Here's the recording of our May coaching call. Below is the transcription of the chat.

Note - timings aren't quite accurate yet - we will update by the end of today! We will also add in the links to references Mystery School resources by the end of today.

01.08 I recently did the replay of working with the ancestors. A question came to mind during this journey which distracted me, about direct ancestors and how this fits in with past lives?  There are all the ancestors from these too.  If the trauma and lessons are from my past would this relate to my direct ancestors too?(and in that family line?) And how imagining my past ancestors, if they too have had past lives and have current lives etc.....where does the shamanic tradition sit in with reincarnation of the soul? Karen.

 The more I think about it the more complex it becomes and the more confusing it is to do the work necessary to resolve and heal. 


Book - An Carow Gwynn by Robin Artisson 

Journey Circle - Working with our Ancestors. Click here to access.

11.53 I would love to know how I find out who my spirit guides/animals are. I haven't met any or had any strong suggestions yet on any of my journey attempts. Sarah.


Journey circle – Aug 2021 the crucible of solutions. Click here to access. 

Working with Animal Spirit Medicine course. Click here to access.

Shamanic Journeying Foundation course. Click here to access.


19.50 When people die, what are the Shamanic beliefs about what happens next? Victoria.


Book - Proof of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander

Book – Journey of Souls by Dr Mike Newton

Book - Destiny of Souls by Dr Mike Newton

Book  - Wisdom of Souls by Dr Mike Newton

Book- Tapping into Ancestral Healing by Jacqui Crooks 

You can find a Life-Between-Lives (LBL) practitioner through the Michael Newton Institute via this website.

34:44 Could you suggest any particular animals for me to journey to. for help healing the part of me which is struggling with rejection? And I am also interested in animals which might be good at helping me to be there for my dying friend when she needs help; but also to get on with my own life; and my path. Dragon is helping me with my boundaries but I think I would benefit from an animal which is good at self-care. Might Fox help me? Or can you suggest other Journeys? Miranda.


Journey Circle: The Crucible of Solutions - August 2021. Click here to access. 

Journey Circle: Self Worth – April 2021. Click here to access. 

Journey Circle: Power Retrieval August 2019. Click here to access. 

Working with Tree Spirit Medicine lesson on Apple. Click here to access. 

Working with Tree Spirit Medicine lesson on Oak. Click here to access. 

Animal Spirit Guide Library – Woodpecker (cushioning). Click here to access.

Animal Spirit Guide Library – Beetle (armour). Click here to access.

Animal Spirit Guide Library – Fox (resourcefulness). Click here to access.

Animal Spirit Guide Library – Bat (self-mastery). Click here to access. 

 The Grief Recovery Handbook - John W. James and Russell Friedman


46:34 I would like to use the skull of a shrew I found for a ceremonial knife or staff, how would I prepare it and honour it to invoke its power. Iain. 

52.48 How do I create a talisman and how do I know if something in nature is coming to me for this purpose. I am interested in the different types and how to create them and work with them. Iain.

1.00.56 I just joined yesterday and am absolutely loving the content! My is: Light pollution. Why are streetlamps and car headlights getting SO bright? I can't see at all when some of the street lights in my town are on, makes me feel like I need sun glasses at night! Surely its not healthy for any of us to lose the lovely orange glow of the old lamposts? Plus is makes it impossible to see any stars when I’m walking the dog at night, no matter how clear the sky is.

I know you don’t know WHY these new lights are being chosen....I just wanted to complain about it to someone who would get it 🙂. Jamie.

1.03:55 I enjoyed the singing at Space to Emerge so very much, so have been thinking about the power and energy of songs and chants and sound. I am aware of the Icaro, the 'magic songs' that Peruvian shamans sing when working with plant medicine. The phrase 'singing the soul back home' sticks in my mind too, and sometimes it seems like the drum sings. This got me thinking about singing in ceremony before journeying, or even singing during journeying to help with specific things. I guess my question is about whether there are any guidelines, insights or traditions around using songs in core shamanism. I can't find much info on this. I wondered too if anyone has plants, animals, tree or stone people sing to them in journeys? Charlotte.


