During this journey circle we explored the interconnectedness of all things and take a look at the latest, exciting research that focuses attention on deep nature connection. We’re fascinated when we see mainstream science begin to finally ‘get’ principles that our ancestors knew long ago and wisdoms that we can glean from journeying.

Join us as we go deep into the mind blowing world of mycelium, examine how it affects each and every one of us on a daily basis and journey with us to glean more guidance from nature and our spirit guides about the vital importance of a new way of being in the world.

The book Jason refers to through the evening is:

  • The Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake 

Several resources were recommended by Mystery School members during this Circle. They are:

  • Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets 
  • The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
  • Tree Wisdom: A Year of Healing Among the Trees by Vincent Karche
  •  BBC iPlayer: The Blob: A Genius without a Brain. This is about a one-billion-year-old, single-cell organism that might challenge our concept of intelligent life
  • Fantastic Fungi Netflix documentary

Transcript of the chat

18:58:26 From Rob : Hello.
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19:00:01 From Diane Fairhurst : Hi from Cumbria Rod and Diane
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Definitely need to be “in the cave” tonight!😀
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19:01:28 From Sarah : Hello from a wild York!
19:01:30 From Janet To All Panelists : Hi from rainy Norfolk!
19:01:32 From Kathy McVittie : Richard sending love and healing care
19:01:37 From fae : Dogs have owners Jason but Cats have Staff 😄
19:01:44 From Miranda : Minerva and Joking are here too
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19:02:27 From Mary Bleasdale : hello from george in totnes 🙂
19:02:35 From Deborah Wale : I had a very dainty, small, female half Burmese cat. We thought she had been glanced by a car as she hurt all over. The vet said... Is she a fighter? Cats use their bodyweight as a weapon! Yes, a very strident fighter.
19:02:40 From kate : Hello from Derbyshire
19:02:40 From michael wheeler : Hello everyone from St Albans
19:02:41 From Lynne : hello everyone, love from a rather windy Glasgow.
19:02:45 From Alison Gaffney : Glad to be with you all - from South London
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19:03:12 From Karen : Hello Blue, from Banshee 😻😻
19:03:15 From heather thomas : Hi everyone. I've just finished isolating but luckily my test was negative. Heather
19:03:28 From Lorna : Hello From Stroud
19:03:31 From Nayra To All Panelists : Good evening everybody from Tenerife!
19:03:32 From Mandy Payne : Hello from Mandy and Freya the cat, in Twickenham
19:03:34 From Linda Lipinski : Hello from north london
19:03:42 From sheila powell : Wish it would rain here in California, we haven't seen rain since last January - Sheila
19:03:48 From Patsy Watten : Hello, from Upton on Severn, Worcs. 🙂
19:03:55 From Michele Bentley : Hello from windy Somerset!
19:04:16 From heather thomas : Heather from Hanbury in worcestershire
19:04:47 From Eileen : The World Wide Wood
19:05:08 From maureen : Hi all from Maureen in Partington Manchester
19:05:17 From michelle kidd : Mycellium network
19:05:36 From Gemma Bevan : Hi all, I'm Gemma from Norfolk x
19:05:38 From Paulina : worldwide cobweb - working with spider
19:05:41 From Eileen : Underland
19:05:59 From Rob : looking forward to being bored 🙂
19:06:01 From Sadie Simmonds : Good evening from a frosty Newport 😊. Looking forward to tonight’s meeting. X
19:06:13 From angelabirchall To All Panelists : Hi. It’s Angela from Southport. Because the hour has gone back now, I finish doing the horses earlier so it means that I can actually join you at the start for a change. Really excited. 😃
19:06:29 From Sue : mycelium running book & fantastic fungi documentary on netflix
19:07:51 From maureen : Looking forward to this tonight, my friend has recently become very into mushrooms and has given me a tincture to take with different mushrooms in for their health properties
19:09:55 From Xenia Meinert : Aww hello Blue! <3
19:14:41 From Susan Wild : Good evening
19:14:49 From Melanie To All Panelists : Thank you! So good to be here with you!
19:14:52 From Steve W : Go for, it!!!
19:15:22 From Deb Singleton To All Panelists : Hail and welcome from south lakeland😊
19:16:49 From Sandy Holt : evening…:-) xx
19:17:01 From Rob : loving it Jason
19:18:23 From Sam : Hello everyone! This is fascinating Jason, thank you! 😊
19:18:57 From Katie Joanne : I love that you are sharing with us your new-found knowledge and feelings about fungi... On our journey this feels really pertinent. I personally don't know much at all so I'm all ears, finding this fascinating so far. xxxPS: There's a lot of consciousness rising about what the mycelium spirits are stepping up to share with us, in light of the fact of our own medical and self-healing awakening to the fact we are indeed bacterial and viral systems and how delicate that balance is. xx
19:19:16 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, absolutely fascinating. I have read that the Bacteria in our gut weigh About some Kilos in total.
19:19:26 From Melanie To All Panelists : I love thinking of myself as an ecosystem! Wonderful stuff, Jason!
