Here's the recording of our March journey circle where we explored deep nature connection.

The idea of nature connection is often spoken of in many scenarios, and the benefits of practices such as forest bathing are well documented. Our distant ancestors would have forest bathed for every waking hour and would have been acutely attuned to the natural world. Their very survival depended on it. In this circle, we explore the importance of deep nature connection as a way to tune into the wisdom from our guides, recognising time out in nature as a key way of making ourselves available to hear their wise messages.

During the circle, Jason shares a new short video starring those cosmic birds, the starlings, who create so much beauty. Then we journeying to the Middleworld to explore the finer benefits of deepening our connection to the world around us.

Below is the transcript of the chat where many of the circle shared their insights from their middle world journey.

Also, below we have included a high definition of the Murmuration film below for you to enjoy again.

The timings of the Circle are:

  • 00:00 - Introduction to the evening
  • 00:23 - Opening the directions
  • 06:13 - Beginning of the talk
  • 30:12 - Murmuration film (film starts 35.48)
  • 55:10 - Introducing the shamanic journey  
  • 1:01:01 - Guided shamanic journey begins
  • 1:22:35 - Journey sharing
  • 1:33:05 - Closing directions

Transcript of the chat

19:01:37 From Rachel H : Hi from kent
19:01:42 From Ann : Ann from Glasgow.
19:01:44 From Vicky : Hello! Vicky from Stalybridge
19:01:47 From Ali Broughton : Evening, Ali from Norfolk, good to be here
19:01:47 From Rod & Diane : Hello everyone from a sunny, snowy very cold Cumbria 😊
19:01:47 From Tracey : hello from southwales
19:01:49 From Steve W : Good evening one and all. Topcliffe checking in.
Had all 4 seasons in one day here today!!!
19:01:50 From Norma To All Panelists : Hi from Fife
19:01:51 From Freda : Hello from Southampton
19:01:51 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham x
19:01:51 From Xenia Meinert : Hiii all, hi Jason, hi Nicola, hi Blue! 🙂 Hi from Germany.
19:01:52 From Sue Stone : Hi from Anne & Sue in Morecambe
19:01:52 From david : Hi from sunny Birmingham (now the snow has stopped!).
19:01:52 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi from Hampshire
19:01:52 From Linda Morrison : Linda from Carlisle
19:01:53 From caroline To All Panelists : Hi from Somerset
19:01:53 From Rachael Halliday : Hello from sunny, freezing London xxx
19:01:54 From Sue : Sue from Selsey, hello 😄
19:01:56 From Sheila Craig : hello from sunny Altrincham x
19:01:56 From Xenia Meinert : I can hear you.
19:01:56 From Gaynor : evening all from a chilly Kent
19:01:58 From Eileen : Hi from Edinburgh.
19:01:59 From Shelly : Hi from Winchester
19:02:01 From Rob : Hi. Rob with the tabby cat Kalmar in Norwich
19:02:01 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Hi Nicola and Jason and everyone. Loud and clear. Rijusiddha from Norwich x
19:02:02 From Alison Gaffney : Hi from South London 🥰
19:02:02 From Rob Pearson : Hi from Rob in BromleycKent
19:02:03 From Janis McCall : Hi from Argyll Scotland
19:02:03 From Helen Towers : Hi Guys from sunny breezy Kendal brrrrr got the fire on ✨✨😂😂
19:02:04 From Melanie from Standish To All Panelists : Hi from Standish ~ Crazy weather!
19:02:05 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Hello from Kathy in Brora, Lovely to see you
19:02:05 From alysonpowell : Hello everyone from South Wales.
19:02:07 From jackie kersley : Hello from Cullen, north east Scotland. Sunny, snow, sunny, snow and all weather between the two. X
19:02:14 From Rachel To All Panelists : evening from Blackpool
19:02:17 From Carol Atkins : hi Carol from redditch
19:02:18 From Gina Lewis To All Panelists : Gina from Lincolnshire
19:02:19 From Gill Minto : Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne
19:02:20 From Jenny To All Panelists : Hi everyone I’m Jenny from Reading
19:02:25 From Sam Ben : Hello from Nottinghamshire x
19:02:27 From Xenia Meinert : In Germany there is snow, too.