Book: Singing the Soul Back Home - Caitlin Matthews


1.11.19 Is there anything that can enhance the vividness of the journey? Like using cacao beforehand? Tracey.


Working with Tree Spirit Medicine course: Rowan lesson. Click here to access.

Working with Tree Spirit Medicine course: Aspen lesson. Click here to access.

1.17.45 Can you journey to the soul/spirit of an animal who has passed? My darling mare had to be put to sleep last week and although I keep talking to her, I wonder if I can  journey to actually meet her? Angela.


1.19.22 Would you be able to do a mini-course on talismans? I'm thinking with researching these. Would it be a case of reading online and going with what feels right? Iain.

Transcript of the chat

19:00:53 From Chetana Greenwood : Good evening from Southampton
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19:00:56 From Linda Monteith : Hello from me in Edinburgh xxx
19:00:57 From Gaynor : evening all from kent
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19:01:03 From caroline : Hello from Somerset
19:01:03 From Charlotte Knaggs : Hi Jason and Nicola, and Blue, and everyone! Charlotte from Wakefield x
19:01:04 From Rachel Hawkes : Good evening from kent!
19:01:08 From Gemma Bevan : Good evening from Norfolk x
19:01:08 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Rod and Diane 😊
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19:01:09 From ROSSLYNNE : not seen Blue in close up before
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19:01:10 From Mark : Waves from Cornwall
19:01:10 From Ann : Hi, Ann from Glasgow
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19:01:17 From Alison Gaffney : Greetings from South London 🥰🙏
19:01:18 From Victoria To All Panelists : Good evening from Preston 😀
19:01:19 From sarah : hello from Cumbria
19:01:22 From Ali Broughton : Good evening, Ali from Norfolk
19:01:22 From Linda Holt : Hi everyone from Linda in Littleborough, Lancashire. Beautiful evening. x
19:01:24 From Mark : dont here sound
19:01:25 From Mandy Payne : Hi from Mandy in Twickenham
19:01:27 From Sarah Fillingham : Hello! Sarah from York loan wolf 2022!
19:01:27 From Di : Hi from Mid Wales 💕
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19:01:37 From Chris : Hi from Chris - Washington uk
19:01:52 From Jude : Greetings Tribe Jude from Eskdalemuir xXx
19:02:00 From gratitudeandgrace To All Panelists : greetings all
19:02:17 From sheila powell : Hello everyone from sunny California. Sheila
19:02:22 From Mark : still have the Beltane glow nice :))
19:02:30 From Pauline ORMEROD : hi from Pauline Clayton le woods
19:02:34 From lyle : Hi from Peebles! 🧡
19:02:41 From Gill Dunkerley To All Panelists : hello all, hope you all feeling rested and recharge from your space to emerge festival
19:02:54 From sarah : Hello fellow lone wolves
19:02:57 From Sam Ben : Hello from sunny Nottinghamshire
19:03:06 From Linda Monteith : Going to take the dog for a walk while listening to the zoom on my phone. It’s beautiful here in Edinburgh tonight 💜
19:03:10 From Tracey : Hello to everyone from north wales 🙂
19:03:28 From Steph : Hi from Steph in Cornwall
19:03:43 From Rosie Moon : Hello from Cornwall
19:03:48 From Susie Fox : Hi Everyone! Susie from Bridlington
19:04:01 From angelabirchall To All Panelists : Hello from Southport.
19:04:37 From Miranda : hello
19:04:40 From Susie Fox : We found out that you do actually have legs!!!!
19:04:49 From Gill Dunkerley : yep - realised I'd done this!
19:05:29 From angelabirchall : My two dogs say hello to Blue
19:05:32 From Miranda : rain needed
19:06:01 From Tina Burchill : Hello
19:06:14 From Steve W : Hello Tina
19:06:20 From Tina Burchill : Hi Steve
19:06:20 From Mark : Hi Tina
19:06:31 From Jude : TIIIIIINAAAA! xXx
19:06:42 From Tina Burchill : Hi Mark
19:06:45 From Iain Bell : Hello Everyone Tribe/Clan Iain here from Norfolk just made the Gathering Hello Tina
19:06:46 From Tina Burchill : Hello Jude
19:07:01 From Tina Burchill : Hi Iain
19:08:43 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Could a journey to power animal asking for assistance help? A different ancestor?
19:11:29 From Rod & Diane : This is something I’ve been questioning too. I’ve recently discovered my mum is now one of the fae and a’s a very early stage of our meetings only the second but I asked her can I still meet Mum as I remember her and she said yes but on a different plane. I don’t know if this is of any help?
