Here's the recording of our December 2021 Winter Solstice journey circle and celebration. 

The focus of this circle was working with the element of Earth. Jason began by sharing information about this element and then gave a drum bath with our ceremonial drum, Moorland Whisper. Then, Nicola shared the natural history and underlying energy of one of the animals most closely associated with the earth: Mole. She then led a guided shamanic journey to seek insights from Mole around 'coming down to Earth'. We wrapped up with a Winter Solstice ceremony setting out intentions for this winter.


You can download the Grounding Drum audio track using the button at the bottom of this page. The transcript of the chat is below.

During the evening we referenced from the book 'Practical Elemental Magick' by David Rankin and Sorita D'Este. Here's the link to it on Amazon.

Two further books were referenced in the chat box by fellow participants. These were: 

Here is a link to the Mary Oliver poem: Moles

Transcript of the chat

18:59:32 From Susan Wild : Good evening x
18:59:34 From Annkat : hello
18:59:40 From Eileen : Gratitude to you both
18:59:48 From Gemma Bevan : Good evening everyone
18:59:48 From Victoria To All Panelists : Greetings from Preston x
18:59:48 From Paulina : Hi everyone from Rotherham
18:59:58 From Jacinta : Good evening all. Lovely to be here❤️
18:59:59 From Steve W : Good evening everyone and solstice greetings from Topcliffe in North Yorkshire.
Looking forward to sharing tonight with you all.
I’m planning a trip out at dawn to drum in the “return of the light” but It’s been grey and foggy here for 4 days so may not see much of the sunrise😀😀😀
19:00:01 From Sue Stone : Hi from Sue & Anne in Morecambe
19:00:04 From Rachel Hawkes : Evening from Kent
19:00:04 From Katie Joanne : Good evening everyone, from cold and chilly Valley of Wild Garlic (Ramsbottom) xxx
19:00:05 From Kelly Kennedy : good evening everyone xxxx
19:00:06 From david : Hi from Birmingham!x
19:00:06 From Gaynor : evening everyone from Kent
19:00:08 From Kyla : Hello from a very cold Stoke-on-Trent ^.=.^
19:00:09 From Xenia Meinert : Hi Jason and Nicola, hi everyone. Blessed Solstice from Germany.
19:00:10 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Hurraaaaaah Good Evening! Anny in Scarborough
19:00:12 From Karen : Hello and good evening everyone Solstice Blessings to all
19:00:12 From HUAWEI Y7 2019 : Good evening from southwales finally got in 😊🙏💖
19:00:12 From Sujatin Johnson : SUJATIN IN PERTH - HELLO!
19:00:13 From 658168 : Solstice blessings from Jo in Much Wenlock x
19:00:14 From Sheena : Hi everyone from Surrey
19:00:15 From Helen Towers : Hi both - Solstice blessings from Kendal ❤️❤️❤️
19:00:15 From Susan Davies : hi, Susan from newcastle here 🙂
19:00:16 From George : hi from george in devon
19:00:17 From jackie kersley : Hi everyone. I’m looking forward to this evening.
From Cullen north Scotland.
19:00:18 From Sally Thompson : With love to you all, Preston Sally x
19:00:18 From Annkat : oh yea from Sheffield
19:00:18 From Kim : hi guys
19:00:21 From Rod & Diane : Hi from Cumbria 😊
19:00:22 From fae : Evening everyone, Fae from Wesham xx
19:00:23 From Jaqui Long : hi from Jaqui in Sheffield
19:00:23 From caroline To All Panelists : Hi Everyone from Caroline in Somerset
19:00:24 From Annie : Hi to you all. Solistice blessings from Annie in Norfolk
19:00:24 From Linda Monteith : Hi from linda in Edinburgh xx
19:00:25 From jayne mcfarlane To All Panelists : Helloo everyone xx
19:00:26 From Sheila P Craig : hi from Sheila in Altrincham x
19:00:27 From Richard Fedorko : Hello from Glasgow!
19:00:32 From SharonH : Hello 🙂
19:00:32 From Ann : Hi everyone, Ann from Glasgow.
19:00:34 From Katrin Grisby To All Panelists : Hi from Katrin in Lincoln xx
19:00:35 From Shelly : Hi from Shelly and Jo in Winchester xx
19:00:36 From Ursidia : Good evening from West Cornwall! Left Kent last week…
19:00:37 From Charlie Murray : Hiya from Charlie in The Moray Firth Coast
19:00:40 From Kim : hi from essex
19:00:40 From Mair : Hi from Mair in Halifax x
19:00:40 From Rob Pearson : hi from Bromley Kent
19:00:43 From Anne Jepson : Hi from Surrey xx
19:00:44 From Gill Dunkerley : Hello all, nice to be here for my first Winter Solstice!
19:00:46 From Red : Merry Yule from Portsmouth
19:00:46 From Julie Keadle : Hi Everyone, From Gettysburg PA. USA
19:00:47 From Brighid Black To All Panelists : Hello from Brighid in County Durham
19:00:49 From Danielle : Hi from Danielle in Birmingham 🙂
19:00:50 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hi from Melanie in Standish! Happy Winter Solstice!
19:00:51 From Sarah Fillingham : Hello from Sarah in York!
19:00:51 From Rob Pearson : 6
19:00:53 From Geoff & Chris Hulme : Hello from Geoff in Rhos on Sea
19:00:55 From Ali Broughton : Hello from Norfolk
19:00:55 From Susan : Hi everyone Solstice Blessings to you all .Susan from Buckshaw village
19:00:56 From Norma Corp : hello everyone from Weston-super-mare Somerset
19:00:56 From Betty Weltz : Hello from Finedon
19:00:56 From Angela Birchall : Hi from Southport. Loving the idea of the light days coming back because of the horses having to be brought in before dark. X
19:00:58 From Sue Hofman : Hello from Selsey
19:01:03 From Jude : Greetings Tribe from Jude on pilgrimage in Glastonbury xXx
19:01:04 From Janis McCall To All Panelists : Hi from Argyll Scotland
19:01:04 From davina : Hello every one love davina in Stone henge campsite 🥰
19:01:05 From sheila powell : Hello from "over the pond" - Sheila
19:01:07 From Alison Gaffney : Hi everyone - Alison in South Norwood, South London
19:01:08 From sue parlby : Hello everyone on this Solstice Eve! Planning to go out and catch the dawn with a friend.