19:21:13 From Avril Banks : Fungi in particular are responsible for enzyme provision, we are a chemistry set
19:21:33 From Katie Joanne : 🍄💗 xx
19:23:30 From Rob : Fungi is between plant and animal, being both and neither ?
19:23:33 From Xenia Meinert : Fungi make the world go round. *sing*
19:25:45 From Xenia Meinert : Is it the fungus that decides where the nutrients are delivered, or is it the tree that decides where it should be delivered?
19:26:25 From Xenia Meinert : Interesting!
19:27:13 From Xenia Meinert : Wow!
19:27:17 From Melanie To All Panelists : Largest living organism on earth is a web of mycelliim, in Oregon, I believe.
19:27:33 From Rob : are fungi and jelly fish related evolutionary?
19:28:50 From Katie Joanne : I have read this recently! Scary but fascinating! xx
19:29:55 From Xenia Meinert : So is there actually free will (of humans) or is everything actually directed by fungi? Might be an interesting Research Topic...
19:30:03 From Deb Singleton : Recommend the book-The hidden life of trees by peter wohlleben. He discusses this too . Fascinating
19:30:39 From Xenia Meinert : I must get Peter Wohlleben's book. 🙂
19:30:50 From Rob : recently finished that book Deb. Its great.
19:30:57 From paulacaffrey : Sounds like something out of an alien horror film 😵
19:31:07 From Xenia Meinert : yes, really scary.
19:31:23 From Rob : Deb - I have two more of his books to read soon
19:31:40 From Lynne : I feel a bit sorry for the ants 😥
19:31:55 From paulacaffrey : Me too
19:32:03 From Xenia Meinert : Me too.
19:32:35 From Paulina : That makes so much sense Jason
19:33:45 From Linda Lipinski : I am reading Tree Wisdom by Vincent Karche
19:34:05 From Deb Singleton : It makes you realise how out of synch we humans are compared to nature and fellow creatures !
19:34:44 From Melanie To All Panelists : Psyllocybyn
19:35:57 From michelle kidd : Fascinating ✨
19:36:13 From Melanie To All Panelists : That’s quite trippy!
19:36:20 From Rob : can we sneak some into Boris' tea?
19:36:23 From Gaynor : wow new found respect for fungi
19:36:43 From Xenia Meinert : Absolutely fascinating! Fits to the whole Akashe Chronicle Thing - People can Login into the whole Knowledge database of the world - which might be in fact the fungi mycelium! Very cool!
19:36:50 From Xenia Meinert : *akasha
19:37:04 From jules To All Panelists : I watched fantastic fungai on Netflix and it covered what your saying Jason
19:37:19 From Sue : great idea Rob. and the rest of them.
19:37:21 From Melanie To All Panelists : 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄
19:38:17 From Lisa Morgan : Wow, this is fascinating!
19:38:43 From Janet : wow! this is fascinating. I knew about the human microbiome but not the extent of the fungal network 💚
19:38:56 From Kathy (North Wales) : wonderful...interbeing...
19:39:01 From Lynne : is it in water? This is amazing.
19:39:41 From Rachel Hawkes : So fascinating. Will need time to process what that can mean
19:39:48 From Rob : is it how animals know of tsunamis?
19:39:51 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : they are the brain
19:40:09 From heather thomas : its even in us. untangled life by …..sheldrake?
19:40:17 From Rob : can we journey / shapeshift into fungi?
19:40:20 From Paulina : Bit out there but - what if we connected with the mycelium and sent our positive intentions for what every we needed into the Earth?
19:40:21 From Alison Gaffney : Is there any research being done into the connection with energy medicine and healing?
19:40:46 From angelabirchall To All Panelists : Absolutely fascinating. Thanks very much for sharing. It’s a massive amount to take in but you explain it very clearly. Thanks.
19:40:48 From jayne mcfarlane To All Panelists : Mind blowing !! 😲
19:40:51 From Brenda : I was wondering the same Paulina.
19:41:05 From Sandy Holt : Wow… this is mind blowing. have heard about it in relation to plants but I had no idea it was on such a huge scale. Just WOW. Jason how wonderful of you to share your knowledge on this. It’s mega. My mind is now just blown! xx
19:41:40 From Sandy Holt : Wow yes Paulina
19:42:49 From maureen : According to my friend who’s been learning about fungi there are some that can heal cancer cells
19:43:16 From Chris : yes
19:43:17 From Sandy Holt : oh yes
19:43:18 From Annie : yes
19:43:19 From Ali Broughton : sounds fantastic
19:43:20 From Eileen : Yes
19:43:20 From Gaynor : absolutely
19:43:21 From Paulina : What about asking the Great Mother of the planet - how can we love her?
19:43:22 From norma : yes lets go
19:43:22 From fae To All Panelists : 👍
19:43:22 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : yes yes yes¬¬¬
19:43:23 From paulacaffrey : Yes please
19:43:24 From Lynne : yes
19:43:25 From alysonpowell : Yes!
19:43:26 From Lisa Morgan : Absolutely!
