During this Circle we started making preparations for winter, and the focus was on study: specifically, seeking what your study focus will be.

There are two aspects to this Circle. We work with Cormorant energy. Cormorant is a seeker, and once it has dived deep, it stretches its wings out to be dried in the sun. It needs to take time to tend to itself once it emerges from the water. Cormorant reminds us of the importance to take time to contemplate once we have received a new insight: to allow things to settle and gestate. The wintertime is perfect for this, as we can take our studies slowly and allow time for the information to sink in.

But, what to study? What should your learning focus be this winter? This is the other aspect of the Circle. We guide you to the Upperworld to meet with your Spirit Teacher so you can ask them this very question.

Here are the timings of each section [bookmarks are included in the recording]

  • 21:31 - Spirit Teacher Discussion
  • 37:21 - Journey Introduction
  • 46:55 - The Shamanic Journey
  • 1:22:38 - Cormorant Discussion
  • 1:31:00 - Cormorant Meditation

Transcript of the chat

18:57:01 From rachel : evening 🙂
18:57:05 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi all from Hampshire
18:57:13 From Mark Hudson : Hi waves from Cornwall
18:57:14 From david : Hi from Dave in Birmingham. x
18:57:15 From Iloveme44 To All Panelists : hi all from inverness
18:57:19 From Tracey Bevan : Good evening all from southwales just lovin the mystery school.. Thankyou 🙏💗
18:57:21 From PremChevi Todd : hi all great to be here. Chevi from Filey
18:57:21 From Victoria : Hello. Calling in from Preston with the cat and dog.
18:57:22 From Rachel : hello from Sherwood Forest.
18:57:23 From Heather : Hello from London x
18:57:24 From Georgia Darell : hi from Dorset in the kitchen!!
18:57:25 From Gary Llewellyn : Hello. Another from Hampshire
18:57:26 From kathycar : Hi, Kathy from Hampshire
18:57:27 From Richard Fedorko To All Panelists : Hi All from Glasgow
18:57:28 From Xenia Meinert : Hi Nicola, hi Jason, hi all - good evening from rainy and stormy northern Germany. 🙂
18:57:28 From Ali D : Evening all - from a cosy Manchester.
18:57:32 From Lesley : Hullo from Birmingham too!
18:57:32 From Sadie Simmonds : Good evening Nicola and Jason, good evening everyone. Gwent
18:57:33 From Katrin Grisby : Good evening from Lincoln x
18:57:34 From Annkat : hello lovely to be here with you both. from Sheffield sat on the bed 😆
18:57:36 From Kay Case : hello everyone from Kay in liverpool
18:57:37 From Karen Barton : Hi from South Devon x
18:57:41 From Sheena Good : Hi all from Sheena in Surrey
18:57:41 From alysonpowell : Good evening. From South Wales. Wow love the wings!
18:57:41 From Jules : Hi from the hills of mid Wales
18:57:43 From jackie kersley To All Panelists : Hi everyone from Cullen, north east Scotland 🌟
18:57:45 From Carol Dent : Hi from Carol near Wray
18:57:47 From Lesley : Hello from Devon
18:57:47 From Iain bell : Hello Everone Iain from Norwich Norfolk made a circle first time a long time
18:57:52 From Sue Stone : hi from Sue & Anne in Morecambe
18:57:52 From ann59 : hi from Ann in Manchester
18:57:53 From Sabrina (Brie) To All Panelists : Hellooooo from North Wales
18:57:56 From fionamccall : Corked up under my fleece blanket in Scottish Boders
18:57:57 From Red Allen : Hi from Portsmouth. A bright sunny windy day here today.
18:58:00 From Mandy To All Panelists : Mandy from Weymouth Hello Everyone
18:58:02 From Susan : Good evening everyone from Susan Buckshaw village Chorley .
18:58:08 From jackie kersley : Hi everyone from Cullen, north east Scotland. 🌟
18:58:15 From Pamela Breeze : Pam from Nuneaton ...glorious sunset here.
18:58:20 From Davina : Hello from Dolgellau😊
18:58:20 From paulacaffrey : Hi everyone, lovely to be here. First live Mystery School shamanic circle. Love the bird wings. Lots of love from Liverpool 😀
18:58:21 From kathycar : Hi Gary and Fausta
18:58:22 From Kathy McVittie : Kathy here from Brora , Sutherland; a peck of snow on hill today
18:58:29 From Mark Hudson : OOO Raven Wings 🙂
18:58:30 From Gill Dunkerley : Hello all. Excited to be here in sunny Manchester.
18:58:43 From Carolyn : Hi Everyone, from a stormy London, Ontario
18:58:45 From fionamccall : Cooried in that is
18:58:45 From Angelika Freitag : Hi all from London, so happy to be here! Those wings are amazing! xx
18:58:48 From Gaynor : Hi all from Kent
18:58:57 From sheila powell : Greetings everyone from sunny California - Sheila
18:58:58 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi Kathycar 🙂
18:59:02 From jayne powell : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent
18:59:03 From Di : Hi from Mid Wales ❤️❤️
18:59:10 From Shelly : Hi from Winchester, great to be here in this space
18:59:17 From Leonard To All Panelists : 30 degrees here
18:59:24 From Mandy Payne : Hello from Twickenham!
18:59:40 From john mccartney : Hi everyone John from Marske
18:59:44 From Dorothy Robbie : Hi from Dorothy in Forfar in Scotland
18:59:48 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from a chilly Wesham with a hot chocolate 🙂
18:59:53 From 430603 : Hi from Jo in Much Wenlock x
18:59:56 From Brenda : Hi everyone from Essex xx
18:59:57 From Lorraine Carter : hi from Preston
18:59:59 From Joss Anderson : Hello from Cambridgeshire!!