19:01:08 From Rachel Hawkes : Yes, planning to get out with my daughter
19:01:11 From Lynne Alexander To All Panelists : Hello to you all from Loch Tay….happy solstice ❄️
19:01:13 From Sadie Simmonds : Hello everyone!
19:01:18 From Ali : Evening from Manchester.
19:01:26 From dlsol : hello everyone this my first journey circle with you all Debbie
19:01:26 From maureen : Hello from Partington in Manchester
19:01:35 From Annkat : January am from sheffield
19:01:36 From jayne powell : Hello from Stoke-on-Trent
19:01:40 From alysonpowell : Hi from South Wales 💚
19:01:45 From gratitudeandgrace To All Panelists : London solstice greetings
19:01:51 From Jules : Hi from mid Wales.
19:01:53 From Katie Joanne : Good for you Jason - terrible treatment of the GRT community in general xxx
19:01:56 From Brenda : Hi from Essex.
19:01:57 From Maggie Scott : Hello from Maggie in Cumbria
19:02:02 From Paulina : Jason can we send positive vibes to the meeting?
19:02:08 From Steve W : Hats off to you!!! GOOD LUCK.
19:02:13 From 658168 To All Panelists : Good luck tomorrow night with that xx
19:02:15 From Rachel Hawkes : Great that you can offer help. Good luck!
19:02:17 From Angela Birchall : Good luck with the planning meeting.
19:02:28 From Jude Shaw To All Panelists : Hi from Jude. Lovely to be here. x
19:02:34 From Geoff Curle : Hello from Bedford
19:02:39 From Rachael Halliday : Hello, hello, hello everyone, from Rachael in ✨
19:02:40 From Gemma Bevan : Bringing in the light to a tough situation for them.
19:02:42 From Pam : Hello x
19:02:42 From Sandy : Hello from Sandy and pup on the Somerset levels 🦅
19:02:59 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : positive vibes from Wales too , so glad you are supporting them xx
19:03:13 From Dorothy Robbie : Hello from Forfar Scotland from Dorothy
19:03:16 From Dan : Hi from Newcastle
19:03:42 From Charlie Murray : Tina, the sound is a bit echoy, but perhaps I am used to the quality of replays
19:03:52 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Hello to everyone from London. Solstice greetings and sending positive intentions for your meeting tomorrow. xxx
19:03:56 From Rob Lines : Hi, from myself and Kalmar the cat from Trowse, Norwich.
19:04:00 From Sharon : Hello to everyone xx
19:04:03 From Jaqui Long : sounds good here
19:04:03 From Norma Corp : doesn't sound echoey to me
19:04:29 From sue parlby : Very echoey and keeps cutting out for me!
19:04:30 From Kathy McVittie : Hello lovelies, I really long for this tonight xxx
19:04:35 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Soooo need this evening! And the Drum Bath sounds just the job!
19:04:48 From Zoom user To All Panelists : Hi from Hertfordshire
19:04:48 From Sandy Holt : Hello from Stratford-upon-Avon, sending lots of love out to you all! xx
19:05:05 From Jill Robinson : Solstice Greetings from Jill in a rather cold Lancaster
19:05:11 From Katie Joanne : Hi Kathy xxx Big hug from Manchester xxx
19:05:23 From Katie Joanne : Hi Jill xx
19:05:28 From Katie Joanne : Hi Anny xx
19:05:29 From Gemma Sealey : Solstice blessings from Hertfordshire x
19:06:02 From Rachel Hawkes : Love the healing drum bath - that will be so amazing with such a great group! Can’t wait.
19:06:08 From Ali : Sounds lovely, Jason.
19:06:10 From deb : Solstice greeting from south lakes🌝🌞
19:06:12 From Paulina : Thank you for the drum bath - be nice to release the old year too - welcoming in the new
19:06:49 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Oh WOWWWWWWWWWWW
19:07:10 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Moorland Whisper - sounds amazing!
19:07:19 From Jess Jones To All Panelists : Fab, love drum healing 🙂
19:07:29 From Katie Joanne : 💗 xxx
19:07:45 From sue parlby : Ooh - Moorland Whisper sounds fabulous!
19:07:54 From Nayra To All Panelists : Good evening everybody!
19:08:16 From Jess Jones : Fab, love drum healing 🙂
19:08:24 From Sharon Neill : Solstice greetings from Northern Ireland.
19:08:44 From Katie Joanne : Solstice Blessings Sharon xx
19:08:53 From Jude : WoW!!
19:08:58 From Kelly Kennedy : WOW….now that’s a DRUM xxx
19:09:19 From Norma Corp : wow love that drum love Blue
19:09:20 From Rob Lines : I'll tap my chest bone
19:09:35 From Charlie Murray : Headphones working, thanks
19:16:43 From Katie Joanne : Beautiful xx
19:16:55 From Jacinta : Thank you Jason that really took me back home to the mountains and valleys in Wales x
19:16:58 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : 🙏🤗
19:16:59 From Xenia Meinert : Beautiful. Feeling totally safe and Held in that valley.
19:17:17 From Ursidia : Loved that….I felt I really needed it.
19:17:23 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Phew Sue and Maggie just arrived ❤️
19:17:27 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : The valley is a cradle
19:22:38 From Katie Joanne : Hail and welcome xxx
19:22:50 From Xenia Meinert : Hail and welcome. xxx
19:23:09 From Rob Lines : Hail & welcome
19:23:22 From Melanie To All Panelists : It’s so special to be here!
19:24:10 From Paulina : It means so much, especially when we wouldn't be able to celebrate with other like minded beings this special night if it wasn't for this event - thank you one and all. Solstice blessings
19:24:37 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Oh yes Paulina...
