The theme for this Circle is working with the Underworld. Jason begins with a talk about the concept of the Underworld and the Fae realm. There is a guided journey to the Underworld to ask how to be more aware of the Fae in our normal lives. We also introduce the idea of creating a circle of stones somewhere private where you can make offerings to the Fae.

The timings are:

00:00 - Welcome and introduction

03:43 - Drum to gather and guided meditation 

08:57 - Creating sacred space by welcoming in the elements

15:19 - Underworld talk

36:46 - Explanation of how to go on a shamanic journey

39:05 - Drumming and then the guided shamanic journey

1:14:37 - Sharing

1:25:45 - Offerings to the Fae talk

1:45:15 - Blue extreme close-up 🙂 

1:47:54 - Closing the directions


Here are the books that we made reference to during the Circle:

  • Good Faeries Bad Faeries by Brian Froud
  • Earth Light by R. J Stewart
  • Power within the Land: Roots of Celtic and Underworld Traditions - Awakening the Sleepers and Regenerating the Earth by R. J. Stewart
  • An Carow Gwyn: Sorcery and the Ancient Fayerie Faith by Robin Artisson

The following resources were recommended by participants in the chat box”

  • The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth
  • The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Wendy Froud 
  • Faerie Tale: A Novel of Terror and Fantasy by Feist. Raymond 

