Here's the recording of our September 2022 coaching call.

The chat is below.

The questions and resources referenced are:

1. (00:42) Iain: (3 questions in one)  I am going through a time of endings, just  finishing with two of my mentors and wanting to move on in my life and build my own self-esteem, which is scary. While clearing out paperwork I found old diaries and other paper work that are very toxic to me.  It has been suggested that I destroy them and take strength from this process as a spiritual healing experience, which makes sense and I feel ready to do this. I would like to create a ceremony and ritually burn them but I don’t feel confident, although the Autumn Equinox feels like a good time.

Also I have been drawn to watch again Jason's Spiritual protection course. In the fourth video, Jason talks about thought forms and I wonder if over the over the years unknowingly I could have created a thought form myself which has taken all my darker thoughts and life experiences and that this has now also come to an end as part of my healing process, so I would also like to also kill this thought form and move on as part of this process.

I would like to know from you Jason what parts and techniques from the SP course should I use to do this work? I feel it needs to have a good thought process behind it but also it needs to be very strong. I will invoke my Great Shrew as I feel this Animal guide is important but what else can I invoke? I feel that building the protection circle is needed.

I am keen on researching Norse deities and bringing them in, but wondering if it is safe to do as Jason mentioned in the SP Video that you shouldn't call these powerful deities in without a job to do.

This is the second time I am  being called to do this big work and although I feel I may not have the experience to do this, I also feel my guides are calling me to do it. 

I really need some advice please.

I was thinking about travelling to Northumberland to Bamburgh to do this as this, as this place holds some good and not so good memories for me, but the problem with that is it is a public site and also travel costs. Possibly also Wales at Samhain as I will be there anyway. But likely it will just be my garden. This is the draft I have come up with for the ceremony:

Prepare ritual area with a powerful symbol to me, my ideas are either a pentagram with the fire pit set in the centre a tree of life made from sticks collected from the woods.

Regarding the thought forms, I was thinking I could use some clay and make some human form statues in miniature, burning one in the fire and keeping the other as protection. Also feel I need to buy a Highland Dirk Knife to use as my ritual knife, and use this to open the circle and to carve the thought forms above. I would keep the knife for when there is big work to be done!

I would also like some guidance on what to say, should I script it or just say words that come to me? 


2. (22:39) Karen: Recently I put a post on the Facebook group about dealing with an energy vampire that we are unable to distance ourselves from as they are a family member. I worked through the Spiritual Protection course and also smudged our house. These practices have been very helpful.

But my question is, Is there a way for me to use the protective practices in the course for another person - with their permission. This person isn't comfortable with directly doing psychic protection practices, but has asked if I could do something for them? I thought about doing a cleansing smudge practice, but didn't know if you could offer any other ideas?


  • Spiritual Protection mini-course: Power Stack. Click here to access (second video).


3. (29.27) Karen: I am quite a severe arachnophobe, and this is the time of year for the giant house spider. I completely freak out whenever I see one, and we get a ton of them. Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to find a way past this irrational fear? Journeying to a spider might be a bit much as they always look huge and scary when I think about them. Any help would be appreciated!


4. (37:16) Miranda: This morning I awoke to what I believe was a  crow calling my name three times.  I do include the Morrigan in my Goddesses. Do you think I need to do anything in particular to honour this call? 

  •  Animal Spirit Guide Library: Spider. Click here to access.

5. (41:20) Deborah: Some time ago, I made notes on the spiritual protection course about a stack of 3 guides who come forward to offer you the protection you need, when you need it. However, t I can’t find any details of the guides who came forward and my question is, if I can’t remember the details, but I feel I have protective guides close to me when I ask them to let me sense their presence, can I re-do the journeys, asking for clarification?

I did a kind of mapping exercise, where I asked each one (except for the animal guide) to show me where they stood and I drew a sketch with me in the middle and plotted their usual locations.

One was very close behind me (but will step back) and another to my right, who is my ‘gatekeeper’ for the mediumship class. Spirit tend to stand at my left or in front of me (depending on personality!)

I tend to think of animal guides for journeying, but I guess they could show up anytime. Are there specific guides for particular ‘jobs, such as just for shamanic journeys, just for mediumship etc or will they multitask?

With Reiki I often sense healing guides working with me.