19:43:27 From Brenda : Yes
19:43:28 From Andrew To All Panelists : Definitely
19:43:28 From Katie Joanne : Following on from what Paulina said - I remember Masaru Emoto spoke a little about the invisible messengers of intention travelling through water and that message delivered by the recipient when taking into the body or a place... xx
19:43:29 From Paulina : What can we do to heal her?
19:43:30 From Shivani Maria : Im so excited about this …
19:43:31 From Rachel Hawkes : Amazing, with us all together, it will be powerful
19:43:35 From Steve W : Oh yes I’m up for this.
19:43:36 From Rob : abso bloody lutely
19:43:38 From Gemma Bevan : I know turkey tails have been implicated in that with treating cancer.
19:43:46 From Alison Gaffney : Yes!
19:43:53 From Gemma Bevan : Sounds wonderful!
19:44:29 From jules To All Panelists : Certain types of fungai mushrooms are good for cancer cells , not sure what type
19:44:33 From Paulina : Go for it Jason - we need trailblazers too - breaking the norms
19:44:38 From Xenia Meinert : Now everything makes sense for me!
19:45:04 From Janet : yes this is maybe why we feel so connected when gardening and making compost to feed the soil 💚
19:45:40 From Sue : great point janet.
19:45:59 From Paulina : I'm going to lay with my belly (and its a big one) to the Earth
19:46:41 From Gemma Bevan : I'm reading the Wild Remedy by Emma Mitchell Janet which talks a bit about that
19:46:48 From Chris : There is a film called Fantstic \funghi, I havent seen it but lots ofpeople recommend it
20:03:51 From Anya : "We are the voice of creation"
20:04:45 From Anya : it's the magic of the earth
20:04:50 From Sue : Fantastic fungi is brilliant. He- Paul Stamets wrote the book Mycelium Running.
20:04:58 From Anya : the messenger
20:04:59 From jules To All Panelists : I got the message that it was very powerful
20:05:00 From Rob : separating into disperate layers
20:05:21 From Miranda : We are connected. Felt my self going into the ground. Felt myself in the top twigs in the trees.
20:05:23 From SHEILA COLLINS : pulsing, powerful and alive
20:05:27 From Linda Lipinski : I am the earth and the earth is me
20:05:33 From karen : I felt like it had grown over me and tied me to the ground but I then experienced a sharp pain between my eyebrows all the way through. it has gone immediately now!
20:05:34 From Melanie To All Panelists : I asked mycellium if it is sentient and it said, “I am good.”
20:05:34 From Anna : silent, pulsating..
20:05:42 From Xenia Meinert : Wow, when I became mycel, I suddenly grew sooo big, and the earth was so Tiny, as if I held the earth in my arms! Then I grew bigger and bigger into the universe, and the earth was so Tiny. I was everywhere!
20:05:47 From Rachel Hawkes : Lots of messages. As above, so below. All connected, fast and slow. Energy too, and personality!
20:05:54 From Anya : What we are doing now it's like Myselium.... silently flowing in chat
20:05:56 From Brenda : I felt my body sinking into and joining into the earth.
20:06:00 From Jude Shaw To All Panelists : It felt fearless, that is we really understood the connection there is nothing to be afraid of
20:06:07 From Deb Singleton : I was joined by mole,mouse rabbit etc... But the message was navigation!! Its as if the creatures were using the funghi network for navigation,????
20:06:13 From Lynne : collective? like cables running everywhere with a wee current running through racing joyfully
20:06:15 From Xenia Meinert : I saw light pulsing threads, interconnected, sharing Energy and Information.
20:06:16 From Gill Dunkerley : I just felt huge warmth. I was holding two crystals and they were so warm to the touch. There was a lot of energy. I felt lots of vibration in my body and noticed I moved slightly in tune with it all. Sounds a bit strange but that’s how it was for me.
20:06:16 From Anya : yes, Anna, I felt pulsing in my abdomen!
20:06:17 From Kyla : Was told by my Chinese dragon guide that I didn't need my eyes to see this connection, it is something you feel and sense. When I closed my eyes and walked, with every step it was like a pulsing electrical signal being sent across millions of pathways. Was told that where ever we go, the earth sees us.
20:06:20 From Lesley : There was a sense of being the forest. Very connected and healing.
20:06:22 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : No shape or form to anything, we just all ARE. Complete absorption,
20:06:25 From norma : they know everything that ever was. I saw pulsing blue vein like spreading everywhere
20:06:29 From Lorna : No boundaries just flow
20:06:30 From Ali Broughton : I felt the fungi moving into me in ways that weren't invasive but connected
20:06:30 From Gemma Bevan : That was amazing thank you. The gap between the living and the dead isn't as wide as we think we are connecting and supporting each other all the time. A lot was in black and white.
20:06:33 From Paulina : We are the Earth,I laid before the World Tree I saw the World as a root ball - all connected - I felt the pulse through the palms too.
20:06:36 From Rachel : this type of more experimental journeying is the way shamanism can continue to grow and remains relevant.