Transcript of the chat

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19:04:43 From Rob Pearson : brilliant!
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19:04:59 From ROSSLYNNE : So glad you got the sign from your father, Jason, much love
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19:05:15 From HUAtraceybevanWEI EI Y7 2019 : Good evening all from southwales. Condolences too you Jason. I feel you my dad recently passed & was, huge lover of birds, this is my deep connection with him üôèüíó
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Cannot join in at the mo as I’m currently “in transit” bit I will join you if I get home in time.
Just want to say to Jason - thinking of you my friend üôèüôèüôè
19:06:00 From AnnyTurner : Hello Everyone! My sanctuary! Anny in Scarborough
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19:06:33 From Rachael Halliday : It is brilliant!!!!
19:06:34 From Ali Dav : Aw, thank you! üíö
19:06:39 From Gill Dunkerley : It was an amazing TED talk! So confident. Well done Ali
19:06:53 From Chris : Can you put link in chat as Im not on facebook
19:07:05 From Heather : Hello from Lowestoft, Suffolk x
19:07:08 From lesley gerrard : Hi all.
19:07:14 From Annkat : Am from Sheffield Katy
19:07:15 From Lindsay Trevarthen : @Rebecca Whereabouts in Torridon are you? Usually up in Wester Ross a couple of times a year.
19:07:17 From 007396 : ((hugs)) Jason 🙁
19:07:33 From Beverley Thornton : I'm so very sorry Jason. Thank you for being here x
19:07:35 From fae : Condolences Jason, sorry to hear the sad news xx
19:07:40 From Allison Evans : bless you both üíúüí´üíú
19:07:46 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Much love to you, Jason xx
19:07:48 From Annkat : Thinking of you all Jason.
19:07:59 From Lesley : Hi from Devon. Sorry to hear that Jason x
19:08:03 From Rachel H : wow big circle tonight - amazing. Everyone sending you their love Jason
19:08:04 From karen S : ❤️
19:08:07 From Ali Dav : Sorry to hear your news, Jason. Thank you for being here this evening. Love to you and Nicola. üíö
19:08:18 From maureen : Bless you both for being here tonight xxx
19:08:20 From Bridget Sullivan-Blakeney : so sorry to hear your sad news, blessings and hugs , Love B and JXX
19:08:21 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : muchove fr0
19:08:28 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Thank you Jason for sharing your news. Wishing you and Nicola every peace and solace as you readjust following Brian's transition. So moved by your experience with the buzzard and the heron, must be a huge relief to get such clear confirmation. I'm sure all you did for him spiritually in the lead-up to his journey helped him find his way. I have lit an extra candle for you all tonight. Much loveüíõ
19:08:31 From Emma Taylor : Big hugs Jasonüíó
19:09:07 From Wendy : So sorry to hear your news Jason. Sending love and deepest sympathy üíú
19:09:21 From jan To All Panelists : Sorry to hear that Jason. Sending love. Thank you both for being here tonight. I've not been able to be here for so long.
19:09:37 From Karen : sending love and hugs to you both at this time x
19:09:40 From Rebecca : @Linsay Trevarthen I'm actually a bit further on.. follow the road all the way to the end and you get to Lower Diabaig. I'm there.
19:09:54 From Sandy Beamson : love to you both 🌸💕
19:10:15 From AnnyTurner : Jason and Nicola... know are you are so held
19:10:44 From Ann Hart : I am sorry to hear of your fathers death Jason, I know you were expecting it but it is still a shock when it happens. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you and Nicola and your mother and family.
19:10:47 From Paulina : Totally agree Anny Turner
19:10:52 From Jill Robinson : So sorry to hear your news, Jason. Many blessings to you, Nicola and your family.
19:11:18 From Pete Kaufmann : thank you for sharing your story ,
19:11:33 From linda : Yes I think all of us send hugs and healing thoughts at this sad time
19:11:49 From Mary Ravenwood : thinking of you jason xxx
19:11:50 From Victoria : Sending my condolences and love
19:11:56 From helensugrue : Sending love to you Jason and thank you for being so open about your loss
19:12:14 From Rachael Halliday : I always feel seen by you both thank you for mentioning the eye contact xxx
19:12:23 From jackie kersley : Sharing your story has brought a closeness to us all. Sharing your sadness. Much love. üåü
19:12:50 From Kay : Sorry for your loss Jason. Sending love and light 🌈🙏❤️
19:13:14 From Joss Anderson : I'm so sorry to hear about your loss x
19:14:55 From AnnyTurner : Think how gently your dad will be being held now that he has moved on, and his transition as he realises how rigid his path was and how free he is now