I’m not clairvoyant, I tend to get a feeling or a knowing, so I have a sense if I’ve got a ‘regular’ or not. I work with guides in my mediumship class, they occasionally change and sometimes a new helping guide will step in for a particular situation. The teacher will clarify what’s happened – “oh, this ones come to help you with the lady who doesn’t say much” and so on.

I’m trying to get used to talking with my guides on the day to day, not just when I’m in the class or journeying, any advice appreciated!

6. (45:16) Ann: Nicola, will your book be on Kindle or other e-book sites. I find as I get older the writing can be quite small in published books and I have a choice using e readers. I am also dyslexic so choosing fonts can help.


7. (46:32) Ann: After months awaiting surgery I have been informed I have a pre-cancerous condition and treatment options have been limited due to COVID backlogs. I am doing things to improve my health but wondered what advice you may have for someone in my position from your Shamanic practitioner backgrounds.

  •  Indie Shaman Shamanic Practitioner Register. Click here to access. 

8. (55:38) Ann: When we did the underworld journey in July, I was in a bar, there was a man there who watched me, I felt healing and was touched by the fae physically. I was anxious as my surgery was the next day and I mentioned this. When on the ward and in theatre the man from the bar was there with me, I felt safe and protected and a connection still. I wondered could you comment on this. 


9. (59:33) Rob: Are you able to point to safe local drum / shamanic circles around the country? Norwich?


  • Facebook Group: Drumming Circles in the UK. Click here.
  • Heron Drums (list of circles are no longer on this site)
  • Indie Shaman website. Click here

10. (1:01:34) Allison: how can I begin to form a relationship with a deity?


11. (1:04:15) Allison: what is the difference between a power animal and a journey companion guide? I feel my power animal is an owl as this was shown to me but whenever I journey my companion is always a deer.


  • Animal Spirit Medicine foundation course: Module 1, Lesson 3 - Animal Spirit Definitions. Click here to access.
  • Animal Spirit Medicine foundation course: Module 2, Lesson 3 - Power Animals. Click here to access.


12. (1:06:30) Victoria Our son is due to go to University in just under a month.  We are in the midst of organising lots of things and making last minute arrangements before he leaves home.  So on a practical level, it's very busy.  Is there anything I can do on a spiritual level to ensure the transition goes smoothly for him and for us and all is well?

13. (1:11:20) Diane. I recently attended the I am witch I am woman exhibition at Pendle. I have the honour of now being in possession of a prayer flag to stitch/ decorate for one of the wise women who were murdered during the burning times and I feel a huge responsibility to get her memorial right as she would want it. I have her name and have tried journeying to her spirit to ask about her and how she would like me to create her memorial. I think I saw her face but have not yet received any insight. Is there anything you can suggest.

Anything else I can do to improve my chances of connection; it feels important to get this right.


  • Wheel of the Year foundation course: Module 2, Samhain lesson (including worksheet). Click here to access.
  • Working with the Ancestors Shamanic Journey Circle. Click here to access.


14. (1:16:03) Anny.  Today, my Mum commented on the Magpies in her garden and that they've stopped leaving silvery objects on her back door step.  She's not mentioned this to me before and it made me wonder if there is some kind of message in that? My Mum doesn't follow the Path but she is very close to Nature... when she lived in a  more rural location, she  had a lovely connection with a family of Moorhens at one time, but the Magpies ...she just said that for a while they were bringing things to leave on the step, but have stopped.


  • Animal Spirit Guide Library: Magpie. Click here to access.


15. (1:18:02) Carolyn: My friend’s daughter had a serious accident and faces months of operations to fix a shattered leg. My friend has asked me how she can be helped - her daughter felt that she was pushed but there was no one there. She asked me ‘because I believe in this sort of thing’. Her daughter feels that she is still under threat. I said it was a bit beyond my knowledge but I would ask the experts.


  • Indie Shaman Shamanic Practitioner Register. Click here to access. 
  • Spiritual Protection mini-course: Power Stack. Click here to access (second video).


General Resources:

  • Shamanic Journeying foundation course: Module 4 - Unguided Journeys and Intentions. Click here to access. 
  • Shamanic Journey Circle: Crucible of Solutions. Click here to access.
  • Working with the Ancestors Shamanic Journey Circle. Click here to access.

