At this Circle we spent time at the ocean working with the sea creatures. We tuned into the messages of the (perhaps the less obvious) water animals: Seahorse, Sea Anemone, Octopus and Jellyfish. These are fascinating animals to learn about and work with.

The intention of the journey is to seek support from these animals and develop a fresh outlook. 

The transcript of the chat is below.

The timings of the circle are:

  • 01:56 - Drum to gather and guided meditation
  • 06:57 - Opening the circle
  • 12:47 - Sea creature talk & choosing your animal 
  • 46:12 - Overview of of journeying
  • 53:57 - Guided shamanic journey
  • 1:14:45 - Journey sharing
  • 1:37:29 - Announcements
  • 1:39:57 - Closing the circle


  • How to be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson
  • Avoiding the Void (aka The Empty Bowl) blog. Click here to read.
  • The Empty Bowl shamanic journey circle. Click here to watch.
  • My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. Click here.
  • Jellyfish in the Animal Spirit Guide Library. Click here to read.
  • Octopus in the Animal Spirit Guide Library. Click here to read.
  • Sea Anemone in the Animal Spirit Guide Library. Click here to read.
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Transcript of the chat

19:02:26 From Lorna Smithers : Hello Lorna from Penwortham here.
19:02:30 From Tracey : hello its Tracey Wrexham north wales
19:02:32 From Rod & Diane : Hi to everyone from Cumbria 🙏
19:02:36 From HUAtraceybevanWEI EI Y7 2019 : Greetings everyone from southwales looking forward to this
19:02:40 From Ursidia : Hello from Glastonbury!
19:02:41 From Emma Taylor : Hi everyone, Emma from Northwich
19:02:41 From Helen Farrell : Hello, Helen from Omagh in Northern Ireland 🙂
19:02:41 From david : Hello from Birmingham x
19:02:42 From alysonpowell : Good Evening from South Wales.💚
19:02:43 From Fausta DiMascio : Hi from Hampshire
19:02:44 From Beverley Thornton : Hello! Beverley from Bradford, West York
19:02:45 From Richard Fedorko To All Panelists : Hello from Glasgow!!
19:02:46 From Lesley-Anne To All Panelists : Lesley- Anne from Herefordshire
19:02:46 From Mair : Mia from Halifax
19:02:47 From fae : Evening all, fae in Wesham 🙂
19:02:47 From lesley gerrard : Hello. Lesley in Scotland
19:02:48 From Karen C To All Panelists : Good evening everyone, Karen C here from Oxfordshire.
19:02:53 From Eileen : hello from The Borders
19:02:54 From Jill Robinson : Greetings from Jill in Lancaster/
19:02:56 From geraintrees To All Panelists : Hello from Sian in north Wales.
19:02:57 From Allison : hello from Widnes
19:02:59 From Michelle Rocke-Wharin : hi, Michelle in Herefordshire x
19:02:59 From Red : Hi from Portsmouth
19:02:59 From Ilse : hello from Gloucestershire
19:02:59 From Vicki : merry meet from Vicki & Jeff in Warwickshire xx
19:03:01 From Rob & Kalmar : The cat and her feeder here in Norwich.
19:03:02 From Kim : hi Kim from Essex 😍
19:03:03 From Sue & Anne : From Morecambe
19:03:03 From Jayne : Hi from Stoke-on-Trent
19:03:03 From Alison Gaffney : Hi from Alison in South Norwood, South London 💜
19:03:04 From Mandy Storey : Hi, Mandy from Weymouth
19:03:05 From Belinda, County Durham, UK : Evening all, Belinda from County Durham 🙂
19:03:05 From Lee Martin To All Panelists : Hello from Lowestoft
19:03:06 From Karon : Good evening from Essex UK 🇬🇧
19:03:06 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Hi from central New York!
19:03:06 From Helen Johnson : Helen - hi from Chester
19:03:08 From kathycar : Hi its Kathy again from Petersfield 😊
19:03:09 From O&W : hello floe from skipton
19:03:11 From Sandy Beamson : Hello everyone from Sandy in Langport
19:03:12 From jackie kersley : Hi everyone, Jackie from Cullen, north east Scotland. A cold evening and the log burner alight,
19:03:13 From Geoffrey Hulme : Geoff & Chris from Rhos on Sea.
