The topic of this Circle is Stolen Focus, which has been inspired by the new book Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention by Johann Hari. Our world is very different to what it was ten years ago, and it is getting harder and harder for people to apply their attention to something. Because of this, our brains are changing, and we are finding it difficult to focus. The good news is that it is possible to re-train our brains back again, but it takes awareness of what is going on to cause this to break the cycle.

During this evening, Nicola began by sharing a few examples drawn from the book to explain what is happening to steal our attention. She then offered some insights into how she has made changes to help with her focus recently. The intention of the guided shamanic journey was to ask: 'what is getting in the way of my attention?'

Here are the resources that were referenced during the session:

  • The Guardian article that inspired this Circle topic: Your Attention Didn't Collapse It Was Stolen. Click here to read. 
  • Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention by Johann Hari
  • Netflix documentary: The Social Dilemma. Click here to view.
  • Johann Hari interview by Dr Rangan Chatterjee on the Feel Better Live More podcast. 'How to Reclaim Your Focus'. Click here to access. 
  • Relating to 'saying no', you can access our Working With Self-Worth Shamanic Journey Circle replay by clicking here, and Nicola's blog: Shamanic Tools for Self-Worth and Self-Belief by clicking here.

The timings of the Circle are:

  • 04:43 - Introduction to the evening
  • 08:48 - Drum/ rattle to gather and guided meditation
  • 14:18 - Opening the directions
  • 19:50 - Beginning of the talk
  • 1:16:15 - Explaining shamanic journeying
  • 1:21:20 - Guided shamanic journey
  • 1:41:44 - Journey sharing
  • 1:57:57 - Closing directions

Below is the transcript of the chat.

Transcript of the chat

18:57:29 From Rod & Diane : Hello from Cumbria 😊
18:57:37 From Annkat : Hello from Sheffield.
18:57:43 From Victoria To All Panelists : Hello from Preston
18:57:45 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham, its rather chilly here x
18:57:47 From Sue Stone : Hi from Anne & Sue from Morecambe
18:57:47 From Kyla : Hello from Brown Lees
18:57:48 From Paulina : Hello - Paulina from Rotherham
18:57:49 From kathycar : Hi, Kathy from Petersfield, Hampshire
18:57:51 From Helen Towers : Evening from chilly Kendal brrr got the cuddly blanket out 😝✨✨
18:57:51 From Katie Joanne : Hi, it's Katie - t'other side of moors in Ramsbottom xx
18:57:53 From Ali : Evening from Manchester.
18:57:53 From Red : Hi from Portsmouth. Happy to be here.
18:57:57 From Lynn : Hi from Devon, so good to be with you all
18:57:57 From Jan To All Panelists : Hi Jan from Swanage
18:57:58 From Ursidia : Good evening from West Penwith!
18:58:01 From Gaynor : Evening all from Kent
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18:58:10 From Sadie Simmonds : Hello from South Wales 😊
18:58:11 From Rob : Rob in Trowse, Norwich here, with the purring cat Kalmar on my lap.
18:58:12 From alice : Hello from alice in London
18:58:16 From Michelle Hardwick : Glad to join you again 0 Michelle,Chelmsford Essex
18:58:16 From Ali Broughton : Evening , Ali here from Norfolk
18:58:17 From sheila powell To All Panelists : Hello from sunny California! Sheila
18:58:18 From Annie : Good evening to you all from Annie in a very chilly Norfolk
18:58:18 From Rosslynne Selous-Hodges : greetings Blue from Rosslynne Nlorth of Bury
18:58:18 From Gina Lewis To All Panelists : Hi from Gina
18:58:20 From Di Davies To All Panelists : Hi from Mid Wales 💕
18:58:27 From Helen : Helen from Chester
18:58:29 From Sujatin Johnson : Hello from Perth, Scotland
18:58:29 From Annkat : might not be able to do all evening I have covid.
18:58:29 From Julia : Evening Everyone from Julia, Sheffield
18:58:31 From heather thomas : Hi everyone from hanbury its heather
18:58:33 From Karen : Hi all from Karen from Ivybridge, Devon xxx
18:58:40 From Tracey Green : hello from tracey from wrexham, North wales! xx
18:58:41 From Alison Gaffney : Lovely to be here - Alison from Crystal Palace,South London - loved the Guardian article, Nicola
18:58:44 From Di Davies : Hi from Mid Wales
18:58:46 From Jan : Hi Jan from Swanage 🙏
18:58:48 From Janet : good evening from South Wales 💚
18:58:50 From Kay Case : hellorom
18:58:51 From Vicky : Hi all. Vicky from Stalybridge
18:58:58 From Tracey Bevan : Greetings From South Wales
18:59:02 From caroline To All Panelists : Caroline from Somerset
18:59:08 From Xenia Meinert : Hi from Northern Germany!
18:59:09 From fionamccall To All Panelists : Fiona Scottish borders
18:59:09 From eileen kean : Hi all Eileen in Farnborough x
18:59:13 From Claire To All Panelists : Claire here from Reading 😀
18:59:16 From Miranda : miranda from Margate
18:59:23 From Janis McCall To All Panelists : Hello from Argyll Scotland
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18:59:58 From Linda Holt : Linda from Lancashire - Littleborough. Hi everyone. xx
19:00:55 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : hello from Worcester😃
19:01:07 From Ali Broughton : school register!