19:12:03 From Susie Fox : I asked a related question at Space to Emerge and you answered really well. There is a part of us that is reincarnated, but another part of us - a Spirit Part of us stays in the “Other World” where we in Our Time can communicate with that part. Ancient Egyptian understanding gives concepts of a physical body and a separate Spirit Body.
19:13:12 From andy j To All Panelists : Sorry, a bit late but managed to get here 😊 Jo x
19:13:28 From Susie Fox : It was Nicola
19:15:22 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : HAve read about 3 parts of spirit/soul: Soul is of the lower world, Spirit of the upper world and soul of this middle world (which is our ergo).
19:17:00 From Mary : in Chinese medicine / tai chi they consider the mind has three parts, heart mind, conscious mind and I think the third is chi energy type mind - can't remember exactly!
19:18:52 From Mary : those Chinese mind parts are upper / head and middle/heart chest and lower - abdominal
19:19:13 From sarah : ive just done a couple of the journey sounds like I need to just do more..
19:21:13 From andy j To All Panelists : Yes, and when your animal guides want your attention, they will make it very clear so you won’t be able to ignore them
19:21:48 From sarah : thank you, I have no difficulty getting messages from trees, but not animals or ancestors yet.
19:21:58 From andy j To All Panelists : It’s Jo
19:23:14 From Mark : I would recommend leaving the mobile behind to
19:24:32 From Alison Gaffney : Love that Nicola - thank you
19:24:37 From Mark : EMF,s
19:25:14 From Victoria : I'm here 🙂
19:28:18 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Back to the book I read to Kalmar 😉 :The physical body returns to the earth - ash to ash, dust to dust and all that.The Spirit returns to the endless timeless upper world.The Soul returns to the endless timeless lower world.The soul of the middle world - the ego (not ergo) well that's the bit that doesn't want to depart and causes problems … some stick around rather than moving on.
19:30:12 From Sabrina (Brie) : Oh wow , Nicola!! So you are not afraid of death then after such a vivid experience of love ?
19:30:22 From Victoria : Read that one
19:30:27 From caroline : If its like what I experienced the feeling was like being totally free.
19:31:07 From Linda Monteith : I read that - it was amazing!
19:31:35 From Ali Broughton : I passed my Nan over, but when I did so she was as light as a feather and I went up some steps where an Angel was waiting on both sides. They took her from me and the sound was like nothing on earth as they sang. I have never forgotten that
19:32:04 From Victoria : Great, thank you. Fascinating!
19:32:11 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : some lovely stuff here …. thank you.
19:32:12 From Chetana Greenwood : It sounds like the Journey of Souls by Dr Mike Newton#
19:32:15 From Alison Gaffney : Anita Moorjani - had a near death experience and her work is widely recognised now.
19:32:36 From andy j To All Panelists : Like journeying with your ancestors and other selves and wanting to stay with them for me. Such love and welcome there. Jo x
19:32:43 From Mark : Yes that true ive been following Dan Winter on Utub which speaks to the Physics coniscousness
19:34:00 From Sabrina (Brie) : Thank you 😊 ❤️
19:34:49 From Ali Broughton : Yes, it was very emotional, I am feeling that too, thank you Nicola x
19:34:57 From Miranda : going to my bookshelf
19:35:04 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Mercury retrograde adding to your emotions Nichola?
19:35:36 From Iain Bell : Sorry the Conversation is so deep here but when you say about you crossing over your Nan Ail sorry to ask and hope don't mind me asking but do mean your with Nan when your Nan Crossed over and this the ritual???
19:36:08 From Miranda : focussing on now...will share. Yes Journey of souls
19:36:56 From Mark : I sank thanks to sage once in Cerimony once and made me Have that experiance
19:37:10 From Richard Fedorko : Being Mortal by Atul Gawande helped me to review my views on death and considers how different cultures approach this topic