19:17:17 From Rachael Halliday : That place felt quite close to where I met the Green Man a couple of circles ago ‚ú®
19:17:30 From Lindsay Trevarthen : @Rebecca Oh, it’s lovely down there! Last time we stayed in Torridon, we were in Alligin Shuas. We have friends in Fasaig. In May we were in Badachro.
19:27:58 From Vicky : I was interested to hear Jason say he perceives the fae as being part of nature. I very recently learned that there was no word for 'nature' in old English, presumably because there was less of a distinction made then between the human and natural or other worlds.
19:30:04 From Sandy Holt : Tonight seems so fitting…when I was in a very special woodland yesterday I could see little beings in the light. when I got home and looked at my photos I saw many beings including a fairy and an ‘other being’ - it was such an auspicious visit. As it was also the day of no time in some beliefs it was fascinating that the paths seemed to move and we kept ending up in the same place over and over, despite walking in different directions. I walk in this wood so often and know the paths, but yesterday they were so, so different. It was really, really magical. And so beautiful to know that we had beautiful company...even the trees had eyes. Beautiful and the woods gave me such treasures to bring home including my own staff which was a struggle to get in the car...but that's another story. The staff is so magical. Sxx
19:31:19 From fae : Good faerie, bad faerie by Brian Froud
19:32:25 From fae : Stunning artworks, the faerie oracle & the heart of faerie oracle too
19:32:35 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : Read the fantasy "Fairie Tale" by Raymond E. Fiest a couple of times.
19:35:25 From Rachael Halliday : I had a very strong bond with a faerie as a child when I would go and visit my brother in the Isle of Man. I felt the wrench of the parting physically when I came back to the mainland. I’m going to visit them next month.... I will widen my awareness this visit going there openheartedly ✨
19:35:53 From Rebecca : @lindsay trevarthen it is.. I'm very blessed to be here üôè
19:35:58 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : When you mentioned other cultures around the world the Icelandic tradition of building small houses for the 'hidden folk' to live in sprang to mind
19:36:33 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : There are fairie doors in my two local woods.
19:36:36 From AnnyTurner : O Rachel it would be very special if you would share, after your visit, anything you experience related to this!🙏🏼
19:36:45 From Sandy Holt : I have faeries living in the roots of my Hawthorn Tree
19:37:07 From Miranda : when I was 9 I had sunstroke and I slipped into the realm in Spain. First the beings started to wriggle out of knots in the wood. Then they appeared in the honeysuckle and vines. Many differents sizes and natures.
19:37:12 From Mary Ravenwood : me and my friend saw bright shining beings in a field when we camped at avebury on samhain...we reckon it was fae..
19:37:43 From Sandy Holt : Rachel, how exciting, I wonder what will come out of your visit?
19:38:06 From Sandy Beamson : The Faerie Festival in Glastonbury is fabulous
19:38:32 From Mark : Is a pixie part of the Fae
19:38:52 From Mark : Ive seen a pixie
19:39:10 From Jan : I Believe but have never Encountered
19:39:29 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : I don't remember ever being told specifically about faeries and hawthorn when I was little, but it was always the hawthorn trees where my friends and I used to build little nests for them to live in when we were at primary school, we must have sensed or known somehow
19:40:01 From Mark : whats the day of the elementals I saw a pixe and a white rabit on that day before knowing it
19:40:12 From Sandy Holt : Oh Belinda yes, you must have had that connection with them :-)x
19:40:28 From Rebecca : I saw a Selkie while near Arisaig. Would that be classed as Faie
19:40:59 From lesley gerrard : Can't wait. Let's go!
19:41:14 From Mark : are Fae always on energy lines ?
19:41:24 From Annkat : hello Blue xxx
19:41:26 From Mark : TY
19:41:43 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : When we did the underworld journey in April to meet dragon ‚Ķ‚Ķ my power animal warned me against proceeding ‚Ķ will be curious what happens this evening. 🙂
19:42:15 From Lee Martin To All Panelists : My back garden is very wild
19:42:58 From Lindsay Trevarthen : So with more areas being rewilded will we be more aware of the Fae?
19:46:08 From Rod & Diane : Could you mention which items we can give as offerings please üôè