20:06:38 From Kathy McVittie : I was in the place where I first net my power adimal, Brown Hare. Each of us was a skeleton, and as I sobbed feeling my mortality I also knew the fungi and bacterial are decomposers and all my parts will become Earth
20:06:46 From Mandy Payne : pulsing vibrant light passing though the network
20:07:09 From heather thomas : they showed me are here for peace, to bring peace and they work in apeaceful way, but sometimes they are overcome and that then becomes a canker. they then move on to create peace and bring peace in the next part of what they are doing.
20:07:11 From Paulina : As we heal the Earth - we heal ourselves.
20:07:11 From Xenia Meinert : wow, fascinating! 🙂
20:07:13 From Rachel Hawkes : I saw lots of connection to space and the stars
20:07:16 From Michele Bentley : I was under the pyramids in Giza feeling energy pulsing deep into the earth the ground.... powerful, reactive and protecting
20:07:18 From Alison Gaffney : I experienced sound vibrations and yes pulsing patterns and rich vibrant colours at times like the northern lights and sometimes light patterns
20:07:29 From Linda Lipinski : I felt my body sink into the earth and threads coming from my body deep into the earth covering me with the earth
20:07:39 From Sandy Holt : gosh, first of all felt speed as if zooming through the ground , then as things stabilised there was almost a beating that ran through me - suddenly felt really sick and very hot…then sense that i was not alone other beings with me could hear a knocking all around. felt as if I belonged….
20:07:43 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : se just are. no love, no hate, we are , always have been
20:07:43 From Sam : I saw glowing purple streams of light flowing up through huge trees, plants, grass, and up through creatures in their food and evaporating into the sky then falling as rain and restarting the cycle, and being concentrated in areas that need it the most at that time
20:07:45 From Katie Joanne : I felt presence of cellular movement and energising happening (like a fizzy feeling), like cells in my body were having a long overview non-verbal conversation with mycelium relatives in the ground. xx
20:07:45 From Diane Fairhurst : I felt energy circling in my feet and hands like I do giving reiki. I felt like I was underground travelling and it was natural and unemotional..the notion of this to my human self would be terrifying
20:07:54 From Xenia Meinert : I also got the Information that "you are not alone", "you are not important" - not meant as an offence, but meant like humans aren't the Navel of the universe.
20:08:00 From Janet : omg that was frantic like a rollercoaster. flashing through the soil like a lightening fork.i came out in a coal seam then water which flowed into a river then onto the bank and into the roots of a tree and then time to shoot back with the return beat 💚
20:08:15 From iain bell : EEK phew wow I am unable to journey tonight but this incrbile and mind blowing need to sit with this!!!
20:08:15 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yes, Lynne, I sensed joy too, like a dance.
20:08:29 From Betty Beth : After all your words I was sat upon a giant mushroom. Felt tingles and vibrations all the way through me, to the air, to the mushroom, its roots, earth. My fingers danced with the grasses that grew around as the tree canopied and brought some shelter from the rain. Thanks for the connectivity you brought X
20:08:40 From Gemma Bevan : Reminded me of the nadis and all the energy channels in the human body the myecelial layers
20:08:41 From Dorothy Robbie : Was told -we cannot describe -you do not have the words. Look at out fruits they will help you
20:08:45 From iain bell : I believe this was Indonesia Jasson
20:09:05 From iain bell : I believe this was Indonesia Jasson
20:09:25 From Paulina : I also felt the communication is at cellular level - bit like when we cut ourselves and the healing cells just know what to do …
20:09:38 From Shivani Maria : persitent, fast-moving, purposeful, sacred geometrical diamond-flow above & below
20:10:10 From Zoom Admin : everything from erupting volcanos (releasing the ego?) to highest mist and icy mountains, down to below our feet, into the earth, from the whole surface of the planet to inside our bodies, our torso, our veins, our cells - finding balance is the essence (yin and yang), and being creators of our own part of life. also trees upholding life for connection for many creatures, humans disconnected in houses leading to suffering, but we can reconnect as connection is innate, always there even if we don't notice
20:10:19 From kathycar : Iain, Also Sri Lanka, the elephants moved to the hills, the flamingos left & have not come back
20:10:24 From Paulina : Jason, for along time I have felt that I can send healing through the waters - now it makes sense
20:10:40 From Patsy Watten : I could feel pulsating in my feet and could see some colours, green & purple, swirling.
20:10:58 From iain bell : my Auntie Lives in Indonesia
20:11:00 From Xenia Meinert : I also had a rollercoaster Feeling, Janet.
20:11:01 From Paulina : Imagine the effect more than a hundred people in this circle all sending the same energy at once
20:11:05 From Chris : I think we have lost connection to the earth.living in houses. But I find walking with bare feet reconnects me to the life underground.
20:11:11 From maggie byrne : My body was completely covered in the network, inside and out, removing any toxic energy, clearing out negativity. Then my body began to grow out cords joining the fungi network. Then I sunk into the earth and began to decompose. Then I went to Australia and saw an aboriginal man connected to the earth, receiving messages from the fungi intuitively, gut reactions.
