Here's the recording of our October 2022 journey circle, during which we visited the Upper World to work with our spirit teachers.

What are you for? If we don't know what we are here for, then it is easy to get pulled in different directions. Understanding our soul's purpose can help us keep focus in these changing and challenging times.

In this circle, we journeyed to the Upperworld to meet our spirit teacher. We each have a spirit teacher who is here to teach us very specific things in our life path. First, Jason explains the Upper World and how to meet our spirit teacher and what to expect. He then leads a guided shamanic journey with the intention of asking our spirit teacher 'what piece of wisdom can you give me to help me lead a more intentional life?

The transcript of the circle is below.

The timings are:

00.00 - welcome and opening the circle

15:27 - introductory talk

55:40 - drumming session 

1:04:21 - guided shamanic journey to the Upper World

1:30:49 - sharing 

1:50:20 - closing the circle

Transcript of the chat

18:58:28 From Tina : Lovely sunny day here on Dartmoor
18:58:34 From Lesley : Hello from Devon. Loads of geese flying over me on my way home from work today - lovely to see them back
18:58:37 From Eileen : From The Scottish Borderlands
18:58:39 From Rod & Diane : Hello everyone 😊🙏
18:58:40 From Steve W : Good evening tribe, from Autumnal Topcliffe🙏
18:58:41 From Rachel : hello from Sherwood Forest.
18:58:43 From Netty : lovely evening here in Lincoln UK. Bit chilly but nice and clear
18:58:45 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : Top of the evening to you from Trowse, Norwich - K cat and Rob
18:58:51 From Helen Greenhalgh : Same here in Bolton! Beautiful Autumn colours
18:58:57 From Mandy Storey : Hi from Mandy in sunny Weymouth
18:58:57 From Red : Hi warm and sunny today here in Portsmouth
18:59:08 From Paulina : Hi from a chilly Rotherham - clear skies though
18:59:11 From alysonpowell : Good evening from South Wales. First frost this morning.
18:59:11 From Jayne : Hello from Stoke x
18:59:18 From Jill Willis : lovely sunny day in Leicester
18:59:20 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : Yes, lots of geese this morning along with a just passed full moon
18:59:20 From Miranda : A snort of catmint sounds super cool. Lovely day in Margate. We have had sunshine!
18:59:25 From Lisa To All Panelists : Evening sun in casterton
18:59:25 From lesley gerrard : Hello Lesley in Scotland. Love that Blue has his catnip. We have our Sage so why not.
18:59:32 From Gill Dunkerley : Hello all, clear sky tonight. Hoping to catch a glance of the moon later. Greetings from Manchester
18:59:34 From jackie kersley : Hello from Cullen north east Scotland. Lovely sunny day and the trees fast changing colour. X
18:59:35 From Gina : Hi from Gina.
18:59:43 From kathycar : Hi, Kathy from Petersfield, chilly early morning, beautiful day in Hampshire, Autumn on is way
18:59:49 From Ann : Hi, Ann from Glasgow, just going dark and a dreek day here.
18:59:56 From Colette : Hello from Manchester x
18:59:57 From Annkat : Hello from Sheffield.
19:00:24 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : Yes, Kalmar is a bit better. Still walking on the wonk, but made it upstairs and wants to investigate the feather and shells in my little mandala
19:00:25 From Colette : Does catnip work for humans? Asking for a friend 😀
19:00:28 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : Hello everyone from Islington in North London. Steve and Dave (cats) have joined for Blue!!
19:00:29 From Gaynor : Evening all from Kent
19:00:50 From Jane D : Hi from Jane in Lytham St Annes. chilly here now!
19:00:51 From lesley gerrard : Wet
19:00:54 From rachel h To All Panelists : Evening all, hi @gaynor!
19:00:58 From Ursidia : Good evening from Glastonbury !
19:01:06 From Annie : Hi from Annie in Norfolk
19:01:07 From Ann : Dull dam and showers.
19:01:14 From Ann : Meant damp
19:01:46 From Carolyn To All Panelists : Good evening everyone x
19:01:47 From michael wheeler : Good evening everyone from Saint Albans
19:01:48 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi from Hampshire - my cats love catnip
19:02:17 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Good evening from sunny, but chilly Croydon☀️
19:02:20 From Tracey Woodley : Hi everyone! from Reading, Berks : )
19:02:27 From Linda Lipinski : Hi from North London
19:02:39 From Rachael Halliday : Good news about Kalmar 😻
19:03:04 From angelabirchall : Hello from chilly Southport. So glad to be able to join you live.
19:03:14 From Lorna Smithers : Lorna from Penwortham here. New rattle arrived today so seems fitting to be using it tonight 🙂
19:03:19 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Hello from North Staffs. Been a beautiful day here on the edge of the Peak District xx
19:03:52 From Victoria : Victoria from Preston 🙂
19:12:29 From AnnyTurner : Thank Goodness for this tonight. Basking in the glory that is this Tribe 🙏🏼🥰
