The topic of this Circle is on 'flow', and it builds further on the theme we explored during our January 2022 Circle: stolen focus.

Flow is a distinctive mental state where you feel purely in the present moment. It is achieved when you choose one goal, a meaningful goal, and push yourself to the edge of your abilities. Studies have sown that the more flow you experience, the better you feel.

During this evening, Jason shares his thoughts around flow and the creative process before leading a guided shamanic journey to the Otherworld to seek guidance.

The intention for the journey is: what is my next step to deepen into my flow state more often?'

The resources we mention during the Circle are:

  • The person who originally came up with the concept of 'flow' is Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi
  • Book reference - Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention by Johann Hari
  • Book reference - Mind Management, Not Time Management: Productivity When Creativity Matters by David Kadavy

The timings of the Circle are:

  • 00:00 - Introduction to the evening
  • 04:04 - Drum/ rattle to gather and guided meditation
  • 10:38 - Opening the directions
  • 15:53 - Beginning of the talk
  • 1:04:36 - Explaining shamanic journeying
  • 1:10:52 - Guided shamanic journey
  • 1:37:54 - Journey sharing
  • 1:54:10 - Closing directions

The transcript of the chat is below.

Transcript of the chat

18:59:32 From Annkat : hello
18:59:49 From Rachael Halliday : Hello Blue, Nicola and Jason
18:59:54 From Steve W : Good evening from Topcliffe.
Been a challenging day today so let’s see how this goes!😀🙏
18:59:55 From Miranda : Hello from Margate
19:00:00 From Mikalia SaaRa : hello BEautiful Souls Blessings from a wet Durham 💜🦄💜
19:00:00 From Vicky : Hi all. Vicky from Stalybridge.
19:00:03 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Cumbria.
Lapwings, Cerlew and Oyster Catchers are back again 🙏😊
19:00:03 From Rachael Halliday : Sound and vision is all perfect x
19:00:03 From Marj To All Panelists : Hello everyone - can hear 👍
19:00:03 From Karen Barton : Hi from very wet South Devon
19:00:06 From Kelly Kennedy To All Panelists : Hello from Cornwall x
19:00:07 From Richard Fedorko : Hello from Glasgow!
19:00:08 From Tracey Bevan : Hello greetings from southwales 🙏😁💗
19:00:08 From Sue Hofman To All Panelists : Hi to all , Sue from Selsey
19:00:08 From Jo Q : Hi Jason & Nicola, Joanne here from Surrey
19:00:10 From Ann : Hi Ann from Glasgow
19:00:10 From user : Diane from Wooler
19:00:12 From Ali Broughton : Hello everyone, Ali from Norfolk x
19:00:13 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Hi from Norwich
19:00:14 From Sheila Craig : hello from soggy Manchester xx
19:00:15 From david : Hi from a soggy Birmingham! Nice to see you both looking well. x
19:00:15 From Sarah Fillingham : Hello from rainy York!
19:00:17 From Kathy McVittie : Kathy from Brora wainting some grounding!
19:00:18 From kathycar : Hello to you both & the Tribe, from Hampshire
19:00:19 From Ali : Evening from Ali in Manchester.
19:00:19 From Paul Howard : Hi, Paul from Derbyshire
19:00:20 From jayne powell : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent
19:00:21 From Mary Bleasdale : hi from george in totnes 🙂
19:00:23 From Red : Good evening from Portsmouth
19:00:24 From Helen Towers To All Panelists : Hi from Kendal- Bramble Cat is on the rug by the fire 😂😂
19:00:26 From Emma Decent To All Panelists : Hello from Todmorden
19:00:26 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi from Jenny in Reading x
19:00:26 From Ursidia : Hi there from West Penwith!
19:00:26 From Karon To All Panelists : Hello all from Essex 💚🦋
19:00:27 From Ann To All Panelists : Hi from High Wycombe
19:00:28 From Brighid Black To All Panelists : North east- Teesdale
19:00:28 From alysonpowell : Hello everyone, from South Wales.
19:00:29 From jackie : hello from Moray, north east Scotland
19:00:29 From Rob Lines : Know that you are honoured here. 🙂 Rob with Kalmar the cat in Trowse, Norwich.