19:01:11 From Janet : it's been a beautiful day in South Wales today. Bright, sunny and cold. Very cold tonight 💚
19:01:39 From Susan : Hi everyone looking forward to sharing this evening with you all Susan from Chorley
19:02:55 From Rob : Johann Hari was interviewed about his new book recently by Dr Rangan Chatterjee on the Feel Better Live More podcast. I put the link to it against the coaching call fb post
19:03:07 From Katie Joanne : Hahahaha @Ali B xx
19:03:24 From Katie Joanne : Thanks for sharing the link Rob x
19:04:26 From Fausta DiMascio : hi from Hampshire - sorry I am a bit late
19:04:28 From Ali Broughton : 😁@ Katie xx
19:05:01 From Katie Joanne : Hi Fausta xx
19:05:06 From Kathy McVittie : Kathy here xxx
19:05:11 From Katie Joanne : Hi Kathy xx
19:05:22 From Ali Broughton : hello Kathy x
19:05:22 From Lynne : Hi everyone, I'm a wee bit late, sorry x
19:05:25 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi Karie x
19:05:26 From Ann : Ann from Glasgow
19:05:28 From Mair : Hi from Mair in Halifax x
19:06:01 From Fausta DiMascio : sorry Katie
19:06:19 From Katie Joanne : 💓Fausta xx
19:06:24 From Janet To All Panelists : Hi, from windy Norfolk!
19:06:39 From Jaqui Long : hello sorry to be late
19:16:15 From Fausta DiMascio : Nicola, Jason and Blue Hail and Welcome xx
19:16:30 From Katie Joanne : 🙏🌿
19:16:43 From Xenia Meinert : all hail and welcome!
19:16:46 From Rachel OReilly : Hello everyone. (Just found the chat function 😳😆)
19:17:07 From Katrin Grisby : Hello from Katrin xo
19:17:16 From Katie Joanne : Hi Rachel xx
19:17:24 From Rob : Johann is pronounced yo-han 🙂
19:17:25 From Katie Joanne : Hi Katrin xx
19:17:30 From Sam Ben : hello everyone, and Blue, wherever you are Blue ❤ x
19:17:32 From fae : Hi Rachel & katrin
19:17:34 From Karen Davies : Hi everyone, really glad to be here. not been able to make a last few. Karen from Skye
19:17:41 From Katie Joanne : Hi Karen xx
19:18:07 From Karen Davies : Hi Katie
19:18:18 From maureen : Hi everyone
19:18:33 From Katie Joanne : Hi Maureen xx
19:18:55 From maureen : Hello Katie
19:19:29 From Dorothy Robbie : Hi from Dorothy from Forfar in Angus
19:19:35 From Sandy Holt : Hello everyone, from Sandy, Stratford-upon-Avon xx❤️
19:19:48 From Rachael Halliday : How strange… totally disconnected. Might as well go via augmented reality
19:20:07 From Katie Joanne : Hi Sandy xx
19:20:23 From Rachael Halliday : Exactly!
19:21:30 From Rob : a sign of total addiction. a complete possession
19:22:30 From heather thomas : would you please give us the name of the book and the author please, thank you
19:23:27 From Jaqui Long : Stolen Focus: Why You can't pay attention, by Johann Hari
19:23:33 From Wendy : Stolen Focus by Johann Hari
19:23:48 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : good evening everyone, Karen from London- just finished teaching, but fascinating story to come into.....🤔
19:23:48 From Sam Ben : I only started reading this book yesterday but honestly, it's a really scary and much needed wake up call, as this is a huge part of our reality now and the impacts (current and potential) are shocking
19:24:11 From Rob : indeed Sam
19:25:00 From Robert Burr : Hi Guys, Sorry I'm late had trouble with the link and the usual problem with zoom.
19:25:02 From Rob : There is a Netflix documentary entitled "social dilemma" which covers similar ground
19:26:38 From heather thomas : This is so relevant to me at the present time. I realised about social media recently
19:26:46 From Xenia Meinert : That reminds me of practising more mindfulness. When I eat, I eat, when I walk in nature, I walk in nature and so on. Not distracting myself with other Things like the Internet.
19:27:00 From Rob : So … we delete FB accounts?
19:28:12 From Paulina : I agree Xenia - for me - I try to remain grounded and in the present. In work, I focus on one call at a time - it when I start to look ahead I get pulled all over the place.
19:29:09 From Xenia Meinert : Yes Paulina. A lot for us to practise. 🙂 Doing one Thing at a time.
19:29:20 From fae : I’ve start limiting my FB time to around 15 minutes max per day and only once per day. I’ve also started learning crochet, it keeps my hands busy and i have to concentrate. Feeling calmer and more relaxed for it 😁
19:29:48 From Alison Gaffney : Does this connect with the idea of soul retrieval?
19:30:02 From Paulina : I crochet to it allows you to focus and meditate = it helped me to relax and stop the mind chatter
19:30:36 From Rob : I reckon so Paulina (he says distracted from Nicola 😉 )
19:30:39 From Ruth Sharma : Delete FB from your phone. SO freeing. Could still access on a laptop/desktop once a week/month
19:30:51 From heather thomas : I also recognise this Nicola!
19:31:16 From Lynne : This is really resonating! Like Fae, I've taken up crochet to keep my hands busy!
But I'm glad we've got Social media as that's how I found here!
19:31:19 From Miranda : Phone Scrolling is an addiction
19:31:28 From Xenia Meinert : Can losing the Focus and getting distracted by lots of fascinating Things also be a sign of FOMO - fear of missing out? Nowadays we se sooo much shiny and interesting. 😉
19:31:32 From Tracey Bevan : I Can't Believe This Is The Topic... I told myself when I finish my current course mid January I'm not taki g on any thing new. you remind Ed me a out book in winter thanku. it's, time to write & create thanku 🙏💗🙏
19:31:34 From maureen : I do a lot of switching from one thing to another
19:31:41 From Kyla : I had always been seen as "the odd one" as being in my 20's and I don't use my phone unless I need to contact someone, and it spends most of it's time off, as well as not having accounts on all the main social media platforms. For me it's scary to see so many people on their phones and not paying attention to things around them.