20:24:29 From AnnyTurner : O M Y W O R D THere was a lot of shape shifting, a lot of joining. A Lot of questions answered. I can see so many things clear now. I don't think I will ever be the same. I have this Knowing.
20:24:56 From AnnyTurner : I can't believe wat I have seen and felt
20:25:07 From Mark : Interesting I went to my power place and slept with the Fae 🙂
20:25:12 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : The green glade resolved into kingcups and marsh marigolds and there were golden dragonflies - that was enough for me, and I spent time thinking of my son, who I think of as part elf
20:25:12 From ROSSLYNNE : I was asked to distribute stones (from fruits) and seeds mindfully where they can take root
20:25:15 From Ursidia : I was surrounded by foxes. Shadowy …
20:25:19 From AnnyTurner : YES! LIfe changing!
20:25:36 From linda : I was compelled to dance...
20:25:46 From Red : So many different beings. Wow!
20:25:49 From Lindsay Trevarthen : I fell in a deep sleep….
20:25:59 From Miranda : I saw a fae man his face was tanned with blue green eyes and elf locks. His eyes were full of tears about the earth.
20:25:59 From Annkat : I saw a goddess who said "search for her and said have faith"
20:26:00 From Lesley : Didn't really see anything but got some very clear instructions about what I need to bring to the Emerald Bows retreat and some more work I need to do.
20:26:01 From Beverley Thornton : I met with a silt women who lives in and as part of the river bed. She welcomed me to lie in her home and to leave my outine in the mud
20:26:10 From Rob Pearson : my legs really ached! entered a stone chamber and met a hare we sat and watched the moon.
20:26:12 From Ali Dav : I was in an inky world, like drawings, illustrations, all night time, flashes of white/silver on wings of birds, sometimes snow.
20:26:19 From lin brain : wow...thankyou....whay a journey and the fae met me and joined and greeted me into their life. They showed me where they are amongst the wild clematis and we danced in circle and so much more. Tears have flowed xx
20:26:41 From Karon To All Panelists : I was aware of energy hidden behind shimmering blue and black feathers, like a cloak. They told me when I smell sweet flowers - that’s where the’ll be.
20:26:43 From Heather To All Panelists : Told to dance too…also to be more childlike, believe like a child and they will be seen when needed.
20:26:48 From Ali Dav : Also told to touch wood; not rough bark, smooth, shining wood.
20:26:51 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : Seemed to visit a quiet place to unpick and process a number of things filling my mind currently.
20:26:55 From Miranda : I felt myself falling through time. I was also told to continue to plant wild herbs in my Guerilla Garden.
20:26:56 From Gill Dunkerley : I found it a very powerful experience. Right from the start with the nepalese drum. I didn't see anything but I heard so much. chanting, pan pipes, banging, chattering. The only thing I saw was a dark shadow like a raven maybe? I felt the message for me was to listen if I want to be aware of the FAE. It was very powerful.
20:27:00 From Allison Evans : my word going in was Hello. I sat on a mossy rock and the far said you will find us in the forest. I seen a gnome/goblin who was smiling and felt very wise. word leaving was come again. wonderful. I felt lots of tingling. seen blue silvery colours
20:27:06 From Rachel H : i was invited to sit. Just asked to be present, take the time and connect. Nature but super charged.
20:27:10 From Lynn - Divali : wonderful journey - questions answered ...... thankyou
20:27:15 From Emma Taylor : I was guided to deepen into my senses, then into my aura, to learn to see and feel through my own energy aura and to see with my third eye
20:27:20 From Allison Evans : *fae said
20:27:38 From Sue Stone : I was told to be less planned and organised and more wild and carefree!
20:27:42 From Rod & Diane : I felt I need to have more commitment.
20:27:45 From Rachael Halliday : It felt nearby to where I met the Green man. I was aware of orbs in my peripheral vision. THis feels very connected to a space I was in earlier where we resolved to ask the fae for help, then tonight's circle. Thank you for the connection
20:27:48 From Sandy Holt : I was amazing at how many different beings…some even almost translucent they were dancing around me and welcoming me to join with them - came away feeling I have work to do and they will guide me. Feel different…really emotional …need to sit with it and feel….