19:24:38 From Rachael Halliday : Somehow I knew we’d go here tonight 🍄
19:24:47 From Katie Joanne : Nice to be here with you Paulina and everyone xxx
19:25:18 From Miranda : So good to be in this
19:25:21 From Melanie To All Panelists : When we were laying in the valley on our backs, I felt my roots going down into the earth
19:25:23 From Miranda : circle
19:25:27 From Annkat : I am in love with mushrooms 🍄
19:25:48 From Ursidia : Miranda, hi there!
19:25:50 From Katie Joanne : 👐🤝 xx
19:25:52 From Susie Fox : It seems to be the season of mushrooms, I am seeing them so much on my country walks.
19:26:09 From Kelly Kennedy : I love St Francis, been to Assisi many times xxx
19:26:17 From Melanie To All Panelists : Me too Annkat!🍄
19:26:29 From Paulina : When Jason starts to talk fungi, I just see the tree in Avatar and plugging in to the magic and etheric. 🙂
19:26:46 From Katie Joanne : I love Avatar as a film xxx
19:26:48 From Rachel Hawkes : A two way flow
19:26:51 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I am sooo aware of that now It seems easy to tune into, the mycelium
19:27:00 From Paulina : Totally agree
19:27:14 From Susie Fox : Love the colours of Fly Agaric
19:27:20 From Rachel Hawkes : Giving thanks to Mother Earth, such a great part of grounding
19:27:23 From Paulina : We don't have to speak - just attune in the silence
19:27:25 From Melanie To All Panelists : That’s awesome PAULINA! I love that movie too.
19:27:27 From Xenia Meinert : The mycelium is so fascinating! So happy that I was introduced to that world.
19:27:32 From Kathy McVittie : Thos is so on point what I have been feeling and finding this last sabbat
19:27:55 From Paulina : It's merging our energies
19:28:25 From Paulina : It's like the electricity going down the cables
19:28:50 From Xenia Meinert : Yes, Right Paulina, like electricity. 🙂
19:28:51 From Katie Joanne : I have really been dialling in further to the Earth and listening with my feet on the ground since last circle... some amazing energy in moss! xxx
19:29:13 From Susie Fox : There will be an energetic Mycelium threading across the planet as well as a physical Mycelium threading itself across the earth. We can tap into both.
19:29:33 From Melanie To All Panelists : 👍🏻
19:29:40 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Oh yes Susie! (hello!)
19:29:49 From Katie Joanne : Yes @Susie xx
19:29:50 From Susie Fox : Hello x
19:30:31 From Paulina : I love the gnomes and elves - NW corner - Norse mythology too
19:31:01 From Sharon Neill : Much can be said in silence.
19:34:40 From Kathy McVittie : This is bringing tears; utterly lovely and with simplicity and solidity.
19:34:58 From Gemma Bevan : It makes a lot of sense I was up early and went for a walk in the woods before dawn. All I could smell was damp earth and the woods were very quiet.
19:35:30 From Susan : Tearful and humility .Susan
19:35:47 From Chris : Silence must be heard song by Enigma. The time has come to learn that silence must be heard
19:36:25 From Xenia Meinert : Absolutely Beautiful and fabulous text, resonates with me very much.
19:36:38 From Pauline Elsworth : what are the core messages of fire and air please?
19:38:00 From Rachel Hawkes : This makes so much sense. There is also a great book called Grounding, which I would recommend, it really has the science behind this power.
19:38:18 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : this is a great reminder, thank you
19:38:24 From Jess Jones : Think I need a mud bath!!
19:38:33 From Susie Fox : Rachel who is the author?
19:38:53 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : Sorita d'Este
19:39:00 From Pauline Elsworth : Thank you
19:39:10 From Rachel Hawkes : Sorry its called Earthing - by Clinton Ober.
19:39:14 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : 😚☺️
19:40:00 From Xenia Meinert : I just hopped over to a well-known online book resource and put it on my wishlist. 🙂 Yes, Sorita D'Este
19:40:17 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Moles eat earthworms…
19:40:19 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : for me: without negative there is no positive, without positive no negative. like light and dark, belong together
19:40:27 From Katie Joanne : The book Jason is reading from is 'Practical Elemental Magick' by David Rankine and Sorita d'Este. xxx
19:41:00 From Paulina : I agree Veronica
19:41:00 From Jacinta : I dreamt about a mole the other night😊
19:41:17 From Lindsay Trevarthen : I teach that to my qigong students for relieving stress, worry and grief.
19:41:18 From Rachel Hawkes : They are another amazing pair! Sorita has written some great books on Hecate.
19:41:34 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Yes I was conscious of the mycelium through my back, in our opening meditation in the valley
19:41:41 From Susie Fox : Thanks Rachel. When I did Seichem Mastership I I had been on an allotment waiting list on the council and suddenly, I got an allotment. They had decided to cut the allotments available in half and give perfectly big enough allotments out to those on the waiting list. Spirit was agreeing: now you have Seichem Mastership you need to dig mud!!!!
19:42:02 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : yes Rachel read a bit of her x
19:43:23 From Rachel Hawkes : @susie - soo fab!
19:43:25 From Lindsay Trevarthen : I have several books on silence.
19:43:36 From Katie Joanne : 'Practical Planetary Magick' by Sorita talks from the aspect of the skies (sun, moon etc.) - also interesting. xx
19:43:49 From Ali : R
19:43:53 From Rachel Hawkes : Ahh thanks Katie - another one to add to the list!
19:44:01 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Netflix Fantastic Funghi explains brilliantly about mycelium & it’s properties of dealing with oil spills is amazing.
19:44:09 From Ali : The pulsing mycelium....
19:44:56 From Rachel Hawkes : Can’t wait!
19:45:01 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Not at all!
19:45:01 From Melanie To All Panelists : Yes, live!!
19:45:24 From Annkat : no you carry on Jason, can't wait.
19:45:35 From Sam Ben : live drumming will be fabulous, thank you!
19:46:15 From Jacinta : Beautiful
19:46:43 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : (I'm holding my thumb up at the screen like you can see!)
