Here's the recording of our October coaching call. The transcript of the chat is below.

1. 0.42 Carolyn. This is a question about power animals.  I’ve had a breakthrough with journeying and I went to meet my power animal and had 2 companions join me, a tawny owl and a fox. I think I met my power animal, this animal came to me in 2 forms from earth and water and told me to stop resisting and acknowledge that I have met my power animal. It makes sense to me that it is what it is but I still find myself questioning as I have spent my whole life trying to be the opposite. I’m not sure of the etiquette around sharing who I met or even if there is an etiquette. But oddly my approach to learning in the mystery school reflects this animal instinctively, so why am finding that I am still resisting? 


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2. 11:10 Rob: I enjoyed listening to Jason cover anamisim, shamanism, North American traditions, European and Asian traditions, our level, Jason's level, shamanic practitioner level and shamans on Saturday at the 10 year celebration. I will listen again but would also love to hear more on that topic. 


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  • Author Nicholas Breeze Wood. Click here for more information.


3. 18:40 Rob: On a recent self-led journey, when I appeared in my wood to approach my axis mundi, I sensed and saw a presence in human form watching me. This form had a red and black face which I couldn't see too closely. Wasn't sure it if was just the light, face paint, a mask or visor of a helmet. It tends to be dark in my wood when I start my journeys as it is dark IRL at the time I'm starting my journey. I wasn't sure of the intent of this presence. I wasn't comfortable with it (he?) being there, watching me, following me or damaging my axis mundi in a way that would damage a tree I love or hinder my future journeys. I rushed to my AM without looking back at it. A tawny owl met me at the tree and watched out behind me to ensure I wasn't being followed. Once down in the lower world met with Wolf and my power animal (Bear) that reassured me that I would be ok. I am still curious about what it /he/she/they were. I'm wondering if it's something middle world? 

I had the day before been led on a visual meditation to a sacred place and the narrator had invited in ancestors and guides. A slim male had turned up along with a huge stag and my power animal. I didn't get a good look at this male but figured he'd not get far with anything malicious with Stag and Bear to contend with. 

Nearly two years into my journeys and haven't yet made contact with a human ancestor. Best I've had was a sense of a friendly group being about. Feeling a bit suspicious about this presence. Have had a non-shamanic clairvoyant tell me before I started this shamanic journey that she sensed 6 human guides around me, one called Nathan. I figure these are middle world spirits. Any thoughts? 


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4. 26:00 Mary: I have a question about some similar experiences I've had the last few times I've journeyed. 

As I approach a 'transition point', usually entering whatever realm but recently at the start of my axis mundi, I've been approached or attacked by a sudden presence of a human man in different forms (though most often like a viking warrior). Each time he's been immediately fought off and banished by my familiar human spirit guide, and sometimes with the help of animal guides. It's almost as if the fight is between them, with this male trying to get to me but my guides 'ready for him'.

My other sense, which might sound strange, is that this is someone who was angry with me in a previous life and doesn't realise I'm not that person anymore. In fact, if it doesn't sound too arrogant, it's like I was a shaman before and they found me again in the spiritual realms and they're angry about something I did there or then.

I don't feel particularly at risk from this as it feels like it's not really to do with me now, but any thoughts would be welcome as to whether I need to do something to change the situation.


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5. 37:12 Jane:  1. On the 4 guided journeys I have done so far, the places I find myself are invariably places from my childhood with very fond memories, before I became "disconnected" as it were.  How can I be sure I'm not just retrieving these from memory, and in effect, making it all up, because it’s a safe and happy place to be? 


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6. 39:35 Jane: Can you recommend any books on symbolism please?


  • Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts: The History and Graphic Function of Magic Symbols by Mark B. Jackson
  • Earth Alchemy: A Seasonal Guide to Healing our Relationship with the Earth by Glennie Kindred 
  • Rituals For Life: A Guide to creating meaningful rituals inspired by nature by Isla macleod and Luisa Rivera 
  • The Taschen Tarot 
  • The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images by Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism


7. 41.01 I am researching into my ancestors. I am drawn strongly to connecting with my ancestors. When is your book out Nicola?

