Free Introductory Shamanic Journey Course

A Guided Journey

What this course is about.

Now is the time to Journey. In the last Lesson we went through all the preparations that you need to make beforehand, what to do during the journey and how to come back and then journal what you were given at the end.

In this Lesson we have created a Guided Journey for you to follow. This is a 20-minute or so audio recording of a Journey we have prepared to guide you to the Lowerworld. 

Before you go on your Shamanic Journey we also talk about safety, as this is a common question which gets asked. 

Now that you have completed a Journey to the Lower World you may want to take this further with us. In the advanced course on shamanic journeying we have many more lessons which go into great detail about interpretation and the different types of journey that can be engaged with.

There are a further twelve lessons to help you make the most of your journeying along with numerous guided journeys and a selection of unguided drum journey tracks of various lengths for when you're ready to go it alone.

 To go deeper with us you have a couple of options.

Firstly you can purchase the full advanced journey ecourse which comprises of nineteen lessons and numerous guided and unguided journey audio tracks along with a quick start guide, a troubleshooting guide and a journey resource pack. This is available for £90 and can be downloaded immediately on purchasing. Here's the link to find out more...

Alternatively you can become a Premium Member of our Mystery School and get full access to the advanced Journey ecourse along with lots of other valuable content for just £14 per month. What's more, there's no financial commitment! If you find it not right for you, or you've explored all you want you can cancel at anytime without having to contact us, even after just one payment. Click here to find out more.

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