19:02:27 From Grace McGeoch : Hello from London!
19:02:27 From Kathy : Hi Kathy from Petersfield Hampshire
19:02:33 From Red : Hi from Portsmouth
19:02:35 From Kim To All Panelists : hi from essex😀
19:02:36 From Mandy Payne : Hello from Mandy in freezing cold Twickenham! xx
19:02:36 From Lenny To All Panelists : Hi from Lenny in basingstoke
19:02:39 From Fiona McCall : Hail snow wind sun here in Scottish Borders
19:02:42 From Sandy : hello from Somerset levels x
19:02:42 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
19:02:43 From Betty Weltz : Hello from much warmer Crete!
19:02:45 From Di Davies : Hi from Di in Welshpool
19:02:53 From Rebecca Alice : Greetings from the Northwest Highlands of Scotland
19:02:54 From Pamela Breeze : Pam from Nuneaton
19:03:01 From ROSSLYNNE : Rossendale / Lancashire borders
19:03:01 From Deborah Wale : Hi Deborah from Hammersmith London. It's been trying to snow earlier!
19:03:06 From Fausta DiMascio : hi Blue
19:03:13 From Fiona Keane : helloo! from Worcester..
19:03:16 From jayne powell : Hi from Jayne in Stoke-on-Trent
19:03:17 From Xenia Meinert : Oooh hello Blue! <3 Taking his seat.
19:03:36 From Naomi Cathryn To All Panelists : Hi everyone xx
19:03:36 From Fiona Keane : Is it just me or is the volume very very loud?
19:03:43 From Marj : Good evening everyone from North London
19:03:54 From jackie kersley : Volume is echoing
19:04:06 From Karen Davies : Hi everyone, first circle live for a while. good to be here from Skye
19:04:17 From Fiona Keane : great ok now
19:04:18 From Fiona McCall : Too quiet now
19:04:21 From Tracey : bit low now
19:04:22 From Ali Broughton : much better
19:04:23 From Fiona Keane : 😃
19:04:24 From Norma To All Panelists : Better
19:04:25 From Kim : very quiet now
19:04:26 From Alison Gaffney : Too quiet now
19:04:28 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Perfect now
19:04:29 From caroline To All Panelists : Very quiet
19:04:30 From Rachael Halliday : It was a bit tinnier than usual, better now
19:04:36 From Fausta DiMascio : spot on
19:04:39 From Fiona Keane : that's ok
19:04:40 From Pamela Breeze : good now
19:04:46 From Fiona Keane : cheers!
19:04:47 From Ali Broughton : No, its fine if you turn up your own volume on pc etc
19:04:52 From Rachel H : Spot on
19:04:54 From Eileen : Excellent
19:04:55 From Xenia Meinert : If it's too loud for you, you can switch your Zoom volume down. I find it a bit quiet now, have the volume on 100%
19:05:01 From Alison Gaffney : Bit better now !
19:05:06 From Fiona Keane : I listen on smartphone
19:05:10 From maureen : Hi from Maureen in Manchester
19:05:18 From Annkat : hello
19:05:20 From Melanie from Standish To All Panelists : Could do with a bit louder.
19:05:30 From sheila powell : No sound at all, from California!!
19:05:30 From Xenia Meinert : Better now, cool!
19:05:30 From jackie kersley : Fine now
19:05:35 From caroline To All Panelists : Ok now
19:05:35 From Sue : That is good
19:05:36 From Eileen : Purrrrrfect
19:05:38 From Alison Gaffney : Yes!
19:05:44 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : thats better
19:05:45 From Fiona McCall : Fine now
19:05:50 From Melanie from Standish To All Panelists : Perfect for me now thank you!
19:05:53 From Kim : 👍
19:05:58 From ROSSLYNNE : Is that a ceramic hare in your fireplace and if yes where did you get it, please?
19:06:08 From Gill Dunkerley : hello all! sorry I'm late! Lovely to see you all! Hope you are both feeling better from Covid!