  • It Didn't Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle by Mark Wolynn 
  • Post meeting note. Another good book is Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing by Daniel Foor

8. 45.39 Rod: I recently took part in a firewalking weekend and got talking to the instructor about our interests. I mentioned Shamanism and he said he took part in guided journeys with a group. He was interested in the idea of journeying to the three realms, Upper, Lower and Middle worlds as in his system you travelled to within yourself. We didn’t get chance to discuss this in any details but are you able to spread any light on this practice and is it something that you two do please?


  • Visual Magic: A Manual of Free Style Shamanism by Jan Fries 
  • Assgioli's egg diagram


9. 52.46 Michelle: I'd like to learn more about psycho pomping please, the energy of it, how to step into that energy and utilize it. I am a gridkeeper/ gatekeeper and I’d like to learn if I could use it to assist our beloved planet. l am a nurse working in elderly care and rehabilitation so I understand psycho pomping very well from a human perspective, I want to know how I may assist Gaia.

10. 59:52 Ursidia: I have had a lot of changes recently, all positive - a move, new job, new lodgers and basically a new life in a place many would envy! ( I moved to Glastonbury) I'm loving it, but I am very tired and I want to meet more people, I am not terribly sociable but I do like company - I have been told I am off putting! Who would be good to ask for advice - I often like to ask fox or arctic fox, but wondered if there was someone else? ( Not frog – I cannot bear them! )


  • Mystery School Animal Spirit Library - Bison and Rabbit
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie


11. 1:12:11 Lisa: I have been a mystery school member for quite some time and have done the journeying but don't seem to be having the same insights or meeting my spirit guide as other members. Do you have any tips or advice for me please?


  • Shamanic Journey Foundation Course - Journeying Trouble Shooting Guide. Click here to read. 

12. 1:17:20 Helen: Obviously I am very new to journeying, and as yet I haven’t done the animal spirit course. I have started the shamanic journey course. My question is really how do you know what are your animal/spirit guides? For example this is what happened to me on the journey on Saturday….

I was greeted by a young deer instead of the wolf. She has come to me before too, so is she my animal guide or companion? She took me to meet her family in a large field. I then saw a large very colourful cobra surrounded by black and then a huge whale swam over my head. Neither spoke back to me when I asked the intention. I was then in a beautiful cottage garden with a very sweet old lady, wearing a shawl and old fashioned cap, with a basket on her arms. She was collecting flowers. She asked me to sit on a nearby bench with her. She told me to be wary of the snake (or to be aware I think is probably what she meant). She told me her name and with regards the intention, she told me I knew deep down what to do. I thanked her and asked would I see her again. She said if I wanted to.

So is she my spirit guide? Or just some random person I happened to meet? Is the cobra and whale an animal guide or where they sending me a message and the deer is my animal spirit? I am loving the journeys, I think I am just lost with what happens after.


  • Animal Spirit Guide foundation course. Click here to access. 

13. 1:22:30 Ian: I am looking to see if you have any advice when you are met with a block when you come up against a message from your shamanic work that does not give you any deeper insight. For example I have been shown a cat's tongue twice now and I am struggling to interpret the message. What would be your approach. I have journeyed to the sign, however it fails to reveal any insight.


14. 1:28:15 Sue: I sometimes get a physical feeling of being much taller - when I’ve been doing spiritual work (journeying or being in nature) any thoughts about this? sense it is something to do with my soul or energetic body when it happens.

15. 1:30:05 Maureen: When I first started journeying 4 years ago a black panther was always with me, then after a while I did a journey to find out my power animal and a small grey haired monkey came and seemed really pleased that I’d finally found him. However, I haven’t seen the monkey since and the panther rarely comes. Usually I’m joined by a white wolf when I journey. I’m confused as to why the monkey introduced himself as my power animal but hasn’t joined me since.


  • Power Animal journey in Working with Animal Spirit Guides foundation course. Click here to access. 
  • Healing Drum mini-course - longer shamanic journeying track. Click here to access. 