19:00:07 From Annkat : hi everyone ☺
19:00:07 From karen : Good evening from Karen and Cassie from Cornwall, sorry we've been absent for a while!
19:00:18 From Janet : hello from South Wales 💚
19:00:21 From Ri : Hello from Welsh marches
19:00:24 From Christine : Hello everyone from Malta
19:00:26 From Sheila : hi Sheila from weymouth
19:00:32 From Susan Wild To All Panelists : Good evening from Chesterfield x
19:00:45 From Iain bell : hello Everyone Iain from Norwich Norfolk so happy I made tonight frist mystery gathering circle so long in my bedroom listen on mobile now log on to get you both my laptop and tv.
19:00:46 From Geoff Curle : Hi its Geoff from Bedford🙏
19:00:46 From Geoffrey Hulme : hi from Geoff from Rhos on Sea
19:01:00 From Ali Broughton : Hello, just in time! Ali, Norfolk
19:01:09 From Maggie Hands : Hi from Maggie and Sue in Bedfordshire
19:01:13 From Katie Joanne : Hi both, lovely to see you! Good evening from Irwell Valley in Lancs xxx
19:01:14 From Brighid Black To All Panelists : Hello I’m Brighid from Teesdale, Co. Durham.
19:01:15 From Margaret Laycock : Hi from Marg in Malvern the moon is rising and looking superb
19:01:23 From amanda To All Panelists : hello from Aberdeenshire x
19:01:41 From Eileen : Eileen from Edinburgh.
19:01:41 From Susan Davies : hi from Newcastle 🙂
19:01:42 From Jennifer Harrison To All Panelists : Hi from Fylde Coast, Lancashire
19:01:42 From Debbie Rowan : hi all from Norwich Norfolk x
19:01:52 From Leonard To All Panelists : Yes Lanzarote
19:01:55 From Alison Gaffney : Hi from Alison in South Norwood, South East London
19:02:00 From Helen Towers To All Panelists : Hi from Kendal
19:02:02 From Mark Hudson : Wanted to see the full moon yesterday but weather was awful
19:02:09 From alice To All Panelists : Alice from Hammersmith
19:02:11 From Iain bell : just noticed the wings wow looks lovely and amazing
19:02:12 From Tracey : Hi all from Wrexham North Wales 🙂
19:02:15 From Kelly Kennedy To All Panelists : hello everyone from Cornwall xxxx
19:02:15 From Deborah Wale : Deborah from Hammersmith London.
19:02:35 From Nayra To All Panelists : Hi everybody from a sunny and warm day, on Gran Canaria.
19:02:39 From Helen Iles : Hello from Helen in North Yorkshire
19:02:41 From Geoff Curle : Hi Maggie and Sue🙂
19:02:53 From maureen : Hi from Partington Manchester
19:03:27 From Xenia Meinert : Very lucky Connection to the vet. 🙂
19:03:31 From Eileen : WOW
19:03:46 From Katie Joanne : Those cormorant wings are spectacular - they are majestic xxx
19:03:46 From 430603 : Those are some amazing wings
19:03:48 From Georgia Darell : stunning
19:03:57 From Iain bell : do you Know the story of the bird who owned the wings please Jasosn and Nicola???
19:04:00 From Annkat : so beautiful
19:04:10 From Mark Hudson : how would you freeze swan fearthers
19:04:12 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : W0W
19:04:55 From Mark Hudson : wings*
19:04:56 From Geoff Curle : Did not realise they were so big
19:05:08 From Ursidia : Good evening, everyone! From cold Ramsgate, Kent
19:05:33 From Carolyn : I watched the videos over the past few days, they are brilliant, thank you.
19:05:38 From Iain bell : do you Know the story of the bird who owned the wings please Jasosn and Nicola???
19:05:48 From Sandy : Wonderful to be here with you all tonight 🦅
19:06:04 From Katie Joanne : Hi Sandy xx
19:07:16 From Kay Case : wow last week I enrolled on the o.u. so thank you I'm so looking forward tonight.
19:07:50 From Mark Hudson : to ride of mites ideal
19:07:55 From Mark Hudson : ty
19:08:51 From Iain bell : OK Nicola no worries would be good to know the story but it's a really good idea
19:08:59 From Rob Lines : I've got Re-Visions Heart & Soul day on Sunday and their transitions course next month along with mystery school classes and some books I'm reading. hmmmmmm lets go slooowwly. 🙂
19:10:03 From Janet : we saw cormorants fishing with old Chinese fishermen in 2013. What a privilege that was. one of my upperworld guides is an ancient Chinese man so this should be interesting 💚
19:14:08 From Xenia Meinert : Hello Blue! 🙂
19:17:48 From Sue : struggling to hear, even though my sound is up to 100%. Seems quieter than usual.
19:20:18 From Katie Joanne : The sound is a bit transient tonight, cutting out occasionally... I think it might be Zoom xx
19:20:23 From Fausta DiMascio : Nicola, Jason and Blue Hail and Welcome xx
19:20:41 From alex : my sound ok
19:20:42 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Yes
19:20:45 From Miranda : I can hear. Greetings. Thank you
19:20:46 From Iloveme44 To All Panelists : yes the sound is abit dodgy for me too you keep going and coming back at odd times breifly
19:20:48 From Your Home Yoga : the sound is fine now thanks
19:20:50 From Georgia Darell : that's great
19:20:52 From Joss Anderson : the volume is fine for me
19:20:55 From Fausta DiMascio : sound ok for me
19:20:55 From Katie Joanne : Lots of atmospheric/energetic interference. Mostly OK xx
19:20:56 From Tracey : fine here
19:20:56 From Annkat : mine is fine
19:20:57 From Red Allen : sound ok here
19:21:03 From Rosslynne Selous-Hodges : sound is fine
19:21:03 From paulacaffrey : I think its Zoom. Its stuttering sometime
19:21:03 From Ali Dolphin : Fine for me
19:21:03 From Heather : Good here
19:21:05 From Ursidia : Sound fine here….