19:00:29 From Sadie : Good evening from sadie in Newport 💖
19:00:32 From Kay : Hello from Oldham x
19:00:33 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Hellllloooo! Anny in glad to be here with you all
19:00:37 From Peter Duxbury : Hi from Liverton, edge of Dartmoor
19:00:42 From Mandy : Hi Mandy from Weymouth
19:00:43 From Grace McGeoch : Hello from London!
19:00:44 From Geoffrey Hulme : Geoff from Rhos on Sea
19:00:44 From andy j To All Panelists : Hi from Jo in Much Wenlock
19:00:47 From Sam Ben : hello from raining Nottinghamshire! hello Blue! ❤
19:00:51 From Beth Laurels : Hia, West Cornwall 🌱🍃💚🌈
19:00:51 From Gill Dunkerley To All Panelists : Hello all, lovely to connect with you all. Here in rainy Manchester (outskirts)
19:00:52 From Miranda : Violets are out in Margate
19:00:57 From sheila powell : Greetings from California - Sheila
19:01:00 From Annie : Hi to you all from Annie in Norfolk
19:01:01 From Phil Baird : phil from Brockley village sarf east Landen
19:01:14 From Eileen : Eileen from Edinburgh.Blessings. Yes two bees y😇esterday.
19:01:17 From jackie : I hope you both are feeling better. its good to see you. x
19:01:18 From Mikalia SaaRa : snowdrops and daffodils here
19:01:20 From Shelly : Hi from Winchester
19:01:26 From julie : Hi everyone from Julie in Liverpool
19:01:27 From lyle To All Panelists : Hello from Peebles, Scottish Borders!
19:01:32 From Mair : Hi from Mia in Halifax x
19:01:46 From Gaynor : Hi all from North Kent
19:01:49 From Kathy McVittie : Your both looking well!
19:02:22 From Sue Hofman To All Panelists : Tigger is with me , his second time
19:02:27 From Lesley : Hi from Devon, good to be here in person 🙂
19:02:28 From karen : Hi from Karen and Cassie in a very wet West Cornwall
19:03:03 From angelabirchall : Lovely to be able to join you right at the start from a somewhat soggy Southport. I’m curled up with the two dogs looking forward to it.
19:03:04 From Jillian Daniell : Hi from Jill in Cheshire
19:03:05 From Alison Gaffney : Hi fromAlison in South Norwood
19:03:14 From Mikalia SaaRa : great to BE back in the family
19:03:37 From maureen : Hi from Maureen in Manchester
19:04:43 From Jude : Hello Everyone from the Scottish Borders xXx
19:05:16 From Susan : From Susan , Buckshaw Village Lancashire .Hi everyone glad to see you both Nicola and Jason .
19:05:47 From Victoria : Greetings from Preston. Victoria here x
19:05:49 From Rachael Halliday : Yes please to resourcing ourselves and rippling out a positive impact into the world 💖
19:06:14 From Mikalia SaaRa : sending Love and Healing
19:06:18 From Miranda : It is so good of you to be here for us.
19:06:25 From Gill Dunkerley To All Panelists : Just go easy, we are just glad you are here!
19:06:34 From Ali : Take it gently, the both of you. With we're you. X
19:06:36 From Alison Gaffney : Much love and support 🥰
19:06:40 From Sam Ben : concentration issues are a big part of covid recovery sadly, please take it steady, you are both doing an amazingly
19:06:40 From Jude : Bless you both, I hope you`re feeling better soon xXx
19:06:55 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : We understand! and love you! and send loving supportive healing thoughts! 🤗
19:07:32 From Susan's S10 : Good evening
19:12:10 From Lesley : Sending healing to you both x
19:12:19 From Mikalia SaaRa : thank you was dancing and summersaulting
19:12:24 From Helen Towers : Done it now 😂😂😂
19:12:28 From Gill Dunkerley : I always forget sorry
19:12:32 From Sue Hofman : ❤️❤️
19:12:34 From Jo Q : Jason that was so vivid, a dipper also appeared
19:12:39 From Lesley : There was a stag with me in the valley. Lovely.
19:12:45 From alexandra wild : good evening all
19:12:57 From Kelly Kennedy : Ive been working with the bear recently xx
19:13:00 From Sandy Holt : Such a beautiful visualisation thank you xx
19:13:31 From Belinda, UK : Hi everyone, first time joining you live for a while, so nice to be here and sending every good wish to all xx
19:14:33 From Janet : Here’s wishing you both a full recovery. Thank you for still offering this nourishing session.