Transcript of the chat

18:59:49 From Michelle Kidd : windy wonderful coloured leaves
19:00:03 From Melanie Brittain : The amount of acorns fallen off the oak trees!!
19:00:04 From Rod & Diane : First frost here in Cumbria the other day
19:00:05 From Xenia Meinert : Hi everyone from windy Northern Germany! I hope everyone has a great evening.
19:00:06 From jackie kersley : I saw whooper swans arrive in north east Scotland.
19:00:09 From Carolyn : Good evening everyone, hope everyone has had a lovely day so far
19:00:27 From Ursidia : Evening everyone, Ursidia in Glastonbury.
19:00:29 From Steve W : Hi everyone, Topcliffe checking in. Yup nights are much colder now!
19:00:34 From Miranda : I saw two dear little squirrels playing chase up a pine tree both carrying walnuts. So lovely!
19:00:36 From Helen Greenhalgh : Hello everyone from Bolton!
19:00:43 From Alison Gaffney : Great to be here - Alison in South London
19:00:45 From Claire Stone : Good evening. Just been outside to watch the bats! (In Slough)
19:00:48 From alysonpowell : Good evening. Beautiful Robin song in the morning and evening.
19:00:52 From Kathy : Hi Kathy here from Petersfield, five chatty magpies arguing in the rowan tree
19:00:54 From Rob and Kalmar : Greetings to all from Rob and a disorientated Kalmar Cat in Trowse, Norwich
19:00:58 From Michelle Kidd : yes crunching down my path, activating so many acorns, dew in the morning
19:01:03 From Rod & Diane : And I’ve got my winter tyres ready 🤣
19:01:15 From Mandy Storey To All Panelists : Hi from Mandy in Weymouth
19:01:16 From Ann : Hi everyone, Ann from Glasgow. Rowan tree looks beautiful. Saw two owls in park in a tree, very difficult to take a phot due to feather camouflage.
19:01:25 From Beverley Thornton : Evening from Bradford - Hello! Jays are back on my feeder! <3
19:01:31 From Xenia Meinert : Yesterday I was in our local park with a friend (English landscape park style), full of oaks - lots of acorns.
19:01:32 From Rachael Halliday : Milder here in London since I put my winter duvet in yesterday!!!!!
19:01:46 From Anne : Hi from Sue and Anne from Morecambe
19:02:00 From Rob and Kalmar : She's been falling over. Took her to the vet today- might be ear invection. might be a stroke. She's got my lap as way of a fuss.
19:02:01 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke
19:02:03 From Michelle Kidd : dew on the grass ion a morning
19:02:08 From maureen : Hi everyone from Manchester
19:02:12 From Gaynor : Evening all from Kent
19:02:26 From Victoria : Hello from Victoria and Pippa the dog in Preston. It's been a nice day here.
19:02:42 From Ursidia : Me!
19:02:46 From Kathy : Me
19:02:47 From Ann : Me.
19:02:56 From lesley gerrard : Lesley up in Scotland. Blowing a hoolie up here!
19:02:57 From Kathy : Me
19:03:03 From Miranda : I have put mine on whenever I do my washing. But today has v
19:03:18 From Miranda : very lovely so no need!
19:03:26 From Tina Burchill : Ours is on, live on Dartmoor in a granite house
19:03:56 From Michelle Kidd : after all the scare stories about energy bills my provider said my bill will raise by 5 p
19:04:11 From Miranda : Chomp away!
19:04:11 From Steve W : Here in Yorkshire we don’t put the heating on - we just get an extra cardi! 😀
19:05:02 From Gill Dunkerley : hello all, lovely to be amongst you again. My winter duvet is on as is the heating. And I am permanently under a blanket as I'm always chilly!
19:05:02 From Ann To All Panelists : Hi from The Chilterns - my first time on one of these calls
19:05:09 From sue parlby : Hi, Sue in Cambridge - a bit late sorry - all rugged up and tucking into some hot supper!
19:05:28 From lesley gerrard : Same here. Jumpers, blankets are the way to go!
19:06:17 From Michelle Kidd : electric blankets 💖💖💖
19:08:47 From Rachael Halliday : Sending gratitude to your guide and respecting his desire for anonymity
19:08:48 From Michelle Kidd : mysterious
