Free Introductory Shamanic Journey Course

The history of shamanic journeying

In this Lesson we’re going to take a look at the history of Journeying and how it fits into our Shamanic toolkit.  By looking at how modern day indigenous tribes use Journeying to connect with their Spirit Guides we can ascertain the history of the practice to a great degree. We can trace it's legacy right back to the Stone Age. Archeologists have studied ancient rock art and found that deep in the caves there is evidence that our long-ago predecessors used substances or the drumbeat to induce the trance state in order to Journey.


Shamanic Journeying has been used all over the World for many tens of thousands of years and our links with the Otherworlds or realms have only been broken very recently when civilisation moved away from a deep connection with nature and that which cannot be easily explained by science and logic.


Towards the end of this Lesson we share the definition of Shamanism and how Journeying is a key part of this. Although this course isn’t about Shamanism, as Shamanic Journeying is a core technique practiced within Shamanism, we want to explain here how it all ties in.

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