19:06:11 From Annkat : can hear
19:06:13 From Helen Towers : Good now I’ve got my ears in ❤️
19:06:21 From Fiona Keane : i can't adjust zoom volume xm
19:06:26 From Fiona McCall : Gorgeous hare
19:06:32 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : hello Hare
19:06:33 From Sadie : Sounds good here. Hiya everyone from South Wales x
19:06:39 From Nicola Smalley : Caroline - the audio is ok with everyone else so I think its something your end I am afraid
19:06:48 From Xenia Meinert : Blue is sitting there like a king.
19:07:01 From Fiona Keane : Xenia sorry
19:07:28 From Rachael Halliday : Fiona can you adjust your phone / tablet / PC volume rather than zoom?
19:07:53 From maureen : I’ve just read that Jason, it happens to us all as you say
19:07:55 From alysonpowell : I saw a lizard today. 😊
19:08:16 From Rob : Lovely Alyson
19:08:44 From Fiona Keane : no Rachael, it's just set when zoom's recording for sme reason x
19:08:56 From Xenia Meinert : I went to a forest I know from much earlier last week, but didn't go there for a Long time. It helped so much for my mental wellbeing. <3
19:09:27 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Xenia x
19:13:11 From Rachael Halliday : Hi Fiona, If you go to settings and then click on audio you should be able to set the output, perhaps you will be able to increase the volume that way 🤞🏼
19:13:45 From Rachael Halliday : Wow!!! I’ve opened my eyes and it’s suddenly white out of the window!!!! Snow must’ve fallen just then!
19:14:00 From alexandra wild : hello from sheffield
19:14:03 From Rob : 😍
19:14:24 From Jaqui : and another hello from Sheffield!
19:14:26 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Late. Apologies. xxx
19:14:27 From Karen Davies : Hi Alexandra
19:14:59 From alexandra wild : Hi Karen!
19:16:05 From heather thomas : hello everyone its Heather from Hanbury
19:19:28 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi Heather
19:20:16 From Tiffani Lewsley : Good evening everyone and hello Blue 🙂
19:20:32 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : But it all seems so natural, to do that...?
19:21:03 From heather thomas : HI Fausta
19:21:13 From Shivani Maria : yooooooooooo this is awesome, lole the cat, Zen lol
19:21:40 From Shivani Maria : I mean I love the cat
19:22:56 From Rachael Halliday : Blue is an important host Shivani!! 😻
19:23:44 From Xenia Meinert : Blue never disturbs. ❤️
19:24:13 From Miranda : It was cool when Blue walked across ...very magically connected!
19:29:09 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Oh yes! I have done this and only left the spot when my body chose to let me go, not noticing time, just being there for as along as .
19:29:25 From Rachael Halliday : When I was stuck in bed for a couple of years my sit spot was my bed but the sky, tree tops & birds gave me so much. I’m very grateful to be able to get outside now 🙏🏼
19:30:03 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : 🙏Rachael🙏
19:30:22 From Rob : how frequent is regular? "Christmas comes regularly once a year."
19:30:37 From Rob : OK to sit with a cuppa?
19:31:31 From Jaqui : Would the back garden be ok?
19:33:29 From maureen : Mine is the back garden Jaqui, I find there are too many people around everywhere else
19:34:14 From Jaqui : Thanks. I think it's also about what's realistic - anything that's too far away I won't actually do!
19:34:56 From maureen : Yes I agree
19:35:01 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Good evening all- bit late joining- but loving the nature connectedness theme.Found an amazing willow tree in a nearby park, that I sat under and gazed upon it and it's new leaves.
19:35:34 From Rob : beautiful Karen. 🙂
19:37:28 From Linda Morrison : Mine was walking in the Lake District with my dad, I felt connected to a stream we walked down, the sheep meandering around us.
19:37:29 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Yes!