19:13:04 From Fausta DiMascio : Nicola, Jason and Blue Hail and Welcome xx
19:17:12 From Carolyn To All Panelists : It’s a sad day for me, I have a very sick companion animal and the vet has advised that I have my friend put to sleep. I’m hoping that my pet will be received warmly in a different realm
19:18:36 From Tina To Carolyn and All Panelists : Sorry to hear that Carolyn. If you change the TO button to Everyone, your message will be seen by all those present
19:20:49 From Carolyn : It’s a sad day for me, I have a very sick companion animal and the vet has advised that I have my friend put to sleep. I’m hoping that my pet will be received warmly in a different realm 😢
19:21:21 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : Oh Carolyn
19:21:33 From Rachael Halliday : Sending love and blessings to you and your companion Carolyn x
19:21:34 From maureen : Sorry to hear that Carolyn
19:21:41 From Annkat : how bizarre I was looking at chess set's wanting to learn.
19:21:49 From Ann : Sad to hear that Carolyn, will keep you both in love, healing and blessingsx
19:21:59 From AnnyTurner : Oh Jason that really speaks to me
19:22:04 From Deb : Sometimes when I’m journeying to lower world- I’m often taken on the back of an eagle to a cloud and there are spiritual beings there - is That upper world???
19:22:08 From Fausta DiMascio : So sorry to hear that Carolyn- lots of love and hugs to you xx
19:22:35 From Deb : Very sorry Carolyn- love and light x
19:22:56 From Sandy : Blessings to you both Carolyn but I pray you will receive reassurance and comfort from tonights journey xx
19:23:02 From angelabirchall : So sorry Carolyn. Your beloved pet will be heading for a beautiful realm but will also be no more than a thought away from you as your pet waits for you at the Rainbow Bridge.
19:23:04 From Annkat : so sorry Carolyn xx
19:23:08 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Sending love and healing, Carolyn xx
19:23:24 From fae : Yep, this sits with me as I’m going through exactly this at work at the moment 🤦‍♀️
19:24:36 From Ursidia : Carolyn, I am so sorry. It is just awful to lose such a loved one. My Pixie dog is now with my spirit teacher - he comes for me, and is a messenger . I just love it….
19:26:05 From fae : Sorry to hear this Carolyn, my thoughts are with you at this the hardest of times xx
19:27:58 From AnnyTurner : Gosh I can't believe you are saying all this! It' speaking to me so much
19:29:10 From Annkat : yes I feel invisible
19:30:40 From Colette : This community has helped me to reconnect with my humanity, creativity and purpose
19:31:39 From Annkat : your bang on Jason.
19:31:40 From Fausta DiMascio : very apt for me at the moment
19:31:42 From Tracey Woodley : Great intention!
19:32:21 From rachel h To All Panelists : Such timing!
This has come to me too.
I’m about to restructure my businesses to come from my one purpose - to heal
19:32:35 From angelabirchall : It sounds brilliant Jason. It is just the sort of thing that I need at the moment and fits with things that are happening around me in the last couple of days.
19:33:02 From Fausta DiMascio : Feeling I am losing me - fighting not to put me on hold
19:33:06 From Lorna Smithers : I feel so much more alive and like myself now I am able to focus on my spiritual path which focuses on devotional creativity in service to my Gods.
19:33:11 From AnnyTurner : Yes, Angela! 🙏🏼
19:33:12 From Tina To rachel h and All Panelists : Rachel, if you change the TO button to everyone, all those present will see your comment
19:33:21 From Ann : I am retired and searching for what I need to live more intentionally for.
19:33:22 From Gill Dunkerley : This is where I am at at the moment. I also lost my Dad recently and now my purpose in life feels more important. It’s a question I’ve been pondering of late so tonight’s journey circle is perfect. Thank you and I am so glad you are finding your creativity again Jason.
19:33:32 From Rachel : I always go to the lower world, I find it very hard and alien in the upper world. I still haven't found my teacher there.
19:33:39 From lesley gerrard : Yes, needed for me too. Took the decision to take some time off work yesterday and went and sat in nature for 3 hours, just sitting, feeling the peace.
19:33:41 From Rachael Halliday : Was the intention “what piece of wisdom can you give me to be more intentional” in the time It took me to find my pen I list a bit of concentration because I feel excited for the wisdon to come in x
19:33:44 From Deb : Thank you- that makes sense
19:33:59 From Sandy : such a rarity for me to afford time to me so thank you Jason and Nicola for this 🐝🌸
19:34:10 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : This is so resonant, I just spent a Sunday afternoon in a group, working with intention setting, and one that I chose was to contribute to the healing of Mother Earth and Nature- thank you both for guiding this journey this evening xx