19:46:49 From Ali : Not great for me, I'm afraid
19:46:51 From Kathy McVittie : magical sound
19:46:53 From Ali Broughton : very distorted for me
19:46:55 From Rachel Hawkes : Has a lot of reverb
19:46:55 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Lots of reverb
19:46:56 From Jude Shaw To All Panelists : it is very fuzzy
19:46:57 From Jaqui Long : very distorted here, I'll try headphones
19:46:58 From Susie Fox : A lot of vibration
19:47:01 From 658168 : A lot of feedback
19:47:06 From Linda Monteith : Distorted
19:47:10 From Xenia Meinert : Distorted for me too.
19:47:10 From Lisa : seems better more gently
19:47:11 From Ali Broughton : better
19:47:12 From Jude Shaw To All Panelists : thats better
19:47:13 From Lisa : much nicer
19:47:14 From jackie kersley To All Panelists : Sounds like sci Fi alien voice to me
19:47:14 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Much better
19:47:14 From Linda Monteith : Better
19:47:14 From 658168 : Better
19:47:15 From Susie Fox : That’s good
19:47:16 From Rachael Halliday : Better
19:47:17 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Better on lower volume
19:47:18 From Paulina : better with earphones - brilliant
19:47:18 From Xenia Meinert : much better.
19:47:18 From sue parlby : yes much better!
19:47:18 From Brenda : distorted with headphones
19:47:19 From Jacinta : Sounds good to me👍
19:47:20 From Kathy McVittie : yes
19:47:20 From Rachel Hawkes : great
19:47:20 From Karen : better
19:47:22 From Paula Caffrey : Better
19:47:22 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : It must sound amazing, in your house ☺️
19:47:22 From Nayra To All Panelists : better
19:47:23 From Gemma Bevan : That's clearer
19:47:24 From Melanie To All Panelists : That’s better!
19:47:24 From Ali : Better
19:47:24 From kathycar To All Panelists : Distorted, ah that’s better
19:47:26 From Susan Wild : that's ok
19:47:27 From Deborah Wale : better
19:47:28 From Brighid Black To All Panelists : yes lovely
19:47:28 From Jules : Great
19:47:30 From Annkat : OK 👌
19:47:31 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Wonderful
19:47:33 From Kim : very quiet
19:47:34 From Gary Llewellyn : That sounds far better
19:47:34 From Steve W : Sounds good here
19:47:34 From Ali Broughton : 👏
19:47:37 From Eileen : Brilliant
19:47:45 From Sarah Fillingham : 👍🏻
19:47:47 From Jaqui Long : better, but very quiet
19:47:48 From Paulina : sounds like a heartbeat
19:47:48 From kathycar : That’s better
19:47:52 From ann59 : Sounds fine now
19:47:54 From Sharon : Lovely
19:47:54 From lynne To All Panelists : Perfect💜
19:47:55 From 658168 : Very quiet though, I’ll drum along anyway
19:48:09 From Rachael Halliday : Gentle
19:48:09 From Melanie To All Panelists : That might put me to sleep🤣
19:48:16 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Those with earphones turn up on the quieter beat, it's fab and very immersive!
19:48:21 From Janet : that's right now , a pulse
19:48:21 From Paula Caffrey : lovely
19:48:23 From Karen : perfect
19:48:27 From Paulina : perfect love it
19:48:31 From Charlie Murray : Wow love it
19:48:31 From sue parlby : really good with headphonnes
19:48:32 From Sam Ben : sounds great
19:48:33 From Xenia Meinert : That's good with headphones.
19:48:37 From Ann : 👍
19:48:54 From Dorothy Robbie : Quiet but clear
19:49:01 From Alison Gaffney : Yes good with headphones
19:49:25 From Chris : thanks Jason it feels special having someone drum live - lovely sound
19:49:47 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Is this the journey
19:50:12 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Thank you
19:52:58 From Melanie To All Panelists : Feels like the heartbeat of Mother Earth.
19:54:25 From Kevin Howells To All Panelists : Very quiet here
20:04:26 From Steve W : Thank you 💚🙏
20:04:41 From Rachael Halliday : Thank you. At first the rate made me feel the earth is still young. Then I wondered is it was more rapid because she is distressed. What action do we take for distressed beings…. Oxygen. I can’t put an oxygen mask on… by being her I deplete it so the message “plant trees, heal me, plant trees, love me” in time to the rhythm was the message I have received. Having repeated it mantra-like it felt the tone changed, the pulse felt fuller and stronger somehow. Thank you 🙏
20:04:48 From Julie Keadle : Thank you
20:04:53 From Jacinta : Thank you that was so beautiful 🙏
20:04:58 From Paulina : Beautiful and powerful, thank you
20:05:01 From Xenia Meinert : Wonderful Jason, thank you! It's like being in the womb of Mother Earth.
20:05:11 From Annkat : Thank-you 💓
20:05:13 From maureen : Very relaxing to hear
20:05:14 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : Thank you😊
20:05:15 From Ali : Thank you, that was special.
20:05:19 From Kyla : Very powerful. It reminded me of something the dragons told me once, that the planet was not just called Gaia, but Mother Heart. (apparently we put the H at the end instead of the beginning and called it Earth) Not only because the planet had a heartbeat but because she looks after her children with unconditional love.
20:05:26 From kathycar : 🙏
20:05:36 From Susan : exactly my feeling womb og
20:05:36 From Kathy McVittie : exquisite experience
20:05:39 From Sam Ben : So beautiful, thank you!
20:05:40 From Veronika Cheasley-Rau : wonderful! soany voices in that drum
20:05:42 From Alison Gaffney : Very deep and powerful - grounding
20:05:43 From Jaqui Long : thank you, so stilling. I'd love if you could add a recording of that to the journey tracks!
20:05:48 From Rachel Hawkes : So connected to you all via the drum. Thank you Jason. Yes, Mother Earth was there
20:05:51 From alysonpowell : Beautiful. Thank you.