20:11:22 From heather thomas : 'me' is heather. sugar increases mycelium, and that was what I was seeing 'overtakes and becomes a canker'. so something that creates the overgrowth that then becomes a 'bully'
20:11:27 From iain bell : with my Cossin they are both well!! I am so pleased to say!!!
20:11:34 From Rachel Hawkes : I wonder if this is part of the earthing power. Which has been well researched
20:12:08 From Zoom Admin : showed me the bottom of lots of people's feet, as if I was below a glass floor looking up
20:12:10 From Deborah Wale : As we came back, I drew myself inwards, like lots of spaghetti coming back to one place.Is the fascia in the body like mycelium?
20:12:11 From Dorothy Robbie : Also our own gut microbiome
20:12:13 From Alison Gaffney : Before the colours and patterns I noticed little dots of light which then looked as if there were transparent cell structures around them - I stopped thinking and trying and found myself just being in this unfolding moving flow
20:12:18 From Ali Broughton : I had similar Maggie, without the aboriginal part
20:12:22 From Lesley : I'd love to do that journey outside
20:12:26 From Rachel Hawkes : Fascia is like that
20:12:41 From Rachel Hawkes : Fascia is at cellular level too
20:12:51 From Lucinda Woods : I was thinking exactly the same thing about fascia Rache!l
20:13:13 From Rachel Hawkes : @lucinda, it so it, isn’t it
20:13:17 From Kathy McVittie : fasciaa is like cling film of membranes between organs, muscles etc
20:13:18 From Gaynor : got sucked into earth & millions of strands shot out of me connecting to everything, travelled throughout world then above & around it, looking down. Then shot down into earth centre which brought on an extreme hot flush. Back into earth I became an ant. It was powerful
20:13:41 From Lucinda Woods : Yes, I was thinking it when Jason was talking before the journey, fascinating
20:13:48 From Linda Lipinski : I had similar Gaynor
20:14:32 From Chris : The unfamiliar becoming familiar
20:34:51 From Anya : 'We are already one"
20:36:20 From Anya : "say thank you. Look after your gut... probiotocs prebiotocs... lay good things on the earth"
20:36:49 From Kathy McVittie : it was about living and dying without fear
20:36:52 From Michele Bentley : Tread lightly, plant more trees, teach people how to honour the earth
20:37:01 From Xenia Meinert : "If you cut yourself off from connectedness, it's Cancer / it's like Cancer,and that is harmful for the whole."
20:37:03 From Anya : I had a message I should offer the community kombucha and giant rabbits to the community
20:37:12 From Lesley : Quickest journey ever. Three very specific places to visit. Very clear, very fast.
20:37:12 From Emma Taylor : I saw silvery strands almost like a spider web across me. I then saw them drifting in the ocean eating plastic particles. I saw fish and whales eating them and it healing and protecting them
20:37:12 From Sam : Earth CPR - Conserve, Protect, Respect
20:37:14 From iain bell : wow as above I did not Jounery how would normally to tonight but I have noticed since Jounerying in the past 2 to 3 years I the sound of the shaman drum beat of yours Jason and Nicola is so strong I can not help but to dirt in to Jounery space I saw a large mushroom for a split second as I start to dift of!
20:37:18 From Gemma Bevan : Spend time with me and I will teach you more. Slow down said the mycelial layer to me.
20:37:25 From Rachel : that was a PROFOUND experience! lots to unpack.
20:37:25 From Shelly : To listen to my body within nature, to rest
20:37:45 From Anna : remember the vastness of space too and our planet in space
20:37:46 From SHEILA COLLINS : Trust your Intuidion, join your heart with all beings
20:37:52 From jules To All Panelists : I was told to look at it more
20:37:54 From Victoria To All Panelists : To reach out
20:37:56 From michelle kidd : Thank you 💓 Golden and purple pings in my brain spreading messages throughout my system
20:38:05 From Rachel Hawkes : They need our gratitude, our positive emotions. They are able to dissipate the negative, the conflicts, the brutality to each other and the planet. More positive is needed. BALANCE.
20:38:58 From fae : I felt very held. I was given a glimpse of 2 arched doorways (again) one looking into what looked like a kitchen but this time I wanted to walk into that rr
20:39:05 From Avril Banks To All Panelists : The excited today the fungi with the winds song, it rides the waves as the trees sway and it waits for the trees to yield their fruits so that they can be returned - I heard the duet of the trees and fungi together
20:39:09 From fae : Sorry into that room.
20:39:26 From Anya : so, I do offer Giant rabbit to anyone who would like to love and nurture work with rabbit spirit animal (they make excellent hay manure dry compost - excellent to put in the earth now in autumn winter) and a kombucha Scoble. I am in Derbyshire and occasionally Chorley if someone from the community feels called to receive
20:39:27 From Alison Gaffney : Really listen to the song of the Earth - the sound, song came out of the drumming ... and for me to paint and create art connecting wit nature
20:39:31 From iain bell : QA: is Kombucha a tribe and if where on are Earth???