19:21:07 From Carolyn : every now and then it goes but only for seconds
19:21:09 From Katrin Grisby : Ok here
19:21:10 From ann59 : fine for me
19:21:10 From Lorraine Carter : mine is fine
19:21:13 From fionamccall : Sound fine
19:21:16 From Eileen : It's. Just the Full Moon !!!
19:21:20 From Rachel : yes,it cuts out sometimes when you use the rattles
19:21:20 From Miranda : listening on my headphones
19:21:23 From jackie kersley To All Panelists : Going quiet some time
19:21:34 From Georgia Darell : my headphones have helped totally
19:21:39 From iain bell : I think you are both echoing and hear twices I think although better now will try headphones
19:21:46 From Rob Lines : Upper world hail and welcome?
19:21:52 From Janet : sound is fine for me
19:21:53 From Helen Towers : Listening on ear buds is cutting out a bit here and there
19:21:55 From Georgia Darell : merc retro shadow plus full moon...
19:21:59 From Rob Lines : sound is a little odd at times for me. it might be my wifi
19:22:00 From alex : im on headphones
19:22:01 From Ali D : Earphones and fine
19:22:13 From Katie Joanne : On headphones as always. Schumann Resonance spikes today as well as Full Moon. xx
19:22:25 From Eileen : It's Good for us to fill in the missing words as we learn how to create the Sacred Space. Gratitude
19:22:35 From Helen Towers : It’s not that bad
19:22:39 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I'm just glad to be sitting here with you all
19:23:02 From Katie Joanne : I have found when the energies are heightened, it can really affect Zoom so it might be all our energies combined lol xx
19:23:15 From sheila powell : Sound okay over here in CA!
19:24:07 From Willow : Headphones are much better thanks for the tip. Will join wjth headphones in future.
19:24:19 From Hannah : I saw a cormorant on the canal, a very rare sight indeed
19:24:27 From Katie Joanne : Ah... just read Taurus Moon activating Saturn and Uranus square = sometimes interference with sound and light waves. xx
19:24:39 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : See them at the lakes, and the sea ☺️
19:24:48 From Ursidia : Beautiful cormorant in Ramsgate harbour yesterday, wasn’t there,Miranda?! Hoe lucky is that!
19:24:49 From jackie kersley : Lots of cormorants on the coast here in Cullen.
19:24:49 From Helen Towers : Fortunate to be seeing a pair quite a lot recently on the river Kent in Kendal ✨💕✨
19:24:50 From fae : We saw lots of Cormorants when we were on holiday recently on Anglesey x
19:24:54 From Sue : thanks for tip, headphones made big difference.
19:25:00 From fionamccall : Frequent around sea lochs
19:26:03 From iain bell : seen them at a local RSPB Resave near me love the birds how much time care for themselves very apt for me at the moment
19:26:10 From Xenia Meinert : I saw a bunch of cormorants last Saturday on Wood structure in our local lake/river inmidst the big City, and one had spread it's wings the whole time. <3
19:26:35 From Shona McFarlane : I see cormorants all around me everyday on the river Thames where I live. They are so self possessed and aloof. I love seeing them swim and dive.
19:27:27 From Xenia Meinert : I love that, Jason! I would refuse to bow down, too. 😀
19:28:15 From Angela Birchall : Hello from soggy Southport! Sorry I'm late but at least I have been able to join the live event for a change! Will I be able to journey to ask for healing for my darling dog before he goes for surgery on Monday? Bright blessings to you all 😊
19:28:22 From Xenia Meinert : Haha! 😀
19:28:23 From Sue : very applicable to current time - staying sovereign. well done you.
19:28:28 From Katie Joanne : Hi Angela xx
19:29:06 From iain bell : Me to Xenia would not bow down ethier with both Xenia Jasson
19:30:03 From Kathy McVittie : are they always men?
19:30:36 From Kathy McVittie : thank you
19:30:37 From iain bell : be hopping to meet and start a relationship my Upper World Teacher for a long time now looking seeing how I meet
19:30:54 From Xenia Meinert : Are they Always human figures?
19:30:56 From Ali Dolphin : QUESTION. Is it typical to just have one guide, or can we have more than one?
19:31:08 From Katie Joanne : Same here Iain, will be my first time today xx
19:31:39 From Rob Lines : will be my first upper world journey as well. 🙂
19:31:54 From ann59 : I don't seem to have one. Am I doing something wrong?
19:32:09 From kathycar : Me too to meet my spirit teacher
19:32:33 From fae : Ann59, I’m not sure I’ve met mine yet either x
19:32:53 From alex : my first too
19:32:55 From Janet : mine is quite severe too. he has a woodworking workshop and always reminds me I must be patient and anything worthwhile takes time. he has handed me a wooden acorn in the past
19:32:57 From Fausta DiMascio : Not met mine yet either
19:33:00 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I love and respect your honesty. Jason and Nicola
19:33:18 From Lorraine Carter : I'm not aware I have one either
19:33:24 From Rob Lines : 🙂
19:34:57 From Sue : old saying - teacher will appear when student is ready.
19:35:38 From Rob Lines : Indeed Sue. 🙂
19:36:03 From iain bell : QA: to Clarify your spirt teacher meanly gives you a task a lesson to study like your high school teachers??