19:18:14 From Mikalia SaaRa : got a fox guide
19:20:29 From Helen Towers : Be well soon both ❤️ So grateful for the stolen focus session - the book was a real game changer xx
19:21:29 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Oh yes what a game changer.Made such a lot of sense to me and a lot from my past as well as present!
19:21:37 From Sandy Holt : Yes you inspired me to buy the book as well thank you, Nicola…I’m looking forward to reading it. xx
19:23:13 From Ali : Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi
19:23:26 From Rachael Halliday : Thanks Ali
19:24:07 From angelabirchall : Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
19:27:13 From Belinda, UK : Flow activities feel like such a respite from a busy or anxious mind - I once heard the mind described as being like a naughty toddler, but if it is given something engaging that takes all its attention, it can do only that and not wander or worry simultaneously. For me gardening or making things are good sources of flow - I feel like I lose time altogether doing these
19:32:32 From maureen : Same here Belinda, gardening is a great source of flow for me.
19:33:13 From angelabirchall : It sounds like the state I go into when I’m engrossed in my art work which is going into right brain mode; it’s that wonderful state of reverie that is timeless and it’s the state I help my art students switch into and they totally lose themselves in it. It’s why I, and they, also say that the actual activity of creating the art work is as beneficial as the finished piece of art work. It’s the best stress-buster on the planet!
19:35:17 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : This is brilliant 🙏💕
19:35:19 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : YES! YES very interesting!
19:35:22 From Annkat : yes very interesting
19:35:27 From Lesley : Yes, when dancing or doing Maths
19:35:28 From Jude : Wonderful … painting for me xXx
19:35:30 From Rob Lines : when swimming
19:35:34 From Rob Lines : cycling
19:35:39 From Rob Lines : sketching
19:35:47 From Marj To All Panelists : Knitting
19:35:47 From Freda : Involved in research.
19:35:47 From Galaxy Tab A (2016) : for me it's patchwork and crochet
19:35:49 From Red : playing musical instruments
19:35:55 From Kathy McVittie : I'm puzzled that it's not the same as when I go on nature walks
19:35:58 From Sue Hofman : Yes, painting, drawing, walking, cooking
19:36:00 From Peter Duxbury : scrambling up steep hillside
19:36:00 From sue parlby : improvising on the piano
19:36:02 From sheila powell : Walk in the park. Sheila
19:36:04 From Brighid Black : I get into the flow state when making my art.
19:36:05 From Annkat : I make organic creams focus on all the herbs and pottery
19:36:05 From Mikalia SaaRa : flow state when by water
19:36:06 From Rob Lines : cooking
19:36:08 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : I get into flow at home when I allow myself to dance my way through the day finding hidden treasures in my clutter
19:36:08 From PAMPAM : yoga flow
19:36:09 From Ann : When work is all going well
19:36:10 From Miranda : So important because recently I have not allowed myself to paint or draw but actually I need to get back to this.
19:36:11 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : carving on pebbles
19:36:18 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Practising qigong. Reading.
19:36:20 From Margaret Laycock : Chi
19:36:20 From Eileen : When I do my Sound Surround Vibration Sessions for the Universe
19:36:21 From Ali : It's great, Jason. I definitely go into flow when I'm gardening. I've also experienced it when I'm on stage performing in a play - that's a wonderful experience.
19:36:21 From Sandy Holt : yes totally agree drawing… get lost for what seems like hours
19:36:26 From Ann : When quilting.
19:36:29 From Sam Ben : When I'm out taking photos or making art x
19:36:30 From jackie : i create patchwork quilts and bags. hours can pass me by. Bliss
19:36:31 From Shelly : I love this, I'm an occupational therapist and this resonates so much with why I became an OT, the wellness benefits of being in flow
19:36:32 From Peter Duxbury : painting
19:36:42 From Kelly Kennedy : being creative xx
19:36:46 From kathycar : Paper flower making takes me to a place of creativity, time & food is forgotten
19:36:51 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Yes. Really interesting. I came off Facebook at Xmas, only social media I used but even that made me realise how much time I spent getting agitated by stuff that didn't really matter. I really get lost in the flow with sacred earth songs
19:37:00 From Sheila Craig : qigong x
19:37:06 From alexandra wild : writing songs
19:37:08 From Rod & Diane : Dancing and singing!