19:37:35 From Gill Minto : Blackberry picking at the local fell, afterwards we sat on a picnic blanket, enjoying berries and surrounding nature
19:37:42 From Rob : the great tits are currently gathering the golden retriever and cat fur I've put out in the garden
19:37:42 From Fausta DiMascio : Completely right lines
19:37:47 From Patsy Watten : Hi, sorry to be late
19:37:54 From Rob : Had an owl visit me in the wood recently
19:38:00 From fae To All Panelists : Picking blackberries in the hedgerows and watching the birds and insects in amongst the wild flowers
19:38:02 From Ali Broughton : The other year my hubby and I were walking around our village with the dog and I was chatting away and mentioned something about a fox in conversation and then we both happened to look in the field as we passed and there was a small fox, sitting as still as a stone. We couldn't believe I had just said the word Fox!
19:38:04 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : completely right lines
19:38:05 From Deborah Wale : The 2 jackdaws that visited the garden for a couple of days - never seen them here before or since. they were so close as I put out nuts for the birds and squirrels. Perhaps I'm on some kind of bird cuisine review page...
19:38:10 From Fiona McCall : Lying at side of reservoir watching dragonflies dance
19:38:11 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Recently did a day vigil in a magical wood by a brook. Barn owls and buzzards very present
19:38:12 From Tracey : living in zandvort finding thousands of star fish washed up on the shore it was like the stars from the sky at dawn
19:38:15 From Alison Gaffney : A beautiful meadow in Kent near our home - lying in the grass and sucking the base of red clover flowers
19:38:15 From Rachel H : Sitting in the boughs of the willow by our pond. My secret place
19:38:15 From Linda Lipinski To All Panelists : Walking in bluebell woods with my mother
19:38:18 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : elder buds emerging on boxing day, elder flower after my o levels, i gazed
19:38:21 From Emma Taylor : As a child, we had a squirrel visit our garden everyday. I would sit in the garden, and it would come and eat out of my hand
19:38:28 From helensugrue : sleeping on the heather in northwest Scotland waking up to snowy owl standing next to me
19:38:29 From Rob : Buzzard was close by in the wood this evening - was nearly late to this call
19:38:32 From Eileen : Don't Doubt-Shout it All Out😄
19:38:41 From Rachel H : Yes, you are spot on, we need more of it
19:38:53 From Norma : Mine was wild camping with my childhood friend sitting listening to the stream for ages
19:38:56 From Jude : Swans on the river in Amesbury after having been charged by police horses away from Stonehenge at Summer Solstice 1988 - such contrast of peace!
19:38:57 From Kathy : Bluebells & garlic in a small wood near my Granny’s cottage, I can smell the scents even now
19:39:04 From Jaqui : sitting in a field looking over a loch in Scotland at a Buddhist retreat centre - I went there every day
19:39:05 From Fiona McCall : Watching a little owl fly along side of woordland
19:39:09 From Sadie : Coopying down by a stream,Collecting tadpoles in a cola bottle with the lid to take home. I wasn’t quite 5, I was in my twenties! 😂
19:39:18 From Gaynor : last year a deer came onto my land & stood watching me for ages then walked off & a youngster emerged too
19:39:28 From Xenia Meinert : I was sitting on a bench in Harz Mountains - in a town but on top of the hill, doing and thinking Nothing, was tired, listened to the birds and then I kinda dissolved into my Environment. That was very memorable.
19:39:28 From Rob : Was mesmerized earlier in the week by the snowflake flowers
19:39:33 From Victoria : Seeing a woodpecker fly right in front of me just last week. Amazing!
19:39:35 From jackie kersley : As a child laying on the Essex marshes (where I lived then) in a bed of buttercups and hearing birds, buzzing insects and cattle grazing. I felt like I melted into the earth. Beautiful
19:39:37 From Lenny To All Panelists : Sitting with friends as a little girl sitting in a big circle making giant daisy chains in a big field on a warm summers day
19:39:43 From Xenia Meinert : Chickens are fab!
19:39:50 From Alison Gaffney : Bluebell Woods, wild garlic, Wood anemones and cuckoo pint
19:40:00 From Karen Davies : wild camping in highlands. was on the top of a mountain alongside Loch Ness. A storm came over and we felt scarred. The Loch drew down the storm and pulled it through. awestruck as I watched the lightening and listened to the thunder. Felt so alive and connected with the land.
19:40:10 From Eileen : I set a Medicine Wheel in the Garden and that summer a Young fox settled in at the top of the Garden.