19:34:36 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : @Rachel - What piece of wisdom can you give me to live an intensional life
19:35:22 From Colette : First time I will journey to the upper world
19:35:42 From Paulina : Can it be that we connect with the Ascended Masters?
19:36:03 From kathycar : You are spot on Jason, life is beginning to change for me at last
19:36:23 From Rachael Halliday : Cheers @Rob
19:36:47 From Colette : Yes Carolyn so sorry. I’ve been through this a few weeks ago and I am heartbroken xxx sending love
19:36:48 From Rod & Diane : I was given a message to gather the women… perhaps tonight will give me an insight into the next step! I also drew hawk in my animal spirit cards before the journey! Everything is fitting together and accelerating rapidly!
19:37:06 From lesley gerrard : Oh Carolyn. Been there. Really feeling for you sweetheart.
19:37:12 From Carolyn : Thank you, just being here is enough to help me
19:38:04 From AnnyTurner : Carolyn, feel how much you are held
19:39:05 From Rachael Halliday : Interesting @DIane... that is my quest too; gathering women to hold space in community to strengthen resilience for holding space in their life / work
19:40:19 From Sandy : My beautiful horse passed over last week, I put together a crystal grid with a prayer of intention for him and prayed for St Francis, Artemis and Archangel Michael to assist. He came to me a short while after to thank me for the kind release of his Spirit. xx
19:40:43 From AnnyTurner : o SAndy!
19:41:00 From Paulina : @Rachel and @Diane - read think it's chapter 4 of "When the women were drummers" - you'll get it - we were silenced years ago - but we are waking - I'm calling at the stone circles the same thing. …. keep calling ladies and gents …
19:41:07 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : Hello Tina, is it my wifi going a little bit wobbly now and again?
19:41:29 From Carolyn : Oh Sandy, so sorry
19:41:31 From Rod & Diane : Rachael…there is so much going on in the ether at the moment… many of the women I know that walk this path are also aware of being called to something at this time!
19:42:25 From Colette : I find it so difficult to put my joy first
19:42:42 From Tina To Rachael Halliday and All Panelists : Not sure, my broadband isn't great so does often zone in and out.
19:42:46 From Rod & Diane : Thank you Paulina..I will look for that x
19:43:02 From Rachael Halliday : @Sandy, what beautiful confirmation for your ceremony. Thank you @Paula. Syncronicity @ DIane ❤️‍🔥
19:43:49 From Rachael Halliday To All Panelists : 🤣 Thank you for being here in the background for us all x
19:44:40 From Tina To Rachael Halliday and All Panelists : You're welcome
19:46:24 From AnnyTurner : I think of you on a morning Jason when I am standing outside on the grass in my bare feet, even if its only to do my T'ai Chi before work . YOu were right there is something very special bout the bare feet thing! (why was I making this comment, I can't remember it must have been something you said)
19:51:48 From rachel h To All Panelists : @paulina and @rod. Thank you
Funny second time today someone has mentioned that book! Serendipity once again.
19:52:11 From Lesley : Very unusually my connection is not great tonight, I think it's because I'm not quite in the right place for this important journey. I am looking forward to doing it from the replay. Thanks for bringing this up Jason.
19:52:20 From Fausta DiMascio : do you only have 1 spirit teacher
19:52:42 From Fausta DiMascio : thanks
20:29:53 From Fausta DiMascio : I fell asleep will have to watch my dreams and journey again on the replay
20:29:54 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : That was bliss thank you … might have been more a nap than a journey. Completely drifted off for a few minutes with drums washing over me (and the sleeping K on my lap).
20:30:22 From fae : Not sure if i were i went to as i drifted off as you played the drum…I definitely went somewhere but hoping it’ll come to me over the next day or so 😂
20:30:33 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Will I ever not fall asleep on a journey??!!
20:31:00 From Ursidia : Oh dear , fell asleep!
20:31:07 From AnnyTurner : Me! I was really there!
20:31:14 From Colette : The strangest thing happened. I left the journey and (weirdly) opened NHS jobs. Thought I was being distracted but the job which came up was as a 999 call handler for the ambulance service. Something which really makes a difference. Something to think about … wow
20:31:23 From Miranda : Thank you Jason, Nicola and Blue and Tina and The Way of the Buzzard. I shall do this Journey again and do the replay. I was in pain and my pain was taken away by the drumming. I really needed the healing of the drum.
20:31:26 From lesley gerrard : I got trapped in my head. Didn't happen for me tonight.
20:31:31 From rachel h To All Panelists : Grandmother. The first spirit I ever meet. Didn’t realise she was my teacher until a journey much later.