19:32:06 From Sandy Holt : Wow, this is really resonating. So interesting. x
19:32:29 From Xenia Meinert : OMG yes - doing the checks again because 1 hour has passed, and there is sooo much new again - total addiction. 😉
19:32:56 From Xenia Meinert : I have to Keep myself from doing that - checking News/phone again after an hour or so.
19:33:03 From Sadie Simmonds : I check the weather app when I’m sat by the window 😏
19:33:04 From Rachael Halliday : The title about focus being stolen is an interesting word. I find it more empowering to view it as choosing and which choices I desire to cultivate that way I can chose not to do things
19:33:11 From Tracey Bevan : Yes Haha I'm a weather app checker. fb is now very limited...
19:33:15 From Paulina : I am the opposite - more and more I want to disconnect and go off grid
19:33:37 From Katie Joanne : Low attention span and blurred realities have brought about reduced/diminished boundaries so you often get interrupted/invaded by someone else who also has a low attention span as they cannot leave you to have space or deal with silences of long concentration. I have to remove myself from people/spaces when I need to disconnect from it. Like you I have been on a digital detox for over a year and I am much more productive/
19:33:43 From Kathy McVittie : Wwell said Rachael
19:34:09 From Thurstan Crockett To All Panelists : I can really relate
19:34:41 From angelabirchall : It’s a brilliant article - thanks for sharing, it’s really given me lots to think about so now I need to read the book.
19:34:44 From Kathy McVittie : Something about Fear of Misssing
19:34:48 From Paulina : If you think about it how we are influenced also by the "wifi" imagine the sensitives how much we are picking up that's why I want to flee to the hills. When I;m really off - I go into the woods
19:35:03 From Katrin Grisby : The article is fascinating, I have already changed a few behaviours
19:35:19 From valerieishii : ‘reduced/diminished boundaries’ - yes I like this description Kathy
19:35:21 From Linda Lipinski : Yes totally resonates with me. Checking constantly ... weather .. news ... Facebook ... emails ... messages !,
19:35:21 From Ali : I remember being on top of the Jungfrau in Switzerland. Incredible views but so many people came to view for about 2 minutes and just took selfies the whole of that time.
19:35:43 From Jan : I totally understand, however I thought I was getting old
19:36:13 From Annkat : some people never look up to see the clouds etc.
19:36:15 From fae : Paulina & Lynne calming the mind is also helping me sleep better, enjoying the learning process
19:36:33 From Katrin Grisby : I had to do a job where I needed to focus closed myself away, but felt very tired at the end
19:36:36 From Paulina : Exactly fae
19:36:45 From Jaqui Long : and yet we wouldn't be all here now if it wasn't for the internet!
19:36:53 From Ali Broughton : TV is similar, now there is streaming a whole box set taking up hours of peoples lives , making us programmed.
19:36:55 From Janet : I keep data usage permanently off on my phone so I only have internet access at home. I find this helps but it's definitely a problem which seems to be growing exponentially.
19:36:58 From Mair : Thanks for Sharing, I think this issue is affecting my mental wellbeing and confidence as I'm regularly lost in my thoughts and trying to juggle too many things to try and make my life more productive, but it's like a never ending washing machine cycle
19:37:20 From Chris : I don't have a facebook account or use my phone. But my partner and I noticed last week when we were out for a meal, how many people were not engaged with each other but just sitting scrolling on their phones. Maybe it's my age b find this quite sad
19:37:21 From heather thomas : I realise that I support others a lot on facebook instead of focussing on my own business on facebook. I am also pulling away from al sorts of things which is what spirit has asked me to do in order to focus, I also have not had attention to read for years and I was a real book worm years ago, thank you so much Nicola as you are confirming what spirit has given me
19:37:24 From Rachel OReilly : Our attention is valuable - and perhaps we should appreciate that we confer value on something when we pay attention to it.
19:37:26 From angelabirchall : There’s no need to scrap Facebook or other social media accounts, it’s just like anything else that can be addictive or useful . . . it’s how much you use it that makes it good or bad.
19:37:35 From Alison Gaffney : So relevant Nicola - as well as in my own life - especially all the online summits on important and fascinating topics like ancestral healing!
I end up watching while doing dishes and cooking.
Also very concerned about addiction to screens with my young grandsons 6 - 10. they used to be very creative and playing with real toys
19:37:41 From Ann : Just started checking Facebook daily or twice now. I feel a sense of loss but much better than checking every hour or so if in the house.
Do not use my phone when out on the whole, but others do not understand that I often miss calls and messages.
I found work hard as expected to read emails as they arrive disrupting record keeping and concentration.
19:38:19 From maureen : I’ve tried limiting myself to 10-15 minutes on my phone but then it creeps up again
19:38:21 From fae : Haha, yep love my Ecco walking time 😁
19:38:38 From Michelle Hardwick : very sad for young people who it is the norm for them! Gaming as well! Have grandchildren and it is a constant worry for me.
19:38:46 From Victoria : I’ve been off Facebook since beginning of December. Removed it from my phone. Don’t miss it. Do do checks on news, weather and WhatsApp way too often.
19:38:59 From kathycar : Until mobiles came into regular use, can’t remember when though, we would travel without mobiles and we were able to concentrate far more, a call back to mum to say we had arrived etc, we need to be disciplined NOW. Start resetting our minds!
19:39:06 From Katrin Grisby : Social media can have a purpose but it was interesting he suggested that we look at negative comments more than positive and that’s what the algorithm pushes so more negative comments appear on our feeds
19:39:17 From alice : Just being quiet with animals, observing them helps being in the moment
19:39:24 From fionamccall To All Panelists : Its more starvation of the soul
19:39:26 From Helen Towers : I have been trying to work a bit with this - 2 steps forward then back 😂😂 I actually went out this afternoon and walked into town leaving my phone at home - shopped for a couple of things had lunch popped into see a friend and it was was very freeing but noticed how I went straight to it when I got back in 😂😂
19:39:50 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : This sounds like a great read, will look out for it as I have so many books I'd like to read and learn from, but never seem to get round to. Social media is part of my marketing plan, but I find myself using it less and less recently, and have not missed it
19:39:58 From Pam : I find crochet does the same for me.