19:40:19 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : It's lovely that you are talking about this, as wherever I live or stay, I have to have a 'safe place' (I've always called it) but it is that place where I can just Be, with no awareness of time, just Being,and At One and feeling close with nature...(This is before I was with this Tribe) So it's lovely to hear this
19:40:23 From Ann : On Safari in Africa seeing the white rhino, we sat quietly waiting to see what would show at a watering hole, it was huge, with a massive horn and beautiful light grey skin.
19:40:30 From sheila powell : Here in the Desert (CA) we have amazing vibrant Hummingbirds and watching them building their nests and feeding their babies, they are so tiny!
19:40:55 From Mandy Payne : Sitting down quietly in a wood one day, and suddenly a new-born roe deer appeared out of the bracken, saw me and came bleating towards me … every fibre of my being wanted to touch it but I knew not to, and quietly left so the mother could come back (I saw her appear on the horizon then veer off when she saw me). It felt such a privilege …
19:41:10 From Margaret Laycock : On the side of a flooded quarry, sun, birds, butterflies: suddenly silence as a raven glided across the quarry and away
19:41:45 From heather thomas : falling into a bed of nettles from a tree trunk, swinging from the river bank on a rope into the middle of the large river with cousins at approximately 12 years old, - my mother was horrified, falling down a small waterfall in my best dress aged approx. 6 and grabbing onto long grass at the top so not falling all the way. paddling in the stream in the woods with my brother in the Elan valley and many more experiences! big connection with water do you think?
19:41:47 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : in our garden watching a spider making it's web- being fascinated by it's busy work
19:41:58 From Steve W : Spending every weekend walking the towpaths and woodland alongside the Leeds Liverpool canal when I was a teenager. The connection was stolen from me in adulthood by the conditioning of work, project deadlines, office blocks.
Now I have rediscovered the connection and cherishing the chance to make up for lost time!
19:42:04 From Jude : So nourishing reading all these nature connection stories xXx
19:42:52 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Steve W - Hurrahhhhhh! Sighs of relief? :o)
19:42:54 From Karen Davies : sitting in woodland and heard a crack, turned and a herd of deer were grazing only 6 foot away....amazing feeling to be so close and feel their presence
19:42:59 From Mary : in Australia I was fortunate to walk through the Bush with an aboriginal elder. we met a huge goanna (lizard) in a tree and elder shared this was a guardian of the land. he spoke in his own language with the goanna and it seemed to listen and talk back through its body language. he asked permission for us to be there a d the enemy when we received acceptance was tangible and so beautiful. a truly deep connection.
19:42:59 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : thesse are our connection as Tribe
19:43:25 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Kathy 🥰
19:43:30 From Mary : energy, not enemy!
19:43:39 From alexandra wild : lying on the ground around castlerigg stone circle, feeling the heart beat of mother earth
19:44:10 From Rachael Halliday : Where to begin?! So many glorious connections, snorkelling in crystal clear sea and marvelling at a world I’m really unfamiliar with, standing on a cliff and seeing a basking shark…. Lots and lots ✨
19:44:51 From Rachael Halliday : 🌸🎉🌸
19:45:50 From Ann : Love Castlerigg Alexandra❤️
19:46:23 From fae To All Panelists : Castlerigg is my favourite stone circle
19:46:47 From Nicola Smalley :
19:46:56 From alexandra wild : yes its a magical place Ann
19:47:03 From Nicola Smalley :
19:58:59 From Marj To All Panelists : The sound of nature breathing
20:02:03 From Fiona Keane : so beautiful..!
20:02:39 From Kathy : Why do the birds do this, any explanation?
20:02:50 From Fausta DiMascio : wow
20:02:54 From Ali Broughton : Stunning, must have been so humbling to watch
20:02:55 From maureen : Wow so beautiful
20:02:59 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : The heart!
20:03:02 From alexandra wild : wow! that was magical!