20:39:34 From Kyla : Getting a lot of Earth Dragon energy this evening. Had the voice of the Great Earth Mother dragon, in my head telling me to use my reiki to the earth when she sends me a sign and allow the planet to do the rest.
20:39:38 From Melanie To All Panelists : Keep picking up litter.
20:39:48 From Miranda : for myself I must walk with trees, go to earth. stay grounded, stay connected. I need to drum. Today I found an amethyst deceiver fungi when I was planting bulbs. I feel the connection is important.
20:39:51 From Mandy Payne : To spend time communing with the earth, walking barefoot, swimming in rivers, drawing nature, and then more insights will come. Plant trees.
20:39:54 From Diane Fairhurst : Whole body pulsing with electrical impulses. Messages …trust, don’t be afraid of life and follow your earth conscience
20:39:58 From Janet : the never ending circle of mutual benefit. sow the seeds, feed the body with vegetables and the soul with flowers. Feed the soil with homemade compost. organic life, organic crops at harvest. my pulse is your pulse 💚
20:40:08 From Paulina : Love, honour and respect each other and the Earth, I am to drum to heal the Earth - drumming for peace, love harmony and healing. Saw the hopi circle bringing all of us together in the centre.
20:40:09 From heather thomas : heather. I asked what can I do to help them or them me to bring balance to everthing so that there is no canker, Answer: be at peace ourselves because nothing negative can survive a peaceful environment. workig in harmony with each other and loving each other. this will bring balance & stop canker. there is a whole world of ovetgrowth that is rabid and it must be stopped for the peace of the earth.
20:40:37 From Miranda : I was also told to work on planting my living wall in my guerilla garden.
20:40:41 From Anya : A: Iain, kombucha is a live probiotocs that lives on black tea and sugar. it is amazing for our gut health
20:40:41 From Rachel Hawkes : Yes, feels so powerful all together.
20:40:50 From Linda Lipinski : Electrical pulses from the earth to me
20:41:09 From Anya : yes, more pulsing here too
20:41:14 From Alison Gaffney : Amazing reading everyone’s messages - feel really connected
20:41:15 From Paulina : Jason, it would be great to have one session purely to send out healing, to the Earth, we will all benefit from this
20:41:25 From Xenia Meinert : What i can do for mycelium: "Go to the forest, hug trees, smell trees" Because then I would breath the fungi in which can work and replicate in my Body. I asked what they can do for me: "you will be healing". Then I asked them About the poor ant. First there came Nothing, but then I got, that mycelium is indifferent - life is not good or bad, life is. It wants to replicate and spread. If they live in my Body and I'm fine, that's good for them. But if I die, it doesn't matter either, because then they can feed of my Body and "eat" me. I asked further, and mycelium told me, that when I connect more, I receive more Information through them. "Information is Energy which is Food, that is being shared."
20:41:26 From Ann : Eat more fruit and veg. it will protect me even when fearful of nature. Spend more time on beaches and in the sea.
20:41:33 From Deb Singleton : The mycellium were saying no chemicals please ! The chemicals are taken along their network 🙁
20:41:47 From Rachel : I wish you'd do more work on this subject.
20:42:03 From Paulina : Wow Deb - I thought that
20:42:18 From Anya : I am happy to help with kombucha l grow it
20:42:30 From maggie byrne : I have been doing some breath work recently, and I was told to breathe, to connect Spirit to earth and that is how everything connects. As I was breathing, my cells all lit up like in the Matrix and everything was connected. I was shown that the virus is also connected and is clearing and cleansing the earth, that death is part of life. When I asked what can I do to help, I was told to keep the vibration high, stay in love and be aware of the balance between giving and taking.
20:42:31 From maureen : Yes it’s fermented, very good for the gut
20:42:38 From Anya : I offer it to the community
20:42:45 From Gemma Bevan : I have been making kombucha over the last few months. Got lots of scoby's all around the house!
20:42:56 From Anya : contact me if you would like
20:42:57 From Sam : we can all pull energies that are negative to the Earth deep down into the ground, to allow the network and Mother Earth to transform this into positive energies and resources required and move them around as required. Healing energies are available to help us with this work. I met an old Male entity, made of purple energy, who spoke for the Network, and a beautiful lady made of pale gold light who spoke for the Earth. I need to visit them again.
20:42:59 From michelle kidd : Prefer Sacred cacao ceremony
20:43:03 From Diane Fairhurst : Also had a sensation difficult to describe but like I was the earth and I could feel the sensation of grass growing through and above me
20:43:09 From Alison Gaffney : I had a dream with giant rabbits some years ago - reminded me of Totoro film (Studio Gibli) the rabbits were rescuing me from some kind of danger!
20:43:11 From Melanie To All Panelists : Thank you Anya, so generous of you.