19:40:15 From Ruth Sharma : It was the best thing I ever did - i get so distracted. I am also off whats app now
19:40:16 From Mair : When i'm scrolling I can physically feel my bodily response which is saying stop doing it, and I often ignore this, but the body knows what we need and we need to listen to this more often.
19:40:28 From Alison Gaffney : It’s a question of balance and awareness
19:40:29 From Paulina : I have found now that the more silence I have the more I want and it's when I'm in the silence the consciousness flows - writing etc.
19:40:58 From Karen Davies : is dilemma. It is the only way to quick in touch with some people for me and a few years ago I didn't even know what an android phone was.! Now I am on it all the time. I hardly read books now and 'google' the info I'm after. Hard as I have discovered wonderful stuff and learnt so much but now feel I am on it too much and can't concentrate and focus for very long!
19:41:00 From Chris : Agree Alison
19:41:09 From Patsy : I also use FB to promoite my Yoga class & therpy business. It is so easy to waste a lot of time on there 🙁
19:41:11 From Paulina : I think it's like everything else "everything in moderation" - "the middle way" - buddhist theory
19:41:26 From fae : I do mainly look at the WOTB posts so i always enjoy the lovely nature pictures
19:41:31 From Xenia Meinert : Yes Paulina, a lot of wisdom in buddhism.
19:42:16 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Yes Paulina- the Middle way- a great approach
19:42:23 From Wendy : I think Facebook is good and helpful for a sense of community. I use it for Choir and Yoga. I think it’s a case of having awareness and discipline and not being pulled to then scroll/get lost in other posts.
19:42:47 From Katie Joanne : My nephew watches Youtube videos of other children playing but doesn't play with other children... xxx
19:42:57 From Ruth Sharma : The pandemic has made it so much worse. It was the way my kids socialised when we were in isolation
19:43:04 From Xenia Meinert : the middle way and balance - I love that. It's not About cutting something off completely, but to Limit and handle it.
19:43:31 From Ruth Sharma : and continue to socialise now we are not isolated
19:43:43 From Jaqui Long : This really fits with your Empty Bowl journey circle that I watched really
19:44:08 From Fausta DiMascio : Being spoon fed
19:44:20 From Paulina : Exactly Xenia - if you cut something off - you want it more - if you allow it, but manage it, you are in control and become more aware
19:44:46 From Kyla : I think it's important that even as adults the idea of "play" whether it be taking part in fun activities and hobbies or playing board games etc, is just as equally important than it is for children. I always think it's amazing how much it improves ones mood.
19:44:47 From Rachael Halliday : A choice I’m making is to switch off notifications for social media which has been really helpful in me choosing when I want to look at it. It’s a paradox because as others have said Social Media is how I found TWOTB and is a way of keeping strong connection with friends and family, especially those far away.
19:45:39 From Xenia Meinert : Yes Paulina, and I meet my Friends mostly via FB, because they don't live in my area. It's doing FB mindfully and not scroll blindly without sense for Hours.
19:47:15 From Kyla : I get that at work, constantly being asked to switch task every couple of minutes, it can be incredibly frustrating.
19:47:53 From Ali : As a Highly Sensitive Person I'm very aware of overstimulation and how uncomfortable it is for me. I need lots of space to absorb and meander - and to decompress when I need to. It's about making choices.
19:48:05 From fae : I get that to Kyla, constant interruptions…drives you crackers sometimes
19:48:10 From Sam Ben : absolutely Kyla, it's exhausting too
19:48:17 From Xenia Meinert : Yes Kyla, I get that at work, too.
19:50:09 From Janet : I find yoga and qi Gong very helpful 💚
19:50:10 From Ali Broughton : They should use the retrain the brain for students in schools, colleges and uni's
19:50:12 From Katrin Grisby : At work if I become overloaded I get “flappy” I have to go for a walk to be able to refocus
19:50:44 From Katrin Grisby : Make money 💰
19:50:47 From Rob : @ali - that is likely in the book as it came up in the Feel Better Live More podcast interview
19:50:58 From Mary : there's an app that monitors how long between times when you pick up your phone and you can set timers to lock it for a certain amount of time I think. I'll see if I can find what it's called...
19:51:19 From Ali Broughton : oh good Rob, I will be showing my two sons the article, but I doubt the younger will take much note!
19:51:29 From caroline To All Panelists : Promoting consumerism
19:51:39 From Alison Gaffney : I know that there is a deeper something in me that seeks distraction - some call it procrastination - there are certain tasks that are very challenging for me and I’m working hard to get into the flow with them.
19:51:59 From Fausta DiMascio : Operant conditioning
19:52:25 From Fausta DiMascio : BS Skinner
19:53:51 From Katie Joanne : Dopamine hit testing xx
19:55:52 From Paulina : There is a documentary on Netflix about this I think its called Social Networking - eye opener.
19:55:57 From Kyla : It's sad to see people posting pictures and selfies for likes when they don't like themselves and need outside validation to feel love for themselves.
19:56:17 From Ali Broughton : well said @ Kyla
19:57:04 From Paulina : Ive always found it interesting to remember that initially the internet was a military tool wasn't it? And all the large "tech" giants are American ??