20:27:57 From Paulina : Fabulous Jason, I spent a lot of time just sending my gratitude for all the fae have done for me so far. I sat on the top of fly argaric just sending out waves of gratitude. I asked how can we help this realm rebuild our trust with them. I saw the gnomes and elves on their backs jiust laughing - having fun. As I left, I bowed to the Eleven King and Queen and to the Hawthorn - always magical and given respect by me in our realm.
20:28:05 From Jan : As very large Wolf dog looked at me and then lay down as we listened to the Energy and Peace not exactly what I expected
20:28:39 From Ann Hart : I went into lovely woods with water flowing and beings below a bridge then ended in a place where I was seen then there was wild dancing, and touching and healing of me. I was told to remember I was love and to trust.
20:28:45 From deb : Lots of fleeting fae and small beings whizzing about happily ,I was left with a feeling of joy and the need to be more playful and light hearted in order to connect with the fae more. (Whilst the house phone kept ringing... And i tried to ignore and not be irritated ) üòÇ
20:28:47 From lesley gerrard : Weird - really felt that, Hard to come back. At one point, physically felt someone pull me forward by my right hand.
20:28:52 From Lee Martin To All Panelists : I had a vision of the green man then went down the stream to a cove by the sea
20:29:12 From kathycar : Very powerful, wispy and feathery flashes, which took me by the hand and met my parents and held them close, im at peace. Wow
20:29:13 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : The drum beat took me into a strange deep dreamlike sleep ... I was aware at the end of a fae man - glimpses behind the tree trunks - I was not afraid ...
20:29:19 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : I was offered what looked like a large arrowhead made of some sort of dark crystalline material, it was curved at the bottom rather than having a notch. I also had inky visions, at one stage saw bright blue eyes darting left and right but the face and all else around was hidden by a black mist, it looked like when you drop black ink in water. Heard someone calling 'where are you, where are you?' in a voice as we would use if we are playing hide and seek with someone. It was playful but I felt incredibly sad. Was in a grove at one point with lots of rain, and heard them ask 'where is the water going?'
20:29:26 From Ann Hart : we went between wild dancing and touch. I have surgery tomorrow and have been anxious.
20:29:47 From Mark : Shall return to my power place and dream with the Fae
20:30:10 From Sam Ben : I met a Crow, He told me to keep my eyes sharp for signs of the Fae in the Earth world, especially specific patterns and shapes in the bark of Trees. He seems to be a messenger across our worlds, with 'watch and listen' being key messages. A man was there too, He said we will meet again üôÇ
20:30:30 From lesley gerrard : I sensed I am to look for the Fae in the hollows of trees.
20:30:32 From Rebecca : I couldn't journey as my puppy work and was jumping all over. I was trying to hold him and still and make my way back but with my eyes closed I could see two fae children standing in my kitchen door way. I feel the pup had drawn them.
20:30:42 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : @Ann Hart sending love
20:31:25 From Sandy Beamson : Not to be for me tonight as interrupted by family coming home and an excited pup 🍀
20:32:04 From Mark : Intrerest to see the other door ways to
20:32:19 From Paulina : It is this realm that started me on my healing work - first Oracle deck "Healing with the Fairies" - build and developed from there
20:32:29 From lesley gerrard : Feels something really powerful happened tonight. Strange feeling.
20:32:55 From jan : Some shiny figures, lots of movement so that I started to move, a glowing figure sat with his back to me, his back like armour or snake skin. The word around the door read Save Me, then in the forrest I heard the words velvety moss and i was invited to lie down. On the way out the letters had changed to thank you. My mobile was ringing which interrupted somewhat.
20:33:11 From Gill Dunkerley : i agree - it was a strange feeling. Not awful but just slightly out of kilter.
20:33:24 From lesley gerrard : Yes, Jill.
20:33:34 From Miranda : it is wonderful to see the ferns in front of you both... such connected energy,
20:33:36 From Gill Dunkerley : wow thanks - yes edgy!
20:33:36 From Mark : yes shimmering
20:33:57 From Paulina : Any guidance on the amount of times we can journey to the Underworld Jason please>
20:34:00 From Annkat : yes THANKYOU XX
20:34:10 From Rachel : Thank you was a wonderful experience - told to trust my intuition and experiences.
20:34:10 From Mark : Ty both 🙂
20:34:21 From Sandy Holt : there was a wonderful group energy which feels amazing tonight...thank you everyone and Jason and Nicola…it feels unreal but real at the same time. I’m overwhelmed in a good way…