19:37:22 From Rob Lines : I'm imagining Merlin from Disneys Sword in the stone. And my physics teacher Tatty Taylor
19:38:01 From Fausta DiMascio : Met plenty of guides - not met teacher yet - may tonight I will be ready
19:38:09 From Georgia Darell : really interesting thankyou
19:38:15 From Lorraine Carter : thank you for explaining the difference
19:38:17 From Angela Birchall : I have been involved in Spiritualism for most of my life and know some of my spirit guides who have shown and taught be lots over the years; will they be the same ones for Shamanic journeying?
19:38:26 From Sadie Simmonds : Q is it normal to have preconceived ideas of your teacher and lesson?
19:38:37 From Annkat : thankyou
19:38:40 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, thank you for explaining the difference, I didn't know that.
19:39:00 From Georgia Darell : really helpful!!
19:39:00 From Katie Joanne : Very helpful explanation - thanks xx
19:39:39 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : @ Angela I've found that journeying and the people we meet are different to Spiritualism, where they are spirits of maybe people you know who have passed
19:39:50 From Sadie Simmonds : Thank you 😊
19:39:53 From Ali Dolphin : QUESTION: When journeying to Teacher to learn, does the same one always show up or may the Teacher change?
19:41:36 From Ali Dolphin : QUESTION: are teachers ever female?
19:41:53 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I think we should just go with the evening and see what we receive, as all our experiences will be individual to us, even if parts of it are similar
19:42:17 From Rob Lines : yes AnnyTurner
19:42:39 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : ☺️🙏Rob
19:44:44 From Annkat : Blue 😁
19:45:01 From Rob Lines : 😍 Blue
19:45:21 From Deborah Wale : Blue looks like he's going to make an announcement!
19:45:25 From Phil Baird : Great to see Blue leading the session just now,
19:45:48 From Xenia Meinert : Yes Deborah. 🙂 Blue Looks rather important. 🙂
19:50:26 From Angela Birchall : Sorry, I had not realised then that it was a specific theme for the journey; I'll happily follow along
19:59:22 From Rachel : micraphones still on
19:59:38 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro To All Panelists : J&S mute yourselves
19:59:42 From Natalie To All Panelists : You might need to mute yourself. I can hear talking I think.
20:13:22 From Kay Case : h
20:15:21 From Kay Case : not successful son came home ,dogs raced downstairs, I pulled door over and then dogs cried at the door. will they again.😐
20:16:52 From Willow : Mine was little golden pyramids in a black landscape very Egyptian.. People around. An acrobat did a cartwheel past me laughing. My teacher was a snake charmer man in nothing but underpants and a turban and sitting with a nlack snake. I was already nervous because stern people freak me out! . He gave the sentence of what to focus on over winter and i stood there after he spoke.. abit too long clearly.. Because he got his snake to hiss at me to go. And as i thanked him and walked to the ladder he waved and laughed saying that wasnt too bad was it!
20:17:27 From fionamccall : Irascible, wouldn’t show self but study tree knowledge and find your tree
20:17:42 From Jules : did others hear voices in the first ten seconds of the drumming?
20:17:43 From Katie Joanne : I will also have to try again @Kay - I asked for no interruptions, and had three people interrupt me so had to make my way back. Will try again tomorrow. xx
20:17:47 From Willow : Kay case sorry to hear that. You can do the journey with the recording xxx 🙏.
20:18:17 From Miranda : My journey was across a sunset sky on the back of the Barn Owl. The Owl flew to Mountains.
20:18:20 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I have no sound at all now but stil want to be here!
20:18:24 From Fausta DiMascio : Met my spirit teacher - an Amazonian Viking woman called Anya - in a medieval castle - said I know what I seek, it comes from the quietened mind.
20:18:39 From Willow : Black snake
20:18:52 From Mark Hudson : you do a grt job ,, TY
20:18:56 From Red Allen : Met my spirit teacher for the first time - had expected someone else whom I've known for many years. And I flew there with Raven. A good evening.
20:18:59 From Sue : yes jules, I heard voices in 1st few seconds
20:19:09 From Rob Lines : Thank you. First journey up. Barn Owl sat on my shoulder and we stayed by the ladder top in the clouds which was rather like being on a poolside within the clouds. At the end, sliding back down the ladder was fun. 🙂
20:19:11 From iain bell : Ok so was difcult as thier three people My Beloved Grnadad Bell how gave me a Golden Book and a Gurtuir and a pino and an Arban Mystric gave a Posstion also I belive I know the low and upper world can mange as also saw a saver tooth tiger and also a group dancing and Gansssha
20:19:12 From Kyla Hilton : Very interesting journey, before even meeting my teacher I had a solve a lot of riddles and puzzles. When meeting him he was in a dark study filled with snake skeletons and venom. He looked like he had a human upper torso and a snake tail and snake eyes. Told me to "Search and free the sacred flame encased in a river of thorns and blood."
20:19:22 From Sheila : was told that as I had reached my eighties, it was time to study how to share my wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of the future generations
20:19:29 From Kathy McVittie : I stayed with owl who was pecking her breast and pulled out a thread of cream and brown hearts. These are my message.
20:19:35 From alex : i stated on the journey i didnt see anything it was just all black
20:19:51 From Katie Joanne : That's an amazing experience, @Kathy Mc xxx
20:19:52 From david : A stern middle-aged man; possibly Native American. He didn’t speak but pointed to the sun (setting/rising?) and then aged-hair and beard growing longer and white. Very cryptic but I think it was indicating the beginning of a long learning journey…to acquire new wisdom…but he wasn’t giving me a strong indication of what the specific learning was to be!