19:03:17 From Katrin Grisby : Hi from Katrin in Lincoln
19:03:24 From Rachel : Hello everyone - Rachel in Bristol x
19:03:25 From jill willis : hi! Jill from Leicester
19:03:27 From Diane : Hello from Northumberland
19:03:30 From Paulina : paulina from Rotherham
19:03:33 From Ian and Zoe : hello from Woking, Surrey
19:03:34 From Jules : Hi everyone
19:03:56 From Eileen : 4 degrees here tonight
19:03:57 From iain bell : Hello Iain from Norwich
19:04:00 From Ann : Ann from Glasgow, hi again😂
19:04:01 From Jules : Jules from Mid Wales
19:04:02 From Tracey Woodley : hi everyone
19:04:23 From Cath : Hi
19:04:38 From Lynn : Hi everyone
19:04:52 From Annie : Hi from Annie in Norfolk
19:05:02 From Eileen : the Borders
19:05:09 From Tracey Woodley : i'm in reading, berkshire
19:05:12 From Alison Gaffney : Can still only see you on minimiser picture size - been like this for last three or four sessions - any advice appreciated - sound great!
Lots of other Zoom calls all fine ?!
19:05:32 From Tina : 12 degrees here on Dartmoor which was a tropical sea millions of years ago
19:06:13 From Ian and Zoe : We can see you fine here
19:06:20 From Joss To All Panelists : Same here it’s very small on my screen too
19:06:43 From Alison Gaffney : Will do 😍
19:12:05 From Tracey Woodley : wonderful thank you
19:12:13 From Alison Gaffney : How lovely - seal came
19:16:39 From Fausta DiMascio : Nicola, Jason and Blue Hail and Welcome xx
19:17:07 From Ali Broughton : Evening to everyone x
19:17:13 From Rob & Kalmar : 78 cards in a tarot deck. well in mine
19:17:19 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : hello from me too!
19:17:49 From Tina To Alison Gaffney and All Panelists : Alison, does your minimised view have a little box on the right with a green arrow, if so click on it, that might do the trick
19:18:11 From Sandy Holt : Hello everyone!!! Sxx 🙂
19:18:11 From fae : I keep losing you 😳
19:18:58 From Tina To fae and All Panelists : Likely to be your end, all good here
19:19:08 From Joss To All Panelists : When I used the email link it was tiny on my screen. I logged out and went on my zoom app and typed in the number 896 0857 8524 and now it’s fine.
19:19:33 From Lorna Smithers : I’m fascinated by sponges at the moment!
19:19:33 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : i really want to work with jellyfish
19:19:45 From Rob & Kalmar : there is a beautiful documentary on Netflix "my octopus teacher"
19:19:46 From Tina To Joss and All Panelists : Thanks Joss, I'll pass that on to Allison
19:20:02 From Lee Martin : I had a jellyfish spirit animal in a journey a few weeks back.
19:20:19 From Helen Farrell : I was snorkelling in Ibiza last week and saw some amazing jellyfish, so this feels very meaningful right now for me
19:20:21 From Heidi Cooper : That’s such a great documentary Rob, it was fascinating
19:20:39 From Sandy Holt : Oooh Helen, lucky you! x
19:20:41 From Tina To Allison and All Panelists : Joss says : When I used the email link it was tiny on my screen. I logged out and went on my zoom app and typed in the number 896 0857 8524 and now it’s fine.
19:21:11 From Alison Gaffney : Tina - Back to big view - While we were welcoming in the elements and directions! Yay 🙏❤️
19:21:27 From Tina To Alison Gaffney and All Panelists : Good news 🙂
19:22:41 From Rob & Kalmar : In the summer the blind pick of carnvor showed up on my walk the following morning. I'm going to be intrigued if any of tonights four will so to me tomorrow. 🙂
19:23:01 From Helen Farrell : I'm actually afraid of octopus, and wonder if I should journey to them tonight?