19:57:16 From Rachael Halliday : I much prefer Ecosia to Google. I look up what I want and that’s it (+ they plant a tree for each search ✅)
19:57:18 From fae : This is why society is becoming shallower and beautify is seen with what you look like rather than who you are…its very sad
19:57:57 From Eileen : Yes, Ecosia is Good to Use
19:58:01 From Paulina : Ive started using Bing - otherwise it's like using one Encylopedia which has been vetted by a onesided agenda
19:58:02 From Kyla : I use Ecosia as well.
19:59:01 From Paulina : also Nicola it is being used to manipulate society - politically too
19:59:05 From maureen : Me too I use Ecosia instead of google
19:59:11 From Katie Joanne : Duck Duck Go is a good non-tracked browser xx
19:59:40 From Ali : Is it being stolen or are we giving it away?
19:59:59 From Jan : Surely you must all have realised it
It’s Stamford Eives ADVERTISERS
20:00:11 From Rob : "nichola checking the comments" - is that like her checking FB and the weather ? 😉
20:00:12 From Julia : being in creative flow helps us to stay present
20:00:17 From Alison Gaffney : The gaming world for children and young people is also stealing attention and creativity and is deeply concerning including much of the content!
20:00:37 From Xenia Meinert : There is also a lot of clickbait of Website owners, publishers, or individuals who get Money through clickrates from companies that buy Advertising space. they live from creating Drama and fear, because that's what clicked most.
20:00:57 From Rob : In the interview Johann says "if you don't pay for the service, you have to conclude that you are the product"
20:01:00 From Rod & Diane : This is really interesting as I’ve got a post I want to load onto the Facebook group about shamanic drumming
20:01:11 From fionamccall To All Panelists : It dulls our creativity and so our soul journey
20:01:27 From Paulina : There is a positive to it, like this group, I worry that we will be living in a virtual world without seeing physical people.
20:01:30 From Mary Bleasdale : i install facebook and other apps in the evening then after looking for an hour i delete the apps..bit extreme maybe but it works
20:02:06 From Robert Burr : That's true Jason, on face book I am a member of a lot of groups most of which I am very bored with but I still go onto them to have a look.
20:02:37 From Paulina : that's an addiction - middle way - put it down, switch it off - "simples" -
20:02:37 From Xenia Meinert : Rob, that's true. When Content is free, we are the product.
20:03:26 From Alison Gaffney : The work is to find and build in this focus you are talking about - something much more alive and rewarding and yes about our soul’s growth
20:03:59 From Mary : I think the one app my friend uses to monitor phone time is digital detox, but there are lots of similar ones
20:04:00 From Rachael Halliday : I remember getting distracted looking things up in The Encyclopaedia when I was a child and my parents had a whole series of books!
20:04:06 From Katie Joanne : Time to be wary of the term 'the hive mind' which all this feeds into xx
20:05:05 From Sujatin Johnson : Thank you - this is so important and timely
20:06:54 From Katie Joanne : What alarms me is the press to be moved into virtual reality as the world to live in (monetised as well, I may add) as opposed to the world that is real and part of our actual bodies... xxx
20:07:12 From Katie Joanne : The Metaverse being setup exactly for that xxx
20:07:15 From Ursidia : It has been so useful to hear this! I have to go, but I’ll try to do the journey another time. Blessings to all!
20:07:37 From Ali Broughton : yes @ Katie, why would you want to walk in a virtual world of trees and plants when you can go outside and do it in nature, much better for our mental health
20:07:40 From Rob : SO.... our three levels of attention are damaged, we lose our focus, then our purpose and then go to our GP with depression and anxiety the result being we get prescribed anti-depressants?
20:07:55 From Helen Towers : Yes so get all this - Find it Interesting how much “ meaningful “ information is on media - eg spiritual stuff that can also be a problem - easy to be a kind of spiritual shopper and not actually get anywhere (in my experience ) 😂 jumping from practice to practice and being distracted by another angle and actually becoming a bit lost on where we are going
20:07:56 From Kyla : I've noticed with customers at work, they barely speak to us now, instead of reading their order number to us they just shove the phone in our face an expect us to do it for them. Its quite scary to be honest.
20:08:27 From Xenia Meinert : During the pandemic and Lockdown many People also had the time of thinking About their lives, and many left their Jobs forever because they realized how unhappy they were with it, and decided to do something else.
20:09:11 From Lynne : I'm loving this tonight. SO interesting.
20:10:14 From Tracey Bevan : So on point as, always... Its, scary that technology will take us, deeper into non human contact
20:10:32 From Paulina : I think it's sad that it's the children that are being programmed
20:11:34 From Ruth Sharma : yes I have lost control with the kids screen time
20:11:40 From Xenia Meinert : On the other Hand, disabled and housebound Friends I talked to, are happy that so much has moved online, and now they can actually socialize. I think it's all About using social media balanced and mindful.
20:11:50 From Katie Joanne : It's easier for us to step away from all this but the fact everyone else is hypnotised by it and won't step away from it and support your lifestyle habit changes makes it hard to leave through isolation and fear of missing out. xxx
20:11:59 From Fausta DiMascio : I work with wolves and birds of prey at weekends - you have to focus on the animal - no tech at all, just intense focus and physical work - a real sanity check and a wonderful escape
20:12:01 From Kyla : Yep, our work does that, we have to have a WhatsApp group to know whats going on, the thing is even on a day off the phone is going off with messages from them. That's why I turn my phone off on my days off haha.
20:12:03 From Alison Gaffney : I found you on Face Book - recommended by a friend and I’m sticking with you and Way of Buzzard community ... I’ve been exploring and learning to be discerning
20:12:36 From Shelly : Too much screen time definitely causes cognitive overload for me and I try and limit my screen time. As a disabled person spending the majority of time housebound, only being able to get outside if I have someone available to help, the internet has opened up a whole new social world for me, including WoTB
20:12:45 From Katie Joanne : I was sacked from a job for refusing to take part in a 9pm Friday Whatsapp work call every week. xxx
20:12:45 From Robert Burr : If you work from home and you are sick with covid they still expect you to work and be available. just because you work from home.
