Here's the recording of our December 2022 journey circle where we worked with the herbivores.

The transcript of the chat is below.

In this circle, we tuned into the guidance from the herbivores, working with four in particular: Mouse, Rabbit, Reindeer and Hare. What can they teach us about winter? What messages do they hold for us? We begin by talking about their natural history and underlying energies before leading a guided shamanic journey to shape-shift. 

Here are the timings of the circle:

  • 0:00 - Hello’s
  • 06:02 - Special announcement about big move!
  • 13:13 - Introduction to the circle topic
  • 13:48 - Drum to gather 
  • 14:55 - Grounding meditation 
  • 18:43 - Opening the directions
  • 22:25 - Choosing and describing the four herbivores
  • 57:50 - Shamanic journeying overview
  • 1:02:55 - Guided shamanic journeying
  • 1:36:20 - Sharing
  • 1:54:52 - Announcement – Winter Solstice competition and summer retreat
  • 2:00:35 - Close directions

Transcript of the chat

19:00:10 From Nicky Robinson : Hi, Nicky from Merseyside here.
19:00:17 From Steve W : Good evening folks. Hope everyone is ok this evening.
19:00:22 From Ursidia : Hello from foggy Glastonbury!
19:00:27 From Rachael H (London) : Hello!
19:00:51 From Eileen Balfour : Gratitude for All Your Wonderful Work
19:00:51 From Tina Burchill : Hello everyone
19:00:52 From Fiona Merritt : Hi from Fiona in Heptonstall, Yorkshire
19:00:52 From Geoffrey Hulme : Hello from Geoff in Rhos in Sea
19:00:53 From Julie : Hello from Glossop x
19:00:59 From jaCKy fridlington : good evening from Lincolnxxx
19:01:01 From Jude To All Panelists : Jude Southampton , hi again !! 😍
19:01:05 From Sarah Fillingham : Hello from Sarah in York 👋🏻😊
19:01:09 From lesley gerrard : Hello. from Lesley in Scotland
19:01:12 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Cumbria.
Just come in from a dog walk with the tawny and barn owls 😊
19:01:29 From karen S : Hello all from Scotland
19:01:32 From Alison Gaffney : Hello from South London - beautiful moon this evening
19:01:33 From Lindsay Trevarthen To All Panelists : Hello from Staffordshire Moorlands. Finally made a live call at last!
19:01:37 From Miranda : Merry meet from Margate!
19:01:39 From maureen : Hello from Partington Manchester
19:01:54 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Hello from Cheshire
19:01:59 From Wendy : Hello from Nottingham 😊
19:02:07 From Carolyn : Hello from Cheshire
19:02:31 From Susan's S10 : hello x
19:02:37 From Gina : Hi from Gina.
19:02:38 From lesley gerrard : Think I need to sign up for Bear Necessities! Struggling with stress just now
19:02:40 From Red : Good evening from a chilly Portsmouth - but I have the heating on
19:02:44 From Annie : Hi to you all , from Annie in Norfolk
19:02:52 From fae : Hello everyone 😁
19:03:24 From alysonpowell : Hello from South Wales.
19:03:28 From Julie : Yes we were admiring that moon too x
19:03:42 From AnnyTurner : Hurrrah and Hello All (Anny in Scarborough)
19:03:56 From Victoria : Hello from Preston
19:04:16 From lesley gerrard : Thankyou. sold.
19:04:22 From Ann : Ann from Glasgow.
19:08:07 From Julie : it sounds similar to helping ancestors heal like Nichola has been doing?
19:10:04 From Jane Davies : sorry, was late joining! it's kind of answered itself I think! I got an email from a charity rescuing bears. I'm amazing to learn that bears are still being used for "entertainment" and traditional medicine
19:10:45 From Jane Davies : thank you 😊
19:11:52 From Jan : Hello All
19:12:56 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Thank you
19:13:12 From Julie : I use a synthetic drum. Not sure how that affects things! I painted 5 totem animals on it.
19:15:33 From kathycar : Hi, its Kathy Carline again
19:15:48 From Ann : Thank you, I thought that might be the answer and happy with that.
19:21:39 From Ann : I shared in a past coaching call about how I was supported by a Fae when I had surgery. I shared with some family members about this, when we arrived home we had difficulty with a light turning off, one of the group asked if it could be my Fae friend, I was unsure but when I left the room he showed me he’d been messing with the lights. He was so mischievous and laughing.