19:09:37 From Rob and Kalmar : I tend not to share my power animal. It's a habit I got into as way of testing the whole notion. Was thinking that a good practitioner would meet me and my power animal in their journeys
19:12:06 From Carolyn : I’m going to share my animal
19:12:33 From Carolyn : Tortoise (and Turtle)
19:12:47 From Rob and Kalmar : Powerful animal
19:12:49 From Ursidia : Happy to share more - arctic fox
19:13:47 From lesley gerrard : Just thinking of the tortoise and the hare tale. Tortoise wins the race.
19:14:07 From Rod & Diane : With spirit guides I also worry if this is right.
Lack of confidence in my ability/skill perhaps?
19:15:49 From Carolyn : Before I went to meet my power animal when I was doing the animism module I became Turtle, perhaps it was a sign
19:23:27 From Lisa To All Panelists : This is sooo helpful jason
19:24:21 From Lisa To All Panelists : Its good to get this practise in context historically
19:29:26 From Tina Burchill To Lisa and All Panelists : Hi Lisa, if you change the TO button to everyone, it means everyone can see your message. Otherwise only Nicola, Jason and me see it.
19:31:04 From Rob and Kalmar : thank you
19:39:11 From Rob and Kalmar : I have had cross wires on a journey the evening after a cinema trip where there was a trailer for Jurassic park - I kept getting dinosaurs. I cut my loses on that evening and gave up. Didn't have anything like that this time. Will ask my PA to introduce me to ancestor guides if indeed I'm ready yet to meet them.
19:40:19 From Mary : thank you, that's really helpful. today when I did the journey from Saturday night, there was no male figure. Instead of journeying I fell asleep and dreamt / saw a jaguar, which has appeared in three dreams recently. Today it was eating a sort of human form and gave me a message of strengthening my connection to source that seemed to imply the issue would stop.
19:40:20 From Pam Butterfield : fo
19:41:29 From Michelle Kidd : I ask for helpful ancestors only
19:42:52 From sue parlby : I always ask for helping spirits, whatever form they are in, when I journey
19:43:56 From Mary : thank you again, I'll give that a go. jaguar has been appearing with short messages, and recently just said, 'I would have words with you' - I think I'm getting the message to visit jaguar! 😁
19:44:28 From Pam Butterfield : I am being called strongly to contact my ancestors. I a, researching this, when is you book out Nicola, am
19:45:11 From Pam Butterfield : I am trying to research
19:46:47 From kate : Glennie Kindred covers basic symbols in Earth Alchemy
19:46:48 From Rachael Halliday : Slight tangent Rituals For Life by Isla macleod has just been published and looks good
19:47:01 From Miranda : The Taschen Tarot is a lovely book on the Tarot. It is full of amazing symbolism.
19:47:26 From Rachael Halliday : Did you get another locket on your way back Jason?!
19:48:32 From sue parlby : The Book of Symbols (Refelctions on Archetypal Images - published by Taschen)) - it isn't shamanic but find it really helpful …
19:49:03 From lesley gerrard : Take a spoonful of honey, Jason.
19:50:44 From lesley gerrard : Granny knew all the best medicines.
19:51:21 From Miranda : This is just the cheerful therapy I need.
19:52:33 From Rob and Kalmar : Psychosynthesis - that's the school I'm looking to study with.
19:52:35 From kate : Going back to the subject of ancestor guides, I have met a guide but I feel she is a previous incarnation of me rather than an ancestor. What’s is your view of this. I trust her and know she is there to look after me.... and she exists before any trauma occurred in my past lineage if that makes sense.
19:52:51 From Rob and Kalmar : Asssgioli's egg diagram
19:53:04 From Rob and Kalmar : Assagioli
19:54:05 From Michelle Kidd : yes Kate I am my great grandmother reincarnated she was a village wise woman and is a very helpful guide
19:55:15 From Carolyn : Going to need a bigger bookcase! Or even better, donate my books and start over again
19:55:23 From Rod & Diane : Thank you 🙏