20:12:51 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : I refused to put work email access onto my phone when I was employed, as when I am not there or on leave, they had no rights over my attention!
20:13:01 From Jaqui Long : But it can really help those who can't go out, for physical or mental health reasons.
20:13:22 From Sandy Holt : I can’t thank you enough for this, this evening. It has just made sense of so much that I’ve been feeling of late. Almost totally disconnected with here and now. Really having to work on bringing myself back and focusing. thank you xxx
20:13:31 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : @Katie- that's rough!
20:13:34 From caroline To All Panelists : I think I’ve been reasonably lucky as I worked in secure services for many years so mobile phones were not allowed so haven’t really got into the habit of looking too much at my phone.
20:13:53 From Ali : I saw my first kingfisher in ages last Friday!
20:14:04 From Xenia Meinert : Oh, I also thought of kingfisher during the kestrel Meditation. 😀
20:14:13 From Kathy McVittie : I am going to close chat down!
20:14:27 From Rachel OReilly : Xenia - so true. I'm only isolated not disabled or housebound but most of my contact with friends is online. COVID brought me the opportunity to take part in workshops and cultural events that I would not be able to attend otherwise.
20:14:39 From Rob : I pulled the kingfisher from my tarot deck two nights ago in response to my question of "intention for 2022"
20:14:41 From Deb Singleton : Thats been fascinating- thanks. Plus Owl has been hooting the whole time outside 😊
20:15:23 From Katie Joanne : All things have benefit when used wisely for the greater good, not for the abuse and control of peoplekind xx
20:15:50 From Xenia Meinert : I agree, Katie.
20:17:10 From Ali Broughton : Blue has gone off to scroll mouse videos 😁
20:17:50 From Katrin Grisby : Tom and Jerry cartoons?
20:18:00 From Rob : My cat tries to catch the acorn obsessed squirrel in ice age films
20:38:20 From Xenia Meinert : I love Blue purring.
20:38:38 From Sam Ben : Blue! ❤
20:39:18 From Kyla : As soon as I opened the door I saw a lake and dived into it, when I surfaced I saw kingfisher sitting on the head on a swimming crocodile. With the crocodiles help I got to the bank of the lake and sat with my raven guide in his human form as we watched it hunt, observing it’s patience and focus as it hunted a deer. Was told that when doing a task that takes longer than expected I get impatient with myself, doubt my ability to do the task and then quite because I feel like I can’t do it. Was told to be kinder and more patient with myself.
20:39:42 From Pam : I can hear blue purring 🙂
20:40:05 From heather thomas : I have not been trusting enough that I am safe.
20:40:16 From Betty : Thank you for such an informative guided evening X 🙏🏽
20:40:24 From Rob : Kingfisher sat on my shoulder pulling thoughts out of my head.Then showed me a wonderful areobatical display, before purposefully going to a fishing spot, patiently waiting for a suitable prey, not striking anything and everything.
20:40:26 From Katie Joanne : I need to return to get some further wisdom... My head has been a bit busier than usual so I was funnily distracted by what was going on around me. So booked in some quieter time the weekend xx
20:40:31 From Xenia Meinert : That was very insightful. Kingfisher said: You want everything! In order to get something, you must say no to the other (shiny and interesting) opportunities. Decide! Don't think that the other opportunities might have been better. Don't worry that you get bored. You can do other Tasks, but one after another.
20:40:45 From Robert Burr : I fell asleep again.
20:41:21 From Gill Dunkerley : I had the sensation of my ears clicking/wax moving. I wondered if it was telling me that noise was getting in the way of me focussing. I do tend to need silence to focus. Or quiet. Later I saw a kestrel and just heard it say stay higher.
20:41:29 From angelabirchall : I was told that now you are aware of these things it will give you a better chance of success; I was told by kingfisher that I need to plan my time and use of time so that I am in control rather than the tech companies. Lots of other specifics about planning that I won’t bore you all with, but it was very interesting and useful. Thank you very much.
20:41:35 From Thurstan Crockett To All Panelists : Kingfisher showed me the power of still head focus to catch the silver fish
20:41:42 From Rob : @Robert - Interesting. Good you are back awake.
20:41:51 From Helen Towers : Focus on the bright colours, Kingfisher said nourishment - focus on what am taking in both visually and physically
20:41:52 From Kathy McVittie : I stayed close to the second door with Barn owl, and ignored Kingfisher who flew off. Barn owls feathers were touchin my cheek, my lips. Bbarn Owl taught me that Deep Listening is my work and wprds have got in the way. I need to re-establish touch in my practice and to learn the lessons of silence and deep vision.
20:41:58 From Thurstan Crockett To All Panelists : Thank you
20:42:06 From Janet : I walked to a riverbank with crow in the trees . I sat on a mossy stone and watched kingfisher fishing. I was told Awareness is key. Choose your distractions wisely. Use all of your senses to revel in beauty of nature 💚
20:42:18 From kathycar : I journeyed to kingfisher, having flown through orangey pink clouds to find him. We sat silently together on a post and then he told me to be patient an learn to concentrate. I then returned into the purple sunset and back
20:42:22 From Ali : Keep developing my vision - sense of wonder, vividness, sharp sight.
20:42:31 From Ali Broughton : I must have been kestrel as I was being told the bigger picture of allowing the addiction of tv, social media to control my mornings. I can achieve so much more if I stop this from holding me back, creatively and in the home. I was shown the Wounded child who wishes to heal the wounds, and I need to read those books I have, work spiritually and go much further within.
20:42:41 From Lynne : I was just managing to journey and then got distracted by the noise of my husband coming home from work! A message in itself??!