20:19:55 From Nicola Smalley : Hi Anny, the sound is ok for other folk. We are thinking it is something your end? Sorry you can’t hear us
20:20:12 From Hannah : Yay, I stayed awake. My upper world was like being in a mist. My barn owl rested on my arm. I didn’t see my teacher exactly except a glimpse of a grey hooded figure who stood behind me and showed me the mountains on earth below me and said “look how high up you are”
20:20:19 From Carolyn : Didn't get to meet my teacher but spent a lot of time watching the Northern lights in the snow and then watching stars in the desert by a huge campfire, I kept hearing, you're noy ready yet, become well first
20:20:24 From kathycar : Yes, I heard the voices too. My mind was too busy to meet anyone, but I did have a shivering moment - perhaps!!
20:20:27 From Georgia Darell : that was wonderful.. I entered a castle guarded by a wolf (it reminded me of caire paravel- but it was not the home of the white witch!) I entered the chamber and met Hecate, Morrigan and Morgana. then 5 priestesses of Isis came out and surrounded me with flames I became and Phoenix and then a huge lotus flower. Hecate told me to "learn about me in you. remember your ancient self, your powerful qualities. step into your power."
20:20:32 From Brighid Black : I didn’t see my teacher but I received a powerful message to explore the borders between life and death, the uncanny valley.
20:20:34 From Ursidia : Did not see his face, but he was rather louche and sarcastic - a magician. A few things to frighten me - flames, dragons…I said I was not to be frightened snd he laughed and said that was his message - not to be afraid! I had my old dog - Pixie - with me he joined me in the ‘castle’ for the magician. ( I knew Pixie was in upper world - O am not sure why) Finally teacher told me to study runes - I’ve always found them very difficult for some reason! Strange place, but full of power.
20:20:38 From Maggie Hands : I was told that I had to learn how to fly!?
20:20:45 From Annkat : Well I ended up with an Indian who was on a pegusus and then met loads of people in white all looking at me.
20:21:15 From Miranda : My teacher was very inscrutible. He was observing the stars. His message was You must survive this Winter. You must clothe yourself in the knowledge of the stars. Wrap yourself in the cosmos. Connect to the earth. Walk barefoot.
20:21:35 From Sandy : i walked on a prairie when I was quickly met by a dark shadowy figure. Introduced myself and thanked them for coming. I asked the question, in love and light, and they became restless, highly uncomfortable and they shook. I have been told to study conflict. Inner conflict and that between others. I thanked him and he calmed
20:21:44 From Mary Gold : You are doing great my lovelies
20:21:47 From Dorothy Robbie : Met with an old South American man, dark brown wrinkled skin. Had on a rough woollen cloak with stripes and a black wide brimmed hat. Had a wooden stick. He was smiling slightly and said to uncover secrets to find my true self was my task.
20:21:59 From Mark Hudson : I met Merlin from the while traveling in the lightening ship from beyond the wall and he said your YOURSELF ohmy
20:22:01 From Katie Joanne : It is a learning circle lol... Zoom is your spirit teacher tonight N&J xx
20:22:24 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much! I think for myself I Need longer drum track, it got automized rather late. I also met a chinese quy, but wasn't sure if he was my spirit teacher, went around, met some other figures, but then it was clear that he wanted to give a message. He said yes - I asked my Question, and he spoke French. 😉 He said "druidisme", and then I saw Getafix with a cauldron. I found out that this was the Image the chinese guy was showing me. I approached the cauldron, looked into it, and there was black liquid, with a Salmon in it, then I fell head over in the cauldron and it changed to black space where the Salmon an I flew through space. I grabbed the (now big) Salmon and flew with it through space. Then the Salmon ate me and i was in his stomach. Then the stomach changed to a cave where the entrance lead to the sea. I relized that it was Merlin's cave in Cornwall. also Merlin stood there. Then it was time to come back. My chinese guy was really short with words at saying Farewell. 😉
20:22:24 From iain bell : and felt my Grandad Bells prensece and sent as soon the jounery being also I was dissolved to bone and skelton in a bath at one point please help Jasson I know as what m ember of above could my Spirt Teacher
20:22:24 From Georgia Darell : p.s I am wearing a jumper with a full moon and a huge white barn owl on it 🙂 🌕💫💛
20:22:45 From Jules : I thought whooh what's going on here lol, mine was I. the stars, met different people just looking at me but no teacher as such, quite peculiar! one lady was in 1940s clothing!
20:22:50 From Angela Birchall : Fabulous! My landscape was morphing between an arcade of tall overarching trees and like marble columns of a cathedral. I walked up the path, the light was brilliantly white but sort of golden. I found my teacher was the central character of a book I was inspired to write many years ago but never published but which I rediscovered earlier this year and was excited about rereading. I was told to polish it and publish it. It's very difficult to describe but is all focused on the powers of love and evil with a hint of sci fi!
20:23:25 From Mandy Payne : I rode on the back of barn owl, over very misty moorland. Shetland ponies were behind me, and lots of snippets of images of horses. Felt very close to a dream-state. I didn’t find a spirit teacher this time or receive an actual message but will contemplate these images.
20:23:25 From Dorothy Robbie : The old South American man was met by Dorothy
20:23:57 From Richard Osborne : my teacher was Limnal. Angel like. In a crystal hall. They told me to go back to my tarot study.
20:24:20 From Rachel : My first time going up...not a very pleasant place. Much prefer the lower world.
20:24:20 From Janet : I met the white winged horse I have met before and he took me to the workshop of my spirit teacher. he invited me to stand in his doorway. he asked me what I could see in the wooden bowl he had made. I said Nothing. He said Wrong, it is full of energy just like my fire there. you must work with energy and learn how to work with it, now go! I bowed and thanked him. I've actually signed up and paid for a Qi Gong course but not yet got round to starting it yet. 💚
20:24:25 From Deborah Wale : .
20:24:36 From iain bell : So Jasson and Nicola I think Jounery do you both find out of whom was my Spirt teacher or wounder all be what thourghts??
