Free Introductory Shamanic Journey Course

Preparation and departure

In this Lesson we are going to build on this and get to the nitty gritty of going on a Shamanic Journey, beginning with explaining how to get yourself ready.


As with any spiritual practice it really helps if we ensure we get ourselves into the right energetic, mental and emotional state before we begin. Otherwise we may find ourselves spending the entire time worrying about day to day issues or find it harder to drop into the zone of connection.


We go on to explain three essential things which you must follow in order to Journey, and these are:

  • Firstly deciding on where you are going to Journey from. All Journeys need a starting point and a place to return to and this is the Axis Mundi.
  • Secondly to decide what you are going to Journey for. Why do you want to go on a Shamanic Journey? What guidance are you seeking? This is called ‘setting an intention.
  • Thirdly to Journey with a guide. If you were visiting that new town or city you hadn’t gone to before, you would find it so much easier to find your way around if you went with a friend. So, with Shamanic Journeying we often journey with a guide, a friend who will show us around.

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