20:03:03 From jackie kersley : Whales, dolphins and a love heart
20:03:04 From Jude : WoW! Thank you xXxXx
20:03:05 From Gaynor : stunning, thank you😊
20:03:06 From Gill Minto : Loved it, thanks Jason
20:03:09 From Tiffani Lewsley : So stunning
20:03:11 From Rachel H : Mesmerising
20:03:16 From Rod & Diane : The heart was so clear 😊
20:03:18 From Alison Gaffney : Mesmerising 🙏
20:03:19 From Gill Dunkerley : so amazing. At one point it looked like the birds sent you an anniversary heart formation! Majestic.
20:03:20 From Fiona Keane : (sorry I was watching the one on the a bit previous😅)
20:03:20 From Linda Lipinski : Stunning
20:03:21 From Linda Morrison : The starlings were amazing, appeared to take on shapes of various animals - absolutely amazing
20:03:21 From Xenia Meinert : Absolutely amazing! Easy to get lost in it. Like a big massive mass that is crawling across the sky!
20:03:45 From Miranda : I found myself watching a murmuration in Margate last week.
20:03:53 From Vicky : Just awesome! 🙂
20:03:54 From Tracey : thanku soooo much just wow as always Jason
20:03:57 From Sadie : Gorgeous! Love the shots of sunset behind trees 🌳
20:04:02 From Rachael Halliday : Glorious. I was thinking, a starling never sees a murmuration in the way we do. I wonder what beauty we create that we’re unaware of doing something that’s ‘routine’ for us 🤔
20:04:03 From Fiona Keane : mesmerising 💜
20:04:05 From Miranda : Your Murmuration was awesome.
20:04:21 From Karen : Wow Rachael that is an awesome thought!!
20:04:24 From Michelle Hardwick : wow went somewhere else that was beautiful and hypnotic
20:04:40 From Patsy Watten : That was amazing !
20:04:48 From Marj : Could be lost in that for hours thank you 😊
20:04:53 From heather thomas : how astonishingly beautiful - such a privilege to see this video Jason.
20:05:00 From Rob : Some starlings nested in the eves of my neighbours house last year. Norfolk.
20:05:20 From sheila powell : Beautiful Jason, thank you. For me seeing the English landscape and the wonderful display of birds, wow!
20:05:22 From Kathy : The lambs frolicking, I saw my first lambs for the first time this week, how beautiful. How many birds do you think there was?
20:05:30 From Fiona Keane : posted it in the retreat space instead of the mystery school, don't know why
20:05:33 From Karen : Perhaps the same feeling we get singing in a choir - sometimes you forget your single voice and listen to the magic you create together
20:05:38 From Rob : perhaps its their festival of departure?
20:05:42 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : thank you
20:05:47 From Xenia Meinert : Oh great, makes sense! I also know that ravens do playful flight maneuvres just because of joy.
20:05:47 From Alison Gaffney : That makes so much sense, Nicola
20:06:10 From Alison Gaffney : Yes for joy💕
20:06:37 From Xenia Meinert : Must be super fun to be a starling in such a murmuration!
20:06:43 From Linda Lipinski : It was so joyful
20:06:44 From Fiona Keane : love that Xenia
20:06:53 From Xenia Meinert : ❤️
20:07:43 From Jaqui : incredible connection to each other too, not to bump into each other
20:07:47 From Miranda : Sea Gulls Fly in one direction in Ramsgate and Margate along the coast at Sunset at the end of the day. All flying one way together.
20:09:40 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : oooh! Looking forward to this
20:10:14 From Rob : ok for it to be somewhere close that /I frequently visit? Or better some where visited less often?
20:13:34 From Rachael Halliday : Blue is stealing the show!!!
20:13:47 From Fiona Keane To All Panelists : I feel a bit unsettled this evening, so I'll leave now, and revisit with the replay. Thanks both🤗
20:14:11 From Xenia Meinert : Yes. ❤️ I love how he Always Looks at "his" audience.