19:56:22 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : I have books on Psychosynthesis by Piero Ferucci and also Transpersonal Psychology which I’ll check out and put on FB
19:56:36 From Rachael Halliday : Perhaps you will live to 200
19:56:40 From Rob and Kalmar : I prefer physical. They have a nicer energy. I remember where in the book things are easier and I can write on them.
19:56:44 From maureen : Me too Nicola
19:56:58 From Pam Butterfield : yes. books, kindle all of them
19:58:47 From Michelle Kidd : I find Kaloba ( pelargonium sidoisides) helpful for colds
19:59:41 From Michelle Kidd : I m thinking around helping animals etc crossing over through storms etc
20:01:51 From Michelle Kidd : thank you I've been doing it naturally since I was a baby, however I'm open to courses
20:08:08 From Ursidia : It has happened quite a few times!
20:08:37 From lesley gerrard : Yes, agree. Telling you that you're offputing is incredibly rude.
20:09:48 From Michelle Kidd : I stare a lot as I'm reading people's energy field and people sometimes find it uncomfortable
20:09:52 From Miranda : I agree with Jason and Nicola. I get the impression you have friends in many communities.
20:10:02 From Alison Gaffney : I like things like book groups and workshops to get to know people and find kindred spirits
20:10:58 From Claire Stone : Just checked - it's 27p on Kindle!
20:11:20 From Alison Gaffney : Also volunteering and working in community gardens etc
20:12:35 From Pam Butterfield : I found myself rubbing against many people I knew. for years, I felt an outsider. UNTIL I found my tribe. and then I fitted in and it works. so maybe look for your tribe?
20:12:39 From Michelle Kidd : yes I'm in a gardening group, I find it easier to talk if were doing crafts etc
20:13:05 From Ursidia : My family are very sociable. I nave had ve been - although ~I have a lot of friends but they are scattered.I cannot bear small talk - apparently that is a problem!
20:14:14 From Ursidia : I shall do that, Nicola. Thank you!
20:14:21 From Carolyn : I work with volunteers, lots of friendships formed through gifting of time doing something that makes you happy
20:14:34 From lesley gerrard : You have friends Ursidia… US!
20:15:49 From Helen Greenhalgh : Enjoy Glastonbury Ursidia! It’s a place I would love to visit1
20:15:52 From Ursidia : I have indeed! Oh, person who told me I was off putting was a total stranger at an event. I did go to a retreat, but had to leave early as I felt out of place.
20:16:15 From Michelle Kidd : I do deep meaningful communication, Love it
20:17:01 From jackie kersley : I worked with special needs children for many years in school. We would spend one afternoon a week sitting around a table and making things, sometimes just playing and sorting beads and buttons. It was the best time, the conversations just evolved and many children shared thoughts that would never be spoken in other class situations. Busy hands led to relaxed minds and freedom to speak. Magic time,
20:17:32 From Michelle Kidd : sometimes we speak truth that others can find difficult
20:17:47 From Pam Butterfield : huge statement there, Jason, we ask people what they do to make monet, not what they love to make soul happiness
20:17:53 From Alison Gaffney : Love this Jackie - I had same experience working with children - magic🥰
20:19:30 From Lisa To All Panelists : I wonder what you both think i almost doubt myself as to if its all real or that i should be experiencing more?
20:20:23 From Lisa To All Panelists : I think the journal idea is a good idea i remember nicola saying that
20:20:52 From Lisa To All Panelists : This is resonating !! Everyone says to me is i never do nothing !
20:21:20 From Carolyn : The 20 minutes sitting under the tree on woodland wanderings doing nothing was wonderful, helped to empty my head
20:21:20 From Michelle Kidd : sometimes I journey and the information may not drop in for months, it's always perfectly timed