20:05:51 From Jules : I absolutely loved that thankyou. Like being in a cocoon
20:05:53 From Katrin Grisby : Thank you 🙏 felt calming
20:05:53 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : It was wonderful, and I really liked that you didn't just stop, at the end
20:05:58 From Geoff Curle : So grounding🙏
20:06:00 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : that was amazing and powerful and strong- thank you Jason
20:06:02 From Gaynor : thank you, wonderful, felt really rooted to ground
20:06:10 From Janet : I held my lump of anthracite between both palms and felt the silence
20:06:10 From Xenia Meinert : I felt relaxed and safe and cared for.
20:06:11 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Wow. Strength and resolution were what came to me.
20:06:23 From Susan : in the womb of the earth .beautiful .Susan
20:06:23 From Paulina : I found it healing me, then the Earth, then the power along the ley lines, and finally as though I was in the womb heartbeat to heartbeat with Mother Earth
20:06:23 From Alison Gaffney : I feel so still and contained now
20:06:24 From Gemma Sealey : Thank you, that was the most wonderful gift when everything around us is so chaotic, I felt rooted back and the deep heart entwining. x
20:06:29 From Ali : Yes, to have that as a drumming track would be wonderful.
20:06:30 From sue parlby : I feel beautifully heavy and started chanting very low at one point
20:06:36 From Katie Joanne : A rebalancing and resetting of heart beat in self and the ground around me xx
20:06:36 From Rachel : Wonderful ❤️
20:07:00 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : So peaceful and grounding
20:07:02 From Alison Gaffney : Yes!
20:07:02 From Xenia Meinert : oh yes please, a drumming track! <3
20:07:08 From Kathy McVittie : yes pleae!
20:07:10 From maureen : Good idea Jason
20:07:13 From Rachel Hawkes : Yes, amazing chants came through
20:07:16 From Paulina : I agree - do we know when the healing drum course will start?
20:07:17 From Katrin Grisby : Yes please drumming track just as it is
20:07:20 From Jules : Would love to do that outside by a tree, or in a tree!
20:07:21 From Cheryl : tears have come to my eyes tears of release
20:07:22 From Norma Corp : very calming like in the womb comforting nurturing thank you needed that tonight peaceful love to hear it on q recording I can play again 🙏❤
20:07:25 From Lindsay Trevarthen : addendum
20:07:27 From deb To All Panelists : Deeply calming thank you!
20:07:30 From Deborah Wale : I joined in with my own drum for some of it, was wonderful. as a journey track would be fab.
20:07:46 From Karen Carter : would definitely love to hear that as a track
20:07:47 From Katie Joanne : I drummed along xx
20:07:49 From davina To All Panelists : Wonderful , you gifted the campsite a healing drum beat as I played along in my pod , thankyou
20:08:09 From Xenia Meinert : a Grounding and healing drum track <3
20:08:12 From Katie Joanne : It's lovely as a grounding sound bath - helps to root you daily xx
20:08:17 From Kathy McVittie : it took me to a deep confiding
20:08:22 From Ann : Opened up hidden memories.
20:08:27 From Jaqui Long : thank you, would be great to access that again
20:08:27 From Sandy Holt : felt very rooted also …even my beautiful cat Oberon came downstairs and sat and listened. he went back up as soon as you stopped. x
20:08:30 From Paulina : I waiting patiently - seen another online - but would rather remain within this group
20:08:55 From Sandy Holt : Yes he’s a strange one - usually runs from noise
20:09:03 From Jess Jones : Felt like went back to times of cavemen!
20:09:12 From Katie Joanne : The next door neighbours dog stopped barking after a minute of me drumming. My neighbour has just texted me to tell me lol xxx
20:10:01 From Alison Gaffney : It took me away from the worldly trouble that I was having difficulty releasing - so many thanks🙏
20:12:24 From Sharon Neill : What colour is the mole?
20:12:50 From Rob Lines : silver black
20:13:22 From Jude : Fascinating xXx
20:14:01 From Katie Joanne : This is so on point for me xxx
20:14:18 From Sharon Neill : Thank You. Am blind.
20:14:26 From Katie Joanne : Surrendering to being totally in the dark and trusting my gut 100% xxx
20:14:55 From Melanie To All Panelists : The warm amigo darkness...
20:15:10 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : Oh Wow so pertinent for me just now, I thk my gut has been telling me for a while, to the point of me having a poorly tum over it!!
20:15:36 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : I was being polite!
20:16:15 From Chris : I wonder if mole is connected to the funghi network?
20:16:29 From Gemma Sealey : Born in the darkness, moving deeper into the chthonic memories, I really like this diligent animal
20:17:16 From Rob Lines : reckon mole is connected to funghi Chris
20:20:06 From deb : Sorry lost signal briefly- what intention did you recommend please?
20:20:43 From Janet : they trusted their intuition
20:21:19 From Mair : Have you read Duncton wood by William Horwood - all about the mole world
20:42:56 From Melanie To All Panelists : That was an awesome journey!
20:43:07 From Kathy McVittie : Blue!
20:43:20 From Xenia Meinert : Hello Blue! <3
20:43:34 From Sam Ben : Hello Blue ❤
20:43:40 From Annkat : Blue 😍
20:43:41 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Sleep!
20:43:48 From Betty Spaghetti : Thank you 🙏🏽
20:43:51 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Well mole told me to unearth my treasures and told me to get on. He was a bit impatient! I got sent back even before the journey track finished.
20:43:52 From Rob Lines : roots of money plant and roots of a beech occupied my mind though that.
20:43:56 From Norma Corp : lovely to see Blue I asked the universe for him to join
20:44:02 From Kathy McVittie : It was all about the nerve endings in my sensitive nose, and about my sensuality
20:44:12 From Helen Towers To All Panelists : Solitude in the woodland was the message from mole x
20:44:23 From Kyla : Interesting, I found that I couldn't journey as I was too restless, that I had to just get up out of my seat and walk around, ended up getting something to eat, and as I was coming back into my room, the callback beat started playing haha.
20:44:27 From Karen : I read Duncton Wood years ago, will dig it out to read again now, thanks for the reminder !