Transcript of the chat

19:02:58 From rachael in London with -‍⬛&- : Hello everyone 👋🏼
19:03:05 From Steve W : Hi folks. Finally made it back “live” after 2 months distractions!😀
Mind it’s only because I’ve temporarily “escaped” this reality so I’m joining from a different location, sitting outside our folding camper on a small, quiet site in the rural Durham countryside alongside a small woodland - how appropriate is that!!!😀.
19:03:11 From Ursidia : Good evening from Glastonbury,
19:03:14 From Xenia Meinert : Hi everyone from Northern Germany!
19:03:17 From Ann : Hi, Ann from Glasgow.
19:03:17 From Shelly : Shelly, winchester
19:03:22 From Gina To All Panelists : Hi. Gina from Lincolnshire.
19:03:23 From Victoria : Hello from Preston 🙂
19:03:23 From david : Hello from Birmingham!
19:03:24 From Katrin Grisby : Hi Katrin from Lincoln
19:03:26 From fae : Hi everyone, fae from Wesham x
19:03:28 From Beverley Thornton : Hello! It's Beverley from Bradford, here.
19:03:28 From Deborah Wale : Deborah in Hammersmith London
19:03:29 From Karen C To All Panelists : Hi everyone, Karen C from Oxfordshire
19:03:30 From Allison : hello from Widnes in Cheshire
19:03:30 From Mandy : Hi to all
Mandy from Weymouth
19:03:32 From Red : Checking in from a damp Portsmouth
19:03:33 From Rachel : Hello all from Bristol x
19:03:35 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Robwith a purring lap cat known as Kalmar, in Trowse, Norwich, UK
19:03:36 From lesley gerrard : He;llo. Lesley in Scotland
19:03:37 From maureen : Hi everyone from Maureen in Manchester
19:03:41 From Dan : Hello from Newcastle
19:03:42 From Rod & Diane : Hi from a storm brewing Cumbria 😊
19:03:44 From alysonpowell : Hello everyone from South Wales
19:03:44 From Catherine Allen : Hi I'm Cath in Stockport
19:03:45 From Rob Pearson : hi from Robbie in Bromley Kent
19:03:49 From Annie : Hi to you all from Annie in Norfolk
19:03:49 From HUAtraceybevanWEI EI Y7 2019 : Greetings from southwales
19:03:53 From Tracey G : Hello and its so lovely to be joining you both live tonight.Tracey Gorman
19:04:00 From Geoffrey Hulme : Geoff in Rhos on Sea
19:04:02 From Xenia Meinert : I also had made it finally back live - lots of distractions and vacations. 🙂
19:04:03 From iain bell : hello Iain from Norfolk
19:04:04 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone, a bit rainy here on Dartmoor today
19:04:05 From Heidi Cooper : Evening everyone from Royston, Hertfordshire 🌻
19:04:21 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : And I chatted in Q&A by mistake!
19:04:26 From Phil Baird : Phil from Brockley village
19:04:30 From Tina Burchill : Hey up
19:04:33 From Margaret Laycock : Hi everyone Marg in Malvern
19:04:36 From Steve W To All Panelists : Hi Tina 😀
19:04:36 From Lynn To All Panelists : Hi from Aberdeen
19:04:40 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Evening all
19:04:41 From Miranda Jane Dunn : hell
19:04:46 From Tina Burchill : I'm defecting to the North
19:04:56 From Steve W : Hi Tina!😀
19:05:04 From Tina Burchill : Hello Steve
19:05:12 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Good to be here . Laptop crashed!
19:05:14 From Rachel Hawkes : Evening - to the right group!
19:06:07 From Sandy Holt : Hello lovely people from Sandy in Stratford-upon-Avon xxxx
19:06:50 From Tina Burchill : I used to live in Preston
19:07:22 From Tina Burchill : I still say Hey up...
19:07:51 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : I burnt ma mouth on ma tea
19:08:05 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : My Nottingham relatives use 'duck'
19:08:20 From Allison : sweet cock love 🤣
19:08:30 From Tina Burchill : In Bristol they say cocker, as in are you ok my ole cocker
19:08:39 From Netty : good evening everyone - struggled to get on this evening
19:10:51 From AnnyTurner : Me too but we have a lovely big thunderstorm going on 🥳
19:11:23 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Enjoy your storm Anny. 🙂
19:11:28 From Netty : nothing like that here. I was getting host is in another meeting message. Frustrating.
19:11:39 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Thanks for these questions Iain
19:11:46 From Sandy Holt : Oooh Anny where are you? we had a cracker last night I stood out in it as it was so shifting - the lightning threw pink light!
19:11:59 From AnnyTurner : Scarborough
19:13:25 From Sandy Holt : Scarborough - don't think it will reach us..shame. Enjoy it it!! xxx
19:19:41 From Rachel Hawkes : Big work Ian. Can I also suggest bringing in other people you trust to your circle? There is such power when we connect with others