20:22:09 From Lisa To All Panelists : I do love trees and like being around them
20:23:05 From Ann : I think you already answered mine on second question, thank you.
20:28:17 From Helen Greenhalgh : Thank you both, that has helped
20:29:35 From Rob and Kalmar : Lions can apparently lick your flesh off you
20:30:18 From Michelle Kidd : maybe removing a layer Rob
20:31:00 From Rod & Diane : Removing, peeling back layers perhaps
20:31:05 From Miranda : The Phrase my Grandmother used to say is: 'Cat got your tongue'. Meaning why are you being silent about something.
20:31:15 From Beverley Thornton : Cats lick themselves to soothe themselves and to groom their babies. Something about self care?
20:31:16 From Julie : I thought of 'has the cat got your tongue?' Could be a red herring!
20:31:25 From Sandy Holt To All Panelists : The saying cat got your tongue springs to mind (randomly) so maybe it is something to do with you need to say something (maybe to someone) that you are not saying…speaking your truth.
20:32:04 From Ian : thank you. patience needed. I have been working on my childhood and suppressive elements that have hidden my treasures
20:32:18 From Sandy Holt : opps i just messaged panel not enryone
20:33:10 From Ann : Cats lick salt off skin from sweat, may relate to anxiety fear etc
20:34:58 From Michelle Kidd : me too Sue sometimes I feel bigger than my house, I believe I'm being shown my Higher self
20:35:04 From sue parlby : Yes, thankyou!!
20:35:29 From sue parlby : Michelle - I haven't got as big as a house!!
20:35:44 From lesley gerrard : Think Lewis Carroll was onto something.
20:35:56 From Michelle Kidd : yes. inhabiting our whole self Thank you Jason
20:36:58 From Michelle Kidd : well I live in a bungalow Sue 🙃
20:37:32 From sue parlby : 😅
20:38:47 From Tina Burchill : Barking up the wrong tree
20:38:47 From Rob and Kalmar : barking up the wrong tree?
20:40:07 From Rob and Kalmar : Most of my journey's these first two years have been with the intention of building relationship with my personal assistant (aka power animal)
20:40:10 From Michelle Kidd : this was So Fun 😅🙃🤣 Thank you Nicola, Jason and Everyone 💖
20:41:29 From Carolyn : Fascinating evening, so much insight and so much to learn, thank you both and to everyone here
20:41:31 From alysonpowell : What a brilliant and interesting evening. Thank you everyone. So many things to think about. Thank you Jason, Nicola and Tina . Take care of yourselves . 🍄
20:41:31 From Rob and Kalmar : Thank you. 🙂
20:41:40 From Mandy Storey To All Panelists : Thankyou
20:41:50 From Ursidia : Yes. Thank you so much!
20:42:00 From Claire Stone : Thankyou very much.
20:42:01 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, that was very interesting again! All have a great evening! Good night. xx
20:42:02 From Gaynor : thank you both now go and rest x
20:42:07 From Jayne : Thank you for an interesting evening x
20:42:07 From Miranda : Thank you so much! Nicola, Jason Tina and all!
20:42:11 From Julie : Thank you so much
20:42:15 From Ann : Thank you, sage tea for sore throat and chest. Really enjoyed tonight.
20:42:20 From Ann To All Panelists : It was great to dip into so many different topics - thank you.
20:42:22 From Tina Burchill : I was indeed busy
20:42:23 From Eileen : Gratitude and Blessings. Use Bach Rescue Remedy Jason
20:42:23 From sue parlby : Thankyou - such a brillaint range of questions!
20:42:25 From Pam Butterfield : thank you xx
20:42:27 From Mary : Thank you 😊
20:42:34 From Michelle Kidd : YaaY Tina 🌹
20:42:40 From Sandy Holt : Thank you so much and get well soon…will need to listen to recording as kept getting pulled away….xx
20:42:44 From kate : Thanks x
20:43:06 From jackie kersley : What an evening, thank you Jason, Nicola, Tina everyone, 🌟
20:43:39 From Tina Burchill : Bye everyone
20:43:40 From Lynn To All Panelists : Thanks for sharing everyone x
20:43:41 From Rob and Kalmar : go well
20:43:46 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you ❤️😍