19:33:11 From iain bell : hello Everyone I just lost Connection did anyone else???
19:33:32 From Rob & Kalmar : nope iain its been good here
19:34:25 From iain bell : ok thanks Rob on Mobile will mentor and quickly swap to Laptop If I need to.
19:49:17 From Helen Farrell : Jellyfish - which I was hoping for!
19:49:18 From Kim : I got anemone and I struggle to sit still and be still
19:49:21 From Rob & Kalmar : 1. Jellyfish for me. Though not sharing too much too soon as per seahorse sounds relevant.
19:49:22 From Fausta DiMascio : Blind picked Octopus - very appropriate at the moment
19:49:25 From jackie kersley : Sea anenome
19:49:29 From Beverley Thornton : Octopus
19:49:29 From Allison : intuition choose jelly fish for me
19:49:36 From Red : Pleased I got octopus
19:49:37 From Ilse : octopus - much to my surprise, but after hearing more it makes sense
19:49:37 From lesley gerrard : Hurrah - seahorse. Changed from card 3 to 4 at last minute.
19:49:40 From Sue & Anne : octopus for me, sea horse for anne
19:49:40 From Katrin Grisby : Seahorse - live life differently
19:49:42 From Alison Gaffney : Seahorse came - so relevant - love the dance and maverick aspects
19:49:47 From Rachel Hawkes : Sea anemone blind pick
19:49:48 From Mandy Storey : Seahorse doing things differently
19:49:50 From kathycar : Interestingly I have chosen sea anemone, my cards have told me to slow down today
19:49:51 From Karon : I chose number 2 beforehand - yes the octopus 🐙 found me
19:49:54 From Michelle Rocke-Wharin : anemone, love the idea of idling after a busy season working on a camp site!
19:49:54 From Sandy Beamson : Sea anemone and I desperately need to slow down
19:49:57 From Lorna Smithers : Octopus was a surprise as have been studying early life and thought I'd get jellyfish. But I am in desperate need of a new perspective on something.
19:49:57 From Tracey : I chose seahorse, I resonate with not giving my vulnerabilities away -some people can take advantage if they think you are insecure
19:50:00 From Colette : I am choosing sea anemone (I nearly went for jellyfish but I’m scared of them). I’m wondering whether to retire at the moment but the idea of idling is scary
19:50:01 From Ursidia : Sea Anemone - Interesting as I move around a lot, and maybe I should settle in one place for a while. I’m quite good at idling, apparently but I am usually busy and especially recently!
19:50:03 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : sea horse as i'm a maverick
19:50:05 From Tracey Woodley : Octopus. yes it resonated for me. although sea hose is a fav animal of mine
19:50:05 From Karen C To All Panelists : Blind pick Anemone. I’m interested to see what comes up
19:50:09 From Richard Fedorko : I got Seahorse and am surprised how appropriate it is for me
19:50:09 From Jill Robinson : I chose octopus and nearly changed to jelly fish when i read the notes but then octopus resonated more for me at the moment.
19:50:09 From AnnyTurner : Octopus. Yes, I need to look at an issue in a different way
19:50:16 From alysonpowell : Seahourse came to me.
19:50:19 From Ann : Octopus. Need to change direction with somethings.
19:50:20 From Fae : Octopus, but I feel seahorse could have a message, I’ll just see what comes
19:50:27 From Gary Llewellyn : Sea anemone - which seems v reasonable as it has been a busy few weeks and I need to recharge.
19:50:28 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Seahorse. I’ve often been told that I’m “different,” so it fits.
19:50:47 From iain bell : Wow I Chose Number 4 the Seahorse and the write had meaning about the details shear whom I trust and thier other elements to like mastering myself and this works as I stated to think my clearnessing Ritual re coaching call!!!
19:50:53 From Colette : As an aside I have never been able to say ‘anemone’ so well done Jason!