19:37:10 From Donna : When I go into the flow state I find myself humming without realising
19:37:18 From Margaret Laycock : ChiKung flow movements
19:37:21 From Ali : Thinking about it, I used to go into flow state more with my writing. Less so now, so very interested to hear more about it.
19:37:22 From Miranda : yes quilting is so helpful
19:37:35 From jackie : baking and cooking a lovely meal, then enjoying the good food
19:38:14 From Kathy McVittie : It takes me into creativity, I'm making up songs
19:38:21 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Oh and family history research
19:38:36 From Vicky : Yes, developing my tree identification skills encourages a flow state, where I lose track of time.
19:38:51 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Yes making connections in whatever you do and then you are aware of synchronicity happening
19:38:57 From angelabirchall : It’s getting away from (switching off from) the stress-filled, logical left brained mode which is governed by time, schedules, rules, conventions, and switching over to the right hemisphere which is outside of the time shackles of our daily lives and losing yourself in the creative process . . . you can’t verbalise in right-brained mode, you have to change back to left-brained mode, which is often why it is hard to describe how it feels.
19:39:02 From Rob Lines : trying to work out the difference between the blackthorn bloom and the cherry plum bloom?
19:39:18 From maureen : That’s a good one Lindsay, family history gets me in the flow state too
19:39:35 From HUAWEI P smart : Sorting an uploading photographs and then the memories
19:39:58 From Peter Duxbury : family history very addictive!
19:40:25 From Pam Butterfield : so it's active not passive aha.makes sense
19:40:36 From Miranda : today I found myself in flow tidying my guerilla garden.
19:42:08 From Alison Gaffney : Is it just out of comfort zone and stretching ourselves?
19:43:03 From Alison Gaffney : Drumming especially if polyrhythms in a group
19:43:21 From Rachael Halliday : Yes it is very clear
19:44:14 From Kathy McVittie : It's what Philip Pulman said "Dust" did in The Amber Spyglass?
19:44:17 From Lindsay Trevarthen : See it in my qigong students when we’re doing standing meditation movements. Qi flow.
19:47:29 From Mikalia SaaRa : yes I lose myself with photography I've wandered into the water before now without realising 🤣
19:47:48 From Alison Gaffney : Yes Jason - I find going out in the landscape and first connecting with spirit of the place and then manifesting in a painting or art work
19:48:53 From Alison Gaffney : Wow this book haiku project sounds amazing and exciting!
19:49:09 From angelabirchall : What is a Haiku?
19:49:09 From maureen : Sounds like it will be beautiful when finished Jason
19:49:48 From Helen Towers : What a wonderful project ❤️
19:49:56 From angelabirchall : What is a Haiku? It’s 5-7-5 syllables. That is a Haiku. 😂
19:50:25 From Alison Gaffney : Also when you are creating something you surrender to the moment and are discovering something from within yourself ( almost like channeling)
19:50:43 From Miranda : "to move away from the stuff that steals our lives" brilliant Jason
19:51:34 From Mikalia SaaRa : sounds so exciting jason
19:52:36 From andy j : You do it very well Nicola
19:54:16 From Kathy McVittie : I recognise this Nicola
19:54:17 From Ali : Linking to Nicola's session about stolen focus, do you think it can be harder for us to get into flow because of how our brains are working now and all the distractions?
19:54:28 From Rachael Halliday : Blue isn’t up at 6?!!! My cats would be demanding their breakfast then!!!!
19:54:57 From Rachael Halliday : Your writing is absolutely beautiful Nicola, I’d never have guessed x
19:54:57 From Susan : you have described automatic writing .Nicola
19:56:08 From Kathy McVittie : I am on that discipline edge at the moment, writing vversus public-facing publicity ...
19:56:14 From Alison Wells : i find to compose letters etc, its always the first few minutes when i wake up that words flow, so yes, Nicola i too find thats a good time for things to flow
19:56:15 From Zoom user To All Panelists : I spin wool and this gets me into a flow state for other things
19:57:08 From Kathy McVittie : I am crap at time management!
19:57:21 From Alison Gaffney : I get into inner flow states with ideas coming together - insights and inspiration- but I can’t always ground it in writing or communicating ... maybe journalling practice will help?
19:57:44 From Kathy McVittie : Julia cameron's morning pages
19:57:45 From Alison Gaffney : Or yes like before brain in gear
19:58:18 From Alison Gaffney : I’ve heard of Morning Pages - thanks Kathy
19:58:19 From Kathy McVittie : Jellyfish = efficiency!