20:34:25 From Karon To All Panelists : Many of us saw shimmering feathers - interesting
20:34:25 From AnnyTurner : I felt, at the end, like I didn't want to come back, as I was part of everything there and all I'd experienced, but when I was back I knew that it will always be with me and in me
20:35:56 From Allison Evans : that's exactly what I felt was behind those doors
20:36:20 From Rachael Halliday : I picked some Sweet Peas earlier and was drawn to bring them into the room beside me, it feels like I will be able to connect with different senses than just visual - sensing sideways
20:36:51 From AnnyTurner : Wow Rachel, sensing sideways! We will always be like that now
20:36:55 From Gill Dunkerley : love sensing sideways Rachael
20:36:59 From Mark : any reason to go anit-clockwise ?
20:37:07 From Pete Kaufmann : what symbols did people se on the arch
20:37:15 From Mark : anti*
20:37:35 From Mark : ok ty
20:37:39 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : It was all a lot darker than I expected, felt myself pulling back a few times. During the pre-drumming before the main journey I felt energies coming in behind me. Part way into the main journey just after I saw the arrowhead at the beginning I broke from the journey as one of my cats came into the middle of the room and howled, had to break the journey but as soon as I did he made to leave the room, and was looking behind me as he backed away up the stairs..! Spooked me a bit as to what he had seen, but I went back in and picked up with the arrowhead asking to know more about it and was shown more of its shape and material. Was feeling their warrior energy a lot, and feel drawn to revisit a bronze age sacred site near here which went on to see a lot of medieval battle action later on. It's in a beautiful wild spot where nature spirits have always felt close
20:39:14 From Rachael Halliday : If I leave cream at my hearth I suspect my cats may reach it before the fae!!!
20:39:31 From Sandy Holt : the symbols for me were unidentifyable they were there but nothing I’d ever seen before so couldn't put a description to them…but they were there. Almost felt that I will recognise them next time I see them - maybe they will help identify what we need to do as a collective to help the earth…
20:39:36 From Karon : mt symbols where spiral and arrows then had vision of 2 letters I wore on a t shirt when I was young
20:39:38 From Mark : I always leave tobacco
20:39:44 From Allison Evans : can we connect living in a town and not out in the country?
20:40:08 From Allison Evans : do they dwell on towns? ha ha
20:40:15 From Allison Evans : *in
20:40:45 From Paulina : What gift would we leave for the tree spirits please?
20:41:22 From Rebecca : I saw what looked to be a merkaba etched into the stone
20:41:33 From Mark : I only saw my tree symbol but the was more but couldn't make them out
20:41:35 From Rachael Halliday : My symbols were an arrow and an ogham that I ‘knew’ was hawthorn, even though I don't actually know what hawthorn ogham is… or perhaps somewhere I do and I had forgotten
20:42:17 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : (should add both cats fine and very chilled now, whatever that was didn't stay long)
20:42:25 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : I leave mixed nuts in my wood by the tree I pause with most that I use as my axis mundi.
20:42:41 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : i found myself clearing up broken glass in a woodland today, a sort of reverse gift?
20:42:57 From AnnyTurner : Would it be feasible for the fae to still inhabit the land that was now built on - for the people in towns? Some buildings feel there is a lot more to them, such as what might hav been there before.
20:42:58 From Rod & Diane : Interesting that the staircase spirals the opposite way to a castle keep which gives those above, defending, a right handed advantage.
This gives those below the advantage.
Sorry I’ve described it rather badly.
20:43:11 From Mary : a lot of stuff going on in mine, right from the Nepalese drumming. although you said no guides, one of mine appeared immediately and shapeshifted me away from a battle type scene as a raven to protect me. told me to remember my totem and then a chariot took me to odin, who said he would wait for me while I journeyed. in our journey the raven fed me a jewel that shone from my stomach, which both attracted the fae but encouraged them to keep a respectful distance. lots to think on...
20:45:38 From deb : @mary -yes bear was determined to be with me on the path, almost blocking the way at one point.I had to ask him to leave