19:51:24 From Paulina : Sea anemone - gradual progression here - sna, slug
19:51:24 From Sandy Holt : My immediate choice was 4 - seahorse which I am delighted about as I love them and had a skeleton as a child. I love everything about it and fell in love with its way of life... then i kept having doubts and hovering between 4 and 2. Think I will just see who turns up on the journey! But yes being different and true to yourself and doing things differently really resonates… but maybe i need a new approach….hmmmm
19:51:54 From Ian and Zoe : [Zoe] I was hoping for anemone, I met one for the first time a few weeks ago but chose to pick a card and anemone chose me! Definitely holds meaning for me
19:51:59 From Rob & Kalmar : Sandy …. flip a coin?
19:52:25 From Sandy Holt : Yes good idea…
19:52:30 From Lee Martin : Sea anemone however I can’t see how I can slow down more when I’m at a standstill
19:52:55 From Paulina : Sea anemone - gradual progression here - snail, slug now sea anemone - speed awareness course- slow down 😂😂
19:53:14 From Sandy Holt : I've flipped - seahorse
19:53:15 From Eileen : Jellyfish reached out to me
19:53:44 From Annie : Blind choose octupus
20:21:41 From Fae : I’ll have to wait for dream time and see what comes
20:22:05 From iain bell : Feel again as if I feel asleep again.but feel a time of rest I think saw Seahorse at the start for a slipt second.
20:22:22 From Kim : I got told I have to stop chasing just sit and wait for things or people to come to me. and allow them space to be quiet too
20:22:30 From Lee Martin : The Sea anemone was not about taking it easy but to make yourself more attractive to new clients giving the right aura
20:22:30 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Seahorse taught me to camouflage when necessary but not to live my whole life there. When I emerge in authenticity, the world will consider me both strange and wonderful.😁
20:22:31 From Fausta DiMascio : I turned into a mermaid to travel to octopus – he took me to a cave and filled my arms with many things – I couldn’t hold it all – he told me to put them down around me and focus on one at a time – pick each one up and focus on it then move on to the next one – be more fluid, not rigid
20:22:36 From Rod & Diane : Anemone took me inside and I thought it was going to dissolve me but it dissolved my brain chatter, cleared my mind to allow rest.
Then it’s tentacles did the same.
I swayed with the seas current.
20:22:39 From Kathy Labrum McVittie To All Panelists : seahorse encounter: it was about relieving my husband from the responsibility of looking after the family home
20:22:50 From Ursidia : Beautiful cave full of jewel like anemone. ‘Every thing will come in time , do not rush about and keep quiet. I had my little spirit dog with me, fox stayed in the beach.
20:22:53 From Sandy Beamson : sea anemone told me to have patience.....I asked for support with a family house move x
20:22:54 From Ali Broughton : I was unsure why Sea Anenome choose me but as I asked for support a crashing wave as I opened the door to the room pulled me through. I still wasn't sure why I choose this creature, but at one point I was told "Ask Spirit for the Help you need" which I see as now, sitting back and idling on the problem, ask Spirit and see where it goes from there.
20:22:57 From Allison : I found that hard to connect tonight. I had jellyfish and just kept on getting "just keep gliding" I put a lot of pressure on myself to do things
20:23:04 From Kim : totally opposite
20:23:39 From Tracey Woodley : interesting - not really sure what I've been shown means. It'll be interesting to see what I dream.
20:23:41 From Lorna Smithers : I saw lots of baby octopuses and connected with one and was told I need to learn to use all my tentacles…
20:23:45 From Karen C To All Panelists : I’m not sure Robin (my guide animal) was overly happy to go under the ocean 🙂 I found several sea anemone in rainbow colours. I touched them and they made a sound - like a scale. I sat, and ended up covered in sea weed as I sat. The sound the anemone made was similar to a power song notes I heard in a recent upper world journey.. ‘Au’ and ‘Ra’ (repeating slowly). My perspective I asked, was about chronic pain I’m suffering.