19:58:52 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Find it easiest to meditate as soon as I wake up for that reason - before the monkey mind kicks in!
19:58:58 From Miranda : I am about to re read a book which relates to Flow.."Panchang Moon astrology" by Michael Geary "how to do the right thing at the right time." It is about noticing the qualities of time...
20:00:00 From Alison Gaffney : The spring sea
Gently rising and falling
The whole day long
I think that’s it ...
20:00:06 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Since Covid I struggle with thought processes til after lunch, so I have had to reorganise the way I do stuff. I know others are the same but it's difficult with work 😬
20:00:39 From angelabirchall : Sorry - did not mean to insult your work; that was the definition my old English teacher gave of them. He then used to roar with laughter at his own joke . . . the only one who did!
20:00:49 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : ooooh Alison that's lovely....
20:01:57 From Gill Dunkerley : It feels a bit more intuitive, instinctive almost
20:02:21 From Alison Gaffney : I will check out the Panchang Moon Astrology Miranda🙏
20:02:37 From angelabirchall : The system wouldn’t let me do it in 3 lines
20:03:10 From Kate Scothorne : Those poems are explained in the book called Creative Dreaming
20:03:11 From Ursidia : I have to go - but enjoy the rest go the evening! Thank you dos much Jason and Nicola! Keep well, everyone…
20:03:28 From Gill Dunkerley : Loving the idea of Panchang Moon Astrology too.
20:03:47 From Alison Gaffney : Amy I find I have energy to do different activities at different times of day
20:05:39 From Kathy McVittie : If I were to tell you where is my edge at the moment, it would be censored...
20:06:05 From Alison Gaffney : Love the idea of keeping sharp and on it - and being in the flow is such a lovely state - and portable good energy to take where ever you go
20:06:32 From Kathy McVittie : That's very helpful
20:06:41 From Kathy McVittie : Its a relationship
20:07:24 From Susan : Sorry I have to leave , thank you . Wish you further Healing Nicola and Jason . Bless you both .Love Susan ,xxx
20:09:34 From Kathy McVittie : That is so relevant because I am not being flippant!
20:38:04 From Ali Broughton : apologies I have to leave, thank you, will catch up with the replay x
20:39:01 From Rob Lines : I laid back to journey. Wolf to my left and Bear to my right. Bear became Polar Bear and I was whisked to a polar landscape with various images of a Polar Bear with cubs.I was then in this world joined by Kalmar the cat who climbed onto my chest and fussed me granting permission to fuss her (aka demanding attention). Perhaps my cat was telling me how to get into flow. lol.
20:39:56 From Kyla : Met a Great White Shark who told me that the speed of everyones flow is different and should never be compared to others. She told me that "As sharks we do not allow a unsuccessful hunt to dishearten us. we learn, we adapt and we try again. There is no failure, only a gap in knowledge and you will never know where that gap is unless you try, young one."
20:40:05 From Kelly Kennedy : I was on the back of a horse galloping faster and faster. really felt I was being guided to run with my ideas and go with it, run with the horses and the wolves x
20:40:07 From HUAWEI P smart : Best ever journey, my daughter was there with an Irish wolfhound, lots of crystals everywhere.
20:40:18 From Helen Towers : Thanks guys - sleepy tonight think will try again on the replay ❤️ off to bed now me thinks x
20:40:20 From Kathy McVittie : May I contact you directly later? I met the Intended and he floollwed me back up to the real world.
20:40:43 From Beth Laurels : 🌈❤️🙏🏽
20:40:45 From Pam Butterfield : very clear message for me. I need to go back and reclaim my stolen focus. and then I can start to go into the flow
20:40:55 From karen : saw a hippo sitting with his legs crossed on a log smoking a long clay pipe. I asked if he had a messag for me and he leant forward and whispered in my ear but it was just loud white noise. Then the words learn, draught and drey or dray came to me clearly.
20:41:52 From Jennifer Pittam : Fascinating - it suddenly occurred to me, for no particular reason, that we are in the season of Brigid, and I saw this huge forge. And then my beloved grandfather arrived and reminded me that he was a surgical instrument maker and worked at the forge all his earthly life. He was so glad to see me forging some insights now!