20:42:46 From Pam : Kingfisher said patience, be still and fish is difficult to catch in a torrent of water, the fish cannot be seen.
20:43:08 From heather thomas : It is not trusting that I am held by the Light, and therefore have stumbled at times in fear, I was held in the journey as I stumbled and it was about having the trust and faith that I have been asked so many times to have including in myself.
20:43:16 From Gill Dunkerley : Yes I think you have something there. I will ponder it.
20:43:31 From Fausta DiMascio : Walked through an arch of wisteria - met european and american kestrel and shapeshifted to fly with them - what I need is laid out before me I just need to focus on each thing one at a time - patience required to listen to priorities, then focus on one thing. Then met kingfisher - wait in quiet and will then see what is before me - need to hone in on one this, see detail more than wider landscape
20:43:40 From Karen Davies : went with kestrel and then drifted off with remembering other journeys and then was thinking back to when I gave up smoking 25yrs ago. I ran through why and how I did it. Felt distracted then suddenly I wqas back at the door my spirit animal deer looking at me just how I started and kestrel was in me...….then call back!
20:43:48 From Linda Lipinski : I was told by kestrel I am real not virtual and to be more real. Ie mindful of everything I am doing and being totally in the moment I had deer with me and a mouse on my shoulder and followed some bats
20:44:15 From sheila powell To All Panelists : I can relate to that also Lynn, hubby returned!!
20:44:18 From valerieishii : Very closely related to your course video, Nicola - kestrel said losing focus is giving up our power, just like the industrial revolution. This is another revolution. Like an invisible net stilling our wings. Being mindful of this.
20:44:21 From Deb Singleton : I flew with kestrel on the thermals, then was brought back to a healing fire cirlce with guides and passed something to drink. Need to energise myself first !
20:44:31 From Sujatin Johnson : Not giving myself enough time - feeling obligated to do things for others, then cramming in things I want to do - and feeling guilty as though I shouldn’t ‘indulge’ myself
20:44:32 From Miranda : I journeyed to Kestrel with Wolf. Wolf and I flew up about Planet Earth on Kestrel's back. Kestrel told me I had lost my Courage and Strength giving them to other people. I asked Spirit to help me to give back the Courage and Strength I had taken from someone else and help me to take back My own Courage and Strength. I claimed back my own Vision and Strength and my own dreams.
20:44:44 From Katie Joanne : I have removed sugar from my diet recently as well as things with sweeteners and also managing glucose intake... xx
20:44:50 From Helen Towers : Yes please to that
20:44:51 From Janis McCall To All Panelists : Felt I was Kestrel, balancing in the air. As I focused on my prey I realised the reward was in staying still and letting things come to me. I also had a realisation about things which may be distractions.
20:44:55 From Sandy Holt : As soon as I opened the door I was bombarded with people from my past and emotional trauma - then everything went completely blank. i then suddenly came round with a jolt and couldn’t get back into it. Hmmm will try again on reply. Was weird I cam back with such a jolt. 😟
20:45:01 From Ali Broughton : yes to the sugar circle please
20:45:03 From Robert Burr : My wife brought me in some Blueberries and Yoghurt.
20:45:11 From heather thomas : sugar really messes with the brain if overdone
20:45:12 From Wendy : That sounds interesting Nicola - sugar and focus
20:46:23 From Alison Gaffney : Owl helped me to free up and explore like taking flight and dancing through the woods - spreading my wings - remembering the broad vision ... dancing to the stream and slowing down listening to the flow of the water ... kingfisher so beautiful and still - then taking flight like and arrow diving. Kingfisher looked into my heart and told me to trust my heart and be moved by joy in my daily life - finding my own flow - learning about pacing and rhythm and trusting this. Finally kingfisher lex me to a deep still pool where dragon flies danced across the water reminding me of the deep magic of life. Owl took me back and was such a perceptive guide
20:46:24 From Rob : @Sandy - wondering if you got into the lower world, or if you stepped out into the middle world
20:46:25 From Linda Lipinski : Yes to sugar and focus. Just said today that I will try to give up sugar in my diet
20:46:34 From heather thomas : what I mean is that sugar can also take away the focus and give you fuzzy head
20:46:49 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : went bounding over the land with companion Wolf, and first found bear- told me to connect to physical needs, down by wide river with big boulders, then wolf took me to Kestrel- flying high and fast- whizzing through clouds- focus on what's important, flew back to wolf waiting by the river then howled at the moon with lovely wolf
20:47:09 From Rod & Diane : Diane here.I saw a woman who looked like Betty Boop with one arm standing in a punt then I was pouring hot water from a huge kettle onto things on a table like bread and books though I knew this was a mistake I couldn’t stop. Then kestrel faced me close and looked deep into my eyes the sound of his wings beating.
20:47:25 From Sandy Holt : @ Rob thank you. Yes possibly.
20:47:31 From Sam Ben : Kingfisher told me many things, but said to rest between tasks and that pacing myself is essential... trying to do too much leaves me tired and unfocused. She told me to practice simple focus techniques daily, to minimise noise and disruptions around me, and to try not to control or overplan my tasks... in trying to control tasks so much, I just waste too much energy and focus on managing the task and not letting thoughts flow through freely, stifling my learning and experiences from what I'm trying to do... lots to unpick there 😊
20:47:54 From alice : Yes please Nicola. Focus on what sugar does to us ! Thank you.
20:48:08 From Sophia Deane : Wherecan I find your blog posts about diet ?
20:48:14 From Jaqui Long : would be interested in diet info
20:48:44 From Rachel OReilly : Watching Kestrel hunt showed me how important it is to keep your head still and give time to the task in hand. We were on the shore and I kept being distracted by tiny crabs pinching my bare feet. I think I need to ignore distractions!