19:22:27 From Victoria : Fascinating. That all makes sense I hadn't thought about the squirrel just trying to get my attention.
19:28:51 From Jude To All Panelists : Yes it is empowering to take control of our health in any circumstance. Even when we are well.
19:29:41 From Carolyn : How interesting Jason. My husband had a heart attack in March and he lost a lot of his hearing. He has changed his diet and got rid of sugar and he got his hearing back!
19:30:13 From Ann : Really helpful Victoria, Jason and Nicola, thanks.
19:33:18 From AnnyTurner : Yes! Thank YouSometimes my partner will say 'what are you looking at?' I think I've been worried because there has been mention of Fae being a bit 'tricksy', but these beings are so genuine and I feel very safe with them...I wouldn't know where to start to research
19:34:19 From AnnyTurner : My partner says what are you looking at that if I'm looking into woods at my Fae
19:34:38 From AnnyTurner : Oh Thank You, yes I do remember you mention it
19:34:45 From Lindsay Trevarthen : That’s great, Carolyn. My husband lost some of his hearing due to a rare reaction to a medication he was taking. I hadn’t thought about diet at all, so I’ll try and suggest it. And thank you, Jason for sharing this experience.
19:35:34 From AnnyTurner : Wow
19:35:44 From Tina Burchill : This is the book- An Carow Gwyn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith, Robin Artisson
19:35:56 From AnnyTurner : THanks Tina
19:37:15 From AnnyTurner : PLease could you remind me of the books and put them in the notes please?
19:38:04 From AnnyTurner : Thank You 🙏🏼
19:39:12 From Jude To All Panelists : Wow. Love stories like that.
19:40:07 From Tina Burchill To Jude and All Panelists : Hi Jude, if you change the TO button to everyone, your message will be seen by all present
19:41:21 From Jude : aha, thanks Tina. !!
19:48:54 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Sigil: be very focussed on each symbol. Know what it really means to you. What do you intend by the symbol. Clarity. Keep each symbol simple and clear. Creative. Make a pattern. Think about position, symbol fitting together. Do the symbol meanings make a sentence of meaning. Is symbols in order important. Enjoy! There is no right or wrong.
19:49:54 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : That is SO SO TRUE! Most important!
19:53:06 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : I so badly wanted an Atheme (back in the days of being new to all of this). I asked Spirit for an Atheme and was alerted to my Quiche Slicer. Hmmmm! So I said I thought it traditionally needed a black handle. No comment from Spirit. I held a ceremony and used my Quiche Slicer. There was an immense crash in my store cupboard. I opened the door and there, lying on the floor was a black ribbon. Ok Quiche Slicer and black ribbon it was!!!
19:59:19 From AnnyTurner : Or has it made you feel like that Andrew because you know what the rune means?
20:04:12 From Miranda : I ask for protection for Andrew. I call upon the power of the Magic Mirror reversed. M
20:04:32 From Miranda : May the evil return to the evil doer.
20:06:28 From katescothorne : Try smudging both yourself and vehicle ?
20:06:58 From Miranda : I suggest Andrew
20:07:13 From Miranda : paints the protection Rune on his Van.
20:10:49 From Jan : Healing thoughts and prayers to Andrew
20:11:07 From Heidi Cooper To All Panelists : Excellent advice Jason, thank you for sharing and thoughts to Andrew 🙏
20:11:38 From Heidi Cooper : Excellent advice Jason, thank you for sharing and thoughts to Andrew 🙏
20:12:34 From Victoria : Need to go now but really appreciate your advice. Best wishes, Victoria x
20:13:13 From Nicky Robinson : I am a beginner. Xx
20:13:52 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Ask the animal what it is. Or ask to see its hoof prints. They are quite different, horse and deer.
20:13:56 From Nicky Robinson : Thank you so much.
20:14:46 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Deer is my power animal and I see some representation virtually every day!
20:15:46 From iain bell : Hello Jason and Nicola thank you for all your help and kind words and support with my Questions