20:24:40 From Maggie Hands : A lady in white Roman robes came to me as my teacher and told me I needed to learn how to fly!
20:24:43 From Sheena Good : i was met by gate keeper who let me through gate lovely man long Curley hair wearing cloth brown clothes .met my spirit guide a male in long purple gown with purple mitre said his name was Peter I should study the land, and repeated it sternly. I felt as though I had come home and leaved on this planet before, there were other spirits here
20:24:46 From 430603 : It was July 2019 that I last went to the upperworld on a journey with you. As before I found myself in a cold snowy landscape like when I went up Kilimanjaro. The mountaineer gate keeper was there again, and welcomed me back. This time instead of the lift up to a white waiting room I had to climb to the top of the peak anc a blizzard started. I saw a mountain hut and went in. A log fire was roaring and my teacher was in an armchair by it. He beckoned me to sit down. He looked the same, white hair and a beard but a smoking jacket instead of a cloak. Last time he had told me to learn. I greeted him and he said. ‘Well, you’ve been in a journey since we last met but what do you want now?’ I felt chastised but asked my intention. Use your voice was the answer. I took that to be to keep writing the nature books. I said I was struggling at the moment and he offered me a drink that looked like whiskey. When I drunk it I felt the warmth spread through me and felt myself flow into the fire. I was being transformed.
20:24:47 From jackie kersley : I met a woman, aboriginal looking. A rocky landscape, I was sitting on the ground and She sat opposite me there were animals and lots of birds around us, I Heard one word, “listen”
20:25:53 From Deborah Wale : my steps took me up previous places I'd studied - I saw my former meditation teacher. I went up on to the roof to see my spirit teacher.
20:26:22 From Katrin Grisby : I struggled tonight i think i fell asleep, so going to try again with the replay
20:26:50 From Georgia Darell : love that I met Hecate so close to Samhain
20:26:58 From david : Fascinating! Thank you.
20:27:34 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Met my spirit teacher, Herne, bowed to him and asked for guidance, then fell asleep as usual! Woke before the end, bowed again to him and travelled back. Have such vivid dreams ATM that I think the message will come in my dreams.
20:27:57 From iain bell : Oh Yourself was the main message of the Jounery I know this for Sure
20:31:29 From Lindsay Trevarthen : I always think of Graculus from Noggin the Nog …
20:33:07 From Rachel : I love how it uses it's potential disability as it's superpower.
20:33:14 From Mark Hudson : mine was the same Iain lol
20:33:46 From Rob Lines : That is loely Rachel. 🙂
20:33:52 From Rob Lines : *lovely
20:34:21 From Lisa : I drew two cards yesterday - one related to learning from the past and one relating to stillness
20:34:23 From Kyla Hilton : Their eyes are beautiful.
20:35:09 From Xenia Meinert : So interesting, I didn't know About the non-waterproof feathers, and how it's an Advantage for them.
20:35:47 From Georgia Darell : explains why they dry them out in the sun!
20:35:52 From Xenia Meinert : They really look prehistoric!
20:36:01 From alex : i have watched cormorants since a xhild we actually did a project about them in welsh
20:36:03 From iain bell : yes that's a really good point also as mentioned before with my situation I feel the corment reminds me to focus self caree
20:36:13 From Katie Joanne : I love the pause between the learning breaths this bird offers as wisdom xx
20:41:01 From Georgia Darell : just the one word: commitment
20:41:03 From 430603 : Self care
20:41:11 From Lisa : decide and commit
20:41:11 From Kelly Kennedy : I got to study from the heart xx
20:41:13 From Xenia Meinert : go at your pace, not the pace the others do.
20:41:14 From Katie Joanne : My message was 'Short Sharp Deep Dives' xx
20:41:20 From 430603 : It’s Jo
20:41:20 From fae : To allow myself the Time
20:41:21 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Dive deep and find what you need.
20:41:21 From iain bell : Freedom and Rest and the jounery to spirt techer was yourself
20:41:22 From david : Make time!
20:41:22 From Rachel : I need to finish something, not just keep starting new ones!
20:41:22 From Annkat : stop worrying over other's
20:41:23 From Fausta DiMascio : Close the door and say no
20:41:24 From Sheila : listen, listen, listen
20:41:26 From Tracey Bevan : Get the best teacher
20:41:29 From alex : i was told to learn welsh and then saw a leather chair and a ticking clock
20:41:29 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I'm afraid despite trying everything, I stlll have no sound..My sound is working on other things, I don't understand it.. I'm so sad to go! But love to you all and brightest blessings, I'll catch up tomorrow 🙏🤗❣️
20:41:30 From Sheena Good : Sheena one one steady
20:41:35 From fionamccall : Patience, focus, strength
20:41:35 From Mandy Payne : love and enjoy
20:41:36 From Ali D : Be patient whilst you're resting and reflecting.
20:41:36 From Rob Lines : Not allow others to pull you from your studies
20:41:37 From Kathy McVittie : stop trying!
20:41:37 From Joanne : make time, no excuses.
20:41:38 From Ursidia : Do a little every day - learn one rune a day, and make a specials bag to keep them in!
20:41:41 From Red Allen : Keep busy and I'll get things done
20:41:47 From jackie kersley : Just do it, and do it well.
20:41:47 From Kyla Hilton : Was told don't feel guilty for taking a rest, not all answers come to you immediately.