19:19:56 From Sandy Holt : Ian - I have the same, boxes and carrier bags full of documents which were from a very tricky part of my life - to many to burn ( I love burning as it really is releasing) but im sending mine off to be shredded. and just doing a releasing ritual thanking it and sending it to be transformed into different loving energy to help who ever needs it. for me I feel that its about transforming the negative energy to light energy as you can never destroy energy …just what i think but may help too??
19:20:53 From AnnyTurner : I always think burning that way is a kind release.
19:20:58 From AnnyTurner : It has been for me anyway
19:22:30 From Sandy Beamson : I am doing this bit by bit. As I add papers to the fire I say a positive affirmation and I have felt incredible release and cleansing
19:23:41 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Equinox is a little before a new moon
19:25:42 From AnnyTurner : I once had a gift rejected by my sister, and it felt so natural to burn it . Because I sent it to her with love, when I burnt it, I imaginedl al the love in the energy of the burning finding it's way to her and it made me feel peace.
19:27:02 From Rod & Diane : The knife can be a wooden token knife.
Wooden knives and swords have real power.
19:28:35 From Allison : wow
19:28:40 From Beverley Luke : Hi - sorry I'm late
19:28:43 From AnnyTurner : How wonderful!
19:28:47 From Miranda Jane Dunn : my athame is copper with a wooden handle. it won't cut
19:29:56 From Tiffani L. : Hello, everyone sorry I am late joining too. Hope you are all well and Blue too! 🙂
19:30:49 From Sandy Holt : Yes mine has metal blade which is really blunt but a lovely woodent handle and it feels very saxon. also have a wooden wobbbly blade.... they carry lovely energy. xx
19:32:39 From Karen C To All Panelists : Thats a good idea, thank you.
19:33:08 From Karen C To All Panelists : I also did show them a visualisation for golden light type shield which she seems ok with as well
19:34:58 From Karen C To All Panelists : That makes sense to put a time limit on it.
19:36:27 From Karen C To All Panelists : I like the amulet idea. Would it need ‘refreshing’ on occasion?
19:37:27 From Karen C To All Panelists : Ok. Thank you very much both.
19:40:27 From Karen C To All Panelists : The thought of it is making me shiver!!!
19:40:34 From Lesley-Anne To All Panelists : I had Hypnotherepy- it was wonderful - changed my life !
19:41:31 From Sandy Beamson : Im not great with spiders but was alot worse years ago.....I went to a tropical zoo park where I could handle a tarantula... which I did. I also talk to them this time of year and ask spider spirit to not come to my house
19:42:00 From fae : My dad always gave spider names 😂
19:42:13 From Karen C To All Panelists : Ok thank you 🙂
19:42:39 From Karen Francis : I was just dusting my altar and found a big one! left him there 🙂
19:42:47 From Rachel : Horse chestnuts put them off coming into the house x
19:43:02 From Rachel Hawkes : I can recommend a great one. She does it online.
19:43:18 From Karen C To All Panelists : I’ve tried the horse chestnut one. IT doesn’t work!
19:43:43 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : my mum is one who brings conkers in to keep spiders out
19:44:12 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Great idea to give the spiders names. I have a golden orb spider above my kitchen sink. She is protecting me from flies.
19:44:28 From Karen C To All Panelists : I’ve had them crawl up over my shoulder!
19:44:40 From Rachel : Lots of horse chestnuts! This time of the year ss the male house spiders coming into the house to find the female. She eats them,
19:44:59 From Tiffani L. : I like the little ones 🙂
19:45:08 From Carolyn To All Panelists : I have conkers on my desk at work, I’m surrounded by them because I work in an old building, I’ve never had one on the desk though
19:45:11 From Karen C To All Panelists : Sorry if I’ve made you shudder!
19:45:31 From Ursidia : True phobias are no joke - I had a very bad one - frogs - and got treatment - I still don’t lie them, but I no longer scream for hours if `I even see a photo.
19:46:17 From Tina Burchill : Faithful Johan has 3 crows that bring information
19:46:29 From Miranda Jane Dunn : thank you Nicola and Jason. I thinkit is about someone close to me who is ill. thank you both
19:47:03 From AnnyTurner : Oh Ursidia!!😟
19:47:20 From Miranda Jane Dunn : It was very strange. I woke up convinced I heard the Crow.
19:47:37 From Sandy Holt : I put a huge pile of conkers in my conservatory as it is spider city …they are still there but the squirrels have started visiting…think they are looking for acorns and beech nut though…