20:43:38 From Mary : I met dragonfly and saw through their eyes, told we humans see so little of what's here. I was reminded of the prayer of St Francis of assisi - make me a channel of your peace. encouraged to continue enabling connection between humans and animals, maybe also make more of offering animal reiki 🥰
20:43:42 From Cheryl : felt the beat of the earth all nature pulsating with the same beat all as one
20:44:20 From iain bell : QA:Nice how safe Is Kochubca to brew please and do you mean live Giant Rabits???
20:44:32 From Dorothy Robbie : Just made some Kefir tonight with the live cultures and it’s at the wood burner to help the culture rest and grow over the next few days and beyond
20:45:06 From Anya : Iain very safe and easy. and yes, they are beautiful live giant rabbits. I have one white, 2 black, 2 grey, 2 brown
20:45:21 From alysonpowell : Felt the need to connect with all my senses .
20:46:21 From michelle kidd : Yes if we think of a simple tea bag how many people have to collaborate to bring that to us. None of us are truly independent
20:46:25 From Paulina : That would be great thank you x
20:46:32 From Rachel Hawkes : That would be amazing a group healing and drumming session!
20:46:36 From Gemma Bevan : Pro home cooks youtube channel has some good how to kombucha videos
20:46:58 From Anya : I got a message the vagus nerve in us starts in our brain and behind our ears and goes deep down into our core and body and when we lay on the earth, the vagus nerve is our tap root
20:47:02 From Kathy McVittie : alysonpwell yes I am feeling a need to use the gift of touch again - its been on hold for nearly two years...
20:47:13 From Diane Fairhurst : Love isn’t an emotion …this is love…. In answer to something I was tapping on earlier
20:47:14 From Deborah Wale : I felt my mycelial body moving through the earth, still in the shape of my human body and being absorbed and transported.
20:47:22 From iain bell : QA: Kefir would another gut support drink I am loving tonight learning so much tonight from our amazing Tribe/Clan!
20:48:16 From Paulina : I think you have tapped into something here Jason, that is connecting us all more deeply - thank you
20:48:46 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, thank you, today's subject is absolutely mindblowing!
20:49:01 From Lisa Morgan : I would love more work with this topic too. There is so much to learn and explore!
20:49:13 From iain bell : QA:yes please Jason and Nicola it would really to countiting this topic on in the mystery School if possible also Is Enchanted Fugi book linked to the Netflix program Fantistic Fungi???
20:49:25 From Janet : like forked lightening too?
20:49:31 From Anya : 💛
20:49:46 From Sam : yes please to a group Earth healing session x
20:49:47 From heather thomas : I do not have a drum
20:49:48 From Chris : Nicola I think you called in the air to clear us to well tonight there is a gale force wind blowing outside here in the North East
20:50:19 From Vicky : Interesting programme available on BBC iPlayer: The Blob: A Genius without a Brain - about a one-billion-year-old, single-cell organism that might challenge our concept of intelligent life.
20:50:28 From Dorothy Robbie : Yes Iain Kefir is a fermented milk drink not so thick as yoghurt. Full of good bacteria for our gut
20:50:46 From heather thomas : thank you
20:51:18 From Anya : Thank you
20:51:34 From heather thomas : excellent thank you
20:51:46 From Kathy McVittie : I have found it edgy AND grounding centring and relevant
20:51:54 From iain bell : thank you Dorothy sounds really good I wounder if I could try making both of theses.
20:52:01 From kaiullrich : Thank you!
20:52:03 From fae : It’s great, such and interesting subject and very connected
20:52:12 From Xenia Meinert : I love that you both connect scientific nature Research to shamanism and spirituality. Both are not seperate, they are interconnected. 🙂
20:52:40 From Kathy (North Wales) : have you heard of David Bohm?
20:52:42 From Linda Lipinski : Thank you. It was a brilliant evening. I didn’t know anything about this subject but read about it this morning ..... perfect timing for this evening
20:52:47 From Janet : science eventually catching up with ancient knowledge and wisdom
20:53:04 From Sam : Excellent discussions and revelations, thank you! we are all part of the Web of Life x
20:53:13 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you! Tonight was amazing! There is so much we don't know. I look forward to learning more and deepening my connection with the Earth.
20:53:20 From michelle kidd : Wonderful ✨ Thank you all 💓
20:53:21 From Melanie To All Panelists : Sending out gratitude to you all.😘
20:53:41 From alysonpowell : We are all plugged in now.🍄
20:53:44 From maggie byrne : Really got a lot out of this evening, thank you so much 🙏❤️
20:53:48 From Xenia Meinert : New excuse: "The fungi made me do it!" 😀
20:53:57 From Annie : An absolutely, fascinating session, thought provoking and I totally agree, deeply connecting. Powerful journey for me tonight,. Thank you Jason , thanks to you both.
20:54:00 From Chris : Fascinating subject, lots to think about and learn. Love subjects that challenge our connection to nature
20:54:02 From Paulina : Love that Xenia
20:54:21 From Gill Dunkerley : Such a thought provoking evening. Still processing it. Sitting with my felt sense of it all but I know this will stay with me. I am definitely going to spend some time with trees this weekend. My message was “breathe it in”. Thanks to you both and all the wonderful tribe wisdom.