19:38:07 From Ali Broughton : Hi Iain, it was in dreamtime, my Mum was struggling with her, she had been carrying her. I appeared and took my Nan into my arms and she was as light as a feather (coincidently my Nan had been visiting me every week on a Thursday when my hubby went out that night, which spooked me at the time a bit). I took Nan off my Mum she had passed over but I can't remember how long after that was. Yes, a definite pass over for her
19:38:12 From andy j To All Panelists : I bought Jacqui Crooks book on Tapping into Ancestral Healing after Space to Emerge, really helpful with past life journeys too. Jo
19:38:40 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : A quick look on Amazon and the three books by Michael Newton are Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Wisdom of Souls.
19:39:02 From Ali Broughton : welcome x
19:39:54 From Ali Broughton : These sessions are costing a fortune in books ha ha
19:40:28 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : lol Ali. 🙂
19:42:38 From Miranda : I did a journey to Fox just before this
19:42:47 From Chris : I watched a documentary many years ago about people who had had heart transplants. One person suddenly found that he could paint and draw and the heart had come from an artist. Many other similar stories. It was fascinating
19:43:44 From Miranda : that is great to hear this message about being open to what animal might help.
19:43:53 From Alison Gaffney : Anita Moorjani’s story is ‘Dying to be Me’ - with a foreword by Dr Dwayne Dyer
19:44:09 From Miranda : I will do the Crucible of Solutions. She
19:44:35 From Susie Fox : Is there a story of rejection running down your family ancestral line? It could be that rejection happened generations ago, and you have inherited this. Of course this might not be the case. But if it “runs in the family” then look back in the ancestral line. Can you find a root. Journey to it. Journey to the person. Even if you only know it as a male or female. This worked for me. I used tarot/oracle and reiki when I worked on this issue but MY rejection problem lay about 6 generations ago and had been passed down the generations.
19:44:47 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Chris, the book by Amanda Blake entitled "Your body is your brain" on somatic intelligence talks about instances just like the one you mention.
19:44:56 From Miranda : Power Retrieval sounds excellent.
19:45:28 From Chris : Thanks Rob will check it out
19:45:33 From Miranda : Wow apple and oak sound great
19:47:00 From Ali Broughton : All of those sound interesting, thank you for that information 😊
19:47:02 From Victoria : Going to join a bat walk this Friday in the local nature reserve. Feel really drawn to it. Interesting to hear about bat then.
19:47:12 From Rachel To All Panelists : The Grief Recovery Method Handbook by John James and Russell Friedman is a helpful toolkit for dealing with rejection and loss.
19:47:20 From Miranda : Very useful. Bat for self mastery. I will do the Cruscible of Solutions Journey. Thank you both!
19:47:40 From Ali Broughton : 😁
19:48:18 From Miranda : It left me laughing aloud. I was very energised by Fox.
19:49:33 From Mark : Yes the Heart has its own consciousness
19:50:35 From Miranda : Not overwhelmed just grateful
19:51:20 From Miranda : thank you Rachel
19:51:22 From Charlotte Knaggs : Hawthorn I find very heart healing and could be good for grief.
19:51:26 From andy j To All Panelists : Yes, I like what you said Susie. also looking forward to reading your book now. Jo 😊
19:51:43 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Hawthorns in bloom at present.
19:51:57 From Eileen Balfour : My Healing Hawthorn.
19:52:29 From andy j To All Panelists : Hawthorns are amazing healers.
19:52:54 From Eileen Balfour : Inspiration from The Birth of Ossian raised by the Deer.
19:53:41 From Gemma Bevan : I'm sorry I'm being called away. Will catch up on the replay. Loving this discussion!
19:53:51 From Miranda : thank you Charlotte I am drinking my own Hawthorn and Cherry Blossom tea...gathered last week.
19:55:22 From Mark : Salt ?
19:56:01 From Mary : strangely (or not?!) I did encounter a deceased shrew yesterday at work. I wonder what message that has for me... also it was so tiny, I think it was be very delicate to work with.
19:56:09 From Charlotte Knaggs : That sounds beautiful combination @Miranda. Lovely Hawthorn has helped me through some sad times 💗
19:57:18 From Miranda : Fox energy is making me laugh about members of the school saving dead shrews.