Sitting smoking an old pipe.

Weave. Seems to be the main thing.
Take time
Keep weaving.
20:31:31 From Lisa To All Panelists : I fell asleep as well i have never done that before !!!
20:31:32 From Linda Lipinski : I fell asleep. Just woken up !!
20:31:41 From Lorna Smithers : I didn't physically meet a spirit teacher but was shown some crane dancers who I have met before and associate with joy and myself casting off a blue cloak which was a ‘false garment' in order to become more like the crane dancers.
20:31:56 From Red : I stayed awake, met my ST and feel very positive about the advice I received.
20:31:59 From Jane D : wow! I heard flute music in with the drum! I felt the drum rather than heard it.
20:32:05 From Gill Dunkerley : I stayed awake!! I went towards the cave though sat outside by the fire. Owl flew up high so I was alone and that was the message I got. Be bold and go alone. Also something about staying with the darkness or not being afraid of it somehow?
20:32:06 From Victoria : I fell asleep however I did see a symbol and there was a phrase which I'm desperately trying to remember.
20:32:23 From kathycar : I was asleep very quickly, came to in a rosy purple place, so I think I shall wait for the replay
20:32:52 From Rachel : Can't say it was a pleasant place. It was beautiful, crystaline, but cold, almost clinical. I did meet my teacher, she wasn't particularly pleasant, as cold and hard as the crystal.
20:33:10 From Rebecca : wow... that was incredible.. thank you.. the path on the left took me to the sandstone caves of a desert and I was with whirling dervishes.. then I became a dark bird caught in a thorn tree and everything was red with blood so I asked for tawny owl again and took the right path which took me through ice to a place where the Eskimos where making the northern lights.. I was included in the family and invited just to sit and watch
20:33:16 From Rachael Halliday : My cats callde me out of my journey when I was being really determined to stay on my quest. They are my companions here and now so I did their bidding. and came back in time to come back to now. I will stay with the intention and open o the wisdom arriving.
20:33:23 From Rod & Diane : I again met a man who could be Greek or Roman plus again a figure with a pointed head.
The man said they were both teachers/guides.
20:33:37 From Miranda : Thank you. Yes I am doing the Healing Drum Course. It is such a valuable continual Journey.
20:33:41 From Carolyn : I didn’t sense anyone there, just 2 words, slow down
20:33:51 From Ann : Met my spirit guide and was told, Seek the light/joy, face the fear and heal. Remember the snake bite, from the toxins came healing. My guide was very happy and loving and another guide continued to be present. I need to read about owl as I meet them in the park.
20:34:02 From Gill Dunkerley : I didn’t see my spirit teacher but knew that they were there in the darkness. I felt I was being tested to see if I could go into the cave alone.
20:34:42 From Xenia Meinert : Funnily I already travelled to the upper world when you were physically drumming, then Standing there with my amused spirit teacher waiting for the actual journey, "well now you stay here (and we wait)". He is an Asian/chinese wise man who this time had a lot of humour, because my life Purpose is finding more joy, and I am too serious. 😉
20:35:03 From Tracey Woodley : That was really interesting, thank you. I got a sense of a being, maybe a goddess was my teacher. She said that I know what to do & to just get on with it! 😂 I've been procrastinating about finishing my website for stress and anxiety. I'll do the journey again , thank you.
20:35:28 From alysonpowell : I was told not to question it by my teacher and to be gentle with all things. First time to meet my teacher.
20:35:46 From Xenia Meinert : (because I already travelled up before the actual journey started, my landscape looked differently, but I left it like that. )