20:44:34 From Annkat : disappointed I couldn't find mole, but a goat came 🤔
20:44:38 From Jacinta : What a fantastic journey, thank you. I took myself actually outside for this. Mole has just informed me to stay in touch with Earth. I have a problem with staying ground so he is spot on!
20:44:43 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : Couldn't journey tonight , maybe partly cos I only got round to doing the Mycelium journey yesterday! So still processing that marvellousness😅
20:44:47 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Love Blue 💙
20:44:49 From Lisa : it's only by carving our own path that we can find the things that nourish our soul
20:44:56 From Kelly Kennedy : I meet Fox who took me to an underground wagon, where I swam with an Orca……the message was to ground in the earth and with water xxx
20:45:01 From Janis McCall To All Panelists : Touch is important, fully experiencing textures. Also accepting touch, going deep into my bones, the deep quiet of my bones
20:45:12 From Paula Caffrey : It’s ok to be in the dark about somethings. There are many delightful things in the dark.
20:45:27 From Sandra To All Panelists : I revisted my ancestral home. - I got the sense to contact the owner and ask if I can visit with my mother who used to live there. There are 2 huge monkey puzzle trees in that garden.
20:45:35 From Rachel Hawkes : He was a funny one - like a grumpy Yoda! Get connected, connect to that stillness and see that connection in all of the earth. As above, so below. Only in stillness will I find the answers.
20:45:50 From Melanie To All Panelists : Mole invited me to touch her fur and her paws and stroke her back. I said thank you for letting me touch you. And she said it’s important to let people touch you and not necessarily physically but allow people to touch your heart. And thank them for doing so. Also the mycelium was silver and glowing! It was warm and beautiful inside the earth!
20:45:53 From Kelly Kennedy : Underground lagoon….. not wagon 😉
20:45:58 From kathycar : Best journey ever, Mole Told me to be quiet and not keepin jumping ahead. Slow down, think before I act , listen think and then act. This explains my behaviour recently.
20:45:58 From Dorothy Robbie : A memory surfaced from my childhood of lots of moles that had been trapped and hung on the wire fences of fields. So sad. I said sorry to mole for man’s cruelty.
20:46:00 From fae : I shall watch my dreams and see what comes as i fell asleep 😴
20:46:04 From Sujatin Johnson : Draw a line under things that I have outgrown - that are holding me back by me hanging onto a thread.
20:46:08 From deb : I had mud applied over me while lying on a stone table by a guide- better than a spa day😊
20:46:12 From Mair : Mole said, no need to push too much or make too much effort, just trust. Also to be still and silent and listen or sense what I need to do next. there is no hurry, you are loved and nurtured x
20:46:12 From Ann : Hi Blue❤️ I was given a message re feeling safe, grounding and silence. To change my passwords. My mind can be overactive so calming. Mole was with me all through.
20:46:23 From Paulina : Perfect guide for me, into the darkness and into the unknown, new pathways - to trust myself and my instincts. So many questions and finding the answers.
20:46:24 From Janet : that was the most restful journey ever.mI went through the loose soil into mole's tunnel and came to a dark chamber. she said she would go and make tea, I could either keep digging or rest. I chose to rest and felt secure and held . I could smell compost and felt totally comfortable
20:46:30 From Katie Joanne : A message from mole has been that 'eyes can bring deception and pretence' and not to use them to make decisions - or to pretend myself - a need to be real. I followed mole as she made her way through the soil and I saw luminous strands lighting up as she pushing forward. She had a territory she worked and found enough to eat within it. xx
20:46:34 From caroline To All Panelists : Initially in a hostile environment wanted to leave but returned and a group of moles look me to a large field and meet my past pets (cats) and feel the message that I need to let myself grieve. Cried a lot.
20:46:40 From Xenia Meinert : that was very interesting - firstly when I entered the door I saw another tunnel under the earth, and a badger came, wanting to tell and Show me Badger stuff. 😉 After I told him About mole, he brought me further, and then I found myself doing mole Things, digging earth, shoveling it behind me. Feeling if it is too solid (Stones, roots) or if it's earth that I can shovel away. Digging around obstacles like Stones, Eating if something is delicious, shoveling earth behind me and kicking away with the feet what I don't Need.
20:46:50 From Ali : I had some disturbing images, felt oppressed, unable to move freely. It's about recognising my fears around being underneath the earth. I need to be a different form to go to ground - fungus or a mole - go beyond my human self.
20:46:55 From Kim : I never found mole until it was time to come back but hesaid I could come back again
20:47:05 From Katie Joanne : ... She showed me that the trails I make in my own living and surviving touch on others ecospheres and I have bigger impact than I know xxx
20:47:09 From Chris : Message to clear out old clutter, mentally and physically. Best done in the dark days. Also to rest ready for the new.
20:47:19 From Xenia Meinert : touching, Feeling if I can use it, put it aside, eat it or if I have to move around it because it is an obstacle.
20:47:25 From Sandy Holt : I have been restless all night for some reason - I finally relaxed and dozed just as the drum called us back… the message was that I need to quieten my mind and get sufficient rest to hear the guidance I need.
20:47:28 From Miranda : I went for a long walk today and all along the path for most of the walk were molehills. So I already felt connected. Fox took me to mole. Mole told me to keep things simple to go to Earth stay relaxed. Eat. **** 'Rest. Mole hugged me and urged me to let go of trying too hard.
20:47:37 From Sam Ben : Mole scared us when I opened the door and soil came pouring in to the room, thankfully my companion managed to hold the soil tide back. Once we were able to go through into the tunnel, Mole reminded me to work more deeply with my crystals and to make sure that the tunnels I create on my path don't fall into each other, so to make sure I keep all options open x
20:47:44 From Ann : Mair I read the whole series of Duncton Wood and often remember it.
20:47:47 From Rosslynne : am just loving Blue's purring
20:47:56 From Rob Pearson : mole talked of immersion integration the healing unity of mind and body as earth and sky are .
20:48:03 From Kathy McVittie : @Annkat Goat is important to me so thank you
20:48:05 From Alison Gaffney : Loved meeting mole and my owl guide was there already - I lay down in a field of mole hills and was invited into moles tunnel world. Mole explained about using my senses and being aware of the different types of soil and earth. There were sometimes obstacles and you need to move around them. Tree roots help sometimes to hold the earth in place ... I came back up with a woosh up a mole hill.