20:41:47 From Miranda : Enjoy your time alone ..be content to be solitary/
20:41:48 From avril : Focus
20:41:50 From Helen Towers : Designated time and space
20:41:50 From Sheila : i
20:42:03 From Sheila : listen, listen, losten
20:42:04 From Sue To All Panelists : start, and use quiet place
20:42:05 From Sandy : its a divine instruction not a chore
20:42:07 From Chris : Deep dive inside yourself, into your own inner wisdom
20:42:17 From Alison Gaffney : Seek what draws you and dive deep
20:42:18 From Lesley : I am to study peace early in the morning. Thank you very useful
20:42:20 From Georgia Darell : love all of these
20:42:31 From Natalie To All Panelists : I’m a cold water swimmer. There was a cormorant on the lake where I was swimming yesterday. I went to him and asked the question. We dived down together until it hurt. They told me that would have to be prepared for some pain in my study as I confront some truths.
20:42:32 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : ŕespect your needs, phys.emot.emotional and spiritual needs,
20:42:32 From Davina : stand on your rock with your wings out, claim your spot"
20:42:47 From Katie Joanne : Love that @Davina xx
20:42:48 From Dorothy Robbie : Dorothy Take half an hour every day. Just a small amount at a time
20:43:03 From Angela Birchall : Focus but also to look at where time is wasted and push unnecessary activities away and stop doing everyone's things for them.
20:43:16 From Deborah Wale : find teacher(s) I feel comfortable with. to become cormorant and bask in the stillness. see with cormorant's eyes.
20:43:20 From Janet : stretch yourself gently
20:43:27 From Katie Joanne : Know the best time to 'feed' was another message I had xx
20:43:32 From Sally - : prioritise and say no
20:43:41 From Sue : start, and find quiet place
20:43:50 From Colette : Relax, breathe and learn
20:43:53 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Missedthe rune thing, as I can't hear, but when I was at school, 40 years ago, my friend and I learned all the runes frm Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit books and so we could write notes to each other in runes so when the teacher confiscated our notes they couldn't read them out in class..I still write notes to myself, or notes I don't want just anyone to read in those runes ☺️
20:43:59 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Byeeeeeee xxxx
20:44:43 From Rob Lines : Lovely AnnyTurner. 😍
20:44:52 From Katie Joanne : I love that @Anny xx
20:45:10 From Annkat : Thank-you
20:45:18 From alex : i will try again to find my spiritual teacher
20:45:51 From Rob Lines : Why is Sow-wayne spelt Samhain? 😉
20:46:01 From avril : I got drawn to the cormorants eye which links to the green/blue flame from meeting my spirit teacher who was cernunos - the synergy between the two was really interesting something to ponder on
20:46:05 From Georgia Darell : Celtic spelling
20:46:12 From Annkat : still no emails not too worry.
20:46:17 From Georgia Darell : and pronunciation
20:46:18 From Katie Joanne : Rob - Celt/Old English language spellings xx
20:46:46 From Georgia Darell : so much in there thank you both! is the link in an email?
20:46:51 From Katie Joanne : Letter combined make some sounds that make no sense in Modern English xx
20:46:57 From kathycar : Beautiful clear moon this evening
20:47:31 From Mark Hudson : Yes wonerful moon tonight
20:47:44 From Katie Joanne : I am so looking forward to the online E-treat! xx PS: Love Bear Necessities as a name xx
20:47:44 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : Bye thank you both very much
20:47:45 From Jules : did my yew pilgrimage to much Marcle on Sunday, magnificent old Yes.
20:48:11 From Jules : *yes.
20:48:28 From Xenia Meinert : Yay, that's great!
20:48:29 From Annkat : Thankyou
20:48:39 From Katie Joanne : Yay - such an amazing cost for the day! Thank you! xx
20:48:39 From Angelika Freitag : Fantastic, thank you! xx
20:48:40 From Miranda : hurray
20:48:43 From Jules : *Yew sorry😂
20:48:47 From Fausta DiMascio : excellent
20:48:48 From Rob Lines : Should be on a 4 day workshop that clashes with the online one day retreat. will play catch up on the recordings.
20:48:49 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much!
20:49:01 From Tracey Bevan : Looking forward too this thankyou 💗xx
20:49:09 From Sally - : just made 2 yew oghams from sacred well - thanks for tonight x
20:49:17 From Ursidia : I am so looking forward to the retreat!
20:49:21 From kathycar : Really looking forward to the retreat,
20:49:22 From Katie Joanne : 🙏💓
20:49:28 From Xenia Meinert : Me too. <3
20:49:33 From Katie Joanne : Saturday 20th Nov xx
20:50:08 From Georgia Darell : not me!
20:50:18 From Katie Joanne : I want to learn to love the Winter... not yet sadly xx
20:50:20 From Georgia Darell : I struggle
20:50:23 From Fausta DiMascio : love it - hunkering down
20:50:37 From Mark Hudson : nice treet for my B/day 🙂
20:50:40 From Georgia Darell : sounds really wonderful
20:50:50 From fae : Me to Fausta
20:51:10 From Fausta DiMascio : They were fab
20:51:25 From Annkat : I know it's all day I have to check on Mum but I will be there.
20:51:30 From Mandy Russell To All Panelists : Once we get to 20/21 December the days get longer again 😊
20:51:34 From Fausta DiMascio : Fae - love the cosy nights
20:51:35 From iain bell : Really Really Really Really Looking Forward to our first online Retreat in so long looking forward to meeting Gathering everyone and really looking your vidoes Jasson and Nicola thank thank you for hosting and holding aother Online Retreat
20:51:57 From Katie Joanne : Me too Iain xx
20:52:06 From Katie Joanne : Will be nice to spend the day with everyone xx
20:52:17 From Katie Joanne : Popped that in my calendar xx
20:52:17 From Helen Towers : Look forward to the recording as have a commitment on the 20th x
20:52:25 From fionamccall : Are there limits to the numbers?
20:52:32 From Rob Lines : Does one need to buy a ticket to access the recordings?
20:52:34 From Mandy Russell To All Panelists : Thank you 😊 x
20:52:40 From fae : Really looking forward to it x
20:52:46 From Annkat : can't wait.