20:49:55 From Ali Broughton : fascinating evening
20:50:05 From Alison Gaffney : Kingfisher told me to be observant and wait for opportunities and notice how life is guiding me through the needs and daily challenges - act swiftly and directly when I’m ready
20:50:15 From Helen : Kingfisher was so still, unruffled. Her brood had flown the nest,,she let them go with no sense of loss. I realise I keep checking my phone in case my children or grandchildren need me....time to let go
20:50:22 From Karen Davies : It was the journey to bat that I was remembering and yes mastering smoking was linked to being angry with corporate power and profit!
20:50:32 From Chris : Had the words of Rumi's poem drift through my mind. Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field I'll meet you there. Back to basics of meditating
20:50:54 From Alison Gaffney : King fisher is the Fisher King of the Grail Legends
20:51:21 From heather thomas : its been utterly brilliant thankyou so much!
20:51:27 From Tracey Bevan : Thankyou boh every one its been amazing
20:51:35 From Katie Joanne : I really love these discovery circles to debate and contemplate on real meaningful things as this is where the energy shifts on a subtle level towards higher healing xxx
20:51:57 From Sam Ben : Fantastic evening, thank you so much! Lots of great discussions and learning too x
20:52:06 From Janis McCall To All Panelists : Thank you very thought provoking.
20:52:07 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Thank you so much for a fantastic and thought provoking evening and journey- Blessings all Take care lovelies 👋xxx
20:52:07 From Alison Gaffney : I agree Tracey - Yes it has been brilliant and profound❤️🙏
20:52:14 From Rachel OReilly : Great evening, thank you.
20:52:35 From Alison Gaffney : Flow came up for me on my journey with Kingfisher
20:52:44 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you it has been a very insightful evening 🙏🏻💚
20:52:55 From eileen kean : Thank you fascinating talk and wonderful journey x
20:53:01 From sheila powell To All Panelists : Amazing, thank you so much for all your hard work! Sheila
20:53:01 From Wendy : Thank you for an excellent evening and discussion! xx
20:53:06 From Janet : absolutely fascinating. we must all be somewhere on the right track back to ourselves or we wouldn't have found our way here.💚 thank you
20:53:06 From Chris : Interesting evening, thank you all for your comments and to N&J for opening up this topic
20:53:09 From Jaqui Long : it's such an important topic, thank you
20:53:09 From Fausta DiMascio : Fascinating topic
20:53:15 From Rachael Halliday : Thank you everyone 🙇‍♀️
20:53:21 From Xenia Meinert : thank you very much! That was fascinating and so insightful! Great evening!
20:53:23 From Pam : Thank you x
20:53:29 From Sujatin Johnson : Such a special evening - such a gift - thank you
20:53:29 From Kathy McVittie : thank you> Here's to Flow!
20:53:31 From Gill Dunkerley : Fascinating! Really enjoyed it and looking forward to next time! Love flow!
20:53:34 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you Nicola and Jason 💚💚
20:53:35 From Kay : Thank you for a great evening.
20:53:41 From Janet To All Panelists : Thank you. That was very helpful.
20:53:41 From Ann : Thank youx
20:53:46 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks to all for sharing your insight.
20:53:47 From Ali : Thank you - lovely to be part of it. (Technology has its positives!)
20:53:48 From Miranda : thank you so much x
20:53:54 From Katie Joanne : So glad of this tribe 🙏🌿✨ xxx
20:53:54 From Diane's Galaxy Tab A7 : have really enjoyed this evening thanks x
20:53:55 From Ali Broughton : Thank you both for a great evening x
20:53:56 From Katrin Grisby : Fascinating thank you I have gained a lot from everyone. Good to know we are continuing with this topic x
20:53:57 From Helen Towers : Thank you 😊
20:53:59 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Thank you guys - feel moved
20:54:05 From Claire : That was a great evening and all very poignant. Brill one to start the year. Thanks a lot and night all x
20:54:13 From maureen : Thank you, didn’t journey but enjoyed the evening
20:54:30 From kathycar : Thank you for an enlightening evening, I think we all know how to change our habits, we have now got to put it into practice! Take care All & keep safe x
20:54:30 From Paulina : Thank you to everyone
20:54:30 From alysonpowell : Excellent Nicola. It ’s been a very interesting evening. Thank you .😊
20:54:35 From Karen : Thank you ❤️🙂
20:54:36 From Dorothy Robbie : Thank you for this evening, lots to think about,
20:54:36 From Katrin Grisby : Nicola & Jason thank you x
20:54:41 From Sandy Holt : Thank you so much…real food for thought. Need to really do some work on this. Thank you Nicola and Jason and to everyone. x😊
20:55:18 From Lisa Morgan : Great topic! Very insightful! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, this will really help me, having the awareness is the start. Great evening as always, thank you x
20:57:55 From Ali Broughton : thank you, everyone, and Jason and Nicola, have a good evening all x
20:57:58 From Fausta DiMascio : thank you Jason, Nicola and Blue for another wonderful evening, hail and farewell - blessed be to all xx
20:58:09 From david : Thank you. xxx
20:58:13 From Kyla : Thank you for another amazing evening.
20:58:16 From Karen Davies : thany you and good night
20:58:20 From alysonpowell : Thank you both. 💚
20:58:28 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you everyone, and Jason Nicola and Blue. xxx Have a lovely evening. xxx
20:58:49 From fae : Great evening, thank you everyone, Jason, Nicola & Blue xx
20:58:50 From Lynne : thank you both. had a great evening. take care everyone ❤️
20:58:51 From heather thomas : honour to you . 💙
20:59:04 From Annie : Great topic. Fascinating stuff Thank you
20:59:09 From Eileen : Blessings Both
20:59:14 From Chris : We can use our humaness of having the freedom to choose
20:59:36 From Sue Stone : Thanks for another really interesting evening - very thought provoking