20:23:46 From AnnyTurner : Shapeshifted to Octopus towards the end of the journey and all the advice that came before made so much sense as I could feel it (and how to deal with my issue) through the movement and tactics of Aoctpus
20:24:02 From Colette : I saw lots of things but the ones with most resonance were that I saw and felt a space like a womb several times. Also a young girl who metamorphosed into a woman then an old lady then faded. I feel it’s telling me that I may need to make the most of now as I’m getting older and that time will go quickly
20:24:04 From AnnyTurner : Octopus sorry
20:24:29 From Lesley-Anne To All Panelists : Octopus has little time but accomplishes what they need to - is very selfless and gives to give life to others - but this is entirely right for her.
20:25:11 From Rob & Kalmar : With your narrative into the wood.. I was met by eagle and my power animal. then used my normal axis mundi and route into the lower world coming out at my normal river gorge place. Eagle then flew me to the coast and watched me walk into the sea where I became jellyfish with other jellyfish about. Feeling my human pulse as the pulsing of my jellyfish body. Was there for duration with the thought of the immortal jellyfish who has to die to become its new version. at the call back eagle pulled jellyfish out of the sea where it any my power animal sat with me whilst I morphed back into human me.
20:25:29 From lesley gerrard : Message from seahorse was "anchor in or drift - you decide". I know now to journey while sitting crosslegged as I do in meditation instead of laying down - much less thinking.
20:25:58 From Gary Llewellyn : In the vast ocean of strong conflicting currents, anemone showed me the value of being anchored instead of being drawn to place to place and task to task.
20:27:07 From Sandy Beamson : My dog Bruno came into the room and came up to me, as he touched me he gave me the message to ask for help
20:27:15 From Beverley Thornton : Octopus was the entire landscape and I was moved with the choreography of her tentacles
20:27:34 From Beverley Thornton : I live in a place called Idle lol
20:28:01 From Katrin Grisby : I was met by a dolphin swam from the North Sea to a tropical sea. Met sea horse - I’ve been quiet angry recently and all I could hear was the song lyrics “don’t worry about a thing” with the sea horse swimming with me…a dance
20:28:38 From Sandy Holt : I'm not sure why but I couldn't connect at all. Felt I couldn’t be in the water. But did meet a deer as my guide. But a menacing fox came up which stopped my journeying. I was abruptly back so didn't even get a chance to come back the proper way. This all happened within a minute so just listened to the drum instead and did a jig.
20:28:40 From Rod & Diane : I think I need to do this journey to the middle world as couldn’t see axis Mandi..I was just there at the beach. I felt pain in my chest and couldn’t breathe for a few moments. Also saw a blue light to right bottom of my vision. I think I was meant to go underwater but I can’t just yet.
20:29:12 From Helen Farrell : Jellyfish was very peaceful and showed me to let the direction take me, rather than me taking direction. Go with the flow....
20:29:23 From Annie : I also shape shifted into octopus. I fell into his eyes and could feel the water gliding against my eight legs. Then paused on the seabed and swayed with the tidal ebb and flow. Be patient and go with the flow?
20:29:31 From Sandy Holt : Ah Rod and Diane, I couldn't go into the water either.
20:29:40 From Rob & Kalmar : Not the first time I've shape shifted into jellyfish. hmmm
20:30:23 From Tracey Woodley : ok thank you, I will 🙂
20:30:24 From Alison Gaffney : A loved seal companion came to greet me and guide me in the waters. I felt free and safe in the waters
Seahorses were dancing - I was in the same scale and experienced the fluidity of movement ... the message of seahorse is about a time of gestation - I witnessed the birthing of so many little seahorses - a time of creativity dancing into being, letting go and releasing into the water
20:31:43 From Ann : My dolphin met me and swam with octopus, moved me away from usual path showed a way to distance from where issues occur. Showed pictures of where I should go.
20:32:05 From lesley gerrard : That's interesting Karen. Maybe tone the sounds you heard to see if that helps with your pain.
20:34:17 From Cheryl Anderson : was given octopus was not given a companion but told to travel alone. octopus sending out its tentacles told me to try different things and not to be afraid to it alone. Even if like the octopus I lose a tentacle it will grow back. so meaning I have nothing yo lose.
20:34:50 From Karen C To All Panelists : I am trying that Lesley and have been for a day or two. It seems that seaweed is very good for healing - anti-inflammatory and thyroid function. This might be of direct help.