19:57:28 From Ali Broughton : If you cannot find a shrew skull could you have the image burnt on or painted on the staff?
19:57:34 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : lol Miranda
19:57:44 From Miranda : apologies
19:57:51 From Susie Fox : Oh my dears! My partner is going to go mad if he starts finding cages with animal and bird heads disintegrating inside buried in the garden. We do lead alternative lives where this type of thing is totally natural!!! LOL!
19:58:02 From Mary : thank you, I remember the shrew journey, it was great! Will look again
19:58:58 From andy j To All Panelists : I have a freezer full of wings 😂 Andy was a little freaked out at first 🤣
19:59:00 From Charlotte Knaggs : Lol, yes I think my husband would be most disturbed too!
19:59:11 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : My mate was totally bemused with me when I pocketed a squirrel tail as we walked to the most recent Bond movie.
19:59:41 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Now when we find a dead bird at the lake he asks if I want one of his dog poo bags
20:05:45 From andy j To All Panelists : The claw was amazing Jason
20:06:17 From Mark : silky seal 🙂
20:08:18 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Yes, im lucky just moved to the middle of the country. No street lights. Stars are great
20:08:24 From Susie Fox : Street lights - completely agree. Very rare, but amazing when there is no lighting and can see the milky way. So calming. No idea why humans have to have light at all time (though we cite burglars, muggings etc). And the electricity bill….
20:08:47 From Miranda : Light pollution is so destructive.
20:09:00 From Tina Burchill To All Panelists : It's called DArk Skies I think
20:10:29 From Mark : singing brings you out of your mind an into your heart why Native American use it
20:10:47 From Rod & Diane : Is throat singing used in shamanic practice?
20:10:49 From Sabrina (Brie) : I’ve read it. It’s a great book.
20:11:05 From Charlotte Knaggs : Yes I think I have heard of the book, but not read it! I wonder if it does cover song? Hmmm.
20:11:08 From andy j To All Panelists : I like that book.
20:11:18 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : humming is good for vibrational energy for the body. Chakras etc. Singing would make sense with that.
20:12:05 From Mark : Sound and light are vibrations
20:12:51 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Wonderful tribal bonding from singing … experienced personally at Twickenham chanting Swing Low Sweet Chariot at an England win over Australia. 😉
20:13:07 From Susie Fox : Our vocal chords make vibrations. Words carry meaning. Repetition until the vibrations carry the meaning through all the cells of your body.
20:13:42 From andy j To All Panelists : There’s something very important about speaking and singing your intentions, greetings, responses out loud. They need to be voiced. Jo
20:13:53 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Yes sound gets used a lot for chakra and energy work so I think it blends beautifully with our shamanic work
20:14:12 From Susie Fox : Sing to your Spirit Guides. They might sing back or sing in harmony. And think about the mantra chants of the Hindu tradition. The chant vibrations and meaning permeate your being. Repetition.
20:14:15 From Iain Bell : Hello Jasson Thank you Jasson My friend for your answer I will carry on working with Sherw as a spirt Animal Guide and also was really interesting to here about the process and Tequiques of Hourabble and respect preparing the Animals body and as is normal with me I did not think that the Sherw Being do small that thier skills would small and Fringale also Jasson With Regards to the Talsimans thank for saying that Jasson so I do not put to much on a Taslsman and I'm now interested in Doing this would be abble to do a Mimi Course on this as I Know trust your Mini Courses and I'm thinking with Resarching Jasson would be a case of reading online and going what feels right???
20:14:54 From Charlotte Knaggs : I love that - Power song! I am a huge fan of Carolyn Hillier’s music, and I always feel she is connecting with some very earthy energies with her songs. I think I will ask my guides if they would like me to sing to them 😊
