this world…even when I'm grounded. I feel as if I shift. So I have a really odd concept of time.
19:28:38 From Sandy Holt : Time has also stood still for me as well as what i just said. It's all difficult to expalin in words.
19:32:07 From lesley gerrard : Yes Sandy. I feel that too.
19:32:41 From sue parlby : Even more food for thought! - thanktyou
19:33:52 From Sandy Holt : #Lesley Gerrard, yes and if you try to tell anyone about it they think you are bonkers! xx
19:34:44 From lesley gerrard : Indeed Best to say nothing and just enjoy it. x
19:35:16 From Sandy Holt : Exactly! x
19:38:15 From Karen Francis : that's brilliant! thank you both. I cant remember if I've done Module 4- but if so I've forgotten, so will do a refresher 🙂
19:40:47 From jaCKy fridlington : Thankyou very much x
19:43:22 From Colette : If Iain feels the clearing work is effective, I would love to see the plan and wording in the Facebook group so I could use it also as I need to do more clearing work )0(
19:46:49 From Sandy Holt : Can you be tricked into a contract by picking something up in the woods. I ofeten feel I've been given a gift and I need to pick it up …I just say thank you. But could I have inadvwertantly made a contract? x
19:48:05 From iain bell : Hello Jason and Nicola Thank you for you kind Words Jason and Nicola I feel so happy and fulled and a huge confidence boost that you both feel my Cermony Is writing so well and I hope to hold my Cermony soon another question with regards this Jason last coaching call you mentioned about a Moon phase that could. do Cermony in please explain!!!???
19:49:21 From Karen Francis : aha, just checked- I'm on module 3, so looking fwd to the next part of the Shamanic Journeying course
19:51:56 From iain bell : Also I feel I need to buy my Highland Dirk to use for casting my protection circule Jason Nicola and Tribe could you help with shops could buy videos that I can follow to make my own contacted a blacksmith locally need to follow up on this!!!???
19:53:00 From Julie : thanks guys that's v encouraging x
19:53:09 From Tina Burchill : it was Julie
19:53:54 From Nicky Robinson : Thank you so much. xx
19:55:05 From Sandy Holt : Iain Bell - there is a selection of small businesses selling them on Etsy may be worth seeing if you feel authenticity and a connection to any of them. BTW excuse all the typos in my posts - I've got the wrong lenses in!
19:57:14 From Julie : I had a run down smoke detector spring back to life and start crackling and beeping after my Mum died. i was convinced it was my mum and I carried it everywhere for a while 😃
19:57:45 From iain bell : Hello Colette would be happy to do so Colette I may ask Jason and Nicola to shear for me as I am unsure if Jason and Nicola and Tina changeed the my writing so it makes sense as I'm not very good with English!!!

also I am thinking if I feel comfortable to shear the ceremony in Facebook chat I wounder if should pvt Message you Collette with the link or I wounder I'f Jason and Nicola could uploaded the Ceremony theme work on to the Mystery school platform Jason Nicola please help the two questions here please!!!???
19:58:29 From Tina Burchill To iain bell and All Panelists : I didn't change anything in your writing
19:58:43 From Sandy Holt : Iain sorry realised I have mis read your note and you are making your own - many apologies. Told you my lenses are duff!
19:59:40 From Colette : That would be marvellous Iain as long as you are comfortable with sharing.
20:00:37 From iain bell : Hello Tina thank you Tina for your message re not changing anything and the confidence you have just Tina on this point Thank you!!!
20:01:54 From iain bell : hello Sandy No I am thinking of maybe making on Sandy but unsure how to do so and thank for the Esty idea I did look here but didn't find to many or any that I felt connected to!!!
20:04:19 From Fiona Merritt : Thank you, Nicola and Jason, I do think I lack confidence In myself. Your ancestor book is resonating with me and I feel I have an ancestor pattern on fear of the dark and my shadow side. Your suggestions on the journey circles have been really spot on for me.
20:07:18 From Fiona Merritt : … and perhaps I feel unworthy of their attention.
20:08:11 From Fiona Merritt : Thank you for opening up this discussion. It is opening my mind to new ideas and new insights.
20:11:05 From Rachel h : New moon for intentions. Full moon for release.
20:11:49 From Ann : Thank you that was helpful. I come from quite a strict catholic upbringing and have experienced some fear and questioning in regards to Shamanic journeying. Have always had Spirit guides and
Animal guides since being a young child but didn’t talk about them until my 40’s when I met people who were open to this.
20:13:53 From Rod & Diane : If it helps re fear, I carried various things around with me for years, difficult heavy stuff which I was too afraid to face and tackle. When I finally did some of the stuff was just as simple as following what the spirit guide said to do and it was cleared…I had imagined it would be awful and long and painful and difficult to work through but actually it was the hanging on to it all that was painful. The release process was so much faster simpler and lighter than I could ever have imagined. The fear we create around stuff is often far worse than what we need to pass through to clear it. Hope that helps x
20:14:46 From Sandy Holt : This full moon is particularly good for huge change…starting afresh and leaving behind things that no longer serve you. Being brave and taking a risk in making a change. its a very, very powerful full moon. It's actually made me want to cleanse everything and look at those special things that I can't live without and releasing a lot of other stuff.
20:15:51 From Ann : Wonderful group and community, I feel peace whenever with yourselves.
20:16:08 From iain bell : Hello Jason so from Now onwards as Moon starts to disappear so I will contact the Blacksmith again or I will buy one on Esty will have another look so I have 14 Days to do this I will now move to Fruition stage and will keep everyone posted and feel what saying letting go Jason!!
20:16:30 From Fiona Merritt : Thank you Rod and Diane and Ann. It's good to know I am not on my own feeling like this.
20:16:45 From kathycar : Yesterdays full moon was an eclipse in the sign of Taurus, very powerful
20:17:17 From Sandy Holt : yes lovely group and lovely Nicola and Jason and Tina!!! and lovely all of you xxx
20:17:31 From Sandy Holt : and Bluexx
20:18:01 From Nicky Robinson : Thanks everyone. Lovely to be with you on my first event. xx
20:18:08 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, very interesting again! Have a great evening you all. xx
20:18:09 From alysonpowell : Thank you everyone. Go well and take care. XX
20:18:12 From Miranda : Thank you so much. ☺️
20:18:18 From Pam Butterfield : I a, a
20:18:22 From rachael in London with -‍⬛&- : Thank you both, Tina and all those present today and on the replay x
20:18:23 From Tracey Woodley : Thank you for all your questions & answers, really interesting & enjoyable : )
20:18:25 From Brenda : Lovely interesting questions - many thx xx
20:18:27 From Rachel h : Thank you everyone
20:18:32 From Jayne : Thank you everyone. Go well xx
20:18:39 From Elizabeth Lee : Thank you! Goodnight!
20:18:39 From Mandy : Thankyou 🌞
20:18:41 From Tina Burchill : you're welcome
20:18:45 From Fiona Merritt : Thank you everyone. I feel so help by my new community.
20:18:46 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks to all
20:18:47 From kathycar : Grest evening once again, thank you, many thanks 🙏🙏
20:18:47 From Karen : Thank you
20:18:48 From maureen : Thanks everyone x
20:18:49 From Ann : Thank you
20:18:49 From iain bell : Really Really Really Really looking forward to Holding my Clearing Cermony but also Nervous to do so but feel it's Now or Never!!!
20:18:50 From Steve W : Thanks Jason and Nicola and all the tribe for another great session. Love, light, learning. Steven
20:18:51 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thank you Nicola, Jason and to everyone for a most interesting evening again
20:18:59 From Rob Pearson : thank you