I feel I do need to hold my Clearing Cermony on the Winter Soltices 21st December 2022 and I have an update on

my Cermonal Dagger I spoke with my Mentor on Thursday and we decided that because of my Finance's are not good so I am going to use my Drum to cast my perception circule.

also with regards to my Cermony I feel I do need to keep my Cermony really simple sorry if this Is message make sense I am sharted and cannot concrete fully tonight!!

also Jason and Nicola I am going to join the retreat on Saturday now as found the money and really looking forward to Joining you both and all

Also you both said that dirft Ceremony Document that sent you both at the last Coaching call and you both said write well didn't you!!!
20:16:05 From lesley gerrard : That's interesting. I have been seeing or seeing 'lion; daily for weeks now.
20:16:18 From lesley gerrard : seeing or hearing
20:19:14 From Miranda : And of course you can buy a Drum made by Jason.
20:19:16 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Lion sounds interesting. Complex
20:19:34 From AnnyTurner : That happened to me!The drum might choose you! yes, A gut feeling, even looking on Anglezarke HalowsWhen I received my drum, it asked me to journey to it and we welcomed each other...
20:21:32 From Carolyn To All Panelists : That’s great Thankyou, I haven’t got to that part of the mystery school yet. I did feel that I wasn’t ready yet and still have so much to learn. I have been given a gift of some money but will save it until the time is right
20:22:51 From Lindsay Trevarthen : I bought an Anglezarke drum before I really started journeying as a birthday present for me. It’s a red deerskin one - before I knew that deer was my spirit animal.
20:23:05 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : I wanted and wanted a drum. I bought a Remo synthetic drum for outdoors work. I dedicated it to Fox (my family name) but I felt the yen for a drum for my owl. I have been playing Bodhran for years in folk clubs. I looked at all sorts of places to MAKE my own drum (specifically I wanted to make it). But it was made quite clear to me that my Bodhran is my Spirit Drum and Owl wanted this to be our communicator. So I have invisibly put runes on the Bodhran and dedicated it. So my folk instrument doubles as my Owl Shamanic Drum. I am completely at home with this concept. (Bodhran is an Irish Frame Drum played usually with a Tipper (piece of wood held in the hand and used to bop the drum skin) but the player can use their hand and fingers instead.
20:24:51 From Jayne To All Panelists : Night, thanks or all your knowledge xx
20:25:03 From Jane Davies : ooh. how di you journey to your drum? I've just bought one and feel I need so e kind of bonding ceremony
20:25:32 From Julie : yes straight after I do remember
20:25:53 From Julie : it just doesnt stay with me well
20:26:15 From Julie : thank you both of you. really useful
20:28:05 From Julie : Haha. Yes, discipline. and then having the discipline to read it back. and good to know its normal x
20:28:52 From Ann : I write in my journal, immediately after I journey I write down what happens even on our journey circles as a group and then fall asleep and wake as you close the circle.
20:31:37 From Miranda : It is amazing reading back journeys. I do find I forget them unless I write them down.
20:31:37 From AnnyTurner : #Jane Davies when I received it,I just felt really connected to it and like I needed to journey to the spirit of theReindeer that gave itself to be my drum, and I suppose it was because it was ethically sourced skin it makes a massive difference than a drum you don't know wher the skin comes from and maybe the animal died in a bad way on just any old drum