20:36:04 From Netty : I was told to stand tall and rise above all men. No clue what that might mean!
20:36:11 From Rod & Diane : I also fell asleep but did see something at the end.I saw a semi circle of stone warriors holding spears to my right and then an image of a bird with wings outstretched..I knew it was a symbol of something. The call back came then so I got no further… will do again I think something important to discover.
20:36:50 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : I felt surrounded by darkness, as if I was floating between worlds, or states, was shown some blue-ish lights above to my right, saw myself with a drum, felt close to seeing more but the callback came- that felt hard to come back
20:36:53 From Miranda : Oh Blue looks so enlightened!
20:37:04 From Helen Greenhalgh : I met a beautiful stern lady in a green velvet dress, but she was in a large wardrobe and the door closed. She was then stood on a sand dune in the distance. She wasn’t really for talking but she gave me a match box with a red cover…she seemed very powerful.
20:37:13 From Sandy : I was joined by Tawny owl and my horse And Merlins shadow surrounded us and Artemis within his shadow. I was told to be patient in my learning and not to necessarily know my intentions soon. Artemis told me to dig deep as a woman, to my ancestral gifts of ancient woman. I thanked them but didnt want to leave, so hard to leave a safe wonderful place. Tears in coming away but joy and loving gratitude for the moment and shared wisdom
20:37:53 From AnnyTurner : I was in a volcanic landscape and a tall being of wood!? was there, it presented me with flames to burn off anything that is not in my best interests, and the being, though being wood, , will not burn. I will not burn, But burn off anything that is not in my best interests. There is a kernel inside me that is waiting to be activated and when the external dross is burnt off it will show itself and sprout and come to friution. One thing at a time, firm foundation. Listen to one voice not the many. Step slowly, purposefully with consideration and follow a true flame that will lead me, burning bright and steady, regardless. Surefooted and undistracted. I am assured I will see this being again, to remind me
20:37:54 From helensugrue : My Spirit teacher is so loving and gentle - she gave me bread and wine and then played the harp whilst I fell asleep at her feet
20:38:05 From Paulina : I saw the Hermit in Tarot on the cliff top - lighting the way. I saw the Temple in the Himalayas and heard the gong. Long story here linked to finding the truth, and the true teaching of Jesus and a dream many many years ago.
20:38:13 From AnnyTurner : oh @ helen! Lovely!
20:39:06 From Netty : thank you - I will see where putting stand tall and rise above all men takes me in google. Sounds a bit pompous to me (not something I would tell myself to do)
20:39:09 From Helen Greenhalgh : Very confused!
20:39:43 From Julie : I still feel unsure and feel I am making it up or need to. I met my Fairy Godmother who I always used to talk to in my mind when I was little. She was not stern. Very loving. Gave good advice
20:40:17 From jackie kersley : Very strange journey. I drifted off very soon into the journey listening to the drumming. The next thing I knew was that I woke up with a start and you (Jason) were talking us through the start of the journey again. Not sure what happened. Time slip maybe ??
20:41:03 From Rod & Diane : Thanks Jason, yes we have been doing some 30 minute ones recently as I find it takes a while for me to see anything ( Diane). I have been much more successful with 30 minute tracks.
20:42:02 From Xenia Meinert : I use the 30 minutes drum track regularly, too.
20:43:24 From Helen Greenhalgh : Thank you. Felt a very powerful journey tonight.
20:44:20 From Deb : I met a guide who looked like princess Laya (Star Wars) !?!😂