20:52:57 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Sadly may well be away that weekend, so will look forward to the recording xx
20:53:19 From Fausta DiMascio : a great sense of community it was great
20:53:32 From Brighid Black : Will be at work that day!
20:53:41 From Helen Towers : Really enjoyed last years
20:54:00 From Kelly Kennedy : thank you xxx
20:54:01 From iain bell : sure is the Atompshere is just stunnig love Jasson and Nicola abit early any word on space to Emrge 2022???
20:54:11 From Sally Thompson To All Panelists : That was excellent. Thank you.
20:54:11 From Lisa : i was going to ask that too!
20:54:15 From Georgia Darell : this was my first live circle. thank you so much it was very special
20:54:17 From Brighid Black : hank you so much!
20:54:17 From Annkat : Thankyou take care. xxxx
20:54:20 From sheila powell To All Panelists : Thank you so much, amazing experience from a first timer can't wait to the next! Namaste!
20:54:47 From Sheena Good : thank you both for a lovely evening an allowing me to meet my teacher.
20:54:53 From maureen : Goodnight and thank you for a lovely evening. Will have to redo the journey as usual at this time of day I dozed off as soon as the drum beat started.
20:55:07 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Aha! Im back in with sound!
20:55:20 From Katie Joanne : Welcome back Anny xx
20:55:35 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola, as well as all members.
20:55:36 From Fausta DiMascio : welcome back Anny
20:55:38 From Jules : Thank you learnt so much about Cormorant. xx
20:56:16 From Sandy : Thankyou for a very special evening to you all xx
20:57:20 From jackie kersley : Thank you another marvellous evening of learning. 🌟
20:57:22 From Katie Joanne : Thank you for this evening Nicola, Jason & Blue. And to spend the evening with everyone, a beautiful couple of hours with like-hearted souls. Gratitude. xxx
20:57:23 From Fausta DiMascio : thank you for another wonderful evening, hail and farewell - blessed be to all xx
20:57:31 From alysonpowell : Thank you so much Nicola and Jason. It’s been a wonderful evening.Looking forward to the online retreat.😄 And thank you everyone, so lovely sharing all your energies. Have a peaceful evening. Blessings to all🍄
20:57:37 From Colette : Thank you it was wonderful )0( xx
20:57:37 From Kyla Hilton : Thank you for this amazing evening.
20:57:38 From Red Allen : Thanks for a great evening
20:57:41 From david : Thank you so much. xxx
20:57:44 From Sue Stone : Thank you for another wonderful session x
20:57:44 From Eileen : Blessings and Gratitude to YOU Both.Such Wonderful Patient Souls.
20:57:47 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you so much Jason and Nicola for leading this Wonderful journey circle. xxx
20:57:48 From Tracey Bevan : Thankyou for a wonderful evening as, always. 🙏💗🙏Xxx
20:57:48 From Lisa : thank you Nicola and Jason
20:57:49 From Karen Barton To All Panelists : Thank you so much xx
20:57:51 From Katie Joanne : Loved tonights animal knowledge and wisdom xx
20:57:51 From Georgia Darell : a really magical evening hail and farewell!❤🌾🍂🍁
20:57:51 From alex : thank you x
20:57:59 From avril : Great to spend the evening with you thank you
20:58:00 From Ursidia : Thank you! Blessings on all, and have a great weekend! X
20:58:00 From Ali D : Thank you. Blessings for Samhain.
20:58:01 From Katie Joanne : Hail and farewell xx
20:58:02 From Miranda : Thank you so much
20:58:04 From Davina : thankyou xx
20:58:27 From Sue : thank you both
20:58:28 From Mandy Payne : Thank you for a special and wonderful evening xx
20:58:28 From Kay Case : thank you Nicola and Jason goodbye everyone xx
20:58:32 From Helen Towers : Thanks guys ❤️✨
20:58:32 From fae To All Panelists : Thank you for a wonderful evening everyone, Jason, Nicola & Blue. Be well everyone xx
20:58:34 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you 🙏 I enjoyed the evening xx
20:58:37 From Katie Joanne : Samhain blessings everyone. xxx
20:58:40 From Rob Lines : Thank you to everyone that's been in this circle this evening, and thank you Jason, Nicola and Blue for leading us.
20:58:41 From Lisa : blessings to all x
20:58:45 From Mark Hudson : thank you all grt nigh,,, Goon night
20:58:52 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Thank You!!! ❣️
20:58:57 From Annkat : Night all x
20:58:59 From Nayra To All Panelists : Thank you, nice evening.
20:58:59 From Xenia Meinert : All have a nice evening and Weekend. Blessed be. good night. xxx
20:58:59 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you for a wonderful evening - Inspired to o us on keeping the flame alive and instructed to feed the fire 🙏🌳💜💚💛
20:59:04 From kathycar : Thank you for an amazing evening, hail and farewell everyone and thankyou J & N. Xx
20:59:06 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Thank you xx
20:59:06 From Fausta DiMascio : Samhain blessings to all xx
20:59:07 From Katie Joanne : Much much love Nicola and Jason xxx
20:59:13 From Susan Davies : thank you both for a lovely evening 🙂
20:59:14 From Kathy McVittie : thank you xxx I love cormorant
20:59:15 From Patsy : Goodnight, thankyou Nicola & Jason xxx
20:59:19 From Janet : nos da 💚
20:59:19 From Katie Joanne : Goodnight xxx
20:59:20 From Sue : thankyou for a lovely evening.x
20:59:22 From jayne powell : Thank you for a great evening
20:59:23 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : niiiiiight!
20:59:24 From Joanne : thank you xx
20:59:26 From Katie Joanne : Nos da xxx