20:54:22 From iain bell : yes and I do believe that not all Scenist are not aware we are aware as a Tribe/Clan!
20:54:37 From Alison Gaffney : Amazing evening - and to connect on our inner journeys 🙏🌟🌳❤️🍄
20:54:55 From Lucinda Woods : Thank you both!
20:54:55 From Miranda : thank you laughing so much healing
20:55:01 From Ali Broughton : thank you , very interesting tonight x
20:55:02 From sheila powell : Brilliant evening, thank you both. Sheila
20:55:09 From Gaynor : What an amazing evening, my mind is buzzing. Powerful & energetic journeys, so much to think about won't be able to sleep. Wonderful, thank you both
20:55:14 From Rachel Hawkes : Thanks Jason and Nicola and to you all. What an eye opener!
20:55:20 From Sandy Holt : Just realised that the picture on the front of the book was the first thing i saw….thank you so much so powerful. So an experience…need a bit of time to absorb. thank you xxx
20:55:20 From alysonpowell : Thank you Everyone.💚
20:55:29 From iain bell : Enchanted Fungi is this linked with Fantastic Fungi on Netflix???
20:55:32 From Sheila Craig : thank you everyone x
20:55:41 From Karen Barton : Thank you for a fascinating evening x
20:55:49 From Rosie Moon : Thank you for an inspiring evening.
20:56:43 From maureen : Very interesting evening thank you, strange how this topic has come up for me a lot over last few weeks with my friend teaching me about it.
20:57:17 From iain bell : Enchanted Fungi is this linked with Fantastic Fungi on Netflix???
20:58:13 From iain bell : wow wow wow my mind is amazed tonight has been so incredible interesting and moving to really look forward to doing more research in to this subject!!!
20:58:54 From Sandy Holt : So grateful for this evening…thank you Jason, Nicola and Blue and everyone in the circle. Thank you .xxxx
20:59:03 From Ali Broughton : the fungi have found their way into our minds!
20:59:07 From Xenia Meinert : What a brilliant evening, thank you very much!
20:59:08 From Susan Davies : really interesting topic, thank you for a great evening 🙂
20:59:31 From Gemma Bevan : They were amazing journeys. Thank you so much everyone.
20:59:37 From Anya : Buenas noches everyone. so pleased to have been here with you 🙏
20:59:43 From fae : Wonderful evening thank you everyone, Nicola, Jason & Blue xx
20:59:45 From Kathy (North Wales) : He;s interviewed in film
20:59:49 From jayne powell : Fascinating evening, thank you xx
20:59:55 From Paulina : Love Merlin too
20:59:58 From Lesley : Thank you.
21:00:00 From Vicky : Fascinating ... thank you! 🙂
21:00:00 From karen : Thank you so much for this evening, it has made us realise how small and insignificant we really are and how
21:00:01 From Ann : Thank you, and everyone.
21:00:04 From Shelly : Wonderful evening, thank you so much
21:00:06 From kathycar : Thankyou for a fascinating subject this evening, food for thought, see you all soon, take care all, xx
21:00:06 From Diane's Galaxy Tab A7 : wonderful evening
21:00:07 From Avril Banks To All Panelists : Thank you 🍄
21:00:08 From Mandy Payne : Thank you for an amazing evening xx
21:00:10 From Kyla : Thank you.
21:00:10 From Melanie To All Panelists : The fungi have found their way into our hearts!
21:00:11 From Mary : thank you 😊
21:00:12 From Janet To All Panelists : Thank you!
21:00:13 From Gill Carter : Thankyou,x
21:00:14 From maureen : Thank you goodnight x
21:00:15 From Sabrina (Brie) : Huge love and thanks to all! X
21:00:16 From Nayra To All Panelists : Thank you very much!
21:00:18 From Shivani Maria : Amazing Thank you so much x
21:00:20 From Anya : Please contact me if you would like some kombucha or a home for a giant rabbit x
21:00:28 From Patsy Watten : Thank you both & Blue of course 🙂
21:00:28 From Carol Atkins : Thank you so much. It has been enlightening.
21:00:28 From Steve W : Such a deep and interesting subject presented brilliantly Jason, thank you.🙏
21:00:33 From Wendy To All Panelists : Wonderful- thank you so much x
21:00:33 From Janet : a wonderful subject. thank you 💚
21:00:34 From Victoria To All Panelists : Thank you
21:00:35 From Betty Beth : Thank you. Rest well all of you X
21:00:37 From Ali Broughton : thank you!
21:00:45 From Dorothy Robbie : Thank you
21:00:46 From Sadie Simmonds : Excellent talk Jason, noontime would guess you were nervous. Thank you both 😊
21:00:46 From heather thomas : will have to see the replay, on 20th dec
21:00:48 From Wendy : Wonderful- thank you so much xx
21:00:48 From Emma Taylor : Thank you
21:00:51 From Diane Fairhurst : Thank you so much for this fascinating and timely evening… spoke to so many spiritual investigations that have come up for me recently. I would love to work further with you on this. Blessings xx