But I was given an amethyst and told to keep using the light
20:44:45 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : Deb - Leia. 😉
20:45:01 From Lisa To All Panelists : Something very special this evening thankyou jason i am looking
Forward to my dreams🌟
20:45:08 From Rachael Halliday : I don’t think I’d feel bored. I l
20:45:20 From Rachael Halliday : I enjoy looking around
20:45:25 From AnnyTurner : Yes I'd like to try 20 minutes in the session
20:45:34 From rachel h To All Panelists : I’d like to try tyat too.
20:45:35 From helensugrue : Yes I like the idea of 20 mins - even if I get a fast answer I do enjoy staying and being grateful
20:45:41 From Paulina : I find when you do the playing for a few minutes before journeying really helps prepare.
20:45:43 From Xenia Meinert : Longer tracks are good. Sometimes it takes longer to get into it.
20:45:46 From Netty : 20 mins sounds grand to me
20:45:46 From Lisa To All Panelists : We should go for it jason !
20:45:46 From Julie : Thank you very much. Newbie here and loving it x
20:45:53 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : I will try this again with the replay- and try the longer 30 mins alone. It felt like an answer was very near. Love the idea of 20mins here in our circles
20:46:21 From Lisa To All Panelists : Your drumming was amazing
20:46:27 From Jane D : I liked the initial drumming. it got a bitbpsyca
20:46:29 From Lorna Smithers : I also find the introductory drumming helps.
20:46:29 From Fausta DiMascio : loved the drumming before
20:46:36 From Lisa To All Panelists : Great to have you playing in person
20:46:39 From Fausta DiMascio : 20 mins sounds good
20:46:42 From helensugrue : loved the drumming before too!
20:46:43 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, the physical drumming before was really good to prepare/get into the journey.
20:46:46 From Miranda : the drumming at the beginning was also very healing. Thank you all so much.
20:46:47 From Ann : 5 minute drumming helpful but a lot of distortion in Zoom.
20:46:54 From Lisa To All Panelists : Not distorted
20:46:55 From Rachael Halliday : I did my own drumming when you were doing your 5 mins because the sound was distorting. I found it really calming and ennervating too
20:46:56 From rachel h To All Panelists : Yes.
20:47:01 From Netty : it was distorted - sounded almost electronic
20:47:02 From helensugrue : it was distorted but I drummed along so it was fine
20:47:04 From Rob & adorable Kalmar cat : a little distorted but not distracting
20:47:05 From Jane D : a bit psychedelic!
20:47:06 From Rod & Diane : Distortion
20:47:06 From Julie : It was a bit distorted but still useful
20:47:06 From Deb : Yes drumming helpful! tonight was distorted
20:47:08 From Rachel : yes, very distorted
20:47:08 From Xenia Meinert : It was distorted, but I was able to journey nevertheless.
20:47:10 From ROSSLYNNE : yes live drumming was distorted
20:47:11 From Fausta DiMascio : it was a bit electronic sounding but not unpleasent
20:47:13 From Victoria : Yes - like a dance track. Loved it
20:47:14 From Sarah graham : me too
20:47:16 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Yes, lots of distortion, but I rather liked it.
20:47:23 From Jill Willis : very distorted
20:47:24 From AnnyTurner : yes Rachael I did some drumming of my own too.
20:47:26 From lesley gerrard : Distorted for me too
20:47:30 From Carolyn : I’m going to do the replay and try a longer track, sense there’s something important just out of my grasp
20:47:32 From Rachael Halliday : Made me laugh at the sound of Metal Mickey coming in!!
20:47:38 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, it sounded electronic - interesting Sound. 🙂
20:47:39 From Lorna Smithers : It distorted a bit but not too much of an issue as was also playing along.
20:47:40 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : there was a bit, but not too much- on a laptop, so perhaps that helps- I enjoyed it though