19:47:41 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Thank you. That is helpful.
19:47:49 From Tina Burchill : you're welcome
19:48:05 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Faithful Johan. Thank you Tina!
19:49:44 From Ursidia : I saw a psychologist and had what is called =desensitivation. It took somer time - but eventually I could look at a picture, then a photo and then a frog. This was many years ago!
19:50:40 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Like EMDR Ursidia?
19:52:29 From Deborah Wale : thank you!
19:53:10 From Ursidia : Rob, similar technique, I think
19:53:39 From Sandy Holt : When a crow calls three times it is also meant to be the universe getting your attention to give you guidance, especially if you think it called your name. It is asking you to notice any thoughts or feelings that come your way after as these will be your guidance from the universe. just another interpretation. xx
19:56:02 From Ann : Thank you, will do.
19:56:53 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : could you journey to an ancestor for direction on healing to supplement medical treatment?
19:59:10 From Ann : I know what maybe has caused this, due to past abuse
20:00:00 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : an anti-inflammatory diet?
20:00:32 From Lynn : I find German New Medicine is helpful for insights into possible origins of disease in the psyche. Not to everyone’s liking but I have found it quite insightful
20:01:00 From Ann : The diet advise is good as I am looking into that thanks again.
20:02:32 From Sandy Beamson : Ann...I will try and contact you on the facebook page as I may be able to offer you some specific support x
20:02:47 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Its the sort of thing that Paul Francis suggests 😉
20:02:51 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Some fresh herbs like dandelions are very helpful.
20:03:31 From Ann : Thank you everyone.
20:05:25 From Ann : I gave tobacco at the time
20:07:00 From lesley gerrard : Yes, Ann. Past abuse is dis-ease.
20:07:31 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : ?
20:08:19 From Sandy Holt : Oh my you saying about soul retrieval has just struck a chord. Thank you. xx
20:09:54 From AnnyTurner To All Panelists : Question, if there's time? Today, my Mum commented on the Magpies in her garden and that they've stopped leaving silvery objects on her back door step. She's not told me about this before.Why would they bring objects and leave them on the back door step? My Mum isn't on the Path but is very close to and aware of Nature and once had a ;lovey connection with a family of Moorhens. She lives in town now
20:10:44 From Beverley Thornton : If Head in the Clouds in Norwich still exists, someone there or on their notice board might know of local drumming circles, Rob
20:10:45 From Deborah Wale : heron drums drumming circle list
20:11:35 From Rachel : What about journeying to the animals associated with the deity? x
20:11:41 From iain bell : Rob I'm in Norwich also with Regards Drum Circles their Is a Retreat centre in Kent that has drumming circule.
20:11:51 From Ursidia : Beverley - it was still there pretty recently! I went a few years ago - like a time warp back to the 70’s. I love that shop!
20:12:46 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : THank you Iain
20:13:05 From Rachel Hawkes : @ Iain, what’s the retreat in Kent?
20:13:27 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : I just read Iain's questions, they are really comments not questions
20:13:45 From iain bell : it's on the Isle of Sherppy Rob I will if ok post link on FB group latter tonight Brother!
20:14:17 From Rachel Hawkes : Thanks.
20:14:36 From Beverley Thornton : I used to go there as a teen, Ursidia, and that WAS the 70s LOL. I'm so glad to hear it's still going strong!
20:14:38 From Allison : thank you that makes perfect sense 👌
20:15:41 From Victoria : Think he'd be ok with that
20:16:41 From Victoria : Ok thank you 🙂
20:16:57 From Sandy Beamson : I gave my son a specific stone on a chord for protection that he loves. He has several now, each with different energies and healing
20:17:20 From Tracey G : mayebe give him an amulet or a protective crystal to take with him
20:17:37 From Victoria : Lovely idea, thanks Sandy and Tracey
20:17:54 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : THanks Beverley for the Headin the Cloud suggestion. I'll also try Inarna's
20:18:25 From Sandy Beamson : In choosing a stone or crystal think of your son and see what you are drawn to