20:35:05 From Alison Gaffney : What wonderful journeys and messages from everyone - thank you - inspiring and moving
20:35:55 From Sandy Holt : Thank you I will. Deer and Fox. xx
20:36:12 From lesley gerrard : Wow I got blue lights too.
20:37:58 From Fausta DiMascio : I heard a humming too during the journey
20:38:37 From Karen C To All Panelists : Interesting that a few of us got sounds.
20:39:31 From Ann : I had hypnotherapy in order to swim in the Indian Ocean.
20:40:19 From Sandy Beamson : Sound healing....different aspects to this including ultrasound (physiotherapy) so worth exploring to release your pain x
20:40:25 From Kim : I didn't actually go into the water as I'm so afraid of it but I sat by a rock pool with my guide
20:40:38 From Karen C To All Panelists : I will SAndy, thank you.
20:42:47 From Alison Gaffney : Blue looks so relaxed and at ease💙
20:43:12 From Tracey Woodley : Brilliant evening. Thank you to all who shared their journey
20:43:34 From AnnyTurner : My computer just froze so had to come on via my phone… just wanted to say that I live near the sea so kind of imagined I’d walk into the sea from the beach , but I just walked straight into deep water as if I were already deep under the sea, not scary at all because I could breathe easily under the water.
20:43:36 From iain bell : really Enjoying tonight's Circle as I did not Journey probably I will do the Replay.
20:44:33 From Ali Broughton : Thank you for this evening, lovely as usual x
20:44:43 From alysonpowell : Loved being in the water tonight. Thank you for a beautiful evening. Feel like I have been home. Have a good week everyone.💚
20:45:00 From Kathy Labrum McVittie : thank you. I too walked into deep sea safely
20:45:02 From Colette : Thankyou so much for tonight )0(
20:45:02 From Carol Cupitt Parks : Blue’s purring is the best healing sound.
20:45:07 From AnnyTurner : Alyson 🙏🥰
20:45:19 From Sandy Beamson : Blessings to you all especially to Jason and Nicola, love to you both 🌸🍀
20:45:23 From Jayne : Thank you for another wonderful evening
20:45:26 From Karen C : Thank you to everyone for being here tonight.
20:45:36 From HUAtraceybevanWEI EI Y7 2019 : Thankyou thankyou thankyou & blue soo soothing 🙏💗🙏
20:45:39 From Richard Fedorko : An amazing journey with much to reflect upon, thank you so much
20:45:59 From Jill Robinson : A sound therapist. called Jeff Moran has worked with cat purr
20:47:38 From Emma Taylor : Thank you for a wonderful evening, I had a very insightful journey to jellyfish 🙏
20:48:47 From Fausta DiMascio : thank you for another wonderful evening with such interesting animals, hail and farewell - blessed be to all xx
20:49:01 From Annie : I loved the opportunity to journey to the sea. For me it was a good and insightful journey. Thanks to you both
20:49:03 From Rob & Kalmar : hail and fair well
20:49:10 From Sandy Holt : Thank you so so much xx
20:49:11 From Lorna Smithers : Thank you - fascinating to learn about the different sea creatures 🙂
20:49:14 From Ursidia : Good night everyone! Lovely evening…but I am very very fond of water….
20:49:18 From Mandy Storey : Thankyou 💫
20:49:21 From Beverley Thornton : Thank you, All. Hail and Farewell
20:49:22 From Ian and Zoe : thhank you
20:49:24 From Jill Robinson : Thank you. Hail ans frwell.
20:49:34 From Fae : Thank you everyone, Jason, Nicola, Tina & Blue xx
20:49:35 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you 🙏 great evening
20:49:35 From Colette : Hail and farewell )0(
20:49:40 From david : Thank you. xxx
20:49:41 From AnnyTurner : 🙏🏼🥰🙏🏼
20:49:42 From Kim : bye guys
20:49:44 From Sue & Anne : thanks
20:49:44 From Rod & Diane : Thank you so much..more to work with, exciting stuff