20:37:04 From Karen : Started at Bala lake and was so pleased to see wolf again, got plenty of licks (kisses) as we'd missed each other. Then had a pull to go to Bryn Celli Dhu. I am about to do my first funeral on Monday. Met the ancestors and an elder put her forehead to mine to greet me. Was given advice and a mark of ash on my forehead for working with the dead. So feel the support of the ancestors for this work now. thank you xx
20:37:06 From Gill Minto : Visited my local nature reserve, had a strong feeling of coming home and new beginnings, lovely experience listening to birds and seeing a deer and sparrow hawk
20:37:07 From Kim : I went to all the places of my childhood places I'd forgotten and remembered the joy of nature and the need to recapture that as an adult very emotional
20:37:08 From Fiona McCall : Flitted between a few places but always mountains and water or Machar. Places in Scotland I love. Feeling off being lost(immersed ) in them. Deer joined me
20:37:09 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Went back to where I did my day vigil. A salmon leaped out of the brook.
20:37:11 From Sadie : My back garden. In a childrens paddling pool full of earth, rain water, decomposition foliage, bathing in earth nature
20:37:11 From Rachael Halliday : Such abundance!! There were many garden birds who came to greet me, the fox was wary of coming close because of white wolf being there. I spent time with white lilac and she brought me connection with my ancestors. Thank you x
20:37:17 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : thank you. i went to a beechwood path connected with Boudecea in hertfordshire. I travelled through time to late puberty when I was already drawn to the Earth Path. I feel at peace now, past and future too xxx
20:37:19 From Rod & Diane : I was aware of nature’s unstoppable quest to reclaim and repair.
Am I a part of this?
20:37:25 From heather thomas : so much warmth and peace that I fell asleep
20:38:37 From caroline To All Panelists : It took me a while to settle into a landscape but ended up by the sea and had a crab come toward me climb onto my lap and sat looking out to sea with me. I wasn’t allowed to touch him until he decided it was time to leave and he climbed onto hand so that I could lower him down to the beach where he went off to his Rock pool.
20:38:38 From Tiffani Lewsley : I was at the Cornish coast. There were several sensations and visions. Deep blue sky, the warmth of the sun on my skin, the smell of sand and the sea beneath the cliffs below. Seagull was there, along with robin, and surprisingly dormouse also popped up. One of the nicest things was seeing my power animal blank panther and white wolf playing together by my side too. A lovely journey. Thank you.
20:39:13 From Sandy : I went to a favourite hill in the Elan Valley and nature reabsorbed me back as part of the landscape
20:39:44 From Rob : Sat with the oak tree on the edge of my local wood looking out on to the field beyond. Wood would like to have the filed back as part of the wood.
20:39:48 From Xenia Meinert : I flipped between a few Locations and couldn't decide and also not Focus, but I found that Woodlands and parks were more Refreshing for me than the beach. Interesting.
20:40:27 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you. Was on my favourite old oak tree and sat on a fallen branch. Mole came and sat in my lap
20:40:31 From Naomi Cathryn To All Panelists : Thank you both for an amazing evening x
20:40:51 From maureen : I was in a meadow and met my 3 year old self
20:41:19 From alexandra wild : I was in a wooded area in the peak district. my first encounter was an oversized ladybird dancing in front of me, joined then by a circle of dragonflies dancing around
20:42:13 From jackie kersley : I travelled to many places of my childhood and places through my life that I had lived in or visited, I heard and saw beautiful creatures, my hands got so hot and I was reminded to use my Reiki more and restart a local reiki circle, to Connect more with like minded people.
Thank you
20:42:21 From Sue Stone : We both went to Jack Scout in Silverdale - even went to the same spot but had different experiences
20:42:41 From Zoom user To All Panelists : My white wolf just kept running and running not with any particular place to go but very focused. It felt like a positive run. I saw my no husband as an American Indian with a beautiful white feathered headdress which went all the way over his head and down his body and big black beautiful horse. He beckoned me to jump up on with him
20:43:39 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : I went to my special seat, just below the 'castle' walls at my special place at Ravenscar, there is a vast expansive view over the landscape, sea and cliffs; so much history, so much nature, the sound of the waves, the curlews and seals singing, the red deer pottering about further down over the grass, and the little weaselly creature that nips in and out of the holes in the wall and by the hawthorn tree. Looking out, unaware of time and being absorbed by it all
20:44:12 From Rob : Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness is wonderful for visualising a nature connection through the experiences that Joe shares.
20:45:00 From Ali Broughton : Thank you for the evening and the lovely film x
20:45:09 From alexandra wild : thank you so much. lovely evening
20:45:14 From heather thomas : thank you both. wonderful
20:45:23 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : YAYYY!