20:18:49 From AnnyTurner : When we are apart we look at the Moon, because we can all see it, and know that we are looking at it.
20:18:57 From Sandy Holt : On the subject of deities... this weekend I was invited into my neighbour’s as they were celebrating and worshipping one of their deities. I loved the energy and everything it represented and as I'd come across this particular deity before, I wanted to invite it into my life. I bought a very small statue 5cms, and a miniature book and research as much as I could and I've placed these items on my altar and am just acknowledging him daily. I'm beginning to feel a shift in energy and the wonderful energy in my home.
20:19:28 From Sandy Beamson : Also some wonderful spiritual geometry pendants for protection
20:20:36 From Victoria : Need to go but will catch up on the recording tomorrow. Thank you. That's really helped me.
20:23:42 From Ann : Sandy Beamson, I would appreciate that.
20:24:41 From Rachael Halliday : Cali White might have some suggestions for you. She's on Facebook and via x
20:24:59 From Rod & Diane : Thank you, that’s really helpful.. I will let you know how I go on with this.
20:26:05 From AnnyTurner : THank You! I'm visiting my Mum at the weekend
20:26:59 From Sandy Beamson : Your Mum could put a new shiny item on the step as a gift to magpie
20:27:31 From AnnyTurner : Thanks Sandy B! Great idea
20:27:59 From Sandy Holt : Oh yes other sandy I love the idea of giving them a gift back. x
20:29:59 From Carolyn To All Panelists : She’s in her 40s, I don’t know her daughter very well
20:30:52 From Allison : when I felt under psychic attack I asked archangel Raphael for a green cloak of healing, arch angel Michael for a purple chain mail cloak of protection and arch angle metatron for shields of protection in silver, Blue and gold. it really helped me and I'm not religious per say xx
20:31:29 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thank you both x
20:31:41 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Her daughter is in her 40s
20:33:06 From Sandy Holt : There seems to be a real theme of protection in this time's call… would it be good to send protective energy collectively to those who need it???
20:33:10 From Sandy Beamson : Immense power in asking for protection from Archangel Michael. I do this daily
20:33:46 From AnnyTurner : Yes, Sandys! 🙏🏼 🥰
20:34:55 From Rachel Hawkes : Iain, if you,are in Kent, I’m happy to join you in circle
20:35:17 From Rob Pearson : thank you!
20:35:20 From Karen C To All Panelists : I will thank you
20:35:36 From maureen : Me too Sandy
20:35:39 From Ursidia : Good night all!
20:35:40 From AnnyTurner : Thank You All!
20:35:41 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thankyou for a very informative and interesting evening
20:35:42 From Netty : thank you for an interesting evening
20:35:45 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, this was very insightful!
20:35:50 From Tracey G : Thank you both and all for your interesting questions.
20:35:51 From Miranda Jane Dunn : Thank you Nicola, Jason, Tina and Everyone. Blessings!
20:35:52 From alysonpowell : Thank you for sharing so much. take care everyone.
20:35:53 From Rachel Hawkes : Thank you, how interesting
20:35:53 From iain bell : thank Jason and Nicola I feel than I should come from the way of Graditued!!!
20:35:56 From Lynn : Thank you 💜
20:36:00 From Allison : thank you and good night everyone
20:36:06 From Annie : Thank you both, a very helpful evening . 😀
20:36:18 From maureen : Thank you everyone and goodnight
20:36:19 From Steve W : Another great, informative evening as always.
Thanks folks.
20:36:21 From Dan : Thank you 🙂
20:36:22 From fae : Thank you everyone, Jason, Nicola, Tina and Blue xx
20:36:26 From Rob with a purring Kalmar : Thank you for this evening Jason, Nicola and all.
20:36:28 From Mandy : Thankyou
20:36:43 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you everyone, interesting and stimulating xx
20:36:43 From Sandy Beamson : Thank you Spirit for being with us all tonight 🙏
20:37:00 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you, Jason, Nicola and all x
20:37:12 From Tiffani L. : Thank you all, night night x
20:37:18 From david : Thank you! x
20:37:30 From Sandy Holt : Thank you have got so much out of tonight from you both Jason and Nicola and some lovely suggestions in chat…feel I've got a bit of work to do… starting with lighting candles and asking for protective energy to reach whoever needs it thank you everyone!!!!!!xxxx
20:37:42 From Tina Burchill : Bye everyone
20:37:45 From Karen C To All Panelists : Thank you everyone!
20:37:48 From Xenia Meinert : Bye!