20:46:10 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : @Rod & Diane I thought that too about the staircase, I understand what you're describing
20:47:03 From jackie kersley : I started with great joy and ended with much sadness. During the journey I started to get extremely hot and panicky. I took some deep breaths and continued. I then recognised where I was.
I’ll explain. The village I grew up in was on fire this week. It is a very small ancient village in Essex called Wennington. I lived around the village green. Last week the village lost 20 houses and many outbuildings, stables etc. it is set on wild marshland and is the home to much wildlife. I spent many hours as a child sitting at the bottom of the garden gazing over the marshes. My dad would always ask if I had been chatting with the fairies. I’m feeling sad at the destruction of my childhood village. I’m guessing the extreme heat I was feeling during the journey was the distress of the fae at the destruction of the surroundings. Felt I needed to share. 😢
20:47:50 From Niccola : what if a dog was to walk over it ?
20:47:56 From Rachel H : can you put the book here please
20:48:33 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Jackie, love and longing; with you xxx
20:48:46 From Rachael Halliday : @Jackie sending love to you and those who know the village xx
20:48:52 From maureen : That’s very sad Jackie. X
20:48:54 From Niccola : ok thats good , thankyou xx
20:49:01 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : @jackie - feeling for your loss
20:49:05 From ROSSLYNNE : so sorry Jackie K I had to look that up the day it happened for some reason - so frighteningly fast
20:49:19 From Mark : Grt idea ill collect white stone from the beach and have in my power place ty
20:49:23 From Annkat : so sorry Jackie
20:49:27 From Lindsay Trevarthen : @Jackie - sending love and healing xx
20:49:34 From Gill Dunkerley : sorry to hear that Jackie.
20:49:34 From Nicola Smalley : an carow gwyn
20:49:49 From Nicola Smalley : robin artisson
20:50:03 From Sandy Holt : I have crystal circles around several of the trees in my garden… I put flowers in as offerings
20:50:26 From Beverley Thornton : I'm so sorry Jackie x
20:50:57 From Karon : So sad Jackie, I hear you and we smelt the smoke here that night. I’m near Basildon and Billericay 🙏🏻💓
20:52:22 From Rachel H : oh Jackie, so sad to hear.
20:52:30 From Jan To All Panelists : May your God Bless your Village
20:52:33 From Miranda : The Hadron collider. Dark timess
20:52:35 From Sandy Holt : Oh Jackie - sending you love
20:53:06 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Jackie my heart goes out to you, and to all villagers and beings from there. Just awful. Much love x
20:53:09 From Annkat : Really enjoyed this evening.
20:53:16 From Rachel H : a new thing for me, was enlightening once again, Many thanks J & N
20:53:26 From jackie kersley : Thank you everyone for your caring and the words from Jason. Feel so sad right now. X
20:53:30 From Rachel H : oh blue!
20:53:32 From Gill Dunkerley : It's been amazing. Thank you for giving of yourself at this difficult time. It was very powerful. Thanks Blue
20:53:39 From Mark : Was wonderful Ty both and and blue lol big hus all
20:53:40 From Miranda : Oh wow Blue
20:53:41 From Beverley Thornton : Perfect ending Blue! X
20:53:44 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : I love you Blue!
20:53:45 From Annkat : thankyou and night to you both and blue x
20:53:49 From Mark : hugs*
20:53:52 From Paulina : Brilliant - as ever - thank you one and all. Jason and Nicola for sharing the evening with us - blessings one and all xx Thank you xx
20:53:54 From Pete Kaufmann : thank you , I need to get back on my path , its been too long .
20:53:56 From deb : We had a shimmering of blue
20:53:59 From Gill Dunkerley : great ears
20:54:02 From alysonpowell : Great close up üòÜxx
20:54:07 From Ian and Zoe : üòÇ
20:54:09 From jan : Lovely ears.
20:54:11 From Rachael Halliday : stealing the show!! thank you Blue ears are beautiful!!!
20:54:15 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : Blue is just trying to appreciate our view. lol
20:54:22 From Jan To All Panelists : A Wonderful ever all together
20:54:24 From Miranda : has to be very healing!
20:54:24 From Ian and Zoe : He's a beauty!
20:54:29 From Allison Evans : thank you for a wonderful night üí´üôèüíú
20:54:30 From Ali Dav : Blue - so funny and lovely! His eyes!
20:54:32 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Aaaaahw love you Blue..!!😻😹
20:54:34 From jackie kersley : Blue,you brought a smile to me through the tears.
20:54:34 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Black ear tips like a hare…
20:54:36 From jan : Aww lovely eyes blue.