20:45:24 From Karen : Lovely to be in circle with you again! A beautiful evening. Can't wait to enjoy the healing drum course xx
20:45:42 From Helen Towers : Thank you both - lovely session 🙏✨
20:45:42 From Gill Dunkerley : thank you for a lovely grounded evening. That's what I'm left with. I feel earthed!
20:45:43 From Rijusiddha Drewett : cant wait to enjoy!
20:45:45 From maureen : Really looking forward to listening to that Jason
20:45:46 From helensugrue : Fabulous evening - so restorative - thank you!
20:45:48 From Tracey Bevan : Thankyou so much for a great evening. I can't ait too star the drum corse tomorrow 🙏💗🌟
20:45:54 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Went over the green hills of the South Downs, running/flying over the open space and rolling valley and hills- flew with wolf to the cliffs by the sea- felt like near to Beachy Head- coarse dark green springy grass below- lying on my back watching clouds- peaceful- feel grounded
20:45:56 From Karen Barton : Lovely evening ❤️
20:45:57 From maureen : Thank you
20:46:02 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : Blue's very active tonight. Was it the sound of the starlings…?
20:46:04 From sheila powell : I was in my favourite place in Devaig Mull sitting on a rock beside a stream flowing down from the hills and a frog hopped by. Thank you both for a "awesome" evening once again. Sheila
20:46:05 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much, fabulous Journey Circle!
20:46:07 From Karen : Sorry have to go and pick up daughter xx
20:46:08 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Lovely evening thank you
20:46:18 From alysonpowell : Thank you for a lovely evening and leading us on a beautiful journey. Bless you 💚
20:46:32 From Kathy : Thank you for a lovely evening, time to rest up. Take care all x
20:46:45 From Tiffani Lewsley : Thank you, that was a great circle. Night night x
20:46:47 From Eileen : Gratitude to YOU both. You Give Us So Much.💜
20:46:56 From Sheila Craig : thank you everyone for a wonderful evening x
20:46:59 From jackie kersley : Thank you everyone for sharing this evening. X
20:47:50 From Rob Pearson : thank you for an inspiring evening
20:48:17 From Sandy : Wonderful evening of sharing with everyone. Thank you 🦅
20:49:13 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you for a wonderful evening 🐜🐝
20:49:14 From Rob : 🦅
20:49:16 From david : Thank you❤️
20:49:22 From Fausta DiMascio : thank you for another wonderful evening, hail and farewell - blessed be to all xx
20:49:34 From Rob : 🐻‍❄️
20:49:36 From Linda Morrison : Thank you, goodnight everyone xx
20:49:38 From lynne To All Panelists : Thank you much ❤️
20:49:39 From Rob : thank you
20:49:41 From Gill Dunkerley : night all xx
20:49:41 From Rijusiddha Drewett : Thank you !!!
20:49:42 From Emma Taylor : Thank you for a wonderful evening xx
20:49:44 From Gaynor : many thanks, another great circle time x
20:49:45 From Gill Minto : Thank you Nicola and Jason for a lovely evening
20:49:46 From Jan To All Panelists : Thank you and Goodnight All
20:49:49 From Sue : Thank you once again xx
20:49:50 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you so much, Wonderful evening again! ❤️ All have a good night. xx Bye!
20:49:50 From caroline To All Panelists : Thank you for a lovely evening. Like you my cats like to join me but I have 13 of them.
20:49:50 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Go well Nicola and Jason. Blessings to all 💜, enjoy your time in Nature xxxx
20:49:52 From emma To All Panelists : Thank you, goodnight all
20:49:54 From Miranda : Thank you
20:49:54 From Jaqui : thank you
20:49:56 From jayne powell : Thank you❤️
20:49:56 From Anny Turner·Scarboro : THANK YOU
20:50:02 From Patsy Watten : Thank you for this evening. Lovely that Blue is joining too 🙂 Goo night
20:50:04 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you for a wonderful evening - the film was so powerful
20:50:05 From Rob : Go well … hail and fairwell
20:50:06 From Betty Weltz : Thank you and good night