20:41:55 From kathycar : An unusual journey this evening, I became very restless and ended up on the floor in child’s pose & rocked. I saw my grandmother briefly, golden yellow fields & ended up in a cave & bats flying. I was then back outside & back to my rocking pose & back to the end. Very weird
20:42:16 From Brighid Black : I found myself on the high moorland doing rare plant counts. Plants were dominant and rocks. Cave entrances. I met the buzzard
20:42:22 From Marj To All Panelists : Wolf became a greyhound with alert ears and eyes we were in the mountain then we sat gazing into distance and a far horizon
20:42:38 From Miranda : My message was to find the discipline to paint and draw regularly. My guide asked me to let go of doubt. Don't stand in your own way. Trust and schedule the This was after Wolf and I ran through a birch forest side by side. We ran through a sun dappled tree scape. Later we stood in a
20:42:53 From Gill Dunkerley : I didn’t see much but that’s normal for me. I felt at the start I saw a hawk’s face - just eyes and beak. I felt quite wispy, like I was moving, floating or flying. I had my feet crossed when lay down and I had an urge to uncross to improve flow. I wonder if I’m getting in my own way by trying to hard. I had a lovely time with my white wolf, playful again. I think I might not need to take myself (and my writing) too seriously.
20:43:00 From Miranda : glade where a fire was burning.
20:43:19 From HUAWEI P smart : It's Jules sorry
20:43:22 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Helen , me too...I was met by the White Lady I meet most times, and she stood opposite me , fixed me with a gaze and said I must make the time. Make that time . And we just stood opposite each other she gazing at me and holding me with that gaze. It was the most still journey I have ever had!
20:43:27 From karen : Cassie here, I felt like the back of my head was on fire, then my left eye was on fire!
20:43:35 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : So lovely to be with wolf again - so much love and compassion
Bear came for me too - she had cubs with her and we watched them playing and exploring. Bear reminded me about being present and also taking time to follow my own rhythms and pace myself - time for inner reflection in the cave
20:43:51 From angelabirchall : That was lovely - thanks very much Jason. Owl met me; Owl knows that I know what being in the Flow is but told me that being in Flow is a positive state of being and that too often I feel guilty about doing something creative just for me (it’s different if I’m doing it for teaching or painting or drawing a commission) so that it’s down to me accepting that being in the Flow to create something just for me is actually going to benefit everyone around me, not just me ,so it’s not selfish as I keep thinking. This sounds mixed up, but I know what it means. 😁 Thanks again.
20:45:13 From Sandy Holt : I suddenly came out of journey with a start and was immediately present in the real world without coming back properly…will this have an adverse effect later ? do i need to revisit coming back?
20:45:21 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Ecstatic dancing! Had to get up and move as soon as the drumming started. An extension of free or spontaneous qigong which i already work with. Interesting as I have received a message about dancing before (and went to a disco on Friday). Wolf joined in with me too!
20:45:33 From Belinda, UK : Karen/Cassie - that's interesting - I had an overwhelming sensation of heat around my head towards the end of my journey also, it subsided almost as soon as it started... still pondering what that was all about..!
20:46:17 From karen : Ooh! interesting Belinda!
20:46:40 From kathycar : Yees
20:47:35 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : I found myself climbing a willow tree near the water and then completely being taken by the rhythm of the drum beat - the beat of the heart - wow the flow state - watching the cubs exploring and playing was so lovely
20:48:00 From deb : Initially i found it hard to physically move forward towards the wood (resistance?) owl appeared and indian guide . Feel I need to re journey when in a more relaxed mindset
20:49:00 From jackie : Wolf and I went into a snowy landscape. Wolf continuously called me to not be distracted by the paths on either side. The side paths are not good for me to go down right now. stay focused. I then skated very fast until i was flying and became cloudlike. I could feel the freedom and contentment that I could experience if I just stay focused. Im to rearrange my creative space and allow myself the time to flow.
20:49:21 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Although owl was not on the journey she was there before going into the oak tree and then a feeling of her being there at the end and her eyes
20:50:40 From Gill Dunkerley : Yes I agree, I am trying to go with the flow - thank you. I will look at the library.
20:51:48 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Yes it was Jason! Stillness... Held in stillness. I am so busy with work so that's a lovely thought.