20:54:38 From Paulina : 🤣
20:54:49 From Miranda : Thank you
20:54:49 From Ian and Zoe : Thank you
20:54:54 From alysonpowell : Thank you xx
20:54:54 From Ursidia : Thank you so much. Keep well , everyone. I am off to think about the evening very soon.
20:54:58 From jan : Thank you both.
20:55:01 From sheila powell : I think Blue feels ignored!! Thank you both for a brilliant evening (or morning for me), lol Sheila
20:55:04 From Karon : how many were we .
20:55:06 From Rachel H : always so heart opening to be part of this circle
20:55:08 From Ali Dav : Wonder-full to be here. Thank you so much! üíö
20:55:08 From Heather : Thankyou xxx
20:55:08 From Sandy Holt : wonderful close to the evening thank you Blue... and everyone…. thank you thank you xx
20:55:09 From lin brain : oh Blue we love you....and thankyou. My 1st journey in a long time and my pooches have also loved the drumming. Great energy xx
20:55:11 From Eileen : Fabulous.So Brave and True, Blessings to YOU
20:55:13 From Mark : yes grt circle
20:55:16 From Karon : Thank you 🙏🏻🥰
20:55:17 From Beverley Thornton : Wonderful Circle tonight x Thank you Jason Nicola and all x
20:55:17 From Ian and Zoe : üíú
20:55:17 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : thank you all
20:55:19 From Rob Pearson : thank you everyone over to all
20:55:22 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Thank you everyone for deep journey, and thank you Jason and Nicola for holding the circle especially tonight üíõ
20:55:28 From Norma To All Panelists : Thank you üôè
20:55:32 From Dan : Thank you both, take care 🐱
20:55:32 From Mandy : Thankyou lovely evening
20:55:34 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : Love and lightness all xxx
20:55:34 From fae : Thank you everyone, take care. Special thanks to Jason, Nicola and the beautiful Blue xx
20:55:36 From Ali Broughton : thank you!
20:55:37 From Rachael Halliday : Thank you. It felt very special to connect with you all, Jason and Nicola particularly xxx
20:55:37 From Niccola : Thankyou to you both and love to All the family xx
20:55:37 From Katy To All Panelists : Many thanks üòä beautiful souls
20:55:37 From Ann Hart : Thank you. I have surgery tomorrow so the journey and time with everyone came at a good time. Blessings of peace to all
20:55:44 From deb : Thank you both and love and light to all those who need it tonight x
20:55:45 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : "should" ? 😉
20:55:49 From HUAtraceybevanWEI EI Y7 2019 : Ahh thankyou for all this love tonite, blessings too All & blue thanku for tyour beautiful presence you made me laugh xx
20:55:52 From Sam Ben : Thank you so much everyone ‚ù§ x
20:55:57 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you - a very special evening üôè üíöüíú
20:56:01 From Beverley Thornton : All the besy for your surgery Anne x
20:56:03 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks to everyone too. It was nice to be in circle with you all.
20:56:04 From Jayne : Thank you everyone ❤️
20:56:04 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Thank you! I’m hoping my dreams reveal more as I slept so soundly …
20:56:06 From Pete Kaufmann : you two are amazing at holding space for so many people Thank you
20:56:09 From Sandy Beamson : thank you everyone.....blessings and love to you all üíö
20:56:10 From Katy : Thank you üôè
20:56:18 From Karon : be well all xxx
20:56:37 From Jan To All Panelists : Thank you Jason and Nicola
20:56:43 From AnnyTurner : I have so much to think about... THANK YOU. Jason and Nicola- I don't have the words. 🙏🏼🥰 Much Love to All x
20:56:55 From Emma Taylor : Thank you all for a wonderful evening üôèx
20:59:29 From Mark : Ty our circle big hugs hail and farewell
20:59:33 From Rebecca : Thank you to all.. farewell üíö x
20:59:46 From kathycar : Thank you both, a very memorable & energetic evening, my thoughts & love with you Jason. See you both soon, take care xx
20:59:54 From Annie : I really enjoyed tonight. It felt very powerful. A subject for thought and further investigation. I know more about Fae than before. Love it!
21:00:03 From Lesley : Hail and farewell. Sending love and healing to all x
21:00:14 From Jan To All Panelists : Hail and Farewell
21:00:25 From Gill Dunkerley : have an amazing time all in Snowden. How wonderful
21:00:29 From Annie : Thank you both. Sending love x
21:00:33 From Rob - Kalmar cat is off somewhere : Hope you don't need to take winter sleeping bags. have fun
21:00:42 From Mark : üëè
21:00:42 From Sue Stone : Thanks
21:00:43 From Sandy Holt : Farewell…. so would have loved Snowdon have a wonderful time xx
21:00:45 From helensugrue : Thank you everyone
21:00:46 From Lynn To All Panelists : Thank you üíú