20:48:18 From Eileen : Push out all the things you do not need, like the mound of soil left by mole. Petrichor.
20:48:59 From George : immerse myself in earth,,,mole got me to lie down and painted my face with earth,relax and rejuvenate
20:48:59 From Anne Jepson : Great journey thank you, met with mole and he told me to dance to connect with the earth, then lie down and feel the earth beneath me, feeling the energy in my hands and feet. Saw vivid emerald green around me xx
20:49:21 From Rosanna Zabeth : I felt a bit knocked back by mole's treatment of worms!but the message for me seemed to be the need to be more 'ruthless' in the need to nurture the self, no namby pambying around!
20:49:25 From jackie kersley : I met mole, he was like a wise old grandfather, complete with spectacles. He very seriously told me to look after my health better. To Carry on taking care of my garden and walk more often with no purpose, just slowly walk and be quiet. Not to talk so much. 😂😂
20:49:43 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : It was! When I went through the door and was straight away in a tunnel! Mole said "Trust and know, as what you feel within, is what I feel in the earth, Feel your inner depths, your inside Trust what you know and feel inside. What is outside, what you see or are told is not you. Listen to your inner voice. Make your own tunnels, trust and feel supported as I do in the earth. There is great strength in this. Everything will be clearer" ---then my scribble got so I couldn't read it but I will sit with it later
20:50:33 From Janet : the ability to rest completely 💚
20:51:05 From Katie Joanne : My intention is to close my eyes and ears and let me intuition see and hear. xx
20:51:44 From Kyla : My intention is to find the source of my restlessness.
20:52:00 From Jaqui Long : to be willing to be alone and listen to my own voice
20:52:02 From Gill Dunkerley : I’m going to connect to my intuition and “feel it”
20:52:11 From Rod & Diane : FIND WHAT IS REAL AND IMPORTANT 🙏
20:52:18 From Annkat : my intention is to be more laid back, less stressing.
20:52:26 From Kathy McVittie : i want to enchant a particular friend with presence of touch
20:52:30 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : My intention is to ask for support in unearthing my treasure.
20:52:34 From Sandra To All Panelists : To reconnect with my roots - earthing - my ancestors
20:52:36 From Kelly Kennedy : * Time to go to earth & water *
20:52:38 From Melanie To All Panelists : It smelled so good under the ground! I want to be more aware of smells. And also to trust in the journey, to trust the darkness ... it’s good and good things happen in the dark. Growth and new life happen there.
20:52:55 From Paulina : I trust myself and my instincts when venturing into the unknown when exploring new pathways to find my true purpose.
20:53:01 From Paula Caffrey : Intention: Take my time and become intimate and comfortable with the unknown.
20:53:06 From jayne mcfarlane To All Panelists : I need no others permission but my own.
20:53:10 From Deborah Wale : Being in the dark - not knowing is ok. To use all my senses to discover what is there. cut through the fear, embrace the dark, the not knowing and still move forward.
20:53:10 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : Bless you!
20:53:24 From Paulina : Its all about sharing …
20:53:36 From Sharon Neill : Spreading mole energy to everyone.
20:53:38 From Rob Lines : attend to the roots of loved and important ones?
20:53:49 From Gemma Bevan : Exploring my senses and trusting my gut more.
20:53:57 From Sandy Holt : Quieten my mind to really hear and feel
20:53:58 From Susan Wild : I need balance
20:53:58 From Alison Gaffney : My intention is to feel at home in this world to learn move around obstacles and adapt to the conditions I meet - welcome the roots of the trees and feel anchored
20:54:07 From Helen : to make time to spend time at home alone, to be in my garden and to read
20:54:12 From Rosanna Zabeth : Ancestral connection .. determined nurture .. letting the earth take my weight.
20:54:13 From Helen Towers To All Panelists : My intention is to make time for solitude and quiet time in the woodland and listen and ground
20:54:13 From Rachel Hawkes : I will connect to my inner stillness to find a deeper connection to myself and others. Also now have my word of 2022! Connection.
20:54:17 From Joss Anderson : My intention is to find the calm place inside me to weather the storm.
20:54:33 From Sebastiana Black To All Panelists : Reach out to like minded others locally
20:54:34 From Carol Atkins : my intention is to keep the silence when it's wise to do so. some secrets are best left covered. don't unearth problems. keep a secret.
20:54:36 From Rob Pearson : to find how to feel connected to the earth
20:54:36 From Maggie Scott : take your time, don't fret....relax
20:54:38 From Alison Gaffney : To find the peace in the darkness
20:54:47 From Rachel To All Panelists : Mole and I went up in a hot air balloon. To explore and be open to opportunity and suggestions 👍
20:54:50 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Intention- trust myself and look deep inside
20:55:03 From kathycar : My intention is, to slow down & be quiet, listen think and act
20:55:14 From Alison Gaffney : I resonate with everyone’s intentions
20:55:14 From Rosslynne : set my house in order
20:55:18 From Norma Corp : to be able to keep still and to ground more easily and listen my intuition
20:55:23 From Xenia Meinert : Bypass obstacles, Keep what is nourishing, and shovel the rubbish aside and kick it away.
20:55:30 From Gemma Sealey : Mole was saying ground your breath and body in the deep dreaming memory of the bones ..I am enough as I allow myself to become porous to the bone memory of my origin.
20:55:36 From Dorothy Robbie : To ground with my bare feet in the small space In my conifer hedge and begin to learn. Mole told me I don’t need to go far.Seek near not far
20:56:22 From Rachel : Mole and I went up in a hot air balloon to explore and be open to suggestions
20:57:11 From Miranda : My intention is to go to Earth more this Winter. To walk and heal in my own Home.
21:01:56 From Rachael Halliday : Mole has given me the gift of offering the paralysing ‘toxin’ I am to be quiet, I am to be conscious and I am to “be” digging into plentiful resources
21:02:06 From Chris : Poem called Moles by Mary Oliver
21:02:15 From Rosanna Zabeth : Thank you :o) All solstice blessings.