20:52:05 From Kathy McVittie : Jill is spot on for me. i am getting tense again from "trying to get it Right"whether writing or opening up to new ways of relating. Most journeys lately I have connected with play, this time I just sobbed for the love of this man, and then was instructed to go and eat = look after my bodyfirst
20:52:19 From HUAWEI P smart : I used my shamanic dream crystals (lodolite), they are supposed to help with journeying, do you agree they may help as I had such a good journey?
20:53:34 From Sam Ben : My Guides recently told me to get out of my own way and make space to receive... tonight my Guide told me to kneel in Child Pose, letting roots frow from me deep into the ground and become the seeds of my deepest imagination, to grow with them and bring my ideas and imagination into the world. My Guide also told me to schedule time to take action and plan the steps, break my desires into manageable steps to achieve and lose myself in the pleasure of learning to creat
20:53:37 From alexandra wild : I was in a stone circle, and was drawn to three of the standing stones. Each onehd a message fo me
20:54:21 From Kathy McVittie : Guilt things!
20:54:23 From angelabirchall : Glad it’s not just me, Jason. We are on the same page!!
20:55:12 From alexandra wild : The messages were to make sure I don't let intruders in ( thoughts) to express myself and to lighten up
20:55:53 From Sandy Holt : Thank you will do xx
20:56:29 From Marj : This has been so helpful thank you both so much 🌈
20:56:36 From Sam Ben : apologies, pressed the wrong button! to learn to lose myself in the pleasure of focus, flow and learning to create, and without putting unnecessary pressure on myself. Wolf and Robin were also with me on the journey. thank you so much, it was a wonderful journey! x
20:56:39 From Miranda : Thank you both so much. Goodnight
20:56:41 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Lovely evening thank you
20:56:43 From alexandra wild : Thank you
20:57:05 From Brighid Black : Thank you very helpful
20:57:15 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks to all for sharing and insight.
20:57:21 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Thank You for all your hard work, and caring.It's been, as ever, wonderful to share this space with you, all of you xxx
20:57:47 From Richard Fedorko : Thank you
20:59:19 From Sandy Holt : Lovely evening thank you so much for holding space and thank you everyone for interesting comments. sxx
20:59:36 From sheila powell : Thank you so much Nicola and Jason. Sending you both healing thoughts. Namaste
20:59:49 From Kay : Thank you!
20:59:54 From david : Thank you so much, take care xxx
20:59:59 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you for a lovely evening. I really enjoyed learning about flow. I hope you both feel fully better very soon xx
21:00:00 From jackie : thank you Jason and Nicola. i needed to hear all that tonight. Perfect timing. Keep well. x
21:00:14 From karen : Thanks amd goodnight!
21:00:15 From Janet : Thank you so much! Take care.
21:00:17 From HUAWEI P smart : Thank you so much xx
21:00:22 From Ali : Thank you both so much. Xx
21:00:22 From Sue Hofman : Thank you, lots of love
21:00:24 From jayne powell : Thank you. Take care
21:00:25 From Karen Barton : Great session, thank you xx❤️
21:00:25 From maureen : Thank you both, stay well x
21:00:29 From Jo Q : Thank you both xx
21:00:33 From Mair : Thanks you so much, feel refreshed and clear x
21:00:43 From Kelly Kennedy : thanks, loved that will meditate with the horse xxxx
21:00:54 From Peter Duxbury : hope you both get over after-effects of Covid 🙏
21:00:57 From Belinda, UK : Thank you so much, wishing you both well on your healing path, and everyone lots of fulfilling flow times ahead xx
21:01:04 From alysonpowell : Thank you both. Sending healing love. Take care. And thank you everyone.💚
21:01:05 From Rachael Halliday : Thank you everyone and Jason & Nicola for your words of wisdom about flow x
21:01:05 From Sam Ben : Thank you all so much! Take care everyone x
21:01:06 From Kathy McVittie : I ffeel a lot better for tonight and its tears!
21:01:14 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you 😊
21:01:20 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola and everyone - a flowing evening - and love and healing 🥰
21:01:20 From Grace McGeoch : Thank you, goodnight
21:01:21 From Ann : Thank you so much, most of time spent on a galleon, in darkness and being woken up. White wolf camexx
21:01:31 From Annie : Thank you to you both. A very insightful evening. Looking forward to getting in to the flow more easily. Take care.
21:01:40 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Thank you! Good night everyone and take care! xx
21:01:46 From kathycar : Thankyou for tonight. Bye x