Free Introductory Shamanic Journey Course

The benefits of journeying

What this course is about.

In this Lesson we  discuss the benefits of Journeying. We briefly lay out the ways that Journeying can help even in our modern day life, and explain how we can effectively make big changes in our lives once we have access to our Guides in the other realms, however we see them.


Our Guides in the other realm have seen everything before, many times, and once we build a relationship with them we’ll begin to understand that they have the blueprint to our best possible life. They know how to help us, and they really know what we need even if we don’t. 


Through Shamanic Journeying we can gain access to a higher source of wisdom and build strong and long-lasting relationships with Spirit Guides and receive and understand messages from Spirit. We can then use this information to begin to heal and fix our lives, which are so often broken by the chaotic lifestyle this system imposes on us.


By building a relationship with our Guides we will know which one to go to with a particular life problem and begin to work at it bit by bit with an adviser by our side. Through Journeying we can begin to get a deep understanding of ourselves, what makes us tick and what really makes us fulfilled in life.

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