21:02:16 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you so much, that was amazing!
21:02:18 From Maggie Hands To All Panelists : A blessed Solstice to you all 🙏
21:02:19 From Ali : Wonderful evening, thank you. Solstice blessings.
21:02:19 From Sebastiana Black To All Panelists : Happy Solstices!!
21:02:25 From Helen Towers : Thank you - Blessings to all ✨
21:02:26 From Jacinta : Winter Solstice Blessings to you 🙏❤️
21:02:26 From Kathy McVittie : much love to you all xxx
21:02:28 From Xenia Meinert : Solstice Blessings to you all.
21:02:31 From Gill Dunkerley : Wonderful thank you for tonight. Happy solstice all
21:02:31 From Annkat : Happy Solstice to you both not forgetting Blue xxxx
21:02:32 From Anne Jepson : thank you, Solstice blessings to you all xxx
21:02:33 From Xenia Meinert : Blessed be.
21:02:34 From Melanie To All Panelists : Hail and thankyou Nicola and Jason!!!!!
21:02:35 From Gaynor : thank you for a super evening xx
21:02:36 From SharonH : Thank you happy solstice xx
21:02:37 From Ali Broughton : Thank you for the evening x
21:02:38 From Richard Fedorko : Thank you very much
21:02:38 From Rob Lines : Hail and fairwell.
21:02:38 From Angela Birchall : Bright blessings to you all for the Winter Solstice.
21:02:39 From Sam Bloomer : 💚🙏🎄
21:02:39 From Sujatin Johnson To All Panelists : Thank you so much - a wonderful first outing for my wonderful new rattle
21:02:40 From Julie Keadle : Thank you, Blessings
21:02:41 From Kyla : Thank you another amazing evening, have a lovely Solstice!
21:02:42 From Susan Davies : thank you all, happy solstice! goodnight 🙂
21:02:42 From Karen : Thank you x Solstice Blessings to all x Hail and farewell.
21:02:42 From Mair : Thank you so much lovely ceremony x
21:02:43 From david : Thank you so much-Solstice blessings x
21:02:43 From Dan : Thank you, Solstice Blessings
21:02:44 From Colette To All Panelists : Solstice blessings )0(
21:02:44 From Jules : Thank you all. ❤️❤️
21:02:44 From ann59 : Thank you
21:02:45 From Maggie Scott : thank you, thank you. solstice blessings.
21:02:48 From Lisa Morgan : Thank you for a lovely evening! Solstice Blessings to all x
21:02:49 From Lisa : Happy solstice to all
21:02:49 From Gemma Sealey : Deep blessings to you all and thank you xx
21:02:49 From Dorothy Robbie : Thank you for this evening and Blessed Winter Solstice to all
21:02:50 From maureen : Happy Solstice to all
21:02:51 From Chris : Blessings everyone
21:02:51 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Solstice blessings to Yule all!
21:02:51 From davina To All Panelists : Thankyou every one , happy solstice 🥰
21:02:52 From Sandra To All Panelists : Blessings to all 💕
21:02:53 From Jude Shaw To All Panelists : Thank you so much. Happy Solstice. xx
21:02:53 From Nayra To All Panelists : Thank you so much!!
21:02:53 From deb : Solstice blessings x
21:02:53 From Norma Corp : thank you wonderful evening my evening got canceled loved this .solstice yule blessings to all 🙏❤
21:02:53 From George : have a magical solstice xxx
21:02:54 From alysonpowell : Thank you. Have a beautiful Solstice everyone. Many blessings.
21:02:55 From Jude : Merry Meet My Friends xXx Love for All xXx
21:02:55 From Miranda : Blessed be x
21:02:56 From jayne mcfarlane : Happy Yule xxxx
21:02:56 From lynne To All Panelists : Thank you and solstice blessings
21:02:57 From Jaqui Long :
21:03:00 From Alison Gaffney : What a gift - thankyou Jason and Nicola and I love everyone’s thoughts and energy
21:03:01 From Gemma Bevan : Thank you. Solstice blessings to you xx
21:03:02 From Kelly Kennedy : Thank you loved it happy Solstice, Christmas and New year…..see you in 2022 xxx
21:03:03 From fae : Thank you Jason, Nicola & Blue, Solstice Blessings to everyone, have a wonderful time xx
21:03:04 From Fiona Keane (Galaxy S5) : wunderful thank you everyone, merry merry sostice /yule!
21:03:04 From Linda Monteith : It was wonderful Thankyou! Solstice blessings to all x
21:03:05 From Lesley : Thank you both, have a magical solstice xx
21:03:08 From AnnyTurner·Scarboro : 🤗Blessings all - it's been wonderful! And Here's hoping the good energies go well with you and your travellers tomorrow evening🙏
21:03:10 From Paulina : Solstice blessings to one and all - Jason - to,morrow as you speak out for the travellers - remember you are not alone - holding space may Justice prevail.
21:03:11 From Norma Corp : Love to see your pictures
21:03:12 From Janis McCall To All Panelists : Thank you solstice blessings 💖
21:03:13 From Sam Ben : Solstice blessings everyone x thank you! x
21:03:14 From sheila powell : Thank you both, wonderful evening for me morning! Sheila
21:03:16 From Kathy McVittie : blessingson your work and play
21:03:17 From Sandy Holt : Thank you so much…want to explore Mole more. Many blessings for the season and thank you so much. xx
21:03:18 From sue parlby : Thank you for a wonderful evening.
21:03:18 From Wendy : Happy solstice everyone x
21:03:20 From Susan : Many Solstice Blessings to everyone .xxxsusan
21:03:25 From Xenia Meinert : Thank you so much, all stay healthy. <3 Good night.
21:03:28 From Karen Bateman-Pearson : Solstice blessings one and all- wellness to all xxx
21:03:29 From kathycar : Thankyou so much, I can now enjoy the hols, take care, keep safe xx
21:03:32 From Jaqui Long : thanks, great to be with you all. Hail and farewell

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