20:32:06 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Drum bonding. I talked to it!! Carried it around. Asked Spirit what Runes to put on it (It does not have to have Runes on it, that is personal to me. It could have been any other set of meaningful symbols e.g. Ogham or Reiki). I lit joss sticks and essential oils and wafted these over the drum. I played it - yeah! Obvious!!!! Play it and let the rhythms flow intuitively. Speak out loud thoughts that come into your mind as you play it. Dance and play it (Oh I do this so badly! Such fun! No audience necessary!) Sing with it. Ask a Power Animal to come during the drumming that wants to work with you long-term and be the Power Animal of the drum.. Just ideas. Be creative. I do cast (intend) an energy circle of protection around me when I do this. Hope this helps.
20:32:24 From Julie : No worries. Thanks. I have an idea what they mean to me so I can get some insight from that x
20:32:41 From Jane Davies : thanks Annie. x
20:36:22 From AnnyTurner : That' so interesting about the runes. There's an old church not so far from where I live and it has runes and ancient carvings on stones in it's building
20:37:07 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : Where is that Anny?
20:37:21 From Ann : I found all the questions and answers helpful and informative. I get so much out of the coaching calls and I am grateful to everyone involved.
20:37:22 From karen S : Thank you for the interesting topics tonight.
20:37:31 From kathycar : Thanks for an interesting evening, see you Saturday.
20:37:50 From Miranda : Thank you. hAVE A
20:37:58 From Miranda : wont
20:38:00 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : It was a really interesting evening. Thank you to everyone.
20:38:01 From fae : Thank you everyone, interesting topics and great information given back. See you Saturday 😁
20:38:11 From maureen : Thanks everyone for an interesting evening
20:38:15 From Miranda : wonderful time!
20:38:22 From alysonpowell : Thank you Keep warm everyone. Yes see you Saturday.
20:38:23 From Rachael H (London) : Thank you everyone, N&J especially… what a great call
20:38:36 From Jayne : Thank you so much for such an informative evening, I learn so much from these calls. See you Saturday
20:38:55 From Jane Davies : thanks for an great evening. looking forward to recapping, as I missed the beginning and my question. xx
20:39:01 From Lindsay Trevarthen : So glad I’ve been able to join tonight. Can’t join live on Saturday but will catch up, though I’ll try and possibly do the morning.
20:39:03 From karen S : That's a really good idea, I haven't signed up for it because my day needs to be split..
20:39:07 From Heidi Cooper : Such a lovely evening with some great topics, really enjoyed it as always and looking forward to Saturday, I’ll be joining around 10:30am after yoga 😊 💚🌳💚 🐻 🐻
20:39:10 From Jan : Wonderful evening of teaching and sharing , thanks you Nicola Jason and All
20:39:23 From Julie : Brilliant meeting. Thank you so much. xxx
20:39:29 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Thanks for another fantastic call, I also get so much from these calls. And I’m excited that I can now join everyone on Saturday! I thought I would be watching the recording but my Saturday has been freed up. Yay!
20:39:32 From Alison Gaffney : Jason and Nicola - thank you for the depth of your answers to such interesting questions 🙏 ❤️
20:39:51 From Ursidia : Another informative evening! Thank you so much = and see you Saturday... Really looking forward to it.
20:40:20 From iain bell : Hello Jason thank you for showing your staff again Brother the one had at Space to Emerge had a skull on it and thought you said sherw or dragon????
20:40:26 From Annie : Thank you for an interesting evening. I won't be there on Saturday as I'm doing a class making Christmas wreaths. I will do reflective and intention setting .Looking forward to joining you again on the 8th for Jason's launch.
20:40:55 From AnnyTurner : Thank You All 🙏🏼🥰
20:40:58 From Wendy : Thank you both so much xx
20:41:05 From Nicky Robinson : Thanks everyone. Xx