20:15:27 From andy j To All Panelists : I remember that. It was really powerful and started me on a path with runes Jason,p.
20:16:37 From andy j To All Panelists : And funnily enough, the runes came as songs to me.
20:17:07 From Tracey : thank you 🙂 xxxx
20:17:22 From Ali Broughton : Yes, I have used Mugwort too, very good for dreaming leaving some under your pillow
20:17:26 From Mark : Magic sroom will do it :))
20:17:40 From Mark : joke
20:17:40 From Eileen Balfour : I love Polyphonic Overtone Work
20:17:47 From Tracey : ha ha
20:18:17 From Miranda : Mugwort is just coming up now. Fresh leaves can be made into a herb pudding now and is not too strong. But of course individual peo;
20:18:24 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : Any crystals? Prehnite?
20:18:29 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : The cacao is awesome
20:18:34 From Miranda : people are more susceptible.
20:18:57 From andy j To All Panelists : Mugwort is wonderful. Tea is great for meeting with its spirit.
20:20:21 From Iain Bell : Caacoa is stunning I love Coaacoa drink at concert in London 2019 Brought some and tried and wish used all its so powerful and have once used in a online Cermony Concert in 2020 online in Lockdown and the results where do strong it wipe me out!!!!!
20:20:37 From Tracey : thank you really interesting 🙂 will try that!
20:21:02 From Tina Burchill : Yes indeed
20:21:35 From Mark : yes thatll do it or burry your self to 🙂
20:21:50 From Susie Fox : Just be careful of the toxic side of some herbs - that which gives that “extra other” dimension might be toxicity that harms the body. It is the body’s reaction. Keep safe and clean.
20:22:00 From Mark : is a shamanic practice tho
20:22:26 From Miranda : yes. My brother was very badly affected by Mugwort tea.
20:22:43 From Miranda : i can drink it.
20:23:37 From andy j To All Panelists : Yes, and I always ask the plant first for a sign if it’s ok for me.
20:23:48 From angelabirchall : Thank you 😊
20:24:13 From Iain Bell : yes I wouldn't feel I could trust myself to do any of this with regards Herbs I would need to. seek out a trained Herbelist.
20:26:41 From Sabrina (Brie) : Thanks so much for this evening xx
20:26:50 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Thanks for great questions! Another book list!
20:26:53 From Gill Dunkerley : well it's been a mindblowing session. Sorry not to say much but I have been listening intently. thank you
20:26:58 From Mark : waves Thank you guys Big Hugs
20:27:02 From Ali Broughton : This has been great, thank you both and everyone for the questions and extras
20:27:03 From Miranda : Goodnight. Thank you all x
20:27:03 From Mandy : Thankyou x
20:27:06 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Thanks for all your advice and tips
20:27:06 From Sarah Fillingham : Thank you - really interesting tonight!
20:27:08 From Linda Monteith : Fantastic! Thanks everyone. Many blessings 🥰
20:27:09 From Tracey : Thank you so much to you both and to all in the school! what a lovely community of souls! xxx
20:27:10 From alysonpowell : Thank you. Such a good evening.
20:27:11 From sheila powell : So interesting, lots of reading I think, thank you both so much! Sheila
20:27:14 From Victoria : Thank you x
20:27:24 From Ali Broughton : Thank you x
20:27:24 From Rachel To All Panelists : Thank you 🧡
20:27:26 From Chetana Greenwood : Goodnight and Blessed be xx
20:27:30 From Lynn : Thank you x
20:27:31 From Pauline ORMEROD : thankyou for your discussions and for the questions too
20:27:31 From Rachel Hawkes To All Panelists : Good night all
20:27:34 From Tina Burchill : No problem
20:27:36 From Susie Fox : Lovely session and thank you. Good to touch base. x
20:27:38 From gratitudeandgrace To All Panelists : ciao
20:27:39 From Charlotte Knaggs : Bye, and thank you so much for this, very interesting
20:27:39 From Alison Gaffney : Thank you so much and such interesting questions - food for further thought🥰
20:27:40 From Tina Burchill : Bye
20:27:41 From Rob + Kalmar the cat : THank you all. Hail and farewell
20:27:43 From andy j To All Panelists : Thank you xx
20:27:43 From Iain Bell : Yes Jasson I will read the reviews on this subject and will look into this when I have time to do this I also live idea off a picture of a Shrew and also about a piture of a Shree
20:27:45 From Rod & Diane : Thank you so much, as always the synchronicities of tonight’s questions were spot on