20:47:48 From Lisa To All Panelists : We should recap soon
20:47:50 From Sandy : bit of distortion but not a problem
20:47:50 From kathycar : The drumming previous was distorted, and the evening was breaking up quite a bit too. Thanks for tonight, i will wait for the replay and my dreams.
20:47:52 From Gill Dunkerley : Distorted for me too unfortunately
20:47:54 From Paulina : It was distorted but I found I used it as a challenge to remain focused. 🙂
20:47:58 From AnnyTurner : Jason when you played it softer, it a
20:47:59 From lesley gerrard : Wasn't distorted last time so maybe zoom traffic toight
20:48:03 From AnnyTurner : wasn't dostorted
20:48:16 From Rod & Diane : Try the edge of the drum Jason
20:48:22 From Jane D : lovely journey. thanks. looking forward to the replay xx
20:48:33 From AnnyTurner : Sorry my message split, I was saying that when you played the drum more softly it wasn't distorted
20:48:36 From Paulina : Thank you Jason, felt very safe with you journeying to the Upper World.
20:49:48 From AnnyTurner : @Rod and Diane, = I like the edge of the drum sound too, that's how I play mine, mostly
20:51:37 From fae : It was distorted at times but i felt it put my head in a more receptive space…if that makes sense? Thank you for this evening Jason, Nicola, Blue and everyone xx
20:51:38 From Fausta DiMascio : lovely relaxing circle thank you it was much needed - hail and farewell and blessed be to all xx
20:51:39 From Carolyn : Thank you all for your company tonight x
20:51:40 From alysonpowell : Thank you it has been a beautiful evening with you all. Just popping out to see the moon. Go well everyone.💚
20:51:44 From Rachel : Thank you for tonight - very helpful. Couldn't journey because of household distractions but will try again via replay in next few days x
20:51:54 From Lorna Smithers : Thank you 🙂
20:51:58 From Mandy Storey : Thankyou
20:52:00 From rachel h To All Panelists : Another fabulous circle.
Thank you 🙏
20:52:00 From Colette : And to all of you and Jason and Nicola many thanks )0(;
20:52:03 From Ann : Thank you, a lovely eveningx
20:52:06 From Colette : )0(
20:52:06 From Netty : thank you for another lovely evening
20:52:10 From helensugrue : Thank you - that felt very healing
20:52:18 From Rachael Halliday : “See “you on 31st x
20:52:20 From Jill Willis : thank you both
20:52:20 From rachel h To All Panelists : Will join you online. Good luck Nicola
20:52:20 From Gill Dunkerley : Thanks so much for a special evening. So grateful for you all. Can’t wait for the book launch. Hoping to be there in person!
20:52:20 From Deb : Thank you 🙏
20:52:26 From Ursidia : Thank you so much! Good night, everyone.
20:52:27 From Jayne : Thank you for a lovely evening x
20:52:33 From Paulina : Thank you all - another brilliant evening - Thank you Jason and Nicola and Blue of course 🙂
20:52:41 From Linda Lipinski To All Panelists : Thank you for tonight xx
20:52:45 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you very much - great and insightful journey circle again! All have a Wonderful evening!
20:52:47 From AnnyTurner : ooooh it would be great to go the book launch in person, but sadly I can't make it
20:52:50 From Colette : Lovely lovely circle Thankyou )0(
20:52:50 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Thank you for tonight- it has been very interesting- Hail and farewell all xx
20:52:55 From Victoria : Thank you. Enjoyed tonight and the journey to the Upper World especially
20:52:56 From Sandy : Thank you all for a special evening xx
20:52:58 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Thank you. Going to straight to bed, I think xx
20:52:58 From Tracey Woodley : Thank you Nicola & Jason x
20:52:59 From AnnyTurner : THANK YOU ALL!!!
20:52:59 From Rachael Halliday : Thank you x
20:53:00 From Miranda : Thank you for the continued magic!
20:53:02 From Netty : take care everyone
20:53:03 From Xenia